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Break Ranks And Run

Scrambling over each other, trying hard to be heard, interrupting, yelling out, being yourself.

We knew how to do this when we were two, and three, and four, but they socialized it out of us.

So we grew up un-learning our naturalness, un-learning our playfulness, unlearning our potential.

Sure, they say, we are going to help you with your potential, but as we fit into the lines, conforming,

Winding our real selves into the pretenders others accept, we lose our potential, because it is

Not ours anymore, it is your idea of what ours should be.  When we break ranks, and run for it,

You lament that you cannot control us. Thank goodness you cannot, for the leaders, the ones who have

Stood for hundreds and thousands of others have learned to scream their truth from the roof tops,

Challenging those who think controlling others is normal. There is nothing more abnormal than that.


Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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Today Shall Be Mine's

i still fight
those faceless, 
featureless, creatures,
the demons 
that dwell
my heart.

the foul
that deprive
my union, 
my light 
sould apart.

i know them, 
not by sight, 
not by touch, 
taste, nor sound,

but by the weight 
upon my soul 
they bear
when other souls
are not around.

since i birthed, 
my first thought
they prayed
to be my guide.

they prayed i'd turn left 
from the refuge
of the right;

they prayed i'd turn right 
from the light
of the left side

whenever and
i step 
i am still chained
by their direction;
their direction
and their depth

yet, still I step
like the present 
into the past, 
like a rabbit’s paw
silenced by a 
single elephant’s pass

they leave me low
to share 
the fate of the moon
how cruel 
to be so bright,
but not so bright
as to inspire the noon.
forever doomed

to nurse their kindle
and never know
my own flame
yet today,
i nurse their kindle
just the same.

if only, i can
find the strength
to go left, 
and not go right, 
i will steady
my own course 
and tread through
the dark, desert night

i will break ranks with the dark
to make tracks of my own
i will run towards what is me;
and to myself i will be known.

i will give birth to that fire
that reverses my fate
shaking, all that is dark
breaking,  those shackles
i so hate.

if only, 
for this moment,
for this day, 
for this time,
tomorrow they can have
but today shall be mine.

Copyright © Mark Poe | Year Posted 2017

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Friends With A Felon

Recently thought of robbing a bank If caught, I'll just call it a wee prank If cops don't allow Put me in the hoosegow I'll make friends with a felon and break ranks

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2018