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Best Boor Poems

Below are the all-time best Boor poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of boor poems written by PoetrySoup members

Have you ever been a-flyin'
Up in the sky so blue?
If you have you seen the people
Who provide their service for you.

Flying for them is a...

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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boor, flying, giving, jobs, people,
Form: Rhyme


Witches n' goblins
Will be at the door.
Funny faced children,
Some are a boor.

Tiny people, dressed up so cute,
You just want to hug them,
Give them the loot.]\

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Categories: boor, halloween, , cute,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Elsbeth

sinuous little pad foot
essence of dark design
twilight has released you
out of my back door.

bathe in black,
as it floods paradise
swirls with night sound
just beyond the porch...

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Categories: boor, pets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Want to Love You
I want to love you, but you make it a chore
One shouldn’t have to work so hard to love
Still, I want you more and more,

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Categories: boor, desire, love, love hurts,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Translation of Dante's Hell CANTO XV
Now we along one of hard rims are brought;
And a thin spray on the  brook is fixed, 
So shield to rims and water is...

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Categories: boor, fantasy,
Form: Terza Rima

Premium Member Mavis
Mavis was a party girl but a boor

   She's not welcome at parties anymore

      She causes people to...

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Categories: boor, funny,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Limerick: Once a School-Girl who didn't like babies
Once a School-girl who didn’t like babies

Once a School-girl who didn’t like babies
Thought it’d be better than having scabies
So she engaged a Boor
To bore through...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boor, sensual,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member I Am Bored With Boors
I looked up the word 'boor' in my Funk n' Wagnalls to verify the truth.
I found that, "A 'boor' is one who's ill-bred, crude and...

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Categories: boor, funnyme,
Form: Rhyme
Thirty Rhymes, Triple Time
"Thirty Rhymes, Triple Time"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

I'm here for so much more than just lore
From the core, what we adore defines our chore
So I...

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Categories: boor, encouraging, inspirational, philosophy, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member First Date
I was around fourteen when the charms of girls began to beckon,
And I was about fifteen when I had my first date, I would reckon.

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Categories: boor, humorous, teenage,
Form: Rhyme
There's No Escaping LOVE
As sure as the sun will rise each morn,
And the flowers of all hues will bloom,
So will love find you soon,
For there's no escaping love!


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Categories: boor, love,
Form: Free verse
People Watching
Perhaps I am a frightful boor,
But your looks were a visceral lure.
I stopped and I stared.
What if I had dared
To ask your name? But I...

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Categories: boor, fear, social,
Form: Limerick
In the eye of the beholder
Poem by Jorn Boor '' In the eye of the beholder ''


The path of life I will walk, slowly I will grow old

Along this...

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Categories: boor, angst, death, dedication, devotion,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Unrelenting Sadness Knocks
Once again unrelenting sadness knocks at my door,
Like the inveterate seeker of my generous charity
Calls on others like me and always demanding more.

Could it be...

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Categories: boor, angst, autumn, conflict, depression,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Cocktail Party
Cocktail parties are an entrenched American custom, I suppose.
A forum to spew inane babble and where the booze freely flows!
I've suffered through more of them...

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Categories: boor, funny, people, me, me,
Form: Rhyme
So few needs that humans have
that some say bread and water.
Forgetting clothes and shelter
to leave you cold or hotter.

Who will make their list up
of what...

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Categories: boor, giving, life, money, poverty,
Form: Quatrain
Shrapnel of Karma
To the North, South, East, and West...

Geniuses are lost in the jaunty jewels of rakish cads,

The hazard morsel palaver allot odium on idioms...

Rankle virulent mishmash...

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© R.G. Inigo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: boor, adventure, anniversary, education, children,
Form: Imagism
Quite a piece of work
She’s like a boor or a yokel
who knows no boundaries
such a pain in the neck
that makes others suffer.

Her ways is irritating,
like in many instances
where collaboration...

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Categories: boor, angst, life, work, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
Material OR Induced-Happiness
" Expectations, aspirations, consolations, relations,

Distractions, interruptions, ratification, gratifications, 

Every minute, Every moment, Every second; don't spare a femto second,

Every month, Every year, Every fear, Come...

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Categories: boor, cry, cute love, emotions,
Form: Prose Poetry
Great opportunities knock in that door
But I’m terrified to see masks on the floor
Everyone pick the pieces of their stains,
Dominantly horrible to see evil as...

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Categories: boor, betrayal, games,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dysfunctional Holiday(adult content)
It's my turn to burn the turkey this year.
We'll all drink too much and end up in tears.
Relatives we love and those we hate
Will all...

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Categories: boor, funny, holidaylove,
Form: Couplet
incessant rain
each drops of incessant rain pours

its just all bore and boor

but the scent of success issues the awaiting game

the rules are set and the stage...

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Categories: boor, journey, loneliness, lonely, time,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Free Verse
Though time and life becomes a boor
and cajoling word a waste of time,
marking day and night I while away,
counting meter and making rhyme.

Then in the...

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Categories: boor, freedom, spiritual, write, write,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Earliest Memory
 I was in a museum. I suppose there were many displays of animals mounted or posed in 
their realistic forms to show them as...

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Categories: boor, introspectionme, animal, memory, animal,
Form: Narrative
Long Live The King
Poor Cecil is gone the lion King is no more
Wally the killer found his life a boor
Poor Cecil he lured with a tasty treat
For the...

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Categories: boor, dedication,
Form: Rhyme