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Best Bombed Poems

Below are the all-time best Bombed poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of bombed poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Oh Jerusalem

Israel of three thousand years
expulsed at times
enslaved by the Romans
gassed by Europe
persecuted by Saudi-Arabia
murdered by Iran and Iraq
shackled by Egypt
attacked by Jordan
robbed by Syria
sold out...

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Categories: bombed, allah, bible, god, gospel,

Premium Member Into your Hideout
Into your Hideout

The ruins of my mind
The bombed out places so so unkind
Lost you in the haze of hells fire
Bombs making humanity expire

I have dreams...

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Categories: bombed, life, music, sad love,

Premium Member At Dunkirk
where thousands
of stranded men
lined a bloody beach,
hope was draining with each
air strike delivered by the
unrelenting Germans’ aircraft.
Cold, starved, and injured men watched from shore -

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Categories: bombed, courage, world war ii,

Premium Member OMG Whatever

Oh - Emm - Geeeee !!!

Who me??

OMG!...I'm gonna wig out, doing this poem!!
A ditz like me writing for a freakin’ contest, no less!!!??
You gotta be...

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Categories: bombed, funny,

Off the stuccoed walls, the shells peel 
The wounded babes bleed
There is a story of harrowing kind
To every war
This one is no different to others

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Categories: bombed, baby, child, courage, humanity,

one veteran's day
firkins and gherkins and whistles and shoes
cluster bombs, punji stakes, death in the news
choppers chattering
napalm splattering
a carpet bombed mind with asian war blues

cracked vinyl records...

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Categories: bombed, veterans day,

Premium Member King of Silence

There was once a king who decided that for him - beauty was silence. 

 He issued a decree that all sound was banished henceforth...

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Categories: bombed, allegory, evil, humanity, power,

Premium Member Silhouettes on the Stage 1953

Lying still on the class room floor,
brown paper for a bottom sheet.
All the children were gathered round
and my outline was complete.

A cookie cutter girl was...

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Categories: bombed, childhood, death, history, waraugust,

Off the stuccoed walls, the shells peel 
The wounded babes bleed
There is a story of harrowing kind
To every war
This one is no different to others

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Categories: bombed, anger, children, people, planet,

Pickled scenery

A huge Alsatian barks at a passerby stranger
as the pond geese honk sensing grave danger
Trudges back home a rangy lone ranger.

Big and little aubergines cast...

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Categories: bombed, allah, nature, social,

Premium Member Slides and Stairways
Somewhere in the pretty petty imaginary illusion of delusion
There lies a truth an edifice of search between obtuse confusion

Windows like brick walls and concrete blocks...

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Categories: bombed, home, hope,

The Cycle
Foreword: I wrote this piece in 1984. Seems kind of prophetic now.

On this day in time,
time ceased to exist;
because of the taste of greed,
men couldn't...

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Categories: bombed, day,

Premium Member something poverty can't deny you
northern winters harbor harshness
freezing confetti and sun to overpasses 
and bottlecap alleys..
snow angels never warm the backs 
of cinderblock children and gray eyed
a plea to...

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Categories: bombed, hope, people,

Premium Member LOVE JUSTICE of LIFE
The diamond ring you gave me did not remove the pain.
You must know it is not that simple to forgive.
The bouquet of roses you sent...

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Categories: bombed, absence, abuse, anger, angst,


I awoke an hour past mid-nite
oh what peace everyone is dreaming
made some warm milk cocoa
turned radio on.. tv on
am now multi-taskin..


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Categories: bombed, africa, city, faith, hindi,

Premium Member The Altar Of Pride
As the Jets go screaming by
bombed out homes morph into tombs.
For when fire ignites the sky
scared souls cringe in basement rooms.

When loved ones burry lost...

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Categories: bombed, angst, culture, emotions, faith,

Premium Member A Feeling To Remember
I walked across the pasture green
In search of something yet unseen
And as I reached the hill's crest
What I saw below I felt truly blest.

I very...

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Categories: bombed, adventure, happiness, life, nature,

Short shrift
Thank you, Father, for hearing me
and sharing in my pain
the only one bar whom you serve
who offers no disdain.

From Mansfield's pits to the Western front

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Categories: bombed, war,

HAMAS TERRORIST BASTARDS, Telling women and children to stay in buildings to be bombed
There is no truce for Hamas, these terrorist murderers not only kill Israelis, 
but allow their Palestine citizens, men, women, and completely innocent 
children to...

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Categories: bombed, evil, sick, sin, truth,

Lone Survivor

"Lone Survivor"
By M. Taha Effendi


He wandered through each ravaged street,
death lurked wherever strayed his feet,
His ears resounded with frantic, dying calls,
of those whose blood stained...

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Categories: bombed, war

Premium Member Dive Bomber

Discovered a new computer term, “Hover To Play!”
Applied to the bedroom, hmm, interesting I'd say
Let your mind take flight
Tell me, “how was your night?”
Bet you...

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Categories: bombed, humor,

I Believe In You-A letter to America
I Believe In You- A short letter to America
By Curtis Johnson

Dear America,

At times, I have doubted myself and questioned you
I have cried bitter tears over...

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Categories: bombed, america, blessing, christian, devotion,

The killers are not only those who bombed this nation
But also those who knew their hangouts and kept

The killers are not only those who slaughtered...

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Categories: bombed, anger

Premium Member A Little Girl
Wearing rented robes and wet with tears
Tired and hungry with lifeless eyes
No shoes and no hope
None at all
Life a death sentence at this tender age

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Categories: bombed, butterfly, child, sad, war,

Salt of the Earth
It is people like you
Who make people like me.
To want to live on.

If alone to be there
When people like you
Need people like me
To live on...

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Categories: bombed, community, philosophy, society, world,