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Evening cascades
Journey homewards;
Work hiatus


Spring hurls
Fragrant blossoms;
Festive mood


Tender saplings
Sky bound yearnings;
Sun mesmerising


Joy sparkles
Spring melodies;
Buzz of freshness


Long bank queue
Urgent transactions;
Cash is king


Overseas studies
Payments to make;
Vested future


Waiting an hour
Long queue dwindles;
Our turn now


Paperwork signed
Fund transfer instructions;
Australian university


Hectic activity
So much to do;
Moving all afternoon


Lunar new year
Fortune incoming;
Brisk preparations


Auspicious airs
Prevailing certainty;
Better days ahead


Leon Enriquez
04 February 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Gold Digger

Gold Digger

My teacher says...
Me study everyday...
Me will be smart...
Life will be a lark..

Me no study, 
Me no care,
Me go marry 
A millionaire..

Me no beauty...
Me no need worry...
Me get money...
Go get plastic surgery...

Me a ravishing beauty...
Me ready to marry...
Me snare a rich man...
A millionaire the better man.

Me will have money...
Me money so plenty....
Me travel round the world..
 Cos got a rich hubby...

When he dies,
Me no cry...
Me go marry...
Another guy...

Me have money...
Me get new hubby...
Me let go  the past...
Get another  man to last...

Me no worry ...
Me got plenty money...
Me PM says it clearly....
I believe wholeheartedly....

Cash is King...
Me live like a queen...
Me no need to study...
Rich man I can marry....


Note..   2nd n 6th from What's app message...
              Credit to the originator of that message...

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2017

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Free Styling To The Extreme

take it to the beat watch us meet to greet fooling in the street
tripping on the beach smoking fat leaves doing what you please
as busy as a bee making sweet history
there's a battle for your mind I'm just the walking blind
society is not my game inside of my cause there blind you see from most of reality
there is an army of peeps out in the streets crystal gold down to their feet
with shattered glass on the walkway I came to play
the stage is set and the studio is fine all my critics can kiss my fat behind
homies try to control me with their dope analogy but why even bother it  gets even sadder
like nothing more to flatter the steps upon my ladder so here it goes
it used to be dope many years ago let the truth be told that folks used to smile
when i was a child I used to dream big dreams of both kings & queens
living in a land that is so very mean yet many are rushing too fast
everybody lately wants to get by on some free pass to pass
the stereo is blasting higher and higher blown up in its fullest desire on a wire
everybody feel me among my dope melody many folks will let me be
pump up the music so you can hear a way we can shed a tear
long hair on your birthday where we come to pray yet some may claim it ought not be that way...
flirting with fire in blown up desire coming down to the wire a gun for higher
got the hook up peeps on this dope joint fine grafted in from a delicate design
beats to the rhyme rhyme for the reason its just the changing of the season

block parties with steroe blasting watch how you acting & i'm not bragging
folks that carry everything inside we used to help thank God your still alive
but todays news you sing the blues and let things slide coming along for the ride
rap is still hot just take the word to the street and watch your rhymes to the beat
taking it to the city where cash is king people scream eating delicious ice cream
blind people so mean eating at fast food places such as Burger King
minus the races stuck in Peyton places we tend to make a lot of mistakes in
flirting with fire blown up in its fullest of desire getting much higher
Jimi was right by saying "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" !
almost every drive by someone gets capped from a nine in their eye
but give pause to think as you wink in earthly bliss in a caught up moment in time
Solid gold moments from our past having so much fum with a hope that it would last
so you sit back in your bleachers staying up late night watching another double feature

Laughter is the best medicine while your stuck in seventh heaven
therefore gain wisdom and in all thy getting gain understanding
free styling to the extreme while living in a land so very mean
Creatures of habit in the night with long viscious fangs that fright
eyes of blakened faces of death we all will come to unrest
rap it up I'll take it so you don't have to fake it
will bust a move to show improved knowledge of the underground sound
we are built to last we are raised to shine created in a beautiful design
sugar is sweet so sweet like honey I'm going to be the man that take home the money
nothing phony cause I got my degree cause all of life is but a mystery
got something up my sleave as you rest your case in your Peyton Place
don't try to hurt me again my ill but forgotten friend with whom I came to depend
It's either my way or the highway couldn't have it any other way
life is filled with mistakes some call this their fate but here am I to date
what's been done has all been done before such as Tony Sack kicking it with a two bit whore
Keep it in check as I let this last line flow bust up the beat & Increase the tempo

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Donation or Corruption

Donation or Corruption

In mainland China, corruption is a capital crime....
Public and municipal officers have been executed for being less than clean...
In Bolehland, Land of Infinite Possibilities, Cash is King, ...
Even being caught with the hands in the cookie jar is not stealing.. ......
MO1 was found with 2.6b in his bank accounts, what a steal...
By claiming it was donation, he got off the hook like a slippery eel......
The world's biggest kleptocrat has perfected corruption to a fine art... 
None can hope to outdo what he had achieved with such finesse in his art....
He loots the country's coffers with his merry gang of thieves...
Then lavishly giving out cash monies to buy widespread loyalties....

Political bigwigs, now much tainted and blinded by ill gotten riches...
No longer care how fare their electorates and supporters on the ground...
Gone were their fiery zest to better the country's image and  economy ....
Puff! Into the thin air goes their credibility, accountability and trustworthiness...
All's that left in places are weak willed politicians serving only their own self interests...
And two timing political opportunists looking out to loot and plunder....
While propping up their much tainted leader as their benevolent benefactor....

Boo hoo hoo... what hopes are there for Bolehland......

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2017

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Keep Hope In Jesus Alive

Keep Hope In Jesus Alive

Fast food & the celebration of guns
 The wandering wizard with the king & queens who run
 Who sets the bar on society's perfect standard
 Tragedy amidst the biggest calamity

 We fall but soon we arise to get up
 With all the hate news today just makes me want to throw up
 Search your heart along with your soul
 This is not some good time Charlie with the heavy rock & roll

 Keep hope in Jesus alive don't run away & hide
 The casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's atrocious
 Send the troops home no reason for them to roam
 With riots having blood shed in our streets

 Bus driver please lend me an ear
 The faithful children are getting lost let me make this clear
 Shattered dreams plotting evil schemes in the land of mean
 Yet sitting back and doing nothing is not the option

 Put on the whole armor of Christ that you will be able to stand
 Learn to listen to the small still voice from the masters hand
 Don't fall back into the sea of desolation in a sullen visitation
 The land where cash is king let your freedom bell ring

© 2 minutes ago, chevyvent    spiritual • society • friendship • love • family

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2016

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Cash Is King

Money can come between the best of friends its allure can dissolve most any bond and follow you to the grave and beyond. For when it comes to sharing dividends there's a line, where many a friendship ends and animosity and lies are spawned. There's no known cure for jealousy or greed and as you’ve oft been told, cash is king its presence, can overrule anything. And if you owe, it doesn't help to plead for like Shylock's pound of flesh, once agreed, repayment, becomes the paramount thing. If you want more proof of this ugly truth just look around, it doesn't take a sleuth. (HexSonnetta) Apr.17, 2018

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2018

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Tombstones For Eyes

Tombstones For Eyes

We search for solace amidst the crowd to appease
 One day we shall all bow humbly to our knees
 The land is dark without the sun to light
 When this life is over there is no double feature
 Shades of black decorated the plate of mast
 Silence etched it's beckoning call asunder
 Tombstones for eyes does this come at a big surprise
 Can't we ever see through the devil's lies
 We live in a land where cash is king
 No chance at heart to let the freedom ring
 In silence we get a glimpse of what it is to come
 Blackened hearts of evil that plug destruction
 We used to live in freedom's realm
 That was so long ago another theatre with a lost film
 Rather there is glue on the stick that is nothing new
 A borrowed pew to offer sacrifices to the Lord
 The faces with tombstones for eyes having long fangs that bite
 They search for blood in the dead of night
 Walking zombies seeking self to please
 They cry for peace yet their hearts are frozen
 Living in their fake mechanical world of temporary
 You search for blood out on the street exchange love for lust
 Two hearts that soar out to the sky a happy passerby
 They are amng us yet they are not of us
 Having seared their hearts to what's torn apart

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2016

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Please note right now
Times are hard
We must cut costs

We must work hard
To do well
Work smart and more

No more tea breaks
Work more smart
Take a pay cut

We must not waste
Cash is king
Time to work late

Treat our clients well
Smile and wave
Set our goal right

Do a good job
One man for three

And if we must
Bonus cut
Part of the plan

We walk the talk
Keep at it
Thank you so much

Leon Enriquez
01 October 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Selling us on fear

Do you ever get the feeling..
That this whole place is bull****
Wishing to run away
But they even own the wilderness
Sick of all the f***ing lies
And fed up with the politics
Watch them turn an eye
And smile in their corruption

Swallow up those stupid pills
Let them tell us
You’re mentally ill
They close your mind 
By design, they want to keep us clouded

Sold us on some cigarettes
A pack of death filled with more
They’ll watch us die every time
Just to secure a profit

Keep us eating sh**ty food
**** they know is cancerous 
Keep us on the dollar meal
Got us on a sugar rush
Exploiting natural weakness
They’d rather see us big as hell
And dying because we’re worthless

Selling us on the short run
No model for the long one
Gladly buy your company up and strip it of its assets
Crooked *** bankers
Rolling on some dividends
Conned us on a credit score
Fake money that burns us

Buy a house and the bubble bursts
Now they watch us homeless
Out of house and likely work
What exactly made us deserve this

Wars that will never end
Eating all the budget up
Instead of finding tool of peace
They lean on holocausts 

Phony prophets suck us in
And rob us of our justice
They want us to sell our souls
And settle for corruption
Telling us to pay it up
So your church can turn a profit 

And when we rise
They shut us down
And murder us in secret
Or lock us up in a jail
That likely makes a profit

Cash is king so they say
But to us it should be worthless
Search our soul
Raise our voice
Free our land of injustice

Copyright © Seth Larson | Year Posted 2011

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Buy and sell
Cast odd spell

Goods now churn
A kind turn

Lots to please
In fine ease

Tease and toss
Bear with loss

Earn your keep
Smile and weep

Deep dream daze
Craft fine craze

Odds and ends
Bleed your blend

Gain not vain
Stake most plain

Quest for more
Fill your stores

On the way
Live fine play

Cash is king
Watch time fling

Leon Enriquez
27 September 2018

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2018