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Green Anaconda

                             Green Anaconda was the cute friend of Rhonda
                            Slippin’ and slidin’, so fast and strong like Honda
                                       They went to Hotel La Boanara
                                        Dined on caiman and capybara
                              And went to the Louvre to kiss La Gioconda

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes  ~

through overlapping branches
laser beams of sunlight pierce 
the dense canopy   ~

worlds largest rodent
like a giant guinea pig
capybara dives  ~

painful insect sting
as painful as a gunshot
the bullet ants bite  ~

rainforest rivers  ~
home to pods of pink mammals
fresh water dolphins  ~

jesus christ lizards ~
walking across the water
miracles happen  ~

hanging upside down ~
eating green vegetation
slow moving sloths  ~

native indians  ~
rub poison on arrow tips
from the green dart frog

a very short tail  ~
long shaggy coat and red face
bald vakari swings ~

face of a lion ~
now an endangered species
lion tamarin ~

pygmy tribes food source
monkeys, pigs and antelope
hunting to survive ~

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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The Amazon River

The Amazon River

The Capybara wades the shore
A Wooly monkey climbs a vine
To search for food up on the trees 
The Amazon that I adore
Its total nature I will bind
Bromeliads have blushed with love
Blending in the waters shore

The Jaguar stalks to hunt his food
The Anaconda will digest
His conquest on the night before
Humans carefully sense the mood
The Fuana find their time to rest
Anteaters sniff upon the floor
for ants and bugs to sense for food

The Dolphins rise up then they fly
Agressively create a scene
Boats pass on by and view the sight
As a silent Caiman wades on by
The quiet of the night serene
Stars surround the forest night
The Dragonflies decide to fly

Stillness in the eerie night
Nature's forces will blend in
Insects sit on exquisite leaves
A struggle of each species plight
Resplendent as they'll all akin
Coalescing as they interweave
The Amazon and all its might 

Human Nature Contest
sponsored by Marugu Mu
Ralph Sergi January 28, 2016

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2016

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The Amazon

Above the palms I scan the ebon night
With crystal stars reflecting in the dark
The yellow moon is shining on the boat
A crocodile swims by without a sound

A cacophony of sound is stirred in the morn
A shaman greets us with a blessed hand
Three frontiers await us as we drift
In ageless waters of the deep
Pink dolphins leap as we move on
I see a capybara by the shore
The largest rodent in the world
The capuchins all beg for food

Piranhas swivel back and forth
Below the mammoth lily pads
Awaiting all the food that moves 
Then pounced upon without delay

The thunderous rain has wet the forest land
Colombia, Brazil and now Peru
With stilted huts and cherub children there

Primordial, the Amazon and I 
I'm filled with awe, a conqueror of life
primeval scenes in tense display
These memories will stay until I die

April 26,2015 Memorable Vacations
Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2015

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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

There was a time I felt the urge
To venture in the Amazon
To see a mammal at the dawn
A dolphin pink in water fresh
To gaze and watch it’s morning thresh 
So solitary in this wild
To feed on turtles, shrimp and crabs
Born as gray as time moved on
And changed to pink translucent skin
Among the species they excel
releasing sound to seek their food

A Capybara lifts it’s head
To watch as it begins to rise
To flow the dorsal ridge about
Then flail around and then submerge
Rain Forest graced with such aplomb
An Orinoco majesty

Dolphins Contests
Sponsored by Julie Leigh Rodeheaver
February 11, 2018

* I was in the Amazon.

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2018