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A Bump in the Road

(Terrorist Attack-Benghazi 9/11/12)

The Navy Seals absorbed the brunt
of fire al-Qaida thugs bestowed
and died in battle near the front,

stood tall with courage to confront
a vile assault of bitter mode.
The Navy Seals absorbed the brunt

on rooftop stand, machine gun stunt,
a grim attack, defenders slowed,
and died in battle near the front.

As choked in soupy smoke, the hunt
for those alive, true effort owed,
the Navy Seals absorbed the brunt.

The dozens saved in rescue shunt
as teams of seals took up the load,
and died in battle near the front.

A callous chief then voiced it blunt,
and termed it as “A bump in the road.”
The Navy Seals absorbed the brunt,
and died in battle near the front.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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A Minor Bump In The Road

Worry not, it's a minor bump in the road Happens rarely, must stay near the commode Won't bore you details Just a bit off the rails Be back just as soon I feel better and reload © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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~ David Cassidy ~

Sharing a room with my sister 
David was plastered over each and every wall
It's a wonder she'd never got a paper cut or blister
From all the posters she did lovingly install.

David watched me as I fell asleep each night
Smiled at me each morning when I awoke
My sister claimed him hers, citing love at first sight
He would one day be my brother, became our private joke.

When I started dating, in David I would secretly confide
He told me find a good one for "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
To "Strengthen My Love" and look far and wide
Stressing that "Love Is All I Ever Needed" to get me through.

Our David from the soup tells me pretty much the same
His words of comfort and wisdom helped me in times of need
I consider him my Bro, even though we don't have the same last name
No one can ask for a better friend and poet, he is the best indeed!

So Bro, "Ain't No Sunshine" when you're gone
Our prayers are with you and your wife 
Have faith and hope as each new day does dawn
That this is just a temporary bump in the road of life.

With love, your Sis


Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2012

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Life's Grand Detour

Waves of sadness wash over me like the tide.
We had a love so bright, and now I’m empty inside.
They say you can’t go back in time,
But I would go back when our love was still sublime.

Divorce is like mourning the death of someone close,
And now that person is like an unfamiliar ghost.
Weeks go by and you think you are doing okay,
But really you are just keeping the memories at bay.

I finally see the flowers after the summer rain,
And I realize life still holds joy, and not just pain.
God has a new life for me, of that I am sure.
This is a bump in the road… life’s grand detour.

Our life together is now a closed door,
And I have other new adventures to explore.
I can laugh again now, and forget my distress,
Because deep down I know that I am still blessed.  

When a Door Closes Contest
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Awarded 2nd Place

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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A bump in the road

What's the cost
Cat has my tongue 
Confidence lost
Punctured lung

Why can't I be firm
As the ground beneath
Unstable worm
On a dying leaf

I've mastered the trade
I'm qualified
But afraid of the blade
Being denied

I sell myself short
Of talents acquired
A deadly sport
Self worth retired

Before long, the subject
Makes me fall ill
Upkeep, I neglect
I'm standing still

Is this the moment
Do or die
I stand tall and own it
Or fail to try

Things were booming
Now I hear a pin drop
So much for assuming
A sudden stop

Could it be the end
Is reality knocking
Or a fickle wind
Temporarily blocking 

So I ponder
Is it worth uncertainty 
Should my focus wander
Or push on, this journey

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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"The Life of Man"

In the caccoon of two lovers embrace and ecstasy a minute wounderous bliss of 
begins......sometimes unbeknowing by the sheer feasting of pleasure in unison.
Nevertheless what was once a tiny seed implanted in the fertile garden of nature now 
new form;as it grasps out ,clinging at the air shrieking,wiggling,stretching as it 
makes its 
presence known to its new world very audibly and triumphantly.

As  time spirals quickly foward  trials,victories,failures and successes beats upon his 
like an African drummer in  a low  melodic monotonous tune signifying the right of  
from boy-hood to man-hood. " Bum-ba-ba Bum, Bum-ba-ba-bum, Bum-ba-ba-bum it 
ever so louder as it progresses through life's journey.
Steps always moving foward,bound by its audious beat he goes.........but 
unforeseen circumstance or bump in the road causes him to stumble and lose his 
He frantically tries to recover, maintains his course and the rythum of life's beat one 

Then one day as he is basking in the sunlight of the day,enjoying the fruits of his 
works ,he is 
summoned  by his maker to cease from laboring and making merry to take his eternal 
Thus he brings the mourners about the streets,wailing,wearing dark gloomy garments.
Faces of anguish and disbelief fills pews as they pour out their souls in despair as 
like one 
who is without hope as he lies motionless berfore them. 
He appears comfortable and at peace facing upward like one who has settled in for 
the night 
upon his bed. He is asked many questions but gives no reply...many gestures are 
towards him, he gives no response.close shouting is made near his head but he pays 
it no 
mind........for he does not have to answer now, because his time for questioning has 

Copyright © Quentin Sands | Year Posted 2009

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A Bump In The Road

Family life is not always smooth There's often bumps in the road Eventually they tend to sort themselves out But sometimes it's a heavier load Feelings run deep, they cut like a knife Small differences complicate things We're misunderstood, we overreact Send out arrows and slings If only us guys would say what we mean And always mean what we say We'd know exactly where each other stood Instead of stumbling on our way Guess we're talking about human nature Seems we're all a bit guilty at times It all comes back to our basic sensitivity As for love we constantly pine © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Bus Route

But I am to busy to apologize I heard her say, 
Like the dashboard for the confession, 
I am wait for her to open up like a speech,
Letters form all patterns let it be,
The truth among the star my first lady, 
My darling tooth ache, 
Why wait for full story or explanation,
Letters form all patterns let it be,
Word for word reluctant took a frag to fall back,
I say darn the day darn the week high hope, 
And avenue look above heaven escape,
In my mind I ask is safe to speak, 
WhatI truly feel,
Letters form all patterns let it be,
Right below the curve of street is a, 
Bus route deeper then any base reeve,
I'm hitting every bump in the road the old house that need painting, 
The first one on and the last one off taken notes,
The last thing of great crush I heard say from her sister, 
We have history.

Copyright © Louis Borgo | Year Posted 2017

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The Abode of Comfort

There’s a bump in the road and I need Your abode
There’s a bump in the road and I want Your abode
Here’s a helping hand if you need to unload your load
There’s God’s right hand if you ever need to tread His road

Let me show you your land of lovely liberty as it draws near
Let discouragement disappear like a night’s nightmare
You and I will be brave and embrace cheer
Soon enough, you will be set free from here

Hey, don’t worry…
Please don’t fret...
Try to be happy…
With no regret…

I whisper words of comfort to you
Do you recall the things we used to do?
You remind me of someone I used to know
Sorry I caused you pain and made you low

You need not mention the past and the mistakes made along with it
I didn’t mean to hold on to unhappiness
 If we can both smile for a while, I’d be so delighted I must admit
In God’s timing, He will discard our distress

Sorry for the actions I’ve made so heartlessly
Sorry for the distractions I set my mind to these days
Sorry for preserving this heart of worthless vanity 
Sorry that I’ve disappointed you so in so many ways

I believe
The reason we get hurt 
By past circumstances is because
We can become stronger as we move forward 
We aren’t able to mend all wounds in a heartbeat – that’s God’s job!

I blame it on the heat of the moment
I blame it on the times I spent recklessly
I blame it on the depths of my despair
I blame it on my messed-up melody

Let anxiety and distress go 
Hold on to what matters
You should know
Happiness is priceless
Be rich in joy and poor in envy
Grieve no more and shake off the tension and dread please

But, there are moments when I get so insecure
But, then…God somehow finds me a cure
I shouldn’t doubt, I shouldn’t fear anymore for sure
Millions of hardships I’ve come to endure

I will be able to hold up the shameless shield of mere triumph

I wish to replace fear with cheer
I wish I could have faith God draws near
I wish for Your comfort, for I have a need for it
I wish for Your comfort, for I have a want for it
I see my reflection in this mirror of lies
I hear my silent cries as time flies

Sorry for the actions I thoughtlessly made out of impulse
Being the way I am was due to stubborn pride
At least I’m being honest, Father
Not a perfect person,
But I try…

I need Your comfort…
Ah, yes I need it!
I need Your comfort…
I want it – I admit!

I blame it on the heat of the moment
For carelessly saying words I don’t mean to say
I have to climb inside His tranquil tent
And seek His extraordinary Word every night and day 

There’s a bump in the road and I need Your abode
There’s a bump in the road and I want Your abode
There’s a bump in the road and I need somewhere to rest my weary head
I have yet to gain insight and strength from Your splendid haven, so that I won’t feel numb with dread

Forever, You make me feel like I belong
Even when life feels a little off or wrong
You understand my human nature disease all too well
You’re healing me and in darkness, I no longer dwell

Still, I’m guilty for letting you down all along by my rebellious tendencies
Pardon my downfalls and let me forgive myself just like You have to me
Sometimes, I feel like an empty notebook when I don’t rely on You at ease
Self-control and patience is a lifelong lesson I have come to believe, You see?

Your abode gives me solaced sanctuary in times of tribulation 
Lord, make me feel whole as I whisper meditative supplication
I’m lost without Your confident humility engulfed in my Spirit
I’m a confused coward without Your bravery and selfless wit

I need to wash away the many thoughts in mind that make me drift away
I need Your benevolence to give me an immaculate frame of mind
I need Your abode of comfort to reinforce goodwill without any dismay
Leave behind the regrets that serve as obstacles that aren’t so kind

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2017

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Walking like a shadow

I thought you were one of a kind,
one to take me single-handedly like the blind.
You always talk to me with that nice smile,
but i can't help but to think, that you were talking to someone else just but awhile.

We walked to lunch, but you said you had a couple things to do first,
To tell that girl, who you were holding hands with some things reversed.
I really don't understand you, everything you say, I question
I wish someone would tell you to start thinking in your right mind and make that suggestion.

Just you and I, driving down the street and it felt very right,
I hope it wasn't just me but I saw you glowing bright,
Don't deny the trembling in your voice when I asked you a question,
were you not able to make the deep digestion?

I really don't want you to just keep telling me things that I would like to hear,
Tell me the truth, those certain things that you do dare fear.
I am not that girl, who will fall for your charm,
I will always be the one to sense that new alarm.

I really hope that you are able to prove me wrong,
but if not, I know that although it may be hard, I will move along.
You may just be that special bump in the road that I have never sensed before,
but I will not settle for less when I know I deserve more.

Copyright © kara ward | Year Posted 2010

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What is life?

Is it an empty hole leading to no where?
Just remember your loved by everyone
So just because one thing mite happen wrong 
Doesn't mean your life is wrong 
Your life is just hitting a bump in the road 
your life is just beginning 
Go out and live it! 

Copyright © Emmett Johnson | Year Posted 2009

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A boy and a Girl

Love is such a powerful thing to feel people tell teens you dont know what love is ..Your just full 
of out of control hormones. Its so much more than that. what adults dont understand is we 
would do anything to be with theone we so very much adore. Take my little story for example. 
A young independent girl starts falling for a much older guy. There is a four year span but they 
both think age is just a number. The boy tells this girl she is beautiful an gorgeous every waking 
minute he gets. he makes sure she is all in tact making sure she isnt falling apart because they 
cant see each other b/c of their amazing age difference. They talk to each other whenever they 
can. Everytime they hear each others voices they start falling for each other even more. They 
had a long talk about what they wanted to do to be together. They both decided that the girl 
would wait three years until shes of age. He keeps telling the girl hang in there b/c patience is 
always the best way to deal with this situation. They both talk about the great memories they 
already have experienced. The boy tells the girl she is amazing an worth the long, painful wait. 
He says we will make it through this little bump in the road. The end of the tunnel is far away 
but soon that light is going to shine as bright as it can an im going to run as fast as lighting 
strikes this earth an jump into my future with him. My future looks so bright an amazing with 
him. finishing highschool then college is near. But after my school days of highschool he is all 
mine. This guy an girl are going to wait for each other. In the mean time they are going to 
remember the good times an focus on the positive things. When the girl starts thinking 
negative the boy will tell her its all going to be over soon an a new beginning will come.

Copyright © Lexus Gabriele | Year Posted 2011

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Twist and Turn

  That spark deep down inside that keeps one going seems to fade
when lifes events drag us down, It's nice when there is someone there to pick up the
pieces when the only thing you can do yourself is fall apart. Yet you still give it your all at every 
twist and turn that comes up in this rugged path you follow. Some of us never see any reason
to just give up in life. But what we all must that some people have hit more then 
just a bump in the road. There twist was twisted way to far and there turn was just to sharp
to make it through to the straight an narrows of life again. They lost that spark because they 
were drug down with noone there to pick up all the pieces as they fell apart. So they have lost 
the path and feel like they could never return from there impossible Twist and Turn....

By: Scotty Skaggs

Copyright © Scotty Skaggs | Year Posted 2013

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The Open Road

Packing up - grooving -
Getting ready to go on a trip to Arizona...packing up extra
The car is moving and we are doing our thing
I'm sitting in the back of the caravan, waiting for mama

Waiting patiently - improving -
Getting ready to go on a trip to Arizona...driving in awe
The car bumps and the ride is smoothing
I'm sitting here without a trace of fear, mesmerized by what I saw

There's a bump in the road
And I need your abode
There's a bump in the road
And I need to sing this ode

We are driving down the open road
We are driving into His lovely abode
The open road to Arizona is where we are going...God is all-knowing
The wind is blowing and the sun is sunlit smile is showing

But, for now, it is gloomy...
For now, the car is somewhat roomy
I'm sitting down with blankets on my lap
And with a dog staring at me in the background without a care
We are leaving soon...maybe in a snap!
And we move along with some commotion and sound here and there

Happiness and gladness is along the open road
I've been told that the princess kissed the toad
Hopefulness and mindfulness is along the open road
Joyfully, we are singing our road ode...our road ode!

The ground is shaking
Below my feet and bottom
The sun is awakening,
Shaking off the feelings of numb

You're driving me crazy on the open road
I'm discovering your awesome, mysterious code
Moving on along the road to paradise
But, paradise has its expensive price

However, the open road is free with freedom
We are awaiting God's glorious, gracious Kingdom

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2017

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Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow but an easier path to to follow dowm a lonely 
dark road. A road that the heart did not deserve, a heart that would easily serve  to 
every curve, groove or bump in the road. The bump in the road can build but 
instead it killed the burden beast.

The burden beast has gone east in search for some ease. Ease please,the this 
aching heart of mine. Relieve this pain and soothe the tormented mind.

Rejection is not the path that is not the less traveled ; but a road that many will 
travel, a road that will be travel again and again.

Will this pain ever end and will I ever win on th a road less traveled?

Copyright © Crystal Seals | Year Posted 2008

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I almost forgot

I almost forgot who I was once you broke me 
I let the lies you whispered to get between my thighs
light a flame to all of my hidden insecurities
For a second I let you win 
I almost forgot who I was before you
Never again will I let a guy take a way 
the respect that I have for myself
I used to think I was perfect before you
Used to wonder everyday why I wasn't taken
Now you have me doubting myself
Thinking that I couldn't find no one else
I smile now cause I know that i'm back
you were just a bump in the road without a map
I was lost while I was with you
I believed in every word like it was the bible
I don't know what happened to my caution flags
I don't know how you got me to pull them down
But until today I almost forgot that I am desired
I almost let your eyes tell my heart what to see
I still spin around in the mirror and I love my body
      Even when a get a little thick 
  I know there's a guy that will love these hips
        Love these love handles 
         Your opinion means nothing 
    I almost forgot that important detail
      What matters most is what I think
     So i'll never let a man brain wash me again
              into thinking that i'm beneath him
           cause i'm a queen and he should serve me
                         I almost forgot that

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2007

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You're a priceless treasure

Anxiety and depression have spiraled out of control
Life's punches have certainly taken their toll
Another bump in the road seems more like a knoll
Defeated you feel like digging yourself a giant sized hole
Scattered like confetti are  thoughts stuck within your fish bowl
You feel charred like gray black charcoal
Vicious mudslide cycling on a downhill roll
Weary have grown your heart mind and soul
Lost in a whirlwind life's purpose seems out of reach high on a pole
One lemon after the next you fear you'll never reach your goal

Don't wallow and hang your head in despair
Despite how you feel you're not broken beyond repair
Life can often be overwhelming and too much to bare
You're not alone we've all made a pitstop there
Love and support don't cost a thing when you fall short I've got plenty on reserve to spare
Life can most certainly be furthest from fair
We all occasionally get snagged up in a snare
We all carry deep-seeded scars with more than our flesh that did tear
Remember you're a priceless treasure that gives life meaning, there's always someone who cares
We'll blend your issues with mine squashing life's bitter lemons into sweet lemonade to share

Copyright © Melissa Tracy | Year Posted 2018

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Salvation seeker

Colors faded in to the black
I have gone to far to take it back
but every when I question why
all I get is an anger high

No rush or drug can get my down
my fate it sealed into the coulds
with great sorrow I stand my ground
knowing that only GOD can save me now

but what is GOD?
who is he or she
is he or she alive
does he or she strive
or do they look in from the side lines
until we beg for mercy
instead of begging for what we derserve
It was just another bump in the road
just another sharp curve

So then GOD 
what would you call my blade?
I call it a way out
one  painful second 
that tells me I am alive
and I still beg for what my heart wants
I wish to die

Truth says you know what
the heart may seek
but I am overly broken
and passed the peek
Still you make me live and strive
God I beg you 
Let this child die
for the innocents was stolen
and salvation was killed
where does a hurt child like me lie?
Within Hell or beside heaven
I know one thing,
I'll never be forgiven

Copyright © nichole anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Another bump in the road Another dream dreamt Another goal accomplished Another goal set in motion Life moves at its own pace Everyone has there own taste While searching for their place With no worry for the haste That clutters this obstacle race Until their face to face With GODS warm embrace Another long day ahead Another breath of fresh air Another second of happiness Another moment of love Life comes with ups and downs But making smiles from our frowns Will help keep both feet on these shaky grounds While we wait for the Lords trumpets to sound That's when we'll know our place has been found

Copyright © Jeremy Smith | Year Posted 2018

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The Forgotten

I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you
It’s so strange how you don’t have a clue
Maybe it’s a good thing in the long run
You’re the water that shines beneath the sun

Change is a challenging chore
Don’t you want to know more?
You’re begging for it to the core
Waiting for my wings to soar,
But my torn heart is sore

There’s so much to look forward to
I don’t really know if all you say is true
Tell me no shady lies in my face
Bring me back your vast grace

I’m the shore above your tidal tribulation
I’m the anguish and the happiness sensation
Teach me to laugh and sing in joyful bliss
I need some more of your happiness…
To be rid of this inadequate distress

My head is whirling like a windstorm inside
Your dread doesn’t help, so I begin to hide
I’m sorry I hurt you, but have mercy on me
I sent you strength from my own sensibly

I guess you’ve forgotten about me
I’m the forgotten one, I see…I see…
The loneliness is turning the other cheek
As you and I, in silence and despair, speak

Shadows and sad reflections 
Show me rage and rejections
Speak to me when I’m ready for your company
Change is what you should welcome in happily

I don’t understand your motives
This angst and anxiety in me lives
Can’t neglect this heart of gold…heart of old…
Can’t shatter this soul of diamond sevenfold

How can you forget me so easily?
I thought I was unforgotten in your memory!
What future is in store for you and I?
A peace that will never come, then we’re left to die?

There’s a bump in the road
And I do need Your abode
Hear the echoes of my ode
Figure out my code and unload my load

God has given me a reason to believe
You have given me a reason to grieve
Might as well walk out that door and leave
Or hang on tight to my sweater sleeve…

I’m moving on from your shadows of oblivion
No longer are you the water beneath the glow
I’m fatigued, can’t peel you away like an onion
There’s so many thoughts in mind you don’t know

Awkward pauses are like a commotion to the brain
Speechless because you’re selfish and pretty insane
I hear more than one bird overhead
I also hear of your yesterday's dread

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2018

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when I first met her I told 
her there would be a lot she 
would learn from me. she 
looked at me with contempt 
and asked: “will I be able to 
teach you anything? you think 
you’ll learn anything from 
me?” my reply was simple: 
“well I’ll teach you 
everything you haven’t 
learned, everything you 
missed. I’m sure throughout 
our relationship, I’ll look 
to you for your help.” that 
was the end of our 
conversation. it had to be. 
we had a vibrant relationship 
ahead. there were a thousand 
lessons she got from me and 
even now she is still 
learning. even if she won’t 
admit it. as she learns more, 
putting it into play, our 
bump in the road is 
diminishing and soon, the 
elephants will dance and 
celebrate our love. but of 
those thousand lessons she 
managed to give me one. it 
was an important one. I used 
to ask myself, what could 
this woman teach me? I wanted 
to know. if there had been 
any way to find out sooner, I 
would have given away my 
smokes and beer just to find 
out. alas I did and it was a 
lesson so great, I now live 
in it. she taught me how to 
love without fear. although 
my lessons are now embedded 
into her brain, hers was one 
that I learned as I was 
giving her hers. as I taught, 
she taught. as she learned, I 
learned. I used to ask 
myself, what could this woman 
teach me? I remember so many 
times I wanted to give up but 
I loved her. to quote Sean 
Maguire: “you’ll have bad 
times but they’ll always wake 
you up to the good stuff you 
weren’t paying attention to.” 
I woke up. I saw what I 
would’ve missed had I given 
up. the greatest lesson that 
pulled me from the chains. 
Sean Maguire: “you can know 
everything in the world sport 
but the only way you’re 
finding out that one is by 
giving it a shot.” she asked 
me once: “will I be able to 
teach you anything? you think 
you’ll learn anything from 
me?” my reply: “you taught me 
how to live. you taught me 
how to love. you made me want 
to see tomorrow.” you were 
the best shot I ever took.

By: Chicano Eddie

Copyright © CHICANO EDDIE | Year Posted 2018

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I’m thankful. 
For this brutally honest
buMp in the road.
I am happier than I’ve ever been.
Freed from your poisonous nature. 
Feeling joy again. New.
Fresh, like a start.
Healing, for the heart.

Copyright © Rachel W | Year Posted 2018