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Christmas Sweets

Underneath the Christmas tree,
          My Little Sweetie waits for me ...
               Warm and snug, curled on the rug,
     There she found me first, you see.

Some years ago, now number eight,
          She'd been there, in a kitty crate ...
               Rescued from neglect, she'd come
     On Christmas Eve, and very late.

All was new, the here-and-now's,
          And offering what a tree endows,
               Free, at last, from her rough past,
     She felt secure beneath its boughs.

Soon, she'd found me, and I her,
          Soulmates, (one sans tail and fur),
               Still, we knew that we were two
     Meant for each other, pal and purr.

We share our joys now, very much,
          She helps me with my work and such,
               And just because, she'll wrap her paws
     'Round foot or arm, to stay in touch.

No matter where I've got to be,
          She always has to come with me,
               And when I'm gone she waits upon
     That very spot ... and patiently. 

For ever since that Christmas Eve,
          Each single time I have to leave,
               Quick, she'll go to hide below
     The limbs that gave her first reprieve.

I strive to stretch the holidays,
          And find creative, thoughtful ways,
               To NOT take down the tree and drown
     Her Christmas spirit, (to coin a phrase).

But still, there always comes a time
          The tree, no matter how sublime,
               Gets put away, and that sad day
     Is one I shall not put to rhyme.

Let's just say she's not much fun,
          And won't give love to anyone ...
               If she can't see a Christmas tree,
     Her sullen months ... have just begun.

Written and submitted on December 28, 2018
For the "Christmas Pets - Writing Challenge December 2018" Poetry Contest
Dear Heart, Judge & Sponsor

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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Love and Life and Both Sides Now


To live a life and change each day
to dream more often and replay
the life you want to live and say
that Life joins hands with Love, that’s true
in times there’s conflict and remorse
so set yourself a chartered course
from where you are and where you’re going

To realize you have a choice
that love and life both have a voice
to live a life that love demands
or leave a love that life commands

Suns and moons will dimly go
in the final afterglow
life will age as love decays
set your words to music and sing a song
there is somewhere you belong
weather the storm and dance with the wind
walk on fire with a wide mouthed grin
love is a fantasy you can rescind

to realize you have a choice
to question life and carry on
to speak of love as in despair
but in the end you do not care
to coin a phrase as Joni recalls
I really don’t know love at all

Contest Both Sides Now

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2014

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Arcturus Hub

Arcturus Hub Arcturus by the milky way, 5th dimension players Grey, central hub of our galaxy most advanced of all our neighbours sit, multi light years, just a bit, from which their Starships flit, too advanced, to coin a phrase. Don

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2015

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I think there's a hole
or a leak in my head,
all the words have spilled out
and left parts of me dead.

I can no longer muster
an original thought,
the words that I find there
are weak and distraught.

The well has run dry,
to coin a phrase,
but that, too, is trite
and seen better days.

Seen better days?
I've done it again.
You could fit my creativity
on the head of a pin.

Another trite phrase!
I've truly run dry
and now I'll be gone
in the blink of an eye.


Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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The Chocolate Debate

I'm like a box of chocolates
To coin a phrase
You never know what you'll get

I do not come with pre selection
So trial and error
Would be your safest bet

I could be a soft truffle
Oozing with expectancy
Thrilling to the tongue

Or I could be the nutty crunch
All explosive 
Now wouldn't that be fun

But then there's the others
The coffee creams
One half bitten and cast aside

The dark chocolate centre
So mysterious
With so much to hide

Would you favour the plain chocolates?
Each one 
Familiar to the tongue

Or the never knowing selection
Picking at random
To see if you have won..!!

Copyright © Jo Hayton | Year Posted 2009

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Princess Poetic

May Your Words be Gracious
Not Salacious, but Kind
Your Voice be Refined
As You Mirror Your Mind
May Your Listening Be Spacious
… and then You Will Find…
The Prime – Role of… The Princess-Poetic…

Your Words are not Possessions
‘til You Give Them Away…
‘til then, They are just Thoughts
Held in Trust and At-Bay
Still… There is a Need
To Guard What We Say…
The Position… of Princess-Poetic…

You are not ‘Your Great Highness’
… but You can be… ‘Your Grace’
… Never … ‘Your Majesty’
Know A  Princess’s Place
You may yet… Reign Queen
By those You Embrace…
‘Our  Pleasure’… Crown-Princess-Poetic…

… You, Are The Duchess of Dreams
Know What to Disclose
Always Say What You Mean
… but Never – Over-Expose
And Accent’, when Required
A Sentence – Nobly-Sired…
To Coin A Phrase… ‘You Are Princess-Poetic…

Talk – Straight, Speak Truth
… in Elegance
Remember, Magnificence Do
Make A Difference
This, is Your Royal, Rich
Peer-Eloquence… of Princess-Poetic…

… Your Words-Writ, be Well-Chose
Golden-Grammar, be Pretty-Prose
Like The Scent of a Rose
Beneath Each Subject’s Nose
And as Your Realm Grows
Don’t Worry… It Soon Flows…
The Pure-Lineage, of… Princess-Poetic

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Therefore I Am

I saw the eternal heavenly pathways
Uncoil their starry swirl,
And I watched the fabric of time drop stitches,
Split its’ seams and uncurl.
So the past and the future kissed again
And I saw the roof of night shatter,
Fracturing into fragments of whirling nebula
As matter meets anti-matter.
And the Catherine wheel whiz of the sky
Spun voraciously round and round,
I saw moonbeams dust off my palms
As bleeding galaxies hit the ground.
I conceived centuries colliding forever,
Infinite train wrecks of time and space,
The bleeding cosmos savaged my brain,
And the sky crawled on my face.
To coin a phrase of bygone days
Live long enough, you’ll see it all,
Therefore I am in quantum terms
Obscure astrological scrawl.

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2005

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that dime that our life can turn upon
what was wanted, been attained, then gone
to pick from our ground, a penny of thought
of that bill-of-goods we sold and bought

yet i don't give quarter or take a bit
life's bill-of-fare, a fair tendered chit
was well worth the price paid for the meal
repast appetizing, an apperceive of appeal

even the plug nickels, so changeably fickle
add spendable cash, little by little 
jangling softly in cottoned pocket of view
many possible paths in the future to pursue

now i coin a phrase, of my future's purloin
saving, always saving my hard-earned coin
that these timely baubles, carried all my life
would fill these longings 'til last contrived

steal a way, deal away, life is too short to say
all i'd ever need, any life's part to portray
scene of some endings, some sense of complete
with a discrete life lived, ample and sweet

change is, in fact, what life's all about
our metamorphosis occurs day in, day out
only left, if we're lucky, with our memories
of life's experience and all its vagaries

© Goode Guy 2012-02-19

Copyright © Goode Guy | Year Posted 2012