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If You Catch My Drift by Buil, Caleah
Catch My Drift by Ellison, Jack

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Follow The Bouncing Ball

She dresses the land down
in a virginal bridal gown 
a masterfully cut and sewn chenille 
shines brightly with a fine crystal appeal

Her assistants work quite diligently
to add special touches and then flee
they decorated the mountain peaks 
using all their white glitter techniques 

beat beat beat beat


one small step to the side

As an observer...

your feet quake in their shoes
your body heat quits without notice
your nerve endings are on edge
your common sense walks out the door


A little girl tells her mother
" Mom look big, fat, snowflakes"

they are

you look out at winter
unmoved she looks right back at you
with a chilling icy stare 
freezes the turkey in the oven - to the bone.

she exhales a wispy sigh
by her royal blue decree
a below zero degree.
she is brutal, my oh my!

beat beat beat 


another step to the side

Back to all the children lean
Back to younger than nineteen

Back to those in their twenties
Those were my best years, twenties

Back to men and women below fifty
don't know why but they look happy

Skates are sharpened
Skis brought out of storage
You can hear the sound of coats, 
Zippers being pulled to up above the neck
Sounds of thick socks and scarfs 
walking out of cedar drawers.

Toboggans racing down hills
Kids right behind them wondering
why their sliding on their own butts
Trying to catch their brand new ride.

Snowboarders execute their killer moves
no judge no jury it's all 'bout the grooves



here's where this poem 
steers off the beaten path 
so hold your breath

beat beat beat          beat beat

here we go 
with the flow

Winter has arrived, 


oh sh~t here we go

My God 

This woman is far from shy
She with that dry ice heart 
That woman will cut you open
With the chill of her breath

That's right Dorothy 
were not in Kansas anymore 

This Witch is East, West, North, South WICKED!
We're not even in Oz this Witch is spelled with a 
B and she's got a hell of an itch, if you catch my drift

I preferred her father he was kind compared to her
since she took his place minus forty is a warm day
she dresses in winter white but the Grinches 
coal black heart at least had some life in it, this 
women is down the toilet with her potty mouth
her heart is frozen solid Dead! Bad! and Beyond!

With her there is no such thing as a thaw
even her brother was occasionally warm
Not her she'll shrink your willy 
from ten to two inches long
(who the heck is willy, should we free him?)

Don't test her she is far from tame
She'll freeze your flesh, use your frozen balls
as ice cubes for her one hundred and forty 
proof vodka. Laugh in your face as she downs 
her drink. Then gargle with your family jewels.

Ever notice how you never see the Devil 
at the peak of winter, even he fears her
She froze off the tip off one of his horns
When they were kids and not a thing he could do
She's family - hands off - if you know what I mean
There has to be honor in a house of thieves

Winter is here
and it's frikkin cold
she'll drop six feet
of the white sh~t
in a single go

hhhhang onnnn
back to some sanity
let's end this with some
bullsh~t poetic beauty

Did I mention Ontario's Niagara On The Lake
Did I mention Ice Wine and tasty Frosted Cake

hang on to your pants 
beat beat  beat beat 
beat beat here goes

During the christmas holidays you 
have to go to the Falls, what a venue

Niagara Falls itself is quite amazing
The powerful lights they shine blazing
Against the thundering waters rushing
Like the results of an artist's airbrushing
The Festival of Lights is also worth perusing 
It is a path you follow in your car just cruising

We follow it up with Montreal every year
It is a long tiring ride but we're finally here

It's a New Year - all the land is aglow
Voices of children playing in the snow 
Sculptures for the festivities come to life
Lights shine- with colors bright - people rife
With enthusiasm for The Festival Of Ice
A family event in this winter paradise

beat beat beat
once last walk  on the wwwwwwild sssssssside

A Winter Paradise? pahh!
The B~~ch  gargled with 
Your Gonads in her mouth
She used them as ice cubes
Who DOES that?

Yes this is a chilling ending 
but an ending all the same
you all come back now
you hear? The End!

beat beat 
and now the refrain

Come on Manuel it's back
to the igloo with us. (Now why
did I say that in my John Cleese 
Voice.There's Something Faulty 
there. The man Towers above me)

No Senior this winter thing
She is not working out for me
You stay if you like, I am visiting
my friend in Malta...

...Paul Callus!

Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest Name: Rock Me Around the Clock or Rock Me to Sleep--Rhythm Poems 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Lady Loneliness

I am the ghost of heartaches past
  I'm love's dark contrast

          That empty seat
            Beside you when you eat

                   The tear stains on your pillow case
                     I'm that new wrinkle on your face.

I am the gremlin of "What if?"
  If you catch my drift

          Who's biggest theme
             Is to haunt all your dreams

                   I'm that loud echo in your life
                    That constant nagging extra strife.

I am that cold spot in your bed
  I'm words left unsaid

          I'm anger won
            I'm promises undone
                   I'm that thing left to chance
                     I'm Lady Loneliness..... 
                       Would you care to dance?

                                                Timothy I. Brumley

Copyright © Timothy Brumley | Year Posted 2010

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Catch My Drift

Strange how it goes, they're waiting their turn To flood my thoughts, these ideas to burn Other times nothing, just rack my old brain Get all pooped out, my attempts are in vain Is there no place smack dab in the middle Where rhymes reside and efforts are little Why do we suffer a blankness at times There must be a pill for starting these rhymes Oh well, I'm really having the time of my life Annoying struggles just add to the spice We'd ALL be poets if these rhymes came easy Wouldn't stand out with our words so breezy Do you catch my drift, am I making any sense Keep plugging away, don't be so damn tense Rhymes will soon come, have ye no doubt Flooding your brain, you'll stand up and shout Lordy, I'm a poet just knew it all along My heart doth sing a happiness thong! © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Don’t call me baby!
I’m nobody's doll.
Don’t call me sweetie!
I’m not a moll.
I’m not a cutie.
I’m not your “boo.”
If you try to abuse me,
#you're through.

I'm a brave person
a body all my own.
This is a free planet.
This is also my home.
If you didn’t respect that
there’s one thing to do.
Catch my drift when I say,
#you're through.

My silence is leaked.
The story is told.
This past will haunt me
although it is old.
I've met other people
who knew you too.
They read about me.
#you're through.

Sponsor   John Lawless

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2017

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Been said many many times
But I'm about as fond as I could be
Methinks I've proved it just fine

So don't need none of that absence stuff
Do you catch my drift as they say
I'll permit it for maybe an hour or so
But that's it and certainly not for a day

There's a very severe penalty you must pay
Should you exceed the allotted limit
A basic one hundred kisses and hugs
Plus another twenty-five more per minute

That might seem like a real hefty fine
But it's there to shown you how serious
It is to deprive this depraved old soul
He can wind up disoriented and delirious

Bottom line is, please handle with care
My kind doesn't come along often
Treat me well and I'll be yours for life
I'll make your heart melt and soften

© Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Casting Couch


May I please say before we start
that I am PERFECT for this part?
It's in my SOUL.

You might as well go lock the door,
cuz right here's what you're looking for.
I AM this role!

But why take chances? Just in case,
I've put plans B and C in place.
(So I'm not not stiffed)

Lets just say I have money, dear.
Who couldn't use a twenny here?
 *wink*.... catch my drift?

Need more to prove that I'm no slouch?
Just show me to the casting couch.
THAT talent's free...


No -  thank YOU, Sir!!    When's best to call?
I just KNEW once you'd seen it all...

Oh...............     You'll call ME...?


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

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The Idiom and the Oddity Part 6

Page 14

It took time to remove 
The stones that formed the arch
That’s the place above the gates
Under which their armies marched

But we remained very quite
Observing through the cracks 
Drinking bottled wine
And nibbling on some snacks

They finally cleared a way
And opened the gates wide
Then laid their hands upon the ropes
To pull our *** inside

There were times, I felt cunning
And times I felt amused
That men of such intellect
Could fall for such a ruse  

But, be it as it may
My concern is only this
To burst out of this ***
And take a good long p**s

I know what you’re thinking
And I’d like to keep it clean
But as you know how stories go
I have to paint the scene

Page 15

When they got us in the city
There was music in the air
The Trojan started dancing
Food and drink were everywhere

There were pigs biting apples
Above the flames formed in a pit
With every sort of creature
They could skewer upon a spit

Oh, and wine flowed from fountains
And confections by the score
The soldiers ate and drank
Till they couldn’t feast , no more 

Their priest stopped by at midnight
To bless our parting gift
And I christened it myself
If you kinda catch my drift 

It was early morning hours
When the last ones fell to sleep
So we opened up the hatch
And we began to creep 

Down a rope, we slid slowly
To the ground we made our way
To the gates that we must open
At last I’ll have the day

To be continued..............

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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Rugby Shows Tricia Who's Boss

A gift from a stranger, his name is Reefer;
we know right away that he's a keeper.

We re-name him Rugby so as not to confuse;
his condition suggests that he's been abused.

Anticipating a squabble, we bring in the cat;
he sprawls and yawns, refused to combat.

He never barks, he doesn't bite or growl;
until the cat decides to eat from his bowl.

Rugby walks behind her, emits one deep Woof;
Tricia jumps straight up, leaves with no reproof.

They co-exist peacefully, eat with never a tiff;
they need no policing, if you catch my drift.


Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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The subject of aliens is a big topic today Here's what I think for the record, I say Of course they exist At Walmart, catch my drift? Their invasion is surely already underway! © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Row Your Boat

Life is but a dream, while rowing down the stream
 Better to flow along in life’s mystery, some call it destiny
 The present is a gift, if you catch my drift
 Watch your flanks, as life & death are your banks
 ‘Cause your reserves are vested in your life preserve’s

Copyright © siza sibiya | Year Posted 2014

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Wipe Your Mirror

"This generation is polluted, by the distribution of the optical illusion that everything is always brighter on the other side, but sometimes bright isn't always right, ya see everything that's bright is not right because at night all you see is cop lights and deaths of innocent souls who always end up being not white, and somehow their unarmed but that police officer always holds that glock tight, and it's sad when you got more vulgar pics on Facebook & Instagram, than more of those same women motivating the same stereotypical uneducated and misguided black men, so that we can change the breaking news from who killed the man to look at that black successful businessman, that's a simple plan and believe me when I say we have the key to this in our hands, we crossed the line as a whole....that line is getting thinner & thinner, we're quick to judge other situations while we sometimes have similar problems tapping us on the shoulder in our bathroom mirrors, today we wipe em clearer, nowadays it has become more common when we can't commit, got about as many soaked handkerchiefs that wiped the tears away from past relationships, now ain't that y'all catch my drift, threw so much at ya you can't even catch my pitch, as each day goes by the end is nearer, things get crazy and might seem wierder....but just be sure you're happy with that reflection that stares back at you in the mirror!"

Copyright © Christian Wardlow | Year Posted 2015

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If You Catch My Drift

It's not fair of me 
To say I want you
 It's not fair of me to let you go
Either way we're not happy
 And I just wanted you to know
 I just want you to be happy
Get the cake the kiss and happy ending, 
I know I won't be the one you'll be with
But you can still count on me, 
If you catch my drift
We've been through a lot for a while
Stars don't seem to shine as bright 
Been some dark days 
Want to let you know a lights in sight
Cause you're gonna be happy
 Get the cake, the kiss, and happy ending
Still won't be the one you're with
You still got me though
 If you catch my drift 
Arguments, late nights, over exaggerated dumb fights
 I'll still be here 
For you 
I just want you to be happy
 Get your cake, the kiss, the happy ending,
I know I won't be the one that you're with
You always got me though,
 if you catch my drift.

Copyright © Caleah Buil | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Guy Jack

Knee deep in problems? See Happy Guy Jack! He'll make you feel better Forget all that crap! Junk that's been filling Your life and your brain No need for that bad stuff Don't need all that pain! Just give it the boot! Say, "Take off outta here"! Then giggle and cackle And go have a beer! The world will go on If you worry or not Don't be such a silly Give happy a shot! A broken record? Me pushing this stuff? You'll soon catch my drift Then won't get enough You'll beg Happy Jack To bring more good cheer So smile, damn it, smile! Now go have that beer! © Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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left some room

move over make motions for more
seems the same chapter approaches the shore
history on repeat like a skipping record score
to my life movies pickled and cored
struck my nerves but in tune with a chord
tri tones raise my hair soon too forward
against the grain of my neck craned and torn
I complain about storms till the drains foreign
uh oh let it flow, catch my drift or just let me go
I got no translation for me in my zone
I happen to perform well on my own
It's not as simple as a poetic form
my desire to be kinetic since I was born
sympathetic to the challengers
to match my norm, if you sat in your dorm
meant to be just a so long As
 I'm being chased by horns
driven to the ground, combustion from the pressures
muscled out the members, consolidated with embers
tinker with the ventures, till my circle encircles the center
inertia usurping certain pretenders

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2014

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Upon the road to Humphrey
I met a man from Fife,
‘How do you do, my friend,’
he said.
‘I’ve gone and left my wife.’

‘I’ve gone and left my wife,’
he said,
‘I’ve taken all I can,
‘And do you know that
Humphrey Head
‘Was where it all began?

‘I said, you see, I told her:
‘I’ve quite made up my
‘I know I’ll look a frightful
‘From front and from

‘I know I’ll get the chills
and things,
‘I’ll get some funny looks,
‘The gossipings and 
‘The heads behind their

‘But this is just too strong,
I said,
‘The calling’s in my blood.
‘My heart has over-ruled
my head,
‘Denial’s just no good.

‘The wanderer is what I
‘No restful soul is mine,
‘No care for I, a single
‘For women or for wine.

‘I must set forth and 
ramble on,
‘Return to nature’s roots,
‘And walk the ways of 
days bygone
‘And taste some other 

‘To say she took it well,’
he said,
‘I don’t think that’s the
‘I’ll just say this – she 
upped and fled
‘Like some bewildered 

‘A simple soul, I am, you
‘A man of earth and wind,
‘A man to wander wild
and free,
‘Who hates his pilchards

‘You surely understand, 
my friend?
‘You catch my drift? He
And as I feigned and 
played pretend
I nodded swift my head.

Upon the road to 
Humphrey Head,
I met a man from Fife,
‘How do you do, my 
friend,’ he said.
‘I’ve gone and left my

‘I’ve gone and left my
wife,’ he said.
‘I’ve bowed to nature’s
And bold he stood there,
flushed and red,
And starkers in his boots!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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The subject of aliens is a big topic today Here's what I think for the record, I say Of course they exist At Walmart, catch my drift? Their invasion is surely already underway

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Extreme Sacrifice

Tears fall from a round cherub face
Who feels her life is a big disgrace
Who feels she is just a charity case
Who takes up way too much space
Who knocked over the hand painted vase
From Italy
Because she thought she was too obese
An ugly savage beast
And wanted her life to cease
Because people liked to tease
About her wanting the last piece
Of pizza

So she decided right there and then
No more crash diets or Phen-Fen
No more envying her friends
No more rejections from men
No more carrot sticks again
She's starving
Because she hates the way she looks
And having to buy all those books
Those diet gurus are crooks
Playing on her emotions is the hook
That reeled her in from her little nook
She's miserable

All 125 pounds of her was crying out
For a way to escape right out
From dejection and self doubt
She just wanted to scream and shout
She saw only one solution as a route
Plastic surgery
Because it was the only way
To want to live another day
Without having to hope and pray
That she would not become afraid
And slit her wrists with a razor blade

So a doctor she took herself to
And guess what that quack wanted to do
Rhinoplasty her nose into
One like little Cindy Lou Who
Said he’d make it like brand new
She bought it
Because her nose was to be done
Next was her chin—it looked like a Cinnabon
No wonder she was being shunned
He said he’d spare her the dejection
and give her a neck like an elegant swan
She believed it

Next was her breasts—they needed a lift
The size does matter if you catch my drift
Your popularity will benefit
From putting some silicone in your tit
Its quite exciting, you’ll have to admit
She oohed
Because her abs and butt were a terrible blight 
To leave them like that it would not look right
They needed to look taut and tight
What a plight!
Liposuction would be a wonderful sight
She aahed

Surgery was schedule for tomorrow at dawn
She didn’t see how she could do any wrong
She went shopping and bought a new thong
Her depression was gone
She felt twice as strong
Is she delusional?
The surgery happened right on time
Where’s the police-isn’t this a crime
This girl looks absolutely fine
What is flawed is just her mind
Society has not been kind
Is she to blame?

Copyright © MaryLouise Goguen | Year Posted 2005

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Forbidden Love

So what if my mind goes blank from just a glance
And just a thought about her makes my depression lift
Maybe too cliché for me, if you catch my drift 
 Even when its my heart that lifts
I can't help that its her that I've fallen for
I refuse to stop even when she makes life a blur
I just can't stop how I commit this crime
It's fine to most but to others, it's unacceptable
No one ever thinks its something to which I'm susceptible 
Perfect religions hate to breed my kind
They hate the very existence of my frame of mind
It's not a crime; it's in my every thought
My every action defined by my will to play for either team
Can't you tell your hatred tears me apart at the seam?

Copyright © Alex W. | Year Posted 2012

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if I left my heart in San Francisco
but I'm in Luckenbach, Texas
if Chicago is my kind of town
but I need to please come to Boston
if by the time I get to Phoenix
I'm on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
if I shuffle off to Buffalo
can I catch the last train to Clarksville
if all of my ex's live in Texas
but I'm wasted in Margaritaville 
if everything spins--like the quarter that flips
or much quicker than a New York minute
if you can figure this all out, remember these old tunes
I think that you can catch my drift and where all this was going

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010

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No Thanks

I’m just a girl…
who’s got a problem that can’t be solved
without everyone else getting involved
I don’t remember asking for permission
or even for advice
I know, I never requested you to take action
yet here I am, suffering for your interception
sometimes it’s not about you
yes.. that concept might be new
but my problems belong to me
to me and me alone
that’s just the way it has to be
I’d say I appreciate the sentiment
but honestly I’m getting quite sick of it
some things we just need to handle on our own
sometimes people just want to be left alone
if you have yet to catch my drift
please allow me to spell it
out for you
I beg your efforts please be yielded
do now, cease and desist 
or you’ll surly meet my fist
in ways less refined
as your help has now been officially declined.

Copyright © Cristy Quinn | Year Posted 2012

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Electric Kingdom

Isn't it a pity when you hate the city
So no damn good with snake pit lion's den you need someone to be your friend
Like Mickey Mouse & Daffy Duck chasing each other in a bush
The whole wide world is in quite a rush
Yet such a kingdom does exist
Can you catch my drift
In a far off place in search of trace in
A child hood fantasy in a dream whole new scene
With dragons and kings with queens
A court jester killing the village scene
We got trolls living in holes with dirt as their ceiling
Nothing shady in my electric kingdom
Lot's of folks tripping cause I'm on a mission
A vision of twilight sun tainting the vast array of its sparkling ellagance
Such extravagance at first glance a timely dance with a fare maiden
Looking lips shooting hits take some time to move those hips
A sought off excursion in my mind cause the dragon got me in a fix
I mix with tempers of fire blown up in full desire
An angry elf just bit me in the arm so sound the alarm
I came to get down & paint to village town
Electric kingdom where the creatures are so real
Some may claim it as a no good deal
Horses with valiant lances never given any second chances
Took a crap in the distant bushes with a push in 
This is a place inside my mind some call me crazy but I am not blind
Rap is good in this place of dreams holding my own as my vison gleams.

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Still burning

Still burning

I want someone who sets my heart on fire.
An eternal flame that is not denied.
I need a new spark to burn an avalanche of liars.
I need a direct route through to wife.

I want a get well card for my love life.
A slice of that cake sure looks nice,
But inside it’s carrot cake.
Where is the chocolate?  
Give me a break!

Catch my drift and lead me into temptation.
I need to find a new sensation.
A love I have never had before.
Been there, done that; so tired; so bored.
I want a never before seen, woman of my dreams, 
Who is destined to become my Queen.

Not a lover who already has a lover,
Or a lover who finds a new lover, 
When I am meant to be with her.
I want original; not the same old same.
Give me fireworks!  
Come on!  Entertain!

A notion of excellence.
I don’t want to be one of many men.
I want to be unique.
One reject; two rejections;
Already taken, makes three.

If all I can have is bad for me,
Give me bad at lying; give me empathy.
Give me something for me…

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2018

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Hi everybody, I am nobody; Why do all the somebodies keep jacking my... junk.
Nothing I say changes or sways opinions: Stop looking for LINES WITH the punch.
I am out to lunch, just a li'l old nobody, a termagant, with a rant. I am no-one: 
Why is someone getting paid to monitor?
What I say, in no way could effect change...So why are you checking and holding my post hostage with all this blockage ...? What a waste of money and time. 
I do not put thoughts on anyone's mind.
Nor do I give sight to the blind. Gees-us, I am just a no-one, that anyone listens to. Nor adheres to, or cheers for-Or care for - Or even cares too.
So please let me speak freely and stop thinking that I am making quantum leaps; When we” nobodies” are in a huddle, trying to jump over this little puddle. 

The “Somebodies” are making asses out of the masses”.
You enjoy seeing me beat my wings against the bars. Or like a lab rat going through your maze to take the bait, you’d like to see me get Irate: (for more than four hours, our mainstream team) got played out of position, berated us, with a football hiatus. Black, brown, and white united for a non-cause, adrenaline screaming at the same screen.

You want to know my reaction, is that how you get satisfaction?... Well "beat your feet to the beat" of my jaws jabbing - 
The somebodies are setting traps. 
But I am a smart rat. I am nobody, and nobody didn’t go for that.! Even if you could catch my drift. 

Someone went to great lengths to create that rift.
Everyone cannot see what I am saying; Could never, “see what I am saying”, because what I am saying is only for those who need to know! 
"Do you see what I am saying". “I am just saying”. 

Those of you who hear me "Holla": 
But don't take the bait, or get sidetracked, stay focused, “pay attention to what's not being mentioned”.

Check and see how many moves were made when you were looking in the other direction. Always remember the greatest weapon they have is the “Weapon of Mass Distraction” Which, stops everyone's actions, and counteractions.! 
“that is all I am saying”
A message from nobody.

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2018

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Vision experience

we the people the most remarkable statement ever made through the hall of everglades past the marble reilief i find the chief only dead for a week yet the tears in his eyes so sweet a a band of renagdes ready with the guns asp of venom on under their lips payote on their tongues a houndred hounds coulnt seem to catch my scent catch my drift blood hounds a blue tick a houndred pounds there seems no cheating death as i pass the wall it says cherry terror fare well to those unloyal  beware be prepared God taught my hands to make war 

Copyright © Timothy Jacks | Year Posted 2018

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Random thoughts part 3

Welcome everyone to Part 3 on my list;
Again with some Random Thoughts if you catch my drift.
Starting anew with so much things going wrong;
I know my life sucked but I had to be strong.
In a better place, not close to what i thought it could be;
Doing my best to hide how i feel, me doing me.
So many times have people screwed me over in life;
It took some time to forgive them, to let go of the strife.
I have a million things running through my head ;
Like everyone else I should be laying in bed.
Not mad at anyone, I can say I'm content;
With where my lifes heading its like flipping a cent.
Heads or tails, what will it be
Unlucky or Lucky, doesn't matter to me.
People of the past finding success in what they love,
Makes me strive harder to fly like a dove.
Like beautiful poetry high in the sky;
Flapping it's wings, feeling so alive.
I'm going to be something, thats how it's going to be;
Until then though it's going to be me being me.
Alot of you know me and know what I'm about;
Alot of you know my past, but can't figure it out.
I have fucked up in my life and have burned many bridges;
If you haven't accepted my apologies, then F off Witches!
I'm not doing this for closure, not even a lil bit;
If I have wronged you, know that I feel like ****.
Things have opened my eyes to the ways of my past;
Showing me that I was a BIG GIANT BASS.
Drugs ruined my Life, Many were there to see it happen;
Memories would be made, None will be forgotten.
I write alot of things down, now, that I never did before;
I guess I should leave them for My Random Thoughts: Part 4

Copyright © todd hammond | Year Posted 2018