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A Truly Inspiring Story

(this write is inspired by the real story of a homeless man who found a student's bag with two thousand nine hundred dollars cash in it. the student was bringing it to pay his tuition fees. without hesitation the homeless man used the information in the bag to return the student his belongings.) void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. covered in stink no kitchen sink he got nothing  he’s recovering come see it’s free. void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. scum!, right?, no light? hey buddy can you spare a dime? face it, wouldn’t give him the time. finds a sack gives it back twenty-nine hundred in cash didn’t keep it but isn’t he trash? void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. what did the student think his fingers covered in ink pockets his money calls his honey tells her loudly proclaims proudly ‘can’t judge a cover by its book, listen to me here’s the hook. school smart or street smart it comes down to the heart. that man lives in a ditch but sweetie he is rich. you have to take a second look never judge a cover by its book.’ void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum.
8~29~2014 Sponsor: gautami phookan Contest Name: Sketch a Character

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Buddy can you spare a comment

I feel like I can move forward now

I have completed what I think is my legacy ?

I've staked my reputation on it 

So if you want or feel the urge to comment

Please go ahead make my boring day

As to me even criticism I do not mind

At least you took the time

I will be fine I am in my prime 

Buddy can you spare a dime 

Or a second of your time 

To fill in my comments line

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty | Year Posted 2018

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On a Roll with the Dole

Sending foreign aid just doesn’t make sense
With American families living in tents
Just how many countries rushed to give cash
When into New Orleans Katrina crashed

San Andreas fault runs through our nation
Cross Western states, widespread devastation
Our British, Aussie and Canadian friends
Are the only ones on whom we can depend

Uncle Sam’s pockets are bare; there’s no gold
To back the dollars printed multifold
Countries that dislike “rich Americans”
Always look to us with their outstretched hands

If a mega-disaster should strike Iraq
We’d offer support, say, “We’ve got your back”
And yet these nations would sneer at us still
The debt-ridden states abound with good will

Charity, they say, should begin at home
But to other nations our dollars roam
“Say, buddies,” we beg, “can you spare a dime?”
As out of poverty we seek to climb

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2010

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Hey, Bro, Can You Spare a Dime


Although , everyone knew what I needed was a quarter, 
all I asked for was a dime, it would have helped me move on.
My rich bro gave me his two cents worth;  I've never wondered why.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2012

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The Cardboard Man

“Brother can you spare a dime”,
Was scrawled on the cardboard sign
When I looked at him a little closer
His face looked an awful lot like mine

I reached inside my pocket
To take out a buck or two
Inside my hand just found a hole
That my fingers passed right through

A lady hurried past me, saying,
“Man you’re a disgrace”
I looked at my reflection
And didn’t recognize my face

I heard the clinking of a quarter
Inside an old tin cup
And was surprised to see it in my hand
When I lifted my head up

Does this sign belong to me?
I’m I the homeless, begging man?
I tried to make some sense of things
I could not understand

The policeman said, “Move along,
You cannot solicit here”
I am the man with the cardboard sign
I now recognize with fear

I reached down to help him up
And dusted off his clothes
I let him use my left shirt sleeve
To wipe off his runny nose

I tore up the cardboard sign
To add a little more padding to my shoe
The holes were making my feet bleed
My blood - no longer was it blue

Somewhere in my memory
I was the son of a rich man
Who walked away from the decadence
Saying, “Do it now, while you still can”

So yes, I am the cardboard man
But please don’t shower pity down on me
Although I may be a crazy man
At least now I know I’m free

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2011

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Bums Unite

All you bums of the world unite! Now I don't mean the fleshy kind I mean the ones you see on the streets “Brother can you spare a dime?” That must have been many years ago 'Coz you can't get a coffee for that Might pay the tax on a small size cup But I'm not even sure of that fact What are they begging for nowadays A couple of bucks or more? That doesn't get you very much either It will soon be a ten spot for sure Really don't mind helping them out These poor unfortunate souls I pray it stops, this downward spiral Before I'm in that very same role? © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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execute sagaciously                                                                                                        state of pushing the button                                                                                                                   putting knowledge to the test                                                                                                       can you spare a dime

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2016

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Holding On, Barely Holding On

So young and newly married
Hanging on by the thread of love
Sometimes though in life we see
That thread isn't wound tight enough

Through the daily struggles
Most of them unseen
What happened to the newlywed
Where went all the dreams

Holding on
Barely holding on...

A father and husband out of work
A family living out of the car
Is this the American dream we've built
Is this now where we are

Cardboard serves a purpose
As a bed and a homemade sign
To keep the cold off of the floor
Hey brother can you spare a dime

Holding on
Barely holding on...

The doctors diagnosis 
Doesn't give much hope for life
Just a simple six months ago
There was no thought of dying

Even less hope in your case
Just prolonging time
You could spend what little you have left
Or go ahead and say your goodbyes

Holding on
Barely holding on...

No matter your life's lot
The position that you hold
We're all in the same boat on the same stream
Trying to stay afloat

There are so many different scenarios
Which could haunt many a page
That in life continually follow us
Throughout all our days of

Holding on
Barely holding on...

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Just a Bunch of Words

I have a Dream 
Four Score and Seven years ago
The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God 
With Liberty and Justices for all
Send Lawyers Guns and Money
Follow the Yellow Brick road
Get your kicks on route 66
You can trust your car to the man who wears the star 
Bother can you spare a dime.
In the land of sky blue waters
Please stay behind the yellow line
Coke it’s the real thing 
You have the right to remain silent 
When you’re out of Bud your out of beer 
When I was 17… it was a very good year
Earth Angel…Earth Angle… will you be mine
Please deposit 25 cents for an additional 10 minuets, 25 cents please    
Caution slippery when wet 
Don’t use while driving or operating machinery 
Imagine all the people living for today  
Loose 20 lbs. in 10 days guaranteed or your money back,
See the USA in a Chevrolet 
Free to the next 100 callers, 
You to can make money in real-estate,  
Interest free for the first 60 months
Operator I would like to place a person to person call
Attention, TWA passenger John Doe please pick up the white courtesy phone 
Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
Please don’t feed the animals, 
Where have all the flowers gone,
Who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong  
Ladies and Gentlemen tonight we have a really big show 
Give us this day our daily bread 
Now boarding rows 20 through 40 
Membership has its privileges
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires 
Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat 
Oh Danny Boy the pipes the pipes are calling 
Rose Bud,

Copyright © Joseph Dougherty | Year Posted 2016

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Brother can you spare a dime?
Brother do you got the time?
To think about me, brother can’t you see?
That I am a person, I do exist.
Even though I live in the street,
We all have human needs to meet.
Don’t judge me because you think that I am no good,
I am not evil, just misunderstood.
I could have had a family, a daughter, a wife,
I was a father, a brother, a son, a life.
Once I was as proud as you, now I have nothing to do,
But hang my head, waiting to be dead.
It hurts to hear what people say,
I didn’t want to end up this way.
But life has many twists and turns,
Ups and downs, good times and bad times one learns.
When you pass me on this Christmas day,
Try to remember a prayer to say,
Thank God when you do,
It will help not only me, but also you.

The Park Bench At Christmas poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Sara Kendrick
Photo #1

Copyright © Timothy McGuire | Year Posted 2018

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on the corner

homeless,lost tonight
once I was a Mother's child
can you spare a dime?

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

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There's so much violence happening in the cities
making the picture of peace and harmony not look so pretty
Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?
As I hear a Brother in the night suffer
"Hey, can you spare a dime?" I hear a begger ask
but the people on the street just point, stare, and laugh
I drop a few dollars into his empty cup
what he really needs is the warmth of someone's love
Young bloods show no respect toward their mamas
always living a life plagued with trouble and drama
An education they don't seem to care to want
as at an old man they harrass and taunt
Fights break out in the streets and schools
it seems like the kids don't mind acting a damn fool!
Always packing guns and knives
constantly gambling with their lives
A family has no food to eat
not one slice of bread nor once slice of meat
What is there for me to do?
This kind of life sure ain't cool
I can't bare to see another tear fall from another child's eye
I can't bare hearing an innocent baby cry
It just makes me weak to my knees
oh, God! Help us, please!
My heart is feeling quite heavy
this world isn't made for my baby
Where can I go?
I really don't know
This world is nothing but a living hell!
I can actually hear Death ringing his bell
He's coming for us soon
no matter if it's morning or noon
My eyes shall close at this time
I'll rest until around night at the hour of nine
Maybe a message the world will get
but right now it don't stop, it don't quit

Copyright © Wanda McKinney | Year Posted 2006

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 will you be kind
can you spare a dime
food on my mind
make hollard

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2014

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How do you figure/ life is temporary ...?
Are you too busy living to die...?
Do you continue to do the opposite of what feels right.?

Do you know what you were sent here to do? -
Death is inevitable.

It's the one thing that you know is true,
You are big bout here, but
Rich people die every day.

So, do poor people, the difference 
being they had little to spare,
Yet most would still share.!

Shared, their little, but you have not,
Shared not even a little, of your whole big lot.

You will arrive back with nothing -
As you came here with nothing.

Were your obligations neglected
When much was expected.?

Did you deliberately act selfishly?
When much was required.?

Could you have spared a dime?
We’re not you blessed with worldly desires.?

Have you cause harm - 
Or abusing a child - Do you delight in war -?
Did you bully people or countries
less fortunate than yourself?

Did you kill for no reason – 
Or cause another to stumble-?

Did you continue to do what felt?
Wrong; Just to feel good?
Practice hedonism at all cost?

Then you have got a big surprise coming
When this life comes to a halt.

Most guilty blame others and name them as a fault.
No sacrifice did you make to change;
You were found and rescued once.

THOUGH seemed to enjoy being lost. 
No benefits of sacrifice shall you receive;
A fair exchange ain't, no robbery;

As God cannot be swayed or bribed-
"brother, can you spare a dime? You heard his plea
Yet you declined, paid him no mind.

Yet God gave you time to get it right...
Silver and gold... Were your benefits
On earth.
But when your empty heart is weighed
"what are you really worth?"

No substance and a great big hole...destined
To be stuck, with an empty soul...!
Remember on earth when you were 
"big bout here" –

The times you had no ears to hear
Or cared to even spare a dime.
Had no pity, nor a need to be kind...
Now pleading with God to hear your mind...

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2018