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I Drew A Heart

I can't watch a happy ending, Guy gets the gal, Girl gets her pal, I can't do it with out crying. Maybe I'm like you, maybe you cry too. I'll tell you why I do, will you tell me too. I never got mine. Said I'd be fine. That was just a line. I feel sign! I've heard nothing from the sky that somehow I'd get by, survive until one day I'd die, without my piece of the pie. I never drop a tear or two, it's much more like a bad flu. Flows out of me without a clue.  My pain has never left, it just grew. That's why I cry when I see love on the screen, it's love I crave, that one woman and no screen. That's why I want to have the love I've never seen, love that lasts a lifetime and not just on the screen. when my wife and i were in love...before she became my ex...every moment of  every day i would live her... i had the wings of pegasus the strength of samson...i had the conviction of ghandi...the vision of van gogh...i was different then. love anchored me...both feet on the ground i was rooted...focused...i was... but enough of the hyperbole... i was happy! real love does that...links us to the better part of life... i was naive... it didn't last... she cut my hair... took away my strength... while i was thinking forever...she was thinking it's over...i was all in but she held the better hand...i lost everything! i would draw hearts with my finger on black tinted glass on rainy days or nights...a contract i should have never signed... i was a mythological character...everyday the crows would feed on my flesh...on my internal organs...slowly...painfully i died... than every morning once again alive... and again the crows would feed... sometimes things are so transparent... they don't need proof...they are self evident. it is better not to challenge the heavens ...i accept my fate hold tight to my faith. I can't watch a happy ending. Maybe I'm like you. I never got mine. I've heard nothing from the sky. I never drop a tear or two. That is why I cry when I see love on the screen. 21~12~2014 With Love Maurice Yvonne

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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    There is a spirit that watches over you
    In the daylight hours, and nightime too.

    You may not think that they are there
     But there is a way to make you aware.

     I learned the name of my angel a long time ago
     Because I was interested and I wanted to know.

     His name is "Maximus" and is with me here
     To learn of his presence once made me fear.

     Because what you do is watched all the day
     The angel keeps tabs, God finds out that way.

     I guess you think I'm being naive
     Trust your faith, if you believe.

     If you want to know your angel's name
     There is a way to find out which is no game.

     Say a prayer for three days in a row
     And after each time ask him to reveal his name to you.

     If you believe in him he will tell you true
     If not, he may be silent to you.

     I know of others who have tried this I can say
     Some, have learned the names of their angels this way.

     When you pray for their name do not think it absurd
     Some, I know, will hear that singular word.

     It won't come as a shout from heaven on high
     But rather as a whisper, when your angel is nigh.

     These spiritual beings are here for us all
     Sometimes they wait just to here us call.

     And when you do wouldn't if be grand
     If you knew the spirit's name...who behind you stands!

     Try it and see if you think I'm fooling around
     Be honest with yourself with both feet on the ground.

     As someday that spiritual angel you will greet
     Wouldn't it be nice to be on a "first name" basis when you meet?

     And if you try but do not hear their name
     Keep on trying because your conviction was lame.

     I know many will think I'm crazy with this
     But knowing my angel's name has brought comfort and bliss.

     So try it yourself and see if in kind
     If your angel will speak to you...they really don't mind.

     Because then a dialogue with them you can share,
     Even if they never speak again,  you'll know...they're there.

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Just Who Do You Think I Am

I was a very BAD chick-a-dee
so mom grounded me for life
Clipped my wings; now I can’t fly
(I buried my head in shame)

Can't keep both feet on the ground
but man, just watch me RUN
50-60 MPH top end speed
I can REALLY fly (well, ALMOST)

Still pack one hell of a punch
(It’s all in the legs you know)
Ruffle my feathers? Guess what I’ll do?
Kick your *** til you lay a fat egg...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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One Foot On The Porch

He kept one foot in the stirrup
And one foot on her porch. 
Wasn’t sure what he was doin’
But he shor' had the torch.

Didn’t know just what he wanted,
Or just what he should say.
If she’d just give a little hint,
He knew he’d gladly stay.

But she was quiet, so was he,
Hoss was gettin’ jumpy.
He had to move one of his feet,
‘Fore he got plumb grumpy. 

About that time a cat run by,
Was follered by a dog.
A bark and hiss, the hoss took off
And drug him like a log.

He bounced along about a block
Before his boot came loose.
He laid there in the dust awhile
An’ wondered “What’s the use?”

She strolled right up to where he lay,
Said, “Cowboy, you’re a mess.”
He gave a sheepish little grin
Said, “That’s what I would guess!”

She said “Just come along with me,
Dad’s old clothes you’ll borrow.
Just spend the night with me tonight,
Get the horse tomorrow.”

She said, “You’ve got to find a way
To say what’s on your mind.
A better way than bein’ dragged
I’m sure you’re bound to find!”

The next time that they kissed goodnight
And he was homeward bound
The hoss had noticed that his boss
Had both feet on the ground!

June 2, 2013
For Contest I Got Zero, Nothin, Nada-2
Judged N/A in Contest 101 in a Row -6; Judged 7/23/16

Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2016

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The Wait

From across this frozen wasteland
I spot a solitary amber light on shore
I wonder if they are looking at me
Or wondering what im out here for

But i think that they might be busy
Grabbing gifts from neath the tree
And having second helpings of stuffing
To be thinking at all of me

It makes me ponder my life's choices
That have lead me to this night
Frozen in this metal hull
With not a soul in sight

I sit and take the midnight watch
So the ship is safe and sound
But i keep staring at the amber light
Wishing i had both feet on the ground

The sunrise breaks on purple horizon
The amber light fades in mornings mist
The dark clouds slowly roll away
To recieve blue skies morning kiss

An icebreaker on the horizon
Is slowly making way
And all on board are cheering
Though we all missed christmas day

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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As I look back into my life I have realized how lucky I am to be here today, Still smiling still breathing Able to say I survived the trials and tribulations this cold world has inflicted upon me and still here I stand.. Yes I stand with both feet on the ground My head held high With intensions to never look back But ahead in life To prepare myself to be able To continue on with this life… I must live..

Copyright © Cristyna Small | Year Posted 2011

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when God takes you for a walk

When God takes you for a walk He will take you by the hand
He will guide you towards your destiny so that you may one day see His plans
Now walking is good for you, it stimulates the body and mind
But when you walk with God if becomes a spiritual journey in kind

Now walking requires that you don't always have both feet on the ground
It's a progressive process of moving forward journeying abound
But when God takes you for a walk you need to comprehend
That He is working in the life of all children, women and men
God does not want you sitting down stagnant in your circumstances
He desires you move towards prosperity to go out and take chances
To use your time, your talents and your treasures all that to you God did give
He wants you to take a walk with Him and learn to spiritually live

God wants you to make an effort and be effective in your purpose for living
He wants you to be a good steward with all that to you He has given
To be focused with perseverance and not fall prey to distractions
To create a distance between you and all the devil's attractions
To be organized in your efforts, to step out of comfort zones
To come out of chaos and confusion 
and see the love descending from the heavenly throne
God loves us in spite of ourselves and our sinful behaviour
He wants to order our steps like He did for His Son Jesus our Saviour
Now God works in stages and it might be a twelve step plan
He just wants us to comprehend that He is the Great I Am

So when God takes you for a walk it won't be a stroll in the park
He wants to move you out of negativity into His light and out of the dark
Yes there will be necessary pain, trials and tribulations as well
But when God takes you for a walk you will miss that exit that leads to hell

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2015

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A World of Dreams and Healing

There are times when giants kneel
and meditate and pray
for fright or guidance
We are not gods
There is space and the unending universe
Something far greater which supersedes all mankind

It’s time to show our truth
Our feelings hurt
Often unaware of what’s about
Shootings, killings, war, and hate
Divorce and accidents
Unending – the forces beyond our control

So we ask for inner guidance
Forgiveness for our wrongdoings
“Give me the strength to cope,
to wisely reason, to calm an inner spirit, for peace.
God, there are so many things we have to maintain
like an albatross around us”

What do I truly, really want 
today, tomorrow, or next year?
To see my offspring happy and prosperous
To learn to become a better person, a better traveler
To be creative, yet not overuse the golden mean 
With both feet on the ground

Now late
one thought fizzles into the next
Like clouds in the sky changing forms
I must leave this 
Go elsewhere, 
Settle and observe

I wait, my eyelids heavy
as if alcohol or sleeping pill has become my master
For now and after
We are not omnipotent eternal powers
We fade away, just like sundown
into a world of dreams and healing 

Copyright © arthur weil | Year Posted 2016

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Winter Weary - A seasonal tale

Winter Weary
A rhyme that sends a winters “chill’.
With snow, not knowing where to start.
But as he’s had some time to “chill”. 
A fellow with a changing heart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I’ve never been one, for heading down south.
As soon as the leaves, Get as dry as a drought.
They hang there all golden, all orange and red.
I think of all the song birds, they must be “winter” fed.
To pack all my stuff, in the back of the car.
Head then for the border, always seemed. . . going too far.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
For me, I suck it up, buy warm socks & shoes.
Turn on the T.V. set, grab snacks and Mt. Dew’s.
Ball games, there are many, furnace has been checked.
There are plenty of groceries, pantries piled. . .double decked.
Why this great rush to join the ‘grey haired’ masses.
That will take their big R.V.’s to the Florida grasses.
To the dryer called Arizona. To the spaces called Texas.
You wimps are spoiled.  What you need are more taxes. :o)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Those were yesterday’s thoughts; I’ve had them for years.
I think all my adult life, since dry behind my ears.
But since “Global Warming” has hit the Mid West.
Maybe heading down south, might really be best.
You see, for a month, it’s snowed and now blowin’.
The temps are so low, they’re barely now showin’.
The numbers are all negative, wind makes them worse.
I have words for all this, but not fit for a verse.
I’ve just come back inside from attacking tall drifts.
So if I seem a bit upset, I’ll admit that I’m miffed.
I cleared my double drive to get our cars in and out,
Then the plow comes along, that sight makes me pout.
All the snow from up the street is now piled in the hole.
At the end of my driveway, makes me feel like a mole.

Always digging out, just trying to keep ahead.
All this talk of “Five Seasons”, I’ve for years been mislead.
The extra season was to enjoy, least that’s what I’d read.
I find it’s merely time, for more winter time instead.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Seems I’ve gone on long enough, I’m starting to thaw.
My hands are warming up, yes; they’re still rough and raw.
But my jeans are near dry, there’s some feeling in my feet.
I suppose it’s not too late, to go back to the street.
To make one last pass, to clear those big drifts.
I’m glad we’ve had this chat; my mind’s “clearly” made a shift.
Yes, it’s now 8 below, the winds out of the North.
The drifts in my yard now move back and forth.
But the snow is so pretty, as it hangs from the trees.
No snowflakes are alike, as they shift with the ‘breeze’.
As I look out the back, the feral cats have been down.
That black one, so frisky, so playful. .  is really a clown.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I couldn’t be serious, about leaving all this.
So I’ll send you old snow birds, my great winters wish.
Where ever you are, midst the sand and the bugs.
I’ll stay comfy right here, wrapped in blankets and rugs.
I’ll eat lots of the wife’s chili, navy beans with great ham.
Her piping hot biscuits, smothered with P.B. and jam.
There’s beef soup w/ fresh veggies, all diced up just fine.
With fresh homemade noodles. A salad . . cheese but no wine.
I know it sounds strange, this quick turnaround.
But I’d miss the challenge, keeping both feet on the ground.
When you’re fighting the ice as it piles on the walks.
They insist if you don’t clear it, city fathers will squawk.
I’ll not worry about that, in the spring there’s no snow.
When the grass is getting greener, spring flowers then show.
I’ll be here to see it.    Iowa. .  Then at her best.
I’m lucky to be here . . . . I feel really blessed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Written by oldbuck, after spending several hours today,
playing in the snow

Copyright © Old buck | Year Posted 2017

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The Essence of Time

Watching and waiting and seeing it go by...
Oh dear is it too late , my that time it doth fly ..
I have much more to do and much more to see..
I need to break the shackles and take time to be free...
To live my whole life with fruituitous gain ...
Embracing the joy and living the pain ...
Its the bad times that make the better times blessed...
Be it family or friend or merely a guest ...
Stand up , shake it off and just think for a spell..
What kind of a existence is your preference to dwell...
So little time and so much to explore ..
So get up and go forward and march right out that door ..
Lift you head high and keep your eyes open wide ...
Feel the slight touch of a friend that will guide..
Envelop your truths, and your morals abound ..
Use them as your mantra and keep both feet on the ground..
Do not be swayed by false truths,ignorance and deceit..
Take each day on merit and in solace do greet ...
Its not very long ,our special moment in time ...
To waste it and rue it is surely a crime ...........

Copyright © sally smith | Year Posted 2014

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Resilient to Militant

Resilient to Militant

There may be many who will become militant 
To our programs so we must be resilient 
Bouncing back with both feet on the ground
So we will end up safe, secure and sound.

Success should achieve as well as assume
Being sure for progress to allow some room
So that every time that the end is in sight
We will have happiness along with delight.

My hair has turned grey and may be receding
But forward and on I shall still try to be leading
All of America the proud who apparently do
Want to help everyone's dreams to come true.

In times of toil and trouble in a campaign
Where they complain enough to drive you insane
My brain has a bell that often bongs and rings
Saying start seeing other bright side of things.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Sleepless nights,
Tales from a rambling man,
Ramble on,
Ramble on,
To deaf ears,

Long flights,
With both feet on the ground,
Ramble on,
Ramble on,
But no one hears a sound,

Give your all to the world,
With intentions of receiving nothing,
Ramble on,
Ramble on,
Am I working towards something?

Let my words soothe your soul,
Let my heart give you happiness,
Ramble on,
Ramble on,
Ramble on,

Copyright © Dekwan Wright | Year Posted 2013

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One Day At A Time

At birth, we all start the very same way
Wet, naked and hungry, looking for someone to love
Our eyes are open, but we cannot see
We cannot talk, much less know what to say
But deep down inside, we know it is coming from above
We don't even know what we will be

We crawl, then baby steps but not in one day
We wobble and run into things, balance cannot be found
Then by two, off and running to who knows where
Still no sense of direction in our play
Some never get both feet on the ground
Maybe they will get there with a lot of prayer

Then later on in life as we start to grow
Running our race and reaching our goal
Really we are just wanting to make it to the finish line
Maybe for some it is just a big show
It all depends on what is in your soul
And the end is not sleeping in a box made of pine

Rather it is walking, talking or running a race
We have to learn in steps or the moves that we make
Each will come to us in a matter of time
We cannot all be winners or an ace
Because life is not always a "piece of cake"
All we can do about this old life, "is one day at a time"

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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The Abyss

It’s like standing at the edge of an abyss.

Watching and being watched,

Gravity pulling you and you nearly let go of the fear and simply end it.

Take that final step, 

Leave all that you knew behind.

Look before you leap they say,

Everything is ‘they say’

Nothing is your own, 

It is all how it is; 

Life and death and an endless cycle that you are the smallest part of

An insignificant creature, gazing upon all you can see,

Seeing so little of what is truly there.

You lift your foot, shift your weight

Ready to fall-

You pause, waiting. 

Is this truly what should happen?

Or is there going to be some fairytale ending for you,

In spite all your troubles and worries-

Or perhaps because of them.

There is always that hope,

That spark that nothing can douse,

That small thing called hope

What happens when, 

As you put both feet on the ground again, 

The light is only a tiny spark-

Something beautiful but unreachable,

A wilo-the-wisp if there ever was one,

I have seen countless others fall, just like you

For I am the abyss

And if you gaze into me

I gaze back into you.

Copyright © Nox Melodia | Year Posted 2017

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The Wonderfulness

  Verse 1
Never wavier, never stale
All abundant  we inhale
Blessings come and sorry stales
Even with both feet on the ground
and this I've found, and this I've found

:God is blessing
God is testing
God is providing all for all
God is gracious and His glory enough for us
And the wonderfulness,
Oh, Lord
And His blessedness
Oh, God
and the glory it beholds
And the wonders
As the wonders
All the wonders of His love
Keeps me silent, keeps me humble
It brings about perfect love
He gave us His son and I'm so glad (He did):

Verse 2
Never wanting, never gone
Always present God is all
Glorious liberties and freedoms
He won't force you to worship Him
You can worship Him Jesus and this I know for sure,  I know, I know

:God is blessing
God is testing
God is providing all for all
God is gracious and His glory enough for us
And the wonderfulness
Oh, blessed wonderfulness
My, my, my glorious wonderfulness
Engulfs us
Surrounds us
Comforts us 
Oh Lord and His blessedness
Oh God and the glory it beholds
And the wonders
As the wonders
All the wonders of our God
Glorified I am grateful
For all the wonders of His love
Keeps me silent keeps me humble 
As it brings about perfect love
He gave us His son and I'm so glad He did
For we our all blessed by the wonderfulness

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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alone again

you looked at me and said goodbye
i replied by saying let sleeping dogs lye
you lift me up and broke my heart
without you babe i'm falling apart

you turned my world upside down
then i saw you with that circus clown
how could do it you know what you did
when you ran away and left your kids

after all you did i still love you
i hate myself i'm such a fool
you gave me light and pushed me to darkness
all you could say was i gave you no more no less

well i dont want to be a fool no more
dont think i will be knocking on you door
trapped for so long in my dream world
i was like a boomerrang being hurled

i am going to get over 
no one can stop me now
because i am over you
i have got both feet on the ground

just one more thing i would like to say
thank you because i feel so brave

Copyright © Crystal Wilkins | Year Posted 2008

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Destination Fixation

As I get older and I see so much dissatisfaction,
With those who always pine for change, such negative reaction.
Imagining that happiness is always just ahead, 
They chase it all their sorry lives, a delusion that is fed, 
By a strong belief that “next time” will bring contentment to their life,
Next partner, job or home will bring release from all their strife.
Why can’t they see that happiness is not a thing you chase,
No hidden treasure buried in some distant, secret place?.. 
Until they stop imagining contentment is elsewhere,
They’ll never realise it’s plumb in front of them, right there.
A gift to seize and nurture as we go through every day,
And count our many blessings as we pass along the way.
So rather than chase rainbows, with that pot of gold fixation,
Let’s concentrate on here and now, forget that destination,
Imagined in some childish dream, with perfect outcomes found,
True happiness is here and now, with both feet on the ground..

Copyright © Michael McCarthy | Year Posted 2018