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Under the Same Moon -3-Way-Collaboration-

 ~Under the Same Moon~

Our days are different, living under the same moon
Down here in TEXAS, life carries a different tune
This world spins on its lovely axis
Listening to our Tex-Mex of our English lexis
We share a world made with the trust of God's hand
Revealing the beauty that life continue to expand
Don't underestimate our football image of our Cow Boy land
A mysterious Mockingbird only we Texans understand
Surrounded by the sweetest Pecan trees
The Northern Winters come in like a breeze and a tease
We also have them Blue Bonnet fields that come and go
Tell me about CANADA, what makes its motion flow?
Branded like a Long Horn, with my Lone Star State pride
How about you, CHRIS A. What's up on your side?

Chris D.Aechtner
Different lives, different lands, living under the same moon,
waking up to the ghostly calls of the wild loon.
Look upon mountains and forests stretching into infinity-
mighty Sequoias and tall Douglas firs stand majestically.
I could offer stereo-typical images of hockey, snow and moose,
or sockeye salmon, maple syrup and the great Canadian goose,
but we Canucks are becoming tired of idly standing by
as the rest of the world dips its fingers into our Northern pie.
We are a nation of peaceful, open-minded hospitality,
shying away from brutality by offering liberal neutrality.
Before I blow my top as my strong emotions collide,
I should definitely step away from my nationalistic pride,
and ask about the Philippines and its tropical flair-
how about you Nikko, what is happening over there?

Oceans away, here I am, living under the same moon
Sun’s rising over there; here, dish runs away with the spoon
My sleep is whacked, so I’m wide awake when you are,
amazing how we can all be in one place even if we’re all very far
Where islands form the shape of an old man, waters hug our shores
Tropical Paradise here, when you explore the great outdoors
Awesome sunsets, bountiful fiestas, the warmest smiles to greet you...
We here just love to eat when there’s nothing else to do!
Colorful rice cakes, freshest seafood, the most succulent mangoes~
Sunny days or rainy days, the creativity here just flows.
Resilient. This is a word that pops to mind when I think of us Filipinos-
We bend and bounce back, no matter how hard the wind blows.
This is just a sneak peek, but I’d love to know more about Utah
Care to share what’s on your side, my dear friend Andrea?

      ( 3 Way Collaboration )

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Whenever you'd aim, make sure its high For there is a world beyond the blue sky Let those shining eyes never lose the sight Fuel the desires, fan the flames with all might To keep those embers burning bright. The sands of time will ruthlessly blow Swim against the current, dare the flow No matter if the waters are deep or shallow Warm the surging hopes, better blazed than mellow To keep those embers burning bright. Each time the flickers wane and dreams ashen Hone your skills up in a different new fashion Glide forward taking everything in the stride Silently working away with a fiery pride To keep those embers burning bright. Dousing the fires, threaten thunderous showers Guard your spirit with fierce lionic powers Rising from the ashes like a phoenic, bounce back With "the will to win" all fears simply lack To keep those embers burning bright. One is just so impossible to beat Who never gives up nor accepts defeat Pure effort, not a span of years nor a gap of miles Sheer desire, not vain regrets nor sighs futile To keep those embers burning bright. Yesha Shah

Copyright © Yesha Shah | Year Posted 2013

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Your lies changed me

I was brave,
I was smart,
I was loved,
I was innocent,
I was ravishing.

Then everything changed,
when I started joining gangs.

I believed life was fun,
I became an alcoholic,
I started smoking drugs.

They lied to me,
concieved me
and they changed my life,
my reputation.

My life became a worst nightmare,
because of them.

Now its time to bounce back,
the time to built my character,
the time to rebuilt my reputation.

Now is time for me to explode,
to the whole world.

Copyright © Tokollo Kalake | Year Posted 2016

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Everything Is Fine


Everything is fine. Everything is. Everything. Fine.
Then her heart stops beating.
The world looks the same, right?
How long has it been since she's eaten?
Is she still alive?
I think so?
She'll come back, she always does.
She'll bounce back, it's what she does.
Then you're gone, at least your soul is.
Everything inside you is dead.
You feel nothing.
You inhabit a body floating throughout life.
No direction or purpose.
That's one emotion.


Everything is fine.
Everything... Water? Fire? Lungs?
Not now!
She can't breathe.
Her body is on fire.
Water fills her lungs.
She gasps for air.
No one notices
 It's just asthma. 
She's falling into a black hole.
Everything is black.
Every limb on her body gives way.
 No one saw her trip.
She's just clumsy. 
Tears stream down her face.
 She has something in her eye. 
She gasps for breath.
 Is there a smoker around? 
She can't feel her limbs.
 She has bad circulation. 
She goes silent.
 She's just shy. 
She's on fire. She's on ice. She can't breathe. She can't speak. She can't think. She can't see. She can't hear. 
 She just zoned out.
She'll be fine, she always is. 
Everything Fine.



Copyright © Stephanie Oakland | Year Posted 2017

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Bounce Back


At times reality was a slap to the face
But it was something I had to embrace

It was hard to bounce back
While down path
But I didn't mind being an outcast

Now that
I understood how fast
This life was, as I watched the clouds pass

I did see
Divided teams
Which only reminded me
Beside a giant tree
Why others carried out actions violently
So I continued to move silently

Since I didn't want the attention
I headed my own direction
Without question
But continued to always respect kin

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2018

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Feeling Empty Inside

Feeling empty inside
Like there is nothing there
I don’t know how I feel
How can this be?
How can I not know my own feelings?
Feeling so down
Who cares? 
No one cares
Surrounded by selfish people
Only wanting what they want
To hell with how I feel or what I am dealing with
Feeling empty inside
Where is everything?
What do I have left to give?
I have nothing left to give
Love just doesn’t seem to be enough
What am I suppose to do?
What can I do to make this right?
How am I suppose to fix this?
Maybe my expectations are too high
Maybe I should not expect anything at all
Well what about love?
Don’t I at least deserve love?
Am I that bad that I am unworthy to be loved?
What is really going on?
Feeling empty inside
Don’t know what to feel
Don’t know how to feel
What is the point of feeling anything?
You will just end up hurt in the end
I didn’t sign up for pain
I signed up for love
I felt it so strong for a while
What happened? Where is it? 
I had it in my grasp
It is not perfect but it is mine
I feel so broken 
Broken beyond repair
Wondering will  I be able to bounce back this time
Will take years
I loved as strong as I could this time
Didn’t think I could ever love a man so strong
But I do
Never felt like I needed anyone
But I feel I need him
He has been all I had
I am simple I don’t ask for much
Just love
Give me love
Feeling so empty inside
Tired of hurting
Tired of crying
When is the good part going to come along
There has to be more than the fighting
More than the hurt
Can I please  get this one right
It has the potential of being the best relationship ever
Why is it so hard?  
Wanting that breath of fresh air but it seems so far away
Why does love have to be so complicated?
Gosh I remember when things were easier when they were always my way
Feeling so empty inside

Copyright © Prisita Dwyer | Year Posted 2013

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Big Football Fan

Just like the football I am
small on the ends and big in the middle.
Sharp as a tack and fit as a fiddle,
seventy four (in the waist) and can still bounce back.
Of course it’s pretty hard on the sacroiliac .
I think my shape is no big concern.
Some say, I look like a pregnant earth worm.
I’m bald on my head and have hair ‘tween my toes.
I shave with lectric scissors,
but, sweetheart I braid the hair in my nose.  
Now, I do pluck those awful ones growin’ out my ears
cause when I turn sideways, heck
If I’m too close to you they might wrap around your neck.  
Then where would I be with a obeasty charge to cover.
Shucks, I ain’t no beast, I’m a lover.
and I play football, when I get a dare.  

© Steal this one, I don’t care.
cgh for Kristen Bruni’s “football” contest

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2011

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A Positive Poem

let us live laugh love
bounce back and grab the moment
to keep hope alive 

Copyright © Betty Bateson | Year Posted 2014

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The Entrepreneur

He or she does things in a particular way,
Without regard for possible dismay,
Not that failure is not on their mind,
They just bounce back as they continue to grind,
Some things work, others bomb fast,
But, there's no time to revel or dwell on the past,
The pot of gold is always in sight,
Sometimes it's clear as day or well hidden at night,
The sole motivator is freedom, galore,
And the ability, without reason, to search and explore,
Because one thing is apparent, above all else,
They'll be damned if they make money for somebody else.


Copyright © Suburban Lovechild | Year Posted 2015

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Sanctioned Screaming

I close my eyes, think of myself 
as being there

to where 
screams are free to roam,
then bounce back,
immune to tortured souls

allowed to spread in waves

For some reason,
Ararat comes to mind right now
but to be honest,
Arayat should suffice


All these rocks-- can I disturb you? 
Even just this once.

let me
let out 

my sanctioned screaming,
and release it to these mountains.


Copyright © kabuteng P.iNk k. | Year Posted 2011

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Spring Foward

Silence, the power of noise that brings stillness to the ear
Power, the audacity of every man’s desire to manipulate
Resilience, what a way to bounce-back, the mass is always intact
Imminent, it’s here it must be, for you see it’s your plan for victory
Never, lose hope; there is always a possibility if you don’t give out
Goodness, what a way to go, just live right and you will overcome your plight 
Function, a way of life, a stepping stone to an ultimate goal 
Organize; this will make your day, and delight you in every way
Worship, your creator a call for victory and empowerment
Acknowledge, what is right from wrong, that your scorn will be gone
Restoration, a new place to begin to alter your thrill
Destiny SPRING FOWARD never look backward to prevent
a regrettable calamity   

Copyright © Pauline White | Year Posted 2015

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Today I lost my job
I'm not going to despair
So don't expect me to feel sorry for myself
'Cause today I lost my stress
And all the troubles of my life
I'm going to rise again
Far greater than I was before

Today I lost my job
I'm not going to cry
So don't expect me to breakdown
'Cause today I lost my burden
And everything that is holding me down
I'm going to bounce back
Far better than I used to be

Today I lost my job
I'm not going to die
So don't expect me to kill myself
'Cause today I break free from my bondage
And every obstacle around me
I'm going to make it
Far beyond expectation.

Copyright © WOLE FRANCIS | Year Posted 2012

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Stepping out of the woods
Twigs snap breaking the silence underneath my feet
I see the darkness shrinks when the moon smiles
The light of a lover's beam, the warmth of your love illuminates
My thoughts are instantly wrapped up in your blanket of stars
Sprinkled across the Milky Way,  glazed with honey all over
Lady of the Moon, you return to earth for one visit
Shadows fade when you appear within a circle of radiance
I feel at ease as I hear your voice fills the silent night
Gentle echoes rippling in the wind, it carries your message in a serenade
Landing lovely images in my mind
In my deepest memory you lay down your name
Once a long lost echo, now found inside this space
In the cradle of the lunar lullaby, you stand before me
Dressed in pearl silk satin, your smile, an ivory white
I become drawn to you, a lifetime of treasures in one glance
You are the mysterious beauty who makes me smile
Beaming beautiful in silver candlelight, I whisper your name
Somewhere on a cold winter's night, a lonely wolf admires the same moon
Looking on with misty eyes, a thirst and hunger grows from within
It howls a signal into the distance, searching for love
In a hollow valley, where echoes do not bounce back
Where starlight cries and leaves a trail of red fiery dust
Dampened by the teardrops of morning dew, the moon disappears

a co authoured piece by Liam Mc Daid and Angeline Lim
Unrhymed sestet

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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No matter what people do or say How they try to cut you down to size You have your beliefs, live your life your way Their actions you will come to despise The more they try to hurt you Try and bounce back from the fall To your conscience you must be true There’ll be battles but they wont win them all Your positive attitude will shine right through Rise above negativity is what we must all do Contest:-Songs of Power Chosen song - Something inside so strong by Labi Siffre Sponsor:- Silent One 11~09~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Sandy Hook

You all were taken way to soon
To go and listen to an angel's tune
As you sit and listen to their song
You are not where you belong

You belong with your loved ones
Enjoying the thoughts of days to come
The world stopped on this day
They stopped and started to pray

I am a father, that word has new meaning today
I can't understand why you were taken away
As I sit and try to find a reason
I shed many tears over this act of treason

My heart goes out to the family and friends
Of the souls that met their untimely end
My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight
As you try to find solace in this plight 

As to the ones who witnessed this attack
I know it will be a long time to bounce back
My thoughts and prayers are with you too
My family and I will pray for you.

Lord take care of these souls
Let them succeed in their new roles
Lord hear my prayer
Lord hear everybody's prayer

Duane LaChance
December 14, 2012

Copyright © Duane LaChance | Year Posted 2012

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life-a wonderful gift

It is the only gift,which is given
only once by god to us.
     It has all the ingredients for
making it perfect dish of
sweet memories,bitter exoeriences.
            The sun shines,bird chirps and
the day starts with a new hope
in the heart.
      The fire in the heart and soul
 to reach the zenith of success
keeps one moving on in life.
           Hurdles are beautiful blessings
disguised ,and pain added to
it as a decorative.
            A beautiful and splendid red
rose which is symbol of love is
always with thorns.
             Just as rose,life has some grey
shades to it,which makes it
perfectly beautiful.
          Nothing splendid can be
achieved without any hardwork.
   Let the thrown stones at u
be the garland around ur
neck of success.
 Success will be chasing when you
have the determination to reach
skies and the courage to swim
across the ocean.
     Let the hurdulous waves be the currents
to take you to the shores of achievements.
        Make the love failure of ur life be the
beautiful lesson taught to you,
to fall in love with the entire world and
not a single person alone.
                 May lord grace upon you, and
wish you find the rearest of the pearl and largest
of all the diamonds.
                     Let that joys teach us that life has
more pleasantaries to offer us in store.
       The best critic in the world is your
enemy who always finds the flaws
which not even best of best friends can find,
be thankful to them.
        bounce back with extra energy ,when
encountered with a failure.
life is a sail on the ocean,which has many
tides yet reaches safely to the shore.
                   be like a lion which takes two steps
aback only to leap forward with greater strength to
reach the goal.
                      enjoy all the moments of life equaly
as everything has something to teach you.
 life has all the colours along with black &
grey which has their own beauty,
        so love life to the fullest!!!

Copyright © kenisha shines | Year Posted 2012

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Clear eyes stargaze on sun-kissed days ~ Barley autumn, bosoms ablaze. Warm breeze brush bathing heavens, rainbow hues fusing chase and tease Whispers ~ touch spirit lips, rising heat cocoons blushing nymph. Kites sky flight tickling blue clouds, surfing glides breathtaking stunts. Nonstop beats, hormones flush, spiraling awesome thrilling release! Old boy, ebbing energy, please bounce back accompany me... Birds playing sweet symphonic tune, cunning beau shows sultry actions. Running torrid wild lustful tokens caress peaks fast and vast Tonic willpower, how will I have golden sunbeams hopes? Heart, listen, you fire in rush ~ don't you hurry, stay low and calm. As torments waves each passing year, eases control for you and me. Oh, if I took your lead, heart, I would hate many men now.
(c) Olive Eloisa 12:31 am June 09, 2014 CONTEST: SIJO STRINGS SPONSOR: DEBBIE GUZZI Placed 1st.. :) to God be the glory.. :D

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Wears me down

Sometimes the feeling 
Of being small 
Has nothing to do with size
But your own perception.

A smile is not always a smile
Or a reflection of your heart
Sometimes it is only due
To practice.

I'm a happy person
I repeat constantly
Until I believe.
It always wears me down.

Yes I am blessed
That's true.
I'm so thankful 
Without a doubt.

But I fight
A battle everyday.
No one sees me cry.
No one will hear my pain.

I'm a happy person
I repeat constantly 
Until I believe.
But it wears me down.

Feeling Insignificant 
Has nothing to do with
How others see you 
But what you see in the mirror.

My smile
Which I have practiced 
Remains plastered on my face
And I won't give up.
Won't admit defeat.
But it wears me down.

I bounce back
Like a rubber band
Continually changing 
And stretching 
But remaining intact.

I'm a happy person
I repeat constantly 
Until I believe.
But it continues to wear me down.

Copyright © Alicia Koch | Year Posted 2015

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Life On The River Bar

I was down on my luck...
     as so many are now.
I wanted to bounce back...
     but didn't know how.
I'd lost my job...
     was too proud to go home.
So I camped on a river bar...
     a place I called home.
It wasn't so bad...
     it could have been worse...
          what happened next one couldn't rehearse.
I'd packed up my stuff and hid it away,
     while I went looking for work...
          which took most of the day.
Upon my my horror I found,
     all of my stuff was just thrown all around.
My sleeping bag and tent had been slashed with a knife...
     so were my clothes...
          that just didn't seem right.
Holes were shot through my canned goods...
     my pans were destroyed...
          I had now hit rock bottom...falling deep in a void.
Even though I'm a man...
     I just sat down on the rocks...
          crying up to the heavens...
               I felt so empty and lost.
I must have been heard...
     cause the next thing I knew...
          I picked myself hope was renewed.
I found some old plastic...
     which kept me dry for the night.
Defeat no longer held me...I was ready to fight.
     I got a new back up on my feet...
          this is one time...
               I hope never to repeat.


Copyright © Pam Deremer | Year Posted 2015

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Don't Worry it's Okay

There I go again
Dropping the ball
Hoping, praying
it will bounce back into awkward hands
I stumble upon my rubbered legs
Falling beyond athletic aspirations
Never much for teamworks disappointments

I listen as the opposition cheers
One step closer to their dreams
My shoulders slumped
Inside my head I want to scream
I was never part of this team

My frustration erupts from my eyes
Nothing but disdain from bigger guys
I drop my glove, head off the field
Perhaps some distance will be a shield

Then one guy walks over to me
He says, "dont worry it's okay.
They're just a bunch of jerks anyway.
With more practice you'll learn to play,
we can get together another day."

With that he gives me a smile
I say "I'll be okay in a while"
He is cool and now my friend
At least I hope it's not pretend

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Violence and demonstration is 
Not an easy route to break frustration, rejection
Bounce back on hardship and dismantle disappointment.
It's not an easy route to betray suffering and sorrow   
Not an easy route to freedom and liberty,
Many would die, humiliated and battered like an oaf
There is never an easy route to success.
Procrastination is foolish and stupid in its little world
Not an easy route to succeed.
Break through the broken thought and spirit
Swirl pass fear and grab the hurdles
With a club in your fist tight
Then hurl it at wisdom and understanding.
There you make success your friend 
Killing and rituals is not an easy route to fame,
Hard work and commitment silently bring the answer 
Which shower a tiny and blissful rain on 
Your efforts and waters your Destiny to effect.
Silent mouth is not an easy route to get to the mad house,
Not an easy route to get published in the mad house
Build up your failures and refuse to give up 
Even in the face of rejection and critics
A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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What I want to Say

How is it that I feel this way?
I don’t even know what kind of feeling it is
But I know it’s not a good one
I can’t even begin to tell you
Because I can’t even explain it myself
All I think about it you
I start to get these thoughts
They won’t go away
I wonder if you feel this way too
Like something’s missing
I re-read your texts to reassure myself
We lay on the bed in silence 
 I desperately want stories and laughs
I feel physically connected
But not mentally connected
day after day I’m the one puts in the time
Goes out of my way to make sure you’re ok
Why doesn’t it bounce back my way
Arnt I the one you said I meant the world to you
Then why don’t you show it
Im the girl that needs to be shown that what you say is true
That’s all I ask
This to me doesn’t seem like a big task

Copyright © Madison Mittelbrun | Year Posted 2014

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Be You're Hero

I wish for one day I could be your hero
Instead of feeling useless, less than a zero
I’d take all your pain roll it up in a ball
Then threw it into space so you won’t hurt at all

All things past and present I would change for you
Alas as no hero will my shoulder do
To make all things better if only I could
Take all the worry from you I would

I can only stand by, be there all the time
To offer you comfort in even this rhyme
For I love you and  hope you know it’s true
There is nothing for you I would not do

It hurts me so deeply even though I don’t weep
I try to be me, in check my emotions I keep
Anger frustration the things that I feel
Due to all that has happened you got a bad deal

I cannot even tell you I know how you feel
For in my life nothing now seems real
The things that life throws you and yet you bounce back
That kind of courage is something I know I lack

No matter the decisions that you have to make
I’ll be right beside you, from you I won’t break
Remember my baby I love you it’s true
Even though I can’t put right the wrongs done to you

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012

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How Shines the Moon

How comes the moon to shine on high?—
a simple query, so it seems…
Yet though its glow can light the sky,
from where arise those silver beams?

Do we imagine gleaming rays
from self-illumined orb of night
still visible through sunlit days
as drifting earthly satellite?

Albeit a deceptive view
as Parmenides suspected,
mirrors may catch with brilliance true
even radiance reflected.

When Armstrong from Apollo probe
stepped out on ground with grayish tint,
we spied the craters of that globe
along with astronaut footprint.

The moon cannot give off the sheen
of all the sunlight it receives,
for most that falls upon that scene
its regolighic surface thieves.

And what about the face we see
during a lunar crescent phase,
while slivery as it can be
amidst its ever-changing ways?

The rest in ashen glow is lit
by earthshine to that orb we give.
So we spot more than glossy bit
through rebound rays from where we live

that then bounce back to us again.
Its far side, long a mystery,
was photographed on spacecraft, when 
the Luna 3 made history.

This abiding lamp nocturnal
glimmers in the darkness dreary,
through our joy or grief infernal,
guiding souls forlorn and weary.

Moonstruck dreamers through the ages
gazed with wonderment up above,
filling endless lyric pages
with euphonious songs of love.

That pearly visage dear to us,
does science take away its thrill
by making matters clear to us?
So much is known already… still

with poesy of clair de lune
we mortals rhapsodize the moon.

~ Harley White

Copyright © Harley White | Year Posted 2016

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Rythmn of the Beat

Listening to the rhythm of the beat 
I move my feet the speakers 
Blowing loud every time we meet
When i speak it seems like 
My flow is so sick i can't eat
Anorexia dementia from my lack of similac
Crack back to snap back i bounce back 
Then sit down fall back an relax

Copyright © Cheyenne Shelby | Year Posted 2012