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Colours of life

Colors of life

Sometimes you may think you know but life has a way of reminding you that you know nothing,

You may think you are strong only   for your strength to fail you half way the journey,

Or worse still even before you make your first step.

You may think that you have the entire universe at the palm of your hands,

Or on top of the world with every one fighting for your attention,

But behold! In a split second it dawns on you that it was all vanity,

Your physician gives you a clean bill of health but hours later you’re swept by a mere common cold,

You think you are the wisest person of your time only to be brought down by a village idiot,

You think you have the courage to face tomorrow and all it brings your way,

But the realization that even today just ended by the sheer grace is heart rending;

Your heart is already too weak to take it anymore….

You are caught up between a hard place and a rock, very tough choices to make,

Unfortunately it’s your heart that is trapped in between and you are trading your own happiness,

You chose to let it flow oblivious of the turbulence and storm that threatens to cup size your boat,

And now the sea is stormy, rough and wild, threatening your very own existence,

You’re once haven of peace, tranquility and serenity is rocked with uncertainty,

And now a million dollar question; do you still let it flow or you give it up and just let it go?

The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything,

They just make the most of everything taking each day as it comes with a brave smile,

Opening their eyes and ears to only those things which bring them joy…

Living each day the best way they could as though there is no tomorrow…

In only three words I can sum up all have learned about life-it goes on.

Copyright © wycliffe asanya | Year Posted 2014

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Sweet Cravings

             Binging and overindulging with chocolate after a hectic day at work 
             Eating more than ten fun size chocolate candies without any pause
             Risking the glucose levels of blood to rise to a higher unhealthy level
             Affecting the progress made with nutrition modification and exercise
             Fruits are now an essential element in the daily food requirements 
             Keeping at bay the sugar cravings that add pounds to the waist
             Eating more healthy, the overall health improves dramatically 
             Achieving a transformed new body and a clean bill of health 

For Its Time To Fess Up Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Lin Lane
Seventh Place

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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                    Just like football i am....
                       like a religion in all things i do
                         dedicated in love,and family life
                           with skinbob soon to be my wife
                    I don`t slide offside or any foul play
                       i am who i am,and live for today
                         boasting a clean bill of health that money cant buy
                           if help is needed then i will  certainly try

                    To give my help care or support
                      to whatever has been bought
                         or be a good thing has gone on
                           i am the first to say "hey well done"    


Copyright © Paul Beadnall | Year Posted 2011

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New Paint

New paint, new flooring, chairs of blue
Fresh carpet in the hall
A lovely place to sit and wait
Doctor's office slow crawl

What will the outcome be this time
A clean bill of health-mine
Be happy, don't worry honey
Unless death angel design 

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2016

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  My sister had a clean bill of health
  on her return from Egypt
  took a turn for the worse,in three months
  from a cheerleading choreogragher

 To a bed ridden, gaunt cancer patient
 she fought and fought without a murmer
  until her fight did succomb
  my mother,best friend and pillow of strength

 We recieved a call from the hospice
 a drastic change from the night before
 family called from miles around
 in my view,poor lass held on

 For us all to gather around her bedside
 as she took her final straw like breath
 slipped away,out of pain
 each leaning forward, our kisses goodbye.
Diagnosed July Called to rest, October. 2008

My last hour .  Rest peacefully Shirley 

SPONSOR .Robb A. Kopp 

Title . " MY LAST HOUR "     Paul Beadnall 20/7/11

Copyright © Paul Beadnall | Year Posted 2011

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Clean Bill Of Health

Got a clean bill of health From my doctor today So I'm feeling darn good That's needless to say! For a man of my age That's a pretty good thing Thought one or two parts Would need replacing But hooray, hallelujah I'm good for a while No need for pills Can't wipe off the smile! With a positive outlook You've won half the battle It's mind over matter Just don't ya get rattled! I could surely continue For many more verses There's no funeral pending So send back the hearses © Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Clean Bill Of Health

C-lean bill of health
A-ims to make you glad; 
R-emain fine all the time, 
O-therwise you'll be sad.
L-ife's clean bill of health
I-s not taken away; 
N-either do things go wrong, 
A-ugust twenty-fourth Thursday.

C-lean bill of health
A-llows you to smile; 
P-lease your heart with laughter, 
U-sing not the guile.
N-ever forget that wellness is worthy as worldly wealth; 
O-pen your soul and mind to clean bill of health.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Friend Friends Everywhere
5000 friends and not a drop of care. 
It's like being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no water to digest- 

Remember "Water Water everywhere - 
pEOPLE pEOPLE Everywhere
Behind that profile pic.
NOT TOO BLIND TO see someone
Clean bill of health.

Can’t taste that yummy meal you display
or believe that imagery 
Humans make oceans of people

Stranded yet watchful
Ears, eyes of little use;
NOSE of no use
when sailing in friendships
“who is really who”
Stranded on Facebook island 
I watch
With discernment
Salty people
Unknown to the nose
Can’t smell you, to tell if you.’
oh well...
Discernment is the spirit I use:
Oceans and seas of salty 
Facebook friends
And not a drop to drink.

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2017