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I'm near cuckoo
This Monday blue
A day not eas'ly recommended
for making sense
I'm way too tense
And hung-over to comprehend it
My mind's on the bend
my imaginary friends
are threatening to abandon en masse
I was perfectly sane
till they pissed in my brain
negotiations are at an impasse
It pains me to mention
the bone of contention
menacing our peaceful existence
my voices of own creation
went above their station
with mutinous and unfair persistence

Old Mother Hubbard
had sneaked to the cupboard
to steal skeleton bones for her yapper
the skeletons in-wait
welcomed their bait
with little resistance managed to trap her
As to why she'd no clue
their demands were few
and until met they'd keep her as hostage
twixt two skeletons squeezed
the hag was well-pleased
only in dreams she was ever in bondage
The skeletons vacated
on their long-awaited
crusade for their rights to be equal
a sudden scurry in my head
when the voices I have bred
became hushed, which was rather unusual
The spokes-skeleton
passed a colorless wind
voiced their single demand:  to remain
"We were made to vanish
to a dark cupboard banished
we demand henceforth to share your domain."
A resounding "No!
You'll stay down below
we're totaling 20, including the yapper
there's hardly space
the din to embrace
and an hour-long queue to the crapper."
"Then the beldam Hubbard
will remain in the cupboard
lore would have it, bare to the bone
the cupboard, that is
not the hag, whose Maltese
diced up raw will be fed to the crone.

We implore you most
kindly engage our host
in negotiations and if necessary plead
we want into his brain
and share your domain
or prepare for a skeleton stampede."


Copyright © delysia hendricks | Year Posted 2013

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The Poetry Soup Convention 2011

My name is Gary Fields
And I am at the Poetry Convention
Their are a myriad of Poet's
They are all in contention
There are so many that I may
Want to mention'
So, pay attention
Fore they must do this
In abstention

At my table there are three
Their are four including me

The second choice in my contention
IS Dr. Ram Mehta
He is such an easy catch
He is a voice/a reflection
He shares' so much love and affection
Being one of so few words
His disposition is the best
And his Human Psyche will
Never rest'

Could this be some sort of test
That his deepest guarded  secret's
Are guarded close to his chest

Being a doctor and all
It is unlikely that he will ever confess

Third at the table is the X DESTROYER X POET
Due to the lack of word's
She always' have something for ya
And will certainly destroy ya
If not, then simply ignore ya
Fore she deserves' to seat here

And not just on the foyer

It is a main bone of contention
There is no reason why I can't  enjoy ya
Or at least releave the tension

With her advanced degree
her suplituding pensoin for Poetry
It seems' that her messages' are
Aimed straight for me
She give's to this her all
She never seem to miss a call

And to past the test
One may think that
She seem's to be a little obsessed
Most of all
She keeps' her secret
Buried so close to her breast
And what wonderful breast they
Might be

Only saving for us
The one's she profess to be the best
But never the less
She rises' among the rest

Fouth at the table is Ms. Sweetheart of Poetry
Wish she will spend more Poetry with me
And plain not just ignore me
Because I'm a fan of her now
She introduced me to this race
She is all ways' on the case

She is fully comfortable in her space
I just hope that she won't have to use 
All of her mace,
She composes' herself with grace
Fore this is so much an adventure
And not just some silly old Snail Race
If I haven't said enough by now
Then it is because I am running 
Out of space, or being run out of town
But, there is always one next year
Same time, manybe not
The same old place


Gary Fields
Dr. Ram Mehta
LINDA Marie/Sweetheart of Poetry

Carol (Next on Deck)

*******For the Contets "Tt The Convention
                                            JUNE 2011

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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the smell of the sea

the smell 
of the sea 
is overpowered by the
watermelon fragrance of newly mowed lawn

hunting for unseen tit-bits 
among shrubs –
an earthworm becomes a bone of contention

a butcherbird swoops – 
swallowing the spoil

if only the wagtails had agreed to share...
there’s enough for all of us to go around

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2012

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It has never been my intension nor was it ever a bone of contention to alter or disrupt the social convention but now is the time to pay close attention to the decline of the human condition Responsibility rescinded creating moral decomposition accountability abandoned causing legal repercussion right and wrong are muddled in a malicious juxtaposition public opposition has festered into social imperfection the omission of tradition by politician’s redefinition HEED THIS ADMONITION OR ARDENT APPREHENSION SAGACIOUS SUSPICION AND PERSISTANT PREVENTION Of the decommission of the Physician, Pediatrician the Technician, and the Mathematician and give this acquisition to those with no ambition even those under suspicion of sedition or held in detention without fear of restitution This is the deception of the devolution of the middle classification and the total destruction of American personification praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
contest entry date - 7-24-15 written / post date - 3-20-15

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Independence day-15 August

 Impressions of a teenager

I was born today twenty years ago
A healthy child with eyes of a doe
I grew up in a free world
Saw the national flag unfurled

Sang national anthem with devotion
A hand on my heart and no motion
It stirred my pride on secular belief
Sacrifices of martyrs elicited grief

I studied in cosmopolitan schools
Learnt honesty and obeying the rules
Ne’er differentiated between rich and poor
Or had any delusion to a life of grandeur

The TV news showed a bitter killing
The video clips were very chilling
A result of animosity between two men
One of whom lost in a gambling den

Days later two groups fought a bitter battle
The bone of contention was lifting of cattle
One group accused the other of eating beef
They said it was against their religious belief

 Another day a young couple was burnt alive
The relatives and parents decided to connive
The girl loved, married the boy of lower caste
Retribution by the elders was prompt and fast

It’s awfully risky for girls to travel alone
Even if she has her mobile phone 
She can be waylaid by men at a lonely place
Forced to satisfy their lust and face disgrace

“What has independence given us?” I ask
A discordant society oblivious of its task!
The sacrifices of martyrs appear to be in vain
All principles and ethics are down the drain  

Greed of wealth and power is the motto
Governance is like a game of lotto
Honesty has ceased to be a virtue
Questioning the corrupt is breaking the curfew


Copyright © subroto sinha | Year Posted 2016

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In A Deep Forest

In A Deep Forest

In a deep forest I did find myself lost
Trying to cool temper with some frost
Then went to sleep off into oblivion
And now am a North Carolina Bolivian.

Is amazing how Bolivia got its name
On sacks was identical and the same
Being that all the people are so poor
Maybe we should be called Ecuador.

People on Carolina have became high
And sold souls to someone passing by
Republican campaigner happen to be
Wanted to change things dramatically.

What unbeknownst to me had been told
Go to Carolina when you want to grow old
And another thing may want to mention
In soup just threw last bone of contention.

So I started swallowing my Poetry Soup
Now just how low will I have to stoop
Before body aches and back does explode
Carried a heavy load down Tobacco road.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Remember the dead on ‘Allhallowtide’ and do not forget the living 
not just for an evening and not for one night as Halloween is for all 
time’s sake for souls and places old and new however haunted or not

                         Hallow or unholy Pagan or not it has been claimed by many a cause 
                          and trick-or-treating and bonfires remind me the ‘Hamburger’ I am 
                            of ‘Rummelpottlaufen’ near the river with a pig’s bladder claiming
                              from door to forsaken door a feast of sweet biscuits and bobbing 
                        apples when the times where not long gone when you got an orange 
                       or piece of coal for Christmas after the War to end all wars to remind
                       of humility and ancestral plights and to keep the young ones in check

Like a ‘Weeny Teeny and Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polkadot Bikini’ hallowed
be thy name a fig leaf with carved out orange pumpkin flesh flashes 
candle light into longing for peace at times hallow then hollow or shallow
when covering up shy nudity with fabric–ation emerged from the atoll and
nuclear conscience with regular paradigmatic dots on capital’s narration

                  Stripped to the bone of contention lost weeny meaning camouflages and 
                 shelters the commercial hijacking of an innocent custom like a prank or a 
            horror film in which the Saints broker shares Seers are blinded by banks and 
                food banks and the polluted Druids sing money’s vigil at the altar of greed

Halloween bridges the gap from Easter Bunnies to Chocolate Father Santa
Clauses’ indigestion and money makes the waist and world go round ever
more and more often many most ‘mostest’ in quick impermanent rise

                   The night from evening to daylight and dusk into dawn was intended for
              pause and reflection abstention from vulgar opulence and never in a million
        years meant to descend into pitch dark dead of eventide when the juxtaposition 
  of dollar eyed branded costume bearers torch the gloomy witching hour as we must
        not forget that the rich need exploitation of the poor for their wallets to prosper

When meaningful customs and culture are colonized and children are
bullied when they cannot or wish not afford that ‘designer pumpkin’ the
‘Rolls Royce’ witch crafted party dress or the ‘Rolex’ pancakes organically
crafted from genetically modified potatoes then and just maybe it might be 
             The time to remember what All and Hallow and Evening represents and how
              marginalized we all have become by a festival of commerce as our essence
                      is disenfranchised by the dogma of our not so hallow grimace’s sheen

18th October 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

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Mirror Image-a body of works contest

has always been a bone of contention 
the way your eye lashes skim your face
are they your own or an acquired invention 
no sign of an embarrassed blush can I trace

your teeth are like pearls
very old ones that have yellowed with age 
a crimson red gash across your face
not suitable for a number one page

noticed a few more things that aren't right
your knees seem to knock as you walk
you might think I am being trite....yet
I also noticed that you stutter when you talk

are there assets I have missed
maybe you drool when you're kissed?

words used.....

penned  9 Sept 2016

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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My Own Existence - senryu chain x5

~~**~~ father gave me life his love fills my heart with joy my daddy is best ~*~ moms are heaven sent angels on earth mothers are love like no other ~*~ look for facts I search I research but get confused or am I confused ~*~ not my intension nor a bone of contention social convention ~*~ I used to be brash I used to be blazen bold no more I got old ~~**~~

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2015

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Misjudged - senryu chain x5

~~**~~ not my intention nor a bone of contention social convention ~*~ look for facts I search I research but get confused or am I confused ~*~ I used to be brash I used to be brazen bold no more I got old ~*~ we take sides to fight politics and religion pray or become prey ~*~ hate poisons the mind arrogance is ignorance divided we fall ~~**~~

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2015

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..A lonely soul walking down the lonely road, 
with own shadow to tag along
thinking no one will walk with you
never let anyone, a chance to be with you.

I'm on the same road like you
looking for someone, and life too
empty heart, empty life,empty soul
feeling like everything is out of control.

We came across each other, unexpected
not noticing what we just might needed
both our lonely soul looking for life
also love and happiness in each stride.

We took the chance to be together
to travel that road we still wonder
at the back of our mind, we both question
"are you the one?", still a bone of contention. 

I reach for your hand to hold and grip
and said wholeheartedly in a leap
"I'll be your shadow & be your light 
no more empty Life, together, just hold on tight!


Copyright © Anna Lo | Year Posted 2012

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Jack's A Nickname

Jack's a nickname, my real name's Charles Guess I've got some 'splaining to do My sisters and Mom wanted “Jack Norman” Dad won, that's why you're confused My sisters and Mom said they wouldn't give in And would call me Jack anyway For my entire life been called by a nickname Confusing? You betcha to this day A bone of contention all through my life Whenever I'd sign legal documents Am looked at like I'm a bit on the shady side So I'd play up this silly pretence Acte suspicious, stutter and stammer Misspell my name C-a-r-l-e-s Get a kick out the sideways glances I get As they considered a possible arrest Finally fill them in on this problem I've had Since the very first day of my birth Chuckled as they realized I was who I was And apologized for what it was worth Jack's a nickname, my real name's Charles Now you know the rest of the story © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Make no bones about it

Bony bona fide bones bare bones                                                                                 
Skeleton key turning a bone of contention                                                                     
Sticks and stones break bones words do hurt close to the bone                                          
Not so funny hitting funny bone hard words break no bones                                            
Depends who is speaking old school don’t be an idle bonehead                                          
Be like dog with a bone gnawing it till tomorrow                                                                
His word a fire in my bone true to the bone envy is rottenness                                           
To the bone a broken spirit driest the bone don’t be chilled to the bone                         
Pleasant words health to the bone so bones may rejoice                                            
Working fingers to the bone be not wise in thine                                                             
Own sight fear the Lord depart from evil a bone to pick                                                  
Dead man’s chest be not filled with dead men’s bones                                                 
Prophecy to bones dem dem bones come together again                                                  
Look to the cross not to skull and bones crossed bones                                                  
Playing bones Yo ho ho Rome’s smoked filled bottle                                                           
They grind bones to make their bread who Jesus has freed                                             
Don’t point that bonier finger but back in the closet                                                         
Not a bone was broken as he died for our sins                                                                 
Or you may be a bag of bones chilled to the bone                                                        
Being bone dry baring your own sin upon your bones                                                         
He is bone of my bone empty tomb make no bones about it

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2010

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Another tsunami for the warm heart
Another heart-rending chapter
After saying bye to her ill-fated dictator
After years and years of tribulations

The 1890 treaty has been invalidated
The obvious has become hazy
For our longtime neighbors
Unfortunately have become greedy

We the down-trodden watch innocently
Unaware of what will happen to our Chambo
And to us who drink from this thing
That has become the bone of contention

 Still, we hopefully await 
When this fiasco will be sorted out amicably
When again without fears
We will fish our Chambo joyously

Copyright © Hodges Zacharia | Year Posted 2012

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Hillary Over Trump Any Day

Trump Absolutely No Good

Only few poets read Trump poems I wrote
So more time to Hillary I should devote
Maybe missed and can't find bone of contention
Democrats did have best political convention.

Trump sure seems to sing same old song
Many things about America must be wrong
But his big seat he better grab hold
Look at Olympics and see all of our gold.

Do small hands equal to size of frantic feet
While his actions self-destruct and defeat
If these actions in Olympics used and would
What he would do is absolutely no good.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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The Dotted Semibreve

When you get to the king’s palace
My brother
Whenever you get the chance to sit and dine with the king
Do not raise your shoulders so high,
So high above the level of your head
Do not ask him for too many favors
Do not stir up old quarrels
Never should you reflect upon the past bone of contention;
Remember all those who helped you-
Those who introduced you to the king
And his cohorts
Do not eat hastily
Nor drink noisily
In the presence of the princes
Uphold your beautiful, courageous character;
Do not deflower the young princess there
Do not stand or leave the presence of the king
With crumpled shirts or an unkempt bow-tie
Many lives have been lost before you gained acceptance
And recognition to stay in that glamorous palace-
It sounds though like Pyrrhic victory in my ears:
Our gains do not outweigh our losses.
May we sing the glad song of Moses?
I shall be consoled by the long stretch
Of the dotted semibreve.
Written by Ebenezer K N Baiden- Amissah
P O Box LG 1254, Legon, Accra.
Telephone 0245310380/0201257024

Copyright © Ebenezer Baiden-Amissah | Year Posted 2017

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Empty is the Pot

Put on the water,
and boil it real, real hot
Sprinkle in a dash of salt of deprivation,
then put in a hefty portion of whatnot
A generic brand of anything of no substance;
meat substandard,
having zero nutritional value
Seething through and through
the bone of contention
Waste by-products peddled in the ghetto
Tainted meat sold past the expiration date
My bloated belly babies,
with anxious eyes, holding out their plates
Contents ready to eat
And I, with shame, give them unnourishing things ...
defiled food that my body purchased and got
Now though the kettle boils over,
empty is the pot

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Give Words Time

I heard someone say that they don’t like poetry,
I hope they don’t close their mind
Just as I, with any prose, like to wait and see,
Hope I will continue and find
That the words I read are the words I need
To express feelings, simply sow a seed.

It may be a start or a bone of contention,
Herald thoughts, lead to invention
Of a best seller story or a perfect rhyme,
But I always give the words time,
To make an imprint, try me to impress,
Lead me to issues I have to address.

Copyright © Mavis Jackson | Year Posted 2017

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Trump Big Bone of Contention

Trump Big Bone of Contention

Trump was big bone of contention;
Smart Aleck at political convention;
Much  disdain;
Constant pain;
In ranks raised so much dissension.

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2018