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The Truth Is Only A Lie In Training.

You never know how winning feels until you lose, you never know how love feels until you're 
heart broken, you never know how it feels to live until you're on your death bed, and you 
never know how wonderful the truth is until someone has lied to you. Right now I'm doing 
something I don't usually do, I'm apologizing. I say she lied, but by stating that I broke my 
honesty by doing the one thing I said I would never do, hurt her. See what I thought what 
was the truth and she thought was the truth was the same thing, but in the end two different 
lies came out of it. Two lies that we were forced to live with because it was the truth. I know 
once Suave and the rest of ColdCash see this they gone be pissed, but I broke a promise that 
I vowed to keep forever. All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I broke my 
word because of the anger that built up inside of me. That's no excuse because I've always 
been a man of my word before, but this time I felt as if being the bigger person was 
overrated. Sure I do feel like she lied to me and I do feel as if she is fake by doing so 
because of the things she said to me before, but that's not gonna change the fact that I love 
her with all my heart, it's not gonna change the fact that I broke a promise, and it's also not 
gonna change the past. I was told as a young man by my father to live life freely however 
you please, and don't ever regret a decision you have made, just let it happen and don't look 
back. Now I see that he was incorrect in that statement because if you love someone or 
something you are willing to bust your balls, break your word, and stomp your own pride just 
to make that person happy. So there it is the truth THE COMPLETE TRUTH, and today I'm 
saying that I apologize Sheridan because even tho I felt you were wrong and you lied I lied in 
the process, but what I'm stating is the truth. I will always love you no matter what.

Copyright © ColdCash Freeway | Year Posted 2009

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I’m talking to myself again. I love me.
Sorry you don’t. Apologetic for words
beat back the devil with a baseball bat.

There is a dark spirit here. Push it in to outer space.
I’m going to be bright and orbit around the moon
like a sun god. Crazy talk is her communication style.

Bite her and she’ll love you forever. Growing up
we have to fit in to these molds of what a girl is.
When you look at them up close they are burning.

Bust your balls and do it if you get one chance.
I learned about my feminine side through welding. 
People think I’m going to snap and kill. 

I should shake them. Nobody wants to listen
to the bad. They want to be happy. Tell them
you don’t know if you’re phony or genius. 

Say it simple. Make idiots understand. This is a guide 
for those that need to hear good things. They don’t 
want to hear the full story. Don’t be an animal.

Do a midnight sex scene. People are mean. Stop
making me mad with your pissed off jeans.
Put your big boy pants on and smile.

You’re pissed off because you notice me
see me as a threat. Get over it. This is my jungle.
I’m so insecure I’m a mental condition. 

Live life and relax. Judgment is a waste of time
when exercised poorly. Mother gun, ray of hope,
light bath get arise. Your soul is crying for sex.

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016