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as the vultures gather to suck beautiful Venezuela dry

now that Chavez is dead,
the american oil companies
chomping at the bit
begin to salivate & lick their lips,
with the foam
of potent country-gutting
for while he was alive,
Venezuela was one of the only
countries left, 
who resisted the empire’s attempts to
penetrate it & whore it out to the
highest capitalist bidder---
with Chavez dead,
not only will the oil soon be drained from 
within the borders of beautiful
but so will die the social programs that Chavez 
those that had been used to combat the
extreme poverty which exists in the country,
those that the governments before Chavez did nothing to 

so goes Chavez,
so goes a bastion of anti-empire,
so goes a man who pushed Chomsky’s work at the
United Nations,
so goes a man who championed the bloc that
would resist the swallowing up of 
Latin America by the

the vultures are hungry,
they are perched & ready---
rather than create green alternatives to the
reliance on oil,
they will suck every last drop &
make the world do their bidding,
creating a negative media firestorm
to shed hate upon a man who can no longer
defend himself,
just as they will the next who steps up to resist.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2013

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The high road

Oh the things I could have said
During the heat of our wrangle
I kept tact and class instead
Of controlling every angle 

For every grenade you threw
I had two more on my belt
I chose to let yours accrue
Just to see how you felt

I took the high road
To say the very least
I could have leavened my load
Your humility, my feast

Instead I kept picking up
The insults that you threw down
Refilling the cup
You would spill on the ground

Hours you must have dedicated
Digging for bones in my closet
You must have left so frustrated
From chomping at the bit

I imagine a jarring epiphany 
Leaving empty handed
A truly tearful symphony
Not the way you planned it

 Quarreling with a nun
Produced no satisfaction
When your rant was done
You lacked my reaction

Surly you know what I left out
The words to fill in the blanks
The severity of stupidity so very stout
You will walk your plank

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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Peacock Feathers and Paper Plates

My wooden dappled rocking horse
Chomping at the bit
Eyes deranged with fearsome fire
Does make my stomach flit
And whilst we race
At perfect pace
Within the purple yonder
No time to sit on laurels dear
Blow dandelions nor ponder

In hot pursuit
And silver soup
Carrots golden tempt refined
Forgetting where from whence they came
(So pitifully mined)

Past burnt glades
And auburn maids
All leaning at the fence
Smiling cheering so enthusiastic
Glorious pretence

The finish line is not yet raised
Nor shall it be
If ever
So I'll just smile and veer off course
And stroke a peacock feather

For in it's eye
Down to it's base
Generous shades to bring a smile
Hues of horizons past and fore
To relish for a while

Once I de board my rocking horse
And accept what is my fate 
Mushy peas and stodgy pie
Upon a paper plate

My cloche has stains
Yet it remains
Firmly on my head
Whist ladybirds move in deceived
As they are born and bread

A spotted array
On golden hay
Smiles at nought at all
Just tinkers on dreams of better things
That is all

(please note the rocking horse represents my sense of urgency when i was younger to achieve something... anything)

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Shogun Collab Bill's side part 5 with Richard Pickett -Taz- poetry

     .After Bill left the station, he made a pit stop down to the local diner, parked his car and 
hurried in to get some much needed chow.
     “ What’s  up stranger? Haven’t seen your lanky frame in this fine dining establishment in 
forever” she said  saracastically  as she poured him a cup of old   left over breakfast 
coffee.  “Made this pot special just for you Bill, after I saw you crossing the street to come 
in here.”
     “Sure you did, Nette. I can tell by the grounds floating on top. I missed you too, he 
     “I take it you had a good trip…welcome back cowboy .You want the usual steak and 
eggs?” She didn’t wait for his answer as she wrote something on the order pad, spun around 
and hollered out to the kitchen. “Dead cow..rare and chicken innards Charlie!” 
     “You always make that sound so appetizing, Nette.” She smiled her welcome at him and 
headed off to grab another order. ” I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I ain’t your mother, ya know! 
Bill chowed down, left a tip and drove to the police horse stables to see his patrol partner. 
When he got there Gail, one of the stable grooms had Redneck on the cross ties lavishing 
him with attention that could only be given by someone who was dedicated to these trusty 
warm bloods. Redneck pricked his ears forward and whinnied a greeting to Bill before  Gail 
knew he was there.
    “Hello Redneck ole buddy! What would you do without Gail spoiling the heck out of you 
here?”   Bill scrubbed his forelock and patted his chest while thanking Gail for taking care of 
him while Bill was away.
    “ No problem Bill. Glad to do it. You know that. He’s my buddy too you know. Glad to see 
you’re  back.” They exchanged pleasantries and Bill headed back to his apartment to get a 
some much needed rest.
     The next morning found Bill refreshed and chomping at the bit to get the scoop on  
Brick’s  mystery murder  case. He decided to give Brick a call early before he headed out. ( 
To be cont. on Richard Pickett site "the team up") 

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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and now the policeman picks up his club

uncle sam took a moment to sit down
at the diner counter & shove a couple more
doughnuts down his gullet,
but don’t you worry,
now that Kofi Annan has thrown in the towel,
the big ****ing bully of the world
is gonna get its way again---
this time,
Sec. Clinton will no doubt come rumbling out
bantering on about how Putin is the closest thing to
the christian imaginary boogeyman 
whose name is just as long as his &
ends in the same letter
what we have here is yet another demonstration 
of all-out-aggression-to-be,
brought to you on your screens
courtesy of the world’s
those who fear him (buddies)---
everybody will be
ganging up on a country that exists in the region near
that last strong holdout who refuses to get down on
its knees & 
suck off america,
giving them whatever they want &
allowing them to rape all the natural resources &
bring “democracy”
which has failed at home on the domestic front &
so it will fail everywhere that the US demands it
to be, so that the US can get what they want
from everyone on this earth.

with bat*********ing crazy Netanyahu 
trying to intimidate mister hope & change
by sallying up with the white/rich/racist/mormon/moron
(whose most recent remarks about Palestinian culture
should give the people left in the belly of the beast
who still believe in this failed & corrupt political system
a little taste of what he will bring to the table
if you don’t walk, talk, look like & think like 
he does),
and all the warmongers on the Security Council (minus
Mr. Putin & co.) chomping at the bit,
happy that all the support they’ve given to the rebels in
Syria, made it so that Annan’s peace plan could never even
be attempted,
now there will be two fresh new conflicts 
to drain the taxpayers in the US 
of any money they have left!

the only questions left will be
when will Israel strike Iran?
(will it be before or after November?)
when will the empire send support to help
Israel fight Iran?
when will the empire send support to 
remove Assad from his country so that
“democracy” can be brought to the Syrian

and so we wait,
running the hamster wheel to make enough 
scratch to get angry at the screen,
a few minutes before falling 
asleep exhausted or
getting back on the wheel to
do it all over again,
hoping we don’t get hurt (no health care) &
hoping tomorrow comes
before these psychopaths who run things
drive our species into

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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Unbridled Youth

Pleased as punch
This mother quite proud
Flips up her tail
Neighing out loud

Her gait so lively
Her head held high
This bright young fella
Once a gleam in her eye

Unbridled spirit
Feeling so grand
The spitting image
Of his dear old man

Romping through fields
Free of reins
Thundering hoofs
Flying mane

A frisky young colt
Like dad in his day
Who was quite a stud
They were heard to say 

Then back to the barn
When day is done
This spirited young colt
Was born to run

Resting for a while
Batteries recharged
Chomping at the bit
A spirit so large

Such unbridled youth
Exuberance defined
This pesky young colt
It's his moment to shine

©Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Following My Savior to Israel

I just came back but He called me once again

There's a job to be done and I am not quite finished

The people of Israel need to be alerted that their King is on His way

The Lord has called me to pack up my suitcases and bring a comfortable pair of shoes

The message is simple

The hour is late

The nation of Israel is on its final countdown

According to the Throne Room of God there is no debate

I must tell them all---Jews, Agnostics, Muslims, Existentialists

The Messiah is on his way!

The Lord is not gonna allow His people to be deceived

He will allow us to do signs and wonders in His Mighty Name 

Just to pique their curiosity

Perhaps the signs and wonders will get them to change their faith

Many were converted when Jesus walked the earth doing His healing ministry

It's a matter of time til we see how they will respond

Pray for Peace in Jerusalem, peoples of the world

Pray for the sacred land of Israel

The Antichrist is chomping at the bit to set up his own throne there

He wants to declare that he is the king of the world

I will go and measure the outer courts of the temple

The gentiles will trample it for a span of time

The Antichrist will try to deceive many with his holographic images

The Army of the Lord will destroy his expensive toys

The God we serve will not be mocked or ridiculed 

It's almost time to return to my new home

gwendolen rix

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2015

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the sham

the sex is good
the company is better
the times they have bring new laughs that carry on into the rest of the day
the smiles they share are
brought into other aspects of their lives &
the ability to be jealous
isn’t supposed to be there
because everything is cool
everything is cool---
but when not together,
s/he is chomping at the bit,
****, s/he’d dowse her nails in fertilizer 
if s/he thought she could grow them back faster
(just to bite them all off again),
nervous at the thought that at any moment
the other party 
with which so much fun is being had
now, is banging away the night
with someone who very well could be better at sex &
even better company,
whose laughs might carry on even further into the week &
whose smiles might even be brighter---
then the thought that paralyzes 
comes into focus,
that the last time they were together 
could have been the last time they will ever be together
because the person that they are out with right now
could replace them &
the phone stares up at them
(but they can’t call, no that isn’t cool) &
the individual letter keys whisper
“text text text away”
(but they can’t do that either, not cool, not cool)---
so the wait throughout the day 
seems worthless,
because if they had never met this other individual
this topsy-turvy 
would not be occurring---
so it eats & it eats & it eats at her/him,
that what s/he wants to be serious
has to stay on casual footing
because to try & push it any further
might just push away the other person
who is having fun with the way things are,
so they try to comfort themselves
making deals with their own psyche
that if the other person doesn’t commit at said date
that they will up & go,
to find someone that will.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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Gordon Ramsay Visits Mel's Diner

Gordon Ramsay decided to pay a visit to Mel's Diner.
When he criticized Mel's food, Mel gave him a shiner.
Now Mel wears an eyepatch because Ramsay jabbed him in the eye with a fork.
He hated Mel's beef and had to have his stomach pumped when he ate Mel's pork.
Ramsay didn't like the waitresses so he told Mel that they had to go.
After years of faithful service, Mel fired Alice, Vera and Flo.
Flo was so angry that she was chomping at the bit.
She told Mel and Gordon Ramsay to kiss her grits.
Ramsay finally had to give up on Mel because his food is so terrible.
Ramsay's job is to help restaurants but he can't perform miracles.

(This poem was inspired by the 'Alice' TV show.)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2018

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Sowing a Seed


I met a friend in town the other day,
But I did not like the things he had to say.

I invited him to come and visit our little church,
He said it’s not for me I’ve been doing my own research.

He said they’re all alike they just lead you on,
He said they do not care, for I’ve been studying and I’ve been shown.

I said I think you’re wrong but you’ve got that right,
I said being a Christian is not always easy, especially when you step out of His light.

You’ve got the choice in what you believe,
But have you ever totally opened up your heart so you can receive?

He said you guys are all alike you don’t know when to quit,
I said it’s your soul that’s at stake but I could see him chomping at the bit.

I said I guess you’re right I just wanted to share,
My love for Jesus and let you know that some of us really do care.

He said well I’ll give it some thought and let you know,
Either way I planted that seed and with prayer I hope to watch it grow.

All it takes is a little faith to move that mountain standing there,
Jesus loves you so and it’s His kingdom in Heaven He’s wanting to share.

You know if I’m wrong what have I lost,
But if I’m right don’t you think it’s worth whatever the cost?

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2008

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Ideally Primed To Write

...Ideally Primed To Write...

Fallow wing on figurative
     awk kill lees heal
of: "My on call (Uncle)
     Muse Never Sleeps"-
     which hoop fully

     didst eat turn nilly app peal
ache'n to (tongue in cheek)
     mucho yum zook
     awesome guacamole tasting real
lee out of this world culinary steal
within the confectioner common weal.


Undoubtedly every aspiring,
     and/or successful author
     (from United States, the You
Kay and/or any other country)
     doth gingerly woo
cerebral explosive starry eye burst,
     and strives to hone on nest lee
     maximize zing her/his writing,

     yet keenly aware
     unfettered near pristine view,
when her/his own das scribe able true
     lee most opportune
     critical (albeit figurative)
     window of literary creativity
     must needs be channelled
     analogous to damning

     a swollen river,
     (albeit blitzkrieg brickbats
     unstoppably pounding dog gone 
     ferociously, that doth spew)
to spill out unwedded, uncoupled,
     and unbridled, essentially,
     non groom matt tickly uncontrollably
     (chomping at the bit) literary

     flood tide of ideas
     without pausing to edit, nor review
(bursting at the figurative seams),
despite futile attempt to
staunch, stave, stay,
     et cetera over saturated figurative
     sand bagged levee mal lined queue
     stream of consciousness

     with (oh brother) Grimm purview,
whereat, the palpable next great
     winning gust American opus
     doth appear as forsaken cause
unexpurgated (approximating
     totally tubularly regurgitated pablum)
     riddled with flaws
will presumably meet with editorial wrath

     venomous unprintable thrashing
     more vituperative than in-laws
subsequently ill fate receives
     terse cancellation from Oprah's
Bookclub, where unstinting praise about
equates to a near 
     guarantee reversing bout
of dirt poor 

     poverty novel with clout 
would book without 
     a shadow of a doubt
home ward James mull hoard
     cuja (meaning this chap 
     forced to work graveyard shift) 
     pocketed a shining winner, 
     hence noel hunger need to flout,
a heavy schedule, whence tome
     more row rockets red glare 
     will arc across cerulean sky inveritably
     propelling overnight yesterday's 
     unknown schlepping scrivener lout
to top of New York Times
     best seller list 
     with trumpeting huzzahs.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Chomping At The Bit

Quarter of six, ain't no one here cept a few lunatics Me and a couple of scrumptious fillies really quite fit Boobies mammoth size Inviting slender thighs Gotta stop, I'm trembling and chomping at the bit

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017