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Bandicoot Delight by Crasto, Cecilia

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An Outback Christmas

Excitement filled the bushland as December was near
Every creature had been waiting for Christmas time - all year.
Wallabies hung their stockings on a  gumtree branch with care
Just as all nice children do – everywhere.

Meanwhile those more up to date logged on the internet
sending E mails to Santa to see what they could get
 Koalas draped high treetops with shiny garlands green 
 And furry possums lined their dens in golden glitter sheen

Wallabies joined in with bright balloons hung on their tails
All the crows tied streamers, cascading from the rails.
Kookaburras’ laughter changed to Christmas songs
While magpies and peewees piped along in throngs.

A wombat and a bandicoot made honeysuckle punch
The parrots came too early and drank’ til they got drunk
And when the’ Magic Pudding’ came to help with Christmas Dinner
His taste was so delicious he left a trifle thinner.

With a Kangaroo as Santa, his pouch stuffed full of cheer
hopping ‘round the outback in the hottest time of year
Just guess what all the drovers got- lots of ice-cold beer.

Suzanne Delaney

For Children's Christmas Poem Contest for Carol Eastman

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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A cry came out of Charleville ... "Please help our bilby mate! 
Extinction is now on the cards, let's save him from this fate." 
This little Aussie battler, folks, is disappearing fast. 
Five other species have now gone;  this bandicoot's the last. 
Since European settlement it's lost its former range, 
Man's pastoral activities have brought about the change. 
Along with altered habitat, which one might think enough, 
The fox and cat and rabbit too have made life pretty tough. 
Its innocent-like face is cute and bandicoot pink nose, 
But how those ears seem oversize and, yes, there're two of those. 
Its coat is soft, light grey and tan, with a tail that's black and white. 
This critter's somewhat rabbit size, who mostly hunts at night. 
Nocturnal is the word I think and satisfies its needs 
By dieting on insects, fruit, some spiders, bulbs and seeds. 
It shelters through the daylight hours in burrows underground, 
But if you'd hoped to see one folk they're not so eas'ly found. 
They have a few in W.A., the Territ'ry's some too; 
Endangered now in Queensland though, they're rather far and few. 
So Frank and Pete both raised their hands to help the bilby out 
And figured with the nation's help they'd turn their plight about. 
In Currawinya National Park they'll build a netting fence, 
Around some scrub where they can breed and come to their defence. 
The word has got around it seems, folk gather to the fray; 
From product sales and gen'rous gifts that fence is on the way. 
So take a bow both Frank and Pete and all you Aussies who, 
Dug deep to lend a helping hand;  the world has need of you. 
There's still a few things left to do, so spread the word about; 
Perchance we'll save our bilby mate, of that I have no doubt.  

Copyright © Merv Webster | Year Posted 2005

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We Are Endangered As Well!

I researched the earth's endangered species list and this is what I found.
There's everything on the list from A to Z - rare species just abound!
I'll highlight some of the more interesting varieties just to name a few,
That creep and crawl amongst us in this world-wide conglomerate zoo!

There's the Red-bellied Grackle, Pig Footed Bandicoot and Aquatic Rat;
Paraguana Mustached Bat, Zanzibar Guitarfish and the Andrean Cat!
A rare Whiskered Flower Pecker, Canarian Shrew and Amaragosa Vole,
A Peruvian Climbing Mouse, African Wild *** and an Arend's Golden Mole!

Also listed were the Aruba Island Rattlesnake and the Okinawa Rail,
The Western Wattled Cuckoo Shrike and the Rolling Pebblesnail.
Something called the Philippine Warty Pig and the African Wild Dog,
And a Red-collared Mountain Babbler plus a Tanzanian Screeching Frog!

I also found a Banded Wobblegong and a reptile called a Bailey's Snake,
A Cameroon Clawless Otter and something called a Band-bellied Crake!
How about the Concave-eared Oderous Frog or an Eastern Bristlebird,
The Charming Thicket Rat, Common Yobby or a rare Dahl's Jird!

Some folks may find some redeeming value having these critters in our midst,
And I suppose to a certain degree we must learn with them to coexist.
But more importantly, if humankind can't learn in peace on earth to dwell,
We *****sapiens could end up on the endangered species list as well!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

Placed No. 7 on Amy Green's "Ode To The Endangered" Contest - June 2010

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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Somewhere, Somehow

Somewhere in Madagascar a baobab yields its fruit 
Somewhere in Australia a thylacine chases a bandicoot
Somewhere in Timbuktu a man is speaking in Urdu
Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains an old woman stirs burgoo
As some skinny guy tiptoes on skyscrapers
Vagrants and vagabonds burn yesterday's newspapers
As the world turns, my heart yearns and my stomach churns
and as time grinds my mind discerns and my soul is spurned
A child plays somewhere with wild animals
and an orphan blesses the food with refined cannibals
A dog lays somewhere on someone's front porch
and an orchard withers somewhere, its ground is scorched

Copyright © Trey Hamner | Year Posted 2016

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lonely addict - cinema

A broad day light went dark
with his own conscience..
He locked himself 
into a cubic space..
he searched for his cellphone
shut its voice..
after the last call...
curtain was up before he recall.

speeding cars, mind blowing cinematography
thrilling chase , dashing heroin,
ruthless villain, mesmerizing hero..
he slipped into the drama
sucked into illusion ...
he laughed with the hero
fought with villain
cried with heroin..
overwhelming story ..

he munched the popcorn so fast!
one hour 25 minutes 
he got dragged to a different world
he lived a shadow life..
laughter & pain
hatred & love
inspiring love, motivated anger..
success & death..
he lived it.. he lived it ..
and munched the popcorn so fast!

one hour 25 minutes !
he forgot who he was..
he forgot his own story line
till the minute the hero won the race...
till the heroin ran to dais 
to hug the hero... 
he forgot who he was..
till the curtain was down..

he came out like a bandicoot!
facing the light with heavy heart of loneliness,
he searched for his car...
he searched for it.....


Copyright © Passion Eye | Year Posted 2016

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Bandicoot Delight

They'll grace my table in silk and lace
Elegant ladies with impeccable taste
The menu was planned with meticulous care
Succulent roast beef so tender and rare.

Turn on the oven and it's time to start
It will be awhile so I take a slow bath
The water is warm and I stay too long
A smell wafts through acrid and strong.

Rush to the oven and open the door
Engulfed by smoke I fall to the floor
The guests will be here in an hour or two
I need to think fast about what to do.

Go out in the garden and a bandicoot I see
My cat has killed it and it lies 'neath a tree
I've heard that the meat is tender and sweet
My guests will love it and declare it a treat.

The moment arrives and I serve the roast
With bated breath I await the toast
Then on someone's plate a TAIL appeared
Most of them swooned the rest disappeared.

With a glass of red I must dine alone!

Copyright © Cecilia Crasto | Year Posted 2017

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Short Ribs B: Fabulous Faraway Places

A beaver and a bandicoot,                                                                  
After playing squash one day,
Were sipping cappuccinos
At a quaint outdoor café.
 "Ah, thish ish sho like Parish", lisped the beaver with a sigh.
"And I," remarked the bandicoot, "am 'minded of Mumbai,          
And Rome, and Barcelona, 
And so many other places."
The beaver merely sat there
Being quiet and making faces.
"What's the matter, chum? "asked bandicoot,                   
His voice as soft as flannel,
"I thought you tripped as much as I.
Don't you watch the Travel Channel?"

Copyright © Jim Slaughter | Year Posted 2018