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I heard I might find a poet here Part 2

Time moves slower than a rusted windmill on a still day 
as I am unable to avert my stare, frozen in this spot,  
captivated by an intoxicating charm smoother than Tennessee whiskey 
that hasn’t seen the light of day since old Jack Daniels passed,
and in this catatonic state I am also hearing things too, did she say poet?  
Someone drops a quarter in the juke box, Sinatra croons from overhead speakers, 
“Strangers in the night” Appropriate I think as I fumble to form a coherent 
sentence while gazing, recklessly submerged in endless chestnut eyes,
drowning in dark melted chocolate sweeter than hometown honey
She pulls a slow sensuous drag from her half spent Virginia Slims,
perfect lips release the scarlet smudged filter, exhaling a stream of smoke, 
a light grey cloud cascading lazily but deliberately in my face
and with a sly smirk sighs, “Cat got your tongue?”

Blinking back to consciousness, or some reasonable facsimile,
I attempt again to respond as Angelo behind the bar, tosses me a life line
”Another?” he points to my near empty bottle pitching 
a white towel to his shoulder. “Yeah, yes… you?” I mumble awkwardly in her 
direction pleading silently to myself, get it together man

Flicking ashes in a Stella Artois ashtray, she lifts the glass to her rose petal mouth
empties it in one smooth seductive swallow, then removes the olive, 
glances at me through black swan lashes, brings it suggestively to her lips 
and places it on her tongue 

My breath exits faster than a 38 caliber screaming goodbye to a pulled trigger. 
“How nice of you to offer,” she replies in a hushed lullaby tone. 
I nod to the bartender and he gives me a wink.
He’s seen it all, I think to myself 

Placing a bewitching hand gently atop mine she inquires, “So, can you help me?” 
My stomach, obviously all along one enormous cocoon erupts releasing
every butterfly known to mankind, all of which now frantically flutter 
inside of me, I lean a little heavier on the bar for support, it’s almost not enough

Angelo returns, setting a fresh martini in front of her, a cold beer for me. 
Nervously I bring the bottle to my mouth, when I notice she raises her 
glass in my direction. What an idiot, I mumble as I retreat just in 
time from drinking to touch her glass with mine

“To the sexiest woman I have ever seen.” I can’t believe I said that, 
she looks away feigning shyness. 
We both take a drink, almost in unison, 
liquid harmony, the perfect duet 

The cold beer feels good going down my parched throat,
as a freak thunderstorm popping up over a drought stricken landscape might, 
only I plan on absorbing mine more rapidly
and having more fun as I do. 

“Are you planning on getting me drunk before you answer my question?” 
she giggles taking another sip, flashing a neon smile 
which ignites in me a prior unknown courage, “No, not all,” I answer. 
“I have been known to jot down a poetic line or two”

To be continued…maybe

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016

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Blame it on the Cat

unwilling to speak
let alone write
I know what I'll do
the blame's not on you...
it's that silly cat, you know
"cat got your tongue", now also your pen?
tell me why
tell me when
"Here kitty....kitty...
bring that back here to me!"

cause your rhymes read out of time
once simply sublime
now crusty and bland
no life in your hand
walking down your poetry lane
heart heavy with pain
ghosts peek a boo
and I wonder, is it true?
there's not a line that is new?

Are you dead or alive?
oh, but I've got my pride,
yet I frantically search
Hoping to find 
that feline on the run
well, you know which one
that cat that got your tongue...
and to my abject sorrow of sorrows
that cat's also run away 
run far far away
glorious pen.

Eileen M

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2018

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Giving Him The Bird

I see your bright colored plumes and your cocky arrogant beak 
you think you got a trumpet in my ear but oh ,you wait and see 
how beautiful the end result will be, once you CLAMP 

It is no ones business but my own what I write and re-write in 
the name of perfection. Cat got your tongue? Well finally we 
got some peace round here, I'm entering IT 

Are you expecting those old parrot tapes to enter my heaven?
I'm busy inputting so I I can't hear your hell  
so fly away from me bird from Alcatraz cuz I'm not this,    OR 

                        I will not listen anymore.    REMOVE 
that silly grin off your plucky face and give me room to be 
the best that I can be.  I'm unreeling, re-dealing, getting
ready for the authentic manuscript of the Century. So bird on 
you....                                            Get over  YOURSELF 
You don't own monopoly to my mind nor my imagination 
get going bird, I got it covered so pluck those poisoned feathers
off my back and let me grow wings, that won't harm or attack

leave me in peace to write . 
January 14, 2019

Copyright © Pixie Dust | Year Posted 2019

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Simple Pretense

Simple Pretense

Shut up!
My God. Can’t you say anything positive?
Can’t you say anything that will sweep this darkness away.
Away from the corneas of my soul?
I know where the light switch is. Do you?
I know where the dog has buried its bone. Do you?
I know what lurks past your knees.
Crazy gravitational forces will have the final word.
Burning breathless whispers at midnight
Will tell of the final spasm.
Of the final heartbreak,
Of the final flat tire,
And of the final kiss.
Here, take this smooth stone.
I found it in the turtle garden with the cacti.
And with the black droppings of reptilian pretense.
Go ahead.
Say something now.
Cat got your tongue?
Never mind.
It’s all been said before.
The mad earth continues to turn like a dumb dog
Chasing its tail before the melting mush is served.

Copyright © stark hunter | Year Posted 2013

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Nite Owl XD rap song

I'm a nightowl becuz I prefer the night, despite what you say
Today, I'm yours and I'm gonna make your day a delightful day
I love all genres in LA...I'm going cray-cray with you around me all day! I love you all the way! I want you to stay...let me X-ray what's inside you - because I know you are so true, baby boo...I love you so true...
I dare you to be random outta the blue
Music is so therapeutic to my ears
It has been years since I wept these bitter tears
Sorry for cussing...I'm in the wrong...
I'm alright, I'm okay...let me be for the night...I will pray...
I believe God has a plan for me
I believe in Him and no one else, baby
I thought I was a skyscraper
I find pleasure like crazy beyond a million measures...
I aim to please for the sake of peace...
Chaotic negativity - please leave...
Don't grieve..relieve me...let me believe...
Retrieving my stepping stones - bursting my bubble...
let it be on my dead body - drama and trauma ain't nothin' to me...I will be sweetheart 
Because no body will cause me any trouble...
Love everybody and sin not anymore...and I swore you're the one I adore from the start...
Problems will come and go...shut it, everybody...
Take heart, 
I'm torn apart
It's a breeze to be with yah
You're a fantastic flaw fury...chah!
graceful and glorious as ever
Peace out! 
Musik up & about
Shouting like whatever...
Laughing up a weather...
High as a kite
Fighting the good fight
Tonight, I'm high and young and free
Freedom and Kingdom...come save me...
Welcum to my house
My home is full of animals...
Making feline calls...
Gettin' outta my shell
Gettin' the picture...
You are a hell...ring a bell?
Coughing up a ball of furr
U don't c what I c
I've been walkin' and walkin'
Constantly talkin' and talkin'
Listenin' and listenin'
Wanderin' in wanderlust and wonderin' where you been?
I'm a weirdo fail...
Cat got your tongue?
It's getting hot as hale...
Door bell rung...
I'm shy, timid, confident and weird
I've been missing you outta the blue
Not at all all-knowing
I'm a cool fool 
You use me as an inadequate tool...
I play around in my pool of independence...
You get what I mean? 
You're so obscene 
I'm weird and I have fears and hopes
I appeared to be a vanished image...
In your vision of your dainty, little decision
You're like moving water under the bridge
I'm a mansion...a marvelous mission...
I c beautie
Believe me
Carz zip by
trains go by
Creativity comes and goes
Let go and let live
Come on & forgive
Have knowledge

I dare u 2 smile
: )

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Through Their Eyes

Through Their Eyes (originally "Just Desserts for Rats") Still touching the hilt of the sword, she declares, “No fencing for HIM at the end of the month. His pastime is so bloody boring!” The mouse in her house regards her with cockiness from underneath a chair. “Yeah, BEN, my FRIEND, I’m talking to YOU.” She returns the mouse's stare. “And you sure do make a racket at night down here on this kitchen flooring!” The ashes she flicks from her cigarette fall soundlessly to the tiles. She casually leafs through a travel brochure, then looks over at “Ben.” “Yeah, that husband of mine sure thought he could fool me, but he’ll never try that again.” She fixes her gaze on Ben’s beady eyes; then back on the pages and smiles. The names of rendezvous spots of her husband she’d got from a slime ball she’d hired to sleuth. “He did a good job, that big tub of lard. Yes, I do have to give him that, but he sure knew how to give me the creeps with his body all sweaty and fat.” She puts some milk on sweet rice in a bowl. “I only wanted the truth. Cat got your tongue? Too bad there’s no cat. I’d love to see you swallowed.” The mouse doesn’t flinch. Now she looks down at a pile of the sleuth’s photographs. “This first batch of photos wasn’t so hot.” She turns to the rodent and laughs. “But this second group. . . .Every cent was well-spent to have that bastard followed!” She puts the rice pudding with milk on the floor near a form centered there and stoops as she pours from a bottle marked “poison” its contents into the bowl. Leaning down by the shape on the floor, she says, “Soon you‘ll have Ben‘s company.” And then to the mouse: “ Come here, little rat, come eat till you’re full.” Then grabbing her bags pre-packed for Australia, she kicks at the corpse on the floor so carefully centered - kicks right at the spot where, by her hand, the sword so easily entered. Written 8/18/2012

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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you had me fool

Sometimes I sit all alone,and remember all the promises we made together,than I see them fade away in the wind,kind like the petals of a flower, were feelings over come my fear,than I remember you had me on a spell,you deserve a round of applause,you had me fool, you always was embarrass of me,according to you I was the clown,were all the tears you gave me,were behind the jokes i made,and the smile I kept from fallen down,you deserve a round of applause,what's your next trick?,try to break my heart,or better yet,lie to me, make me fall back to your arms, what's the matter cat got your tongue,that's not suppost to happen to you, your like the best when it comes to magic, you once told me I was your light,trust me not the light of  the dance floor,more like that old abandon light bulb in your closet door, you deserve a round of applause,you had me fool,I could swarn,that trick was real,you gave me so much to think about,and tears to deal, what's your next trick? Run away with someone else and forget about me? Do me a favor and erase my mind,and blind my eyes with more lies, you can't miss ,it works every time, for your last final trick, steal the show with your screams and hits,this time I'll know,I'm not to blame,you can hand cuff me,and rip my heart once again,don't you worry is just a stage,sometimes I sit here all alone as I turn the page,the rip pages of our love story,I finally came to the end,did you know she didn't love him cuz he wasn't cool,oh wow! you deserve a round of applause you had me fool.

Copyright © Guillermo Soto | Year Posted 2013

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Shogun Series Bill's side 11 Richard Pickett story

(Continued from Bill's side 10“)
    "Never  mind that. I know you well enough to know you know what you’re doing. 
Just stick with me and keep me informed especially on this one. I’ll give you as much 
leeway as I can. I got a hunch this case is going to be rough in more ways than 
one. Get me? I’ve been around a while. I didn’t come with this morning’s milk. The 
Captain and I already been discussing this one with the Commissioner. This 
vigilante thing is dangerous and already out of control.”
Bill still didn’t know where this was going but at least so far he hadn’t been 
demoted to walking a beat. His hope and nerve  was picking up. This Griggs guy 
was tough and had a rep for no bull. “Yeah, that’s wha ….”  
“Just shut up and listen, Sgt. Lipton. The Captain doesn’t want any part of that 
vigilante case. He wants a good record for an upcoming political agenda. That’s no 
secret. He doesn’t want anything to do with this case because he’s afraid it won’t 
get solved and his record will be stained with it.
You just stick to what you’re supposed to be doing and keep your ear to the 
ground. From experience I know that vigilante.. if it’s just one,... isn’t going to work 
out his issues in just one precinct. Keep in touch with what’s going on while you’re 
on and off duty. If you got to check something out off the cuff, you are to ask me 
first. Get it? Mums the word to the Captain. If he hears anything about our talk I’ll 
deny every bit of it and you’ll be left holding the bag. Do you get my drift here Sgt.? 
………  …    .. …. “Cat got your tongue?”
“No sir, I just…uh …yes sir I mean ….I get your drift.”
“Good , I enjoyed our conversation…now haven’t you got someplace to go? It’s 
knock off time. I believe your up for mounty duty tomorrow.”
“Yes, I believe I am. Is there anything else Lt Griggs?”
“Yes, close the door on your way out.” Bill took his hat up off his knee, stood up and 
walked the three steps to the door when Lt Griggs said without looking up from his 
paper work on his desk, “Bill…?
“Yes sir?”
“ Glad to have you back“, he said with a more relaxed tone, “Now get outa here.” 
And he went back to his case file.
Bill smiled, went to his office, traded his ball cap in for his Stetson and left the 
building mulling over what the Lt had and had not told him.   

(to be cont on Richard Pickett poetry site)

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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Such a cliche

I'll drink to that, three sheets in the wind, the Booze cruise                        Drinking like a fish, kicking the bucket a fine kettle of fish,                       
beyond the pale. A fish out of water. When it rains, it pours, on a dark             and stormy night, raining cats and dogs. A force to be reckoned with,                                    the perfect storm, so weather the storm and get your feet wet.                          Every dog has its day, fighting like cats and dogs.                                    
Look what the cat drug in, the hair of the dog that bit you,                         
Just pulling your leg. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,        
ignorance is bliss. No pain, no gain, a chip off the old block,                     
banging your head, against a brick wall.                                                          
A loose cannon, armed to the teeth, the kiss of death.                                                                                                     Biting the bullet, caught in the crossfire, losing your head,                                                                                      Can't hold a candle to, burning the candle at both ends,                                                                                                             at the crack of dawn, caught with his pants down, the naked truth,                    
a checkered past. Out of the frying pan into the fire.                                    Playing with fire, a burning question, that inflames me!                                   This is for the birds, two in the bush, killing two birds with one stone                                                                                       Fair weather friend’s, fly the coop and birds of a feather flock together                                                       Looking like the cat, that ate the canary, the bird's eye view.                                                                                                  Cat got your tongue, the big cheese is a better mousetrap                                      
Don't look a gift horse, in the mouth and the horse you rode in on          
Beating a dead horse, I got to see a man about a horse!                        
Living hand to mouth, biting the hand that feeds you,                                    
A knuckle sandwich, that’s a mouthful. He is full of himself

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2018

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My Boyfriend is, the Cat’s Meow, a Fat Cat.
He stays Busy as a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, think of that..
He says the way I look is like: “Two Tom Cats in a Gunny Sack”.
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs but we need a snack.
We were Busier Than a Three Legged Cat in a Sand Box,
but I opted to go for Bagels and Locks.     
He Was On That Like a Pack of Dogs on a Three Legged Cat.
I kept thinking While the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Play.
When I got back he Looked Like the Cat who Swallowed the Canary,
He was Nervous as a Long Tailed Cat in a Room Full of Rockers.
Well, There’s More Ways to Kill a Cat than Choking it With Butter.
I got him busier than a One Eyed Cat Watching Two Mouse Holes.
Cat Got Your Tongue? I cooly extol.
When he finally Lets the Cat Out of the Bag,
I tell him to take his Alley Cat Morals and Scruples of a Snake,
and Quick as a Cat, vacate, don’t lag.  
Take that Cheshire-Cat Smile and Walk His Last Mile.

© Apr 10 2010

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2010

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Cat Got Your Tongue?

Seems you don't have anything to say
Unless you need a toy in which to play

Trying to be nice before you die
Is like making a black ocean in the sky

You can't understand it's not about you
It's about us and all we were through

You are not a match for me, verbal or written
Tiime has made me quite smitten

It's not that you don't care for me
You simply don't have the will for reality

The woman you were with many years ago
Always had your heart and you let me know

All is forgiven now and forever
May she bring happiness now to your en devour in love

I'm not jealous by any means
I'll always have your brain full of wrong memories

Silence has begun
What's wrong now...Cat got your tongue?

Copyright © Teresa Harr-Pena | Year Posted 2007

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Silencing the Outspoken

her sudden untimely death left her speechless ~ silence is golden

Cliché: Cat got your tongue?

January 5, 2018
Contest: Monoku 5: Cliché
sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © John Gondolf | Year Posted 2018

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Bully, oh Bully

Pronunciate, predominate, preponderate, prevaricate,
Precipitate, pontificate, pomegranate, postulate –
Do not attempt to look these words up!
That dictionary shouldn’t be w-i-d-e open like your mouth
Or can’t you handle multi-syllabic lexis?
I thought you were TOUGH, MIGHTY and STRONG
Yet lower,
Down into the ground
A million thoughts lay scattered, here, there and everywhere
I thought you were INVINCIBLE and POWERFUL
So HARD that you could DEFEAT anything that came your way
Why, this room is as LOUD as s-i-l-e-n-c-e
I see that your friends aren’t with you now
What happened to your BIG mouth! Cat got your tongue?
But when your friends are around
Your tongue can’t resist a good workout
Up, down, t-w-i-r-l it a-r-o-u-n-d
I thought that Audacious was your middle name
Oh, here comes Georgia Giraffe. Cat got your tongue again?
The old YOU jumps out and reveals itself
Those known as the vulnerable
So why is it that when people LOOK down AT YOU
You put on a mask?
Such an innocent and friendly face!
Scared now? Met your match?
I thought that if you had a pound for every fight you had won
Every human alive would be penniless
Silly sausage! Oh, sorry! Offended?
Truth hurt? Are you a victim?
Well, imagine what it feels like to be a victim!
Where the world is an e-v-e-r-l-a-s-t-i-n-g nightmare
Look here, look there, but there is no escape route
I-m-a-g-i-n-e what it feels like to want to t-u-r-n back the clocks
Where you can never see the shine
If it isn’t too much of a HARD task, then
Bully, OH bully


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Copyright © Geraldine Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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Shadow in the Dark

Shadow in the Dark
I see you staring at me,
But who are you?
What do you want?
All you do is stand there and watch me,
Are you my guardian angel?

You walk closer to me and you still don’t say anything,
What is it? 
The cat got your tongue,
Why you watching me?
Do you know me from somewhere?

I’m too afraid to come to you,
So I’m asking you from a distance,
I notice you look taller than me,
Then I turn another way we are the same height,
Just figuring out you could be me,
You are my shadow in the dark.

Copyright © Tabitha Mathis | Year Posted 2014

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Deep Kissing Mary

it tried to deep kiss Mary now her lips are hairy

"Cat got your tongue?" 
Written under duress 1/5/18
Cliche contest
Hosted by Silent One

Copyright © Rhoda Tripp | Year Posted 2018

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Cutie Pie

You so cute with them bedroom eyes

Rumor has it

Down with them good *** looks

No longer cool

Pertaining to you

Art of War cutie pie

Ruler of your own kingdom

There is no thorn in this game

On your side for now

Cute looks better than you pretty

Gossip column of the news

better luck next time

cat got your tongue

biblical proportion

appropriate stanza

Your aurora is uncanny cutie pie

Unparallel and such black nor white

Neither foreign or domestic just right

for the bedroom eyes.

Copyright © Shamira's Poetry | Year Posted 2018

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If a cat got your tongue
And deer's are chewing gum
Yeah! and when pigs fly
Monkey see monkey do
Why? then do onions make you cry
What you gonna do?

by James Edward Lee Sr.

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018

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Perez Is Rage

So this is it Dan you leave me here, Bound to these castles walls, Why haven't you come back here, It's been three years since you left me to fall, I wait in silence Beautiful moon light above I wait in silence for the king who loved his world, Every girl you ever talk to what happen? The cat got your tongue, Why you leave me here alone, It's fall the leaves look beautiful, You don't care i try to help but you cage me here, A bird locked away from the beautiful world to see why must you be so mean, Did I do everything in my power to get you where you are today, No! you fear for what i can do you fear yourself your own self, Look at you can't see what you have become, I know you hear but anyway, Why can you be and let me free, Let the whole world see what you hind, I'm no longer the fear you hate to stare in the mirror, I'm not the fear under your bed or in the closet, I'm not the fear that hide in the darkness, I'm not the monster trying to kill you, I have a heart too filled with kindness, Dan I write on these walls to show you why, I never mean to cause you pain, I wait silence just my thoughts here i want you to see, Why I'll cut your throat watch the bloodstream, Cage you to the throne you left me alone in, I'll show you this is just a dream, You can't wake up to man i play with strings, I'll cast a show on how you'll die like hamlet with just one line, Laughter is my medicine as the joker is my master, Twisted thoughts i do have ninety - nine poems on these walls . written: 6/3/2015

Copyright © Daniel Perez | Year Posted 2015

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My My My

Her repartee ~ caught him dumbstruck!
Cliche: Cat got your tongue? Sponsor: Silent One Monoku 5 contest

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2018

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PLAYING WITH CLICHÉS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recycle plastics... what goes around comes around ~~ thirty-six twenty-four thirty-six... fit as a fiddle ~~ where there's muck there's money... all that glitters isn't gold ~~ see the facts... use a mirror... don’t get your knickers in a twist ~~ speak out or... has the cat got your tongue... ~~ history... good or bad... only time will tell ~~ true love... every cloud has a silver lining ~~ how times have changed but.. opposites will always attract... ~~ mother nature begs... recycle... don’t cry over spilt milk ~~ who told that lie... all is fair in love and war ~~ don't whisper... speak up or shut up ~~ be in it to win it... a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush ~~ recycle... live long and prosper ~~ at weddings... many a true word spoke in jest... i do... ~~ if only... speak now or forever hold your peace ~~ playing with words... isn't that a cliché... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Inspired by Silent One's challenge Monoku #5 cliché

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018

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There once was a cat named Fluffy
And his demeanor was tuffy 
Your green eyes to I spy
purr-purr- purring you are
Eye contact and you curl your back
JuMpInG from floor to counter top
Tail waving back and forth
Why? won't you say a word
Something wrong with the poem
Ouch!!! Meow-say something
What's wrong, cat got your tongue!

Written by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018