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When once I pondered whence came the stars
With baited breath and rapid pulse
I let my spirit loose to fly
To the source of my concern.

Pollux was first to welcome my quest
And I shouted, “Why are there stars?”
“A dragon’s sneeze, with blazing glow
Birthed my neighbor and myself.”

“Why are there stars?” of Altair I asked.
 He grudgingly barked a reply.
“Methuselah’s birthday candles
Blew embers strewn heavenward!”

With spirit weary, I ventured on
With many more stars left to source.
“Why are there stars?” was my anthem
Until fully satisfied.

Vega had to hold back a giggle
When faced with my inquiry
“Atalanta now wears Nike’s
Cleats poking holes to the gods.”

With one more cluster to hit I flew
“Why are there stars” my only words
But never in my pondering
Could I picture what was said.

“When your father passed ten years ago
He obsessed of your fear of dark.
He never rests, or takes a break
But hangs nightlights for your peace.”

June 26, 2018

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2018

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Time My Enemy

Time has become my greatest enemy
It drags on, an infernal grating on the nerve
Like a broken muffler, dragging around the curve 
While my love and I starve for each other’s company

Until time surrenders, I wait my love with baited breath
Watching time, which I have confounded for going by so slowly
For that hour, that minute, that second, when you will be mine only
When I shall pledge my love to you forever, until death

For: Barbara Gorelick’s contest
Once Upon A “Time”

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2010

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The Giant's Dream Jars

In the centre of the silence, a giant fills the space
He carries but a trumpet and a battered old suitcase
I watched with baited breath, the street was dimly lit
He puts the case upon the ground but holds on to his trumpet
His monumental hands unscrew a tiny little jar
The contents seemed to dance and swirl and glitter like the stars
He tips the foggy matter into his blowing device
Then pokes it through a window, I don't dare blink my eyes
The dream that he has captured, collected, then released
Now floating in the mind of  the reciever as she sleeps
The giant, big and friendly, satisfied his job complete
Picks up his battered suitcase and moves on to the next street

*I took inspiration from Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' book.

19th Jan 2012

Copyright © Jodie Williams | Year Posted 2012

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softly touching (I feel a stir...)
upon keys
a piano speaks
in cello
fluttering chords
tugs strings 
deep within
(a deep tingling sensation within...)

sadness flows (My eyes tracing...)
dancing with emotion
feelings flowing
a river
joining hearts
flowing an ocean
in salted emotions
(a focused soul with open arms...)

our world (I embrace with joy...)
so much suffering
powerless to help
on baited breath
shawled within crying
fluttering so gently
a floating breeze
each string cries
(as my heart flutters above oceans...)

as the piano speaks (I hear a soft whisper...)
softly telling 
the story
a wounded sparrow
cries a songbird
fluttering broken wing
(as my fingers reach out to caress...)

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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dream love

love within  life 
you are everything 
this man desires
a singing voice 
enchanting sweet music 
magically to 
the ears
so beautiful 
it sings 
deep inside

fluttering soul 
craves you 
like electric 
sparks up
in each word 
uttering love
one shining star
trails breathing  burns 
inside a flame 
torching within

you take 
one's breath away 
in life searching 
soul mates
love you know 
i always will 
this feeling 
is eternal
awaiting  in
a  baited breath 

as the cock crows 
singing unto 
the sunlight
in delight 
sun kisses darkness 
this song forever 
within you love
i have kissed you 
a thousand times 
in my dreams

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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silently blowing
in a baited breath
i whisper 
in the breeze
my dearest
bowled over
amazing beautiful

far away 
in a starry sky
the heart 
just missed 
a beat

a feeling
within one's breath
did you 
just kiss
my soul

coming out 
in mist
with the sweetest
most beautiful words
a soul 
of such beauty

shining at
the rainbows end
my god
never let 
one see
those beautiful eyes

tipping one's hat
i smile to you
if ever i did
i would adore
the light
within the candle

you hypnotize 
my dreams
melting in the deepest
embracing one;s soul
one with yours
beyond words

the soul flies 
in the spirit
ocean waves
crashing onto 
the cliffs
kissing you passionately
tonight i dream
its you

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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A Sentimental Letter to My Only True Love

My dearest, darling lover, 
Through this electronic medium
I touch and caress you with my love

As you read these my words to you
Feel the tenderness of my lips upon your neck
The aching of my breast, molded to your chest

Stronger than the miles between us, is our love
Stronger than the issues that separate us, is our love
The vastness and continuity that envelopes our heart

I now wait with longing, my darling, and sweetheart
For the day, which seems to stretch each hour of the clock
When we will be one, as we should have been, so long ago

I need your touch, as the river needs the water to get along
I have been incomplete without you my sweetest love
I thirst for your loving, as the desert longs for the rain drops  

I wait, impatiently my love, with baited breath
Watching that clock, which I have confounded for ticking too slowly
For that day, that hour, that minute, that second, when you shall be mine
All mine.  I love you, so much, dearest, with everything that’s in me

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2010

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Count to Ten

To every zephyr comes a bold quest
and every squall can whisper regret.
Those who will take the deeper breath
are those who gain a discerning spirit. 
The eye of a storm loves the calm
while the vortex lives for the clash.

When two people sense a coming clash
because they’re on a divergent quest.
One may keep peace, remaining calm
while the other shows no regret
for baring an onery spirit -
hell-bent, ranting with “baited” breath.

The pacifist, holding his breath,
prefers to downscale any clash
disowning the negative spirit.
The personality of quest
depends on one’s view of regret.
Cold is how the gutsy perceive calm.

Some get uptight when life is too calm;
conflict leaves another gasping for breath.
Satisfaction versus regret -
can both be balanced without clash?
Is there a more productive quest 
for passive and proactive spirits?

With open mind, the hostile spirit
can work at finding a sense of calm.
When threatened with a thorny request,
count to ten and take a deep breath.
At the invitation to clash,
do not attend; send your regrets.

If you are one who shrinks from regret
confronting an in-your-face spirit,
do not forgo the challenging clash.
Count to ten; dismantle your normal calm
and debate ‘til you’re out-of-breath.
Learn the thrill of making the conquest. 

The question of regret counts off death's calm.
Trying unchecked spirits with waiting breath
welcome both the clash and the quieter quest. 

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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George Washington Cole - 1827 - 1911

George Washington Cole

1827 – 1911

So here I sleep.
Buried in this dirt.
Covered in this earth.
Returning to the dust.
Finding heaven in the whispers of the wind.
And as for all my friends here,
All these stilled silent voices of Clark Cemetery,
We represent just a single sand pebble
Just a minute solitary dust particle
In an ever expanding infinite universe
Of shadows and scant tracings.
Travel to any city or town in the United States,
Or any sovereign country on Terra Firma,
And you will find the endless names of us,
The dead,
Who lived and died since the onset
Of the Gilded Age of Bessemer steel.
And those endless lists of the dead are nothing,
Nothing in comparison to the endless lists
Of the by-gone personages before us,
The past generations,
Who breathed and sighed and spasmed
Since the onset of Eden’s first heartbeat.
My friends, we are all so small,
And so minuscule.
Does it not behoove us to dance
Even while the music plays?
Does it not behoove us to be kind, 
Even when the cruel day
Finally slaps us on the side of our faces?
So here I sleep.
Buried deep in this forgotten grave
Just a whispering shadow of a former man
Awaiting with baited breath
The blare of the last trumpet!

Copyright © stark hunter | Year Posted 2013

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No Happy Ending

Bright lights, big city...
bright lights, big city dreams...
please just take me away tonight
Let me rest on your elegance tonight
I have no energy left to spend in reality
so please knock me unconscious
just to be in the place that makes me...
I wanted to sing
so loudly, proudly of a heroine
put aside a feeling of haste, of hate
of Juliet turned Medusa
now my Medusa Juliet turning Rapunzel
Strange it may seem, I'll explain a different day
something betters my attention
begs my words to form a letter
Veronica...once my Veronica
in this play, in this scene
we were able to make amends, stay friends
20, we are both 20
Life is confusing
all these convoluted schemes it throws our way
How are we supposed to seize the day
how about she seized me instead
A story, a flashback inside another story
remember 'If Your Reflection Could Kill'
a memoir asking questions and banishing Juliet from my life 
if only for a while
I just wanted answers but she fled away
from what she believed to be cancer
though it gave a chance for Veronica and I to be consistently happy
but there is no happy for me
We hit a cosmic rift, a cosmic shift
a month after a daringly rushed proposal
someone got lost, got scared, turned ghost, just shutdown completely
Months go by and we reconciled
you'd think there'd be a happy ending in silver lining
yet a month maybe three weeks from present day
arrives Juliet atop her steed of do-overs and repeats
a fresh start
I didn't buy a single word
I don't subscribe to politics but I know how hers works
still I couldn't banish her again
I couldn't, I can't
Myself, I've been running away
pointing if only an ounce of blame her way
knowing full well I fell in love with the girl for three years
who was just words across a screen
a voice from a phone
I only dreamed of who she could be
now I know
and in her eyes I still felt that same bitter love 
I wanted to keep 4 years back
so Juliet wanted my audience
my ears and my eyes to acknowledge she was finally here to stay
here to play no games
I had no good reason to deny
so my answer was obvious
but Veronica, she caught wind of this
and there went my attempt to gain back what time has torn apart
Veronica, she tore down my walls so she knew
I could hear her scream with disdain, curse my name
What was she angry for
an entire year, she tried to see my face again
an entire year, I had a list of excuses to keep her at bay
It was never because I didn't trust myself
it was all because I couldn't dare stare in the face
someone of importance
knowing it was me that once dared to keep a promised
and succeeded in the quickest time to break her and it 
making her cry
What made her angry
She believed I chose Juliet over her
and I tried to defend myself with armed words
justified explanations
but I had no explanation to give
I was unarmed in these verbal fights
I didn't know what was right
what to say
that day changed everything
Juliet took Veronica's place
as the conversationalist, the smiling heroine
as the one I could compliment
the one I could make happy
the one I could just be me
Veronica, she just spent two weeks
taking jab after jab at Juliet
taking jab after jab at me...till yesterday
a bad day turned nightmare
when I unbottled truth built up for weeks
I confessed my reasons, my seasons
why she hasn't seen my face, a long list of apologies
so the weight of my shoulders would leave
so she would know, so we could grow
as like me, you would hope for a naive understanding response
as like me, you would hope for a silver lining
hope she'd understand
but I know all too well
there is no happy ending for me
The deities all laugh at my scorn
never happy till they see me destroyed
never satisfied till they, in awe, watch me weep
Veronica, I think I may have lost a friend in Veronica
I called it fate, I called it destiny
since she made it all to be my fault
that I'm a liar
when she knows full well I just want everyone in the world
who steps in my universe to be happy
Forgive me for my selfish desire but it's true
I may now talk about myself too much
but it doesn't compare to how much I cared about her
or want her to be happy
Oh no
She pressed the button, she pressed the button
Did she really say that she doesn't know who I am
did she really say that I'm not her old sweet best friend
does she really have the right to say anything? ! 
She left me behind! 
When we were kids, she left me behind
for the religious remarks of my cousin tore her apart
She could've came back at anytime
She left me behind
For years, I waited for her return with baited breath
though each time she came back
once to tell me at 2 in the morning that she got lucky
once to accompany me through my second tour of Juliet 
as freaking spectator
she left and never said anything else
If it wasn't for a mutual friend
she would've never talked to me again! 
She left me behind! 
She wasn't there when I needed her the most
when I needed a friend the most
but that doesn't matter no cause oh I'm a liar
cause I have a selfish desire to be miserable
while I want the whole world who steps into my universe to be happy
All these words I never said to her, to Veronica
I just sat defenseless, sat stunned, sat fed up, sat done
tried to defend myself again but there's nothing to defend
told her good night, good life
hope to talk again
but if she was done with me, tell me so
cause I'd rather not spend another night
getting cussed out, getting yelled at
trying to muster up a defense case 
for something I do that doesn't directly effect her
but in her eyes this friendship isn't worth it
I'm not worth it
freaking perfect...
Bright lights...big city...
just take me far away from here
give me amnesia or just omit her from my memory
I'm sick of this
of everything inadvertently being the fault of me
Are you happy deities? ? ! 
Are you happy? 
There is no happy ending for me

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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A Day In The Shade--Zeugma

She stole a moment, and a book
to linger in the cool of trees 
where not a soul would think to look.
She stole a moment, and a book
and sat beside the flowing brook
where birds were cooing with the breeze.
She stole a moment and a book,
to linger in the cool of trees

With baited breath and hook she smiled,
and with her pole, she caught a trout
The blue sky darkened for awhile
With baited breath and hook she smiled
as raindrops sprinkled all about
With baited breath and hook she smiled
and with her pole she caught a trout

Unleashing joy, and then a fish
she let it go, and watched it swim
It swam away,  as was her wish
She let it go and watched it swim
Releasing it was just a whim,
unleashing joy, and then a fish.
She let it go, and watched it swim

8/29/14 For Sara's Contest:  Zeugma

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Broadway Opening Night

The lights are slowly dimming 
The curtain's going up 
The stage-hands take their places 
The scenery's all set-up 
The Orchestra is waiting 
For the Conductor to cue them in 
The audience waits expectantly 
For the overture to begin 
The Singers wait backstage 
Sipping tea to warm their throats 
Softly singing scales 
And praying they'll hit their notes! 
The Actors mouth their lines 
Hoping they won't forget 
(The producer wants a hit 
So he can get out of debt!) 
After all the hassles 
Of auditioning for the part 
Six months of rehearsals 
And giving their all for art 
They wait with baited breath 
Whispering "This is it!" 
Wondering, while the curtain's going up 
"Do we finally have a hit?" 
This isn't just a job to them 
They love the work they do 
And when they walk out on that stage 
The audience loves them too! 
So let's hear it for the showpeople 
Who live to entertain you 
After all the heartbreak and rejection 
Their reward is applause from you! 

Copyright 2003 Beatrice Boyle 
(All rights reserved) 

  Poetry Ad-Free Upgrades    

Copyright © Beatrice Boyle | Year Posted 2011

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I wait for you to come with open arms,
for pain that flays and sears me will not cease
though once I feared you, now I see your charms
I long to enter rest and sleep in peace

For you are nothing but a placid state
devoid of feelings and of lucid thought
where pain and heartache do not carry weight
and cravings and ambitions tarry not

You promise me a tranquil, fond embrace
I will not pull away from proffered kiss,
for tears have never ceased to bathe my face
to be relieved of anguish equals bliss

I wait with baited breath; do not delay
Oh, Death, it is for you I kneel to pray

For Craig Cornish's Death Contest
November 5, 2017

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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Southend pier me ole lady


Of the glory days long gone
The train rumbles on as a confused old lady
Unsure of her destiny yet still she travels on

Young faces embrace with baited breath
Peering anticipation pressed on smeery glass
Wooing and cooing as objects roll by
Parents smile in adoration as their little ones ask 'why?'

And it's all so reflective, the sheen of the sea,
Glass thoughts imagination as we
Watching faces, aging lovers, flowing dresses, flip-flops
Baseball caps and the odd few shops
De-board to stretch and sigh, relish the visions which greets the eye

Chips on the promenade an absolute must
Rossi ice cream to flourish in lust
Just sea and breeze with breaths and smile
To stop take time, enjoy (our) while

Lean on the piers aged frame,
Whilst fishermen reel
Young pollacks play games
Streamline they race
Against the incoming current
Side flips cause amazement
As to why? Unapparent
Thousands in the shade of the aged old pier
Return to same spot year after year

Just like us and our forefathers before
An irresistible meeting ground
We cannot ignore

(love the old pier)

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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For the Contest Breathe



When the night claims you like a wayward leaf of old 
and it takes you to the caves where anything turns gold 
you don't ask any questions and you don't dare breathe 
you just follow her, like a light weight tumbled weed 

Down the passages of dark, down the staircase of rune 
every step a little deeper than the crevices of moon 
you can almost taste the air, on your tonguing clepe 
you can down the stars of heaven in one single leap

Taking you by the waist it shall dance you through
the elixir of happiness when your feeling down n' blue 
you just thank the Lord for the magic of this gift 
all you need is skin n' eyes to cross her lowly rift 

When night claims you like a wayward leaf of old 
and takes you to her caves, all etched with gold 
don't ask her any questions just go ahead breathe 
no, don't ask her anything at all, just breathe, 

yes breathe...                      written by Mystic Rose

And with each baited breath you breathe
You find, you'll begin to slip away with ease
While silently the cavern walls now hems you in
Whether it be Heaven's lust or righteous sin

Your eyes now open wide, collecting light
Find no greater solace, in this barren night
As you lose all self, of who you were
With every fiber, becomes one with her

Thoroughly drunk on this harmonious gift
With each sensation you span the lowly rift
And as sure as the moon controls the tide
Your very heart and soul, exposed can't hide

Down, down, down with the darkness growing
Where the sacred of all cups, is over flowing
The journey's long and it is without reprieve 
Now's not time to think it over, just breathe 

                                    written by Me

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2016

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A Storm In Heaven, Sections 25-30

Yet never did he waver from the path he had chose
Lyla was his sun, his moon, and his desert rose
Not even the temptations he met throughout those years
Those sweet little whispers did fall on deaf ears
Not a friend from class who had too much to drink
Not the pretty sorority girl who told him not to think
Not even the beauty who desired him more than most
Could get Ryan Adams to abandon his mighty oaths

Oft they spent evenings studying late into the morn
Ryan ever cheering her when her heart was sad or worn
Thankful she was but love was not on her mind
Yet she could not tell him for she was too kind
His promise he fulfilled at every opportunity
His efforts ever resilient in the face of adversity
Until the time came when they would soon part
With graduation looming, my comrade bared his heart

With every shred of skill and guts he did possess
He painted a masterpiece of her in a summer dress
The colors swirling dangerous wild full of love and life
Made his mural of memories shine while rife
With gushing emotions and agony and love
Like a torrential downpour of passion from above
And so he appeared a right mess when he poured out
To the lovely Ms. Dawson how he felt without a doubt 

Speechless and stunned was the subject of his art
Unsure of how to respond without harming his heart
She was a gentle woman with great capacity to care
But friendship was all she wished of the man standing there
Troubled and worried the young woman carefully spoke
Knowing all too well his heart would likely be broke
With baited breath and a face drenched with sweat
Ryan Adams heard his love say with much regret

“You are a good man of that I am sure.
But time I think will be the cure
For this love you feel, for I am not the one
To love you in return and be your sun.
Friends we will remain for always I assure you
You have been one of my best since I met you, it’s true
Who else would be so selfless to lend me aid
Whenever I need you for the mistakes I have made”

The angelic Lyla had been as kind as she could
But regardless of her words the effect would be no good
For Ryan Adams would crumble in the wake of devastation
Heart shattered into pieces at Lyla’s declaration
It was his turn to fall, without speaking, to the ground
Desiring a pool of tears in which to be drowned
She reached out to hold him but her touch singed his flesh
No longer, his eyes screamed, will our friendship mesh

Copyright © chris kane jr. | Year Posted 2009

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In the Morning Mist

The rose unfurls its petals to drink the morning dew,
warblers sharpen their trills, granting the Son his due.

Mother bat folds her wings, hangs upside down to rest,
baby clings to mother's fur, hidden in their leafy nest.

Four-o-clocks hide their faces against the dawning light, 
morning glories open wide, only to wilt and die at night.

Leaves on lavish branches with baited breath, await
lilting notes of day-wind sighing through the garden gate.

Deep within the forest glen, where fox hides and owl hoots,
the hidden world changes pace, each creature to its own pursuits.

A world without change would soon grow dull and invisible,
if all were night or all were day, diversity might be impossible.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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Night Time Air Raids

We waited quietly as the sirens calmed and quenched their searing drone.
The air raid shelter hushed in baited breath. One second more. Maybe the end is nigh.
All a quiet beneath an unseen sky. Maybe her child wont cry.
Maybe I wont every see those shower room white tiles staring back at me again.
Tiles arched over us. Over our laments and muffled cries. 

Our house our street. Will it be there.
Or will it be there but emptied by scounderels a plenty.
Stay close child and use my heat. This ticket office door pushes drafts beneath it.
Drafts into my ears her ears. Woolen socks pulled up as high as they can allow. 
One second more again the droning and I cover her ears my child don't listen.

Screaming Shrills and thuds again.Move away you bombs elsewhere.
To East ham or anywhere. And you you acursaid man. I do not know you. 
I fear your motives.If only my fire tending husband could defend me now.
Go down the platform now sir.We are bedded here and intend to stay till bombs end. 
This is our platform. Huddle close child the night is long and the platform grey and cold. 

Later it ends.Too soon to move.The parrafin stove simmers a kindly brew.
God above tea at last.Tea has saved the night and brought the dawn raids end.
For I know this that a war will be won and won with tea and no credit shall tea be given.
The moving masses alight from their drab and coated stage. Queitly and slowly maybe
reluctantly ascending to the London sky.Delaying the vacant and unknown future.  

London Tube station shelter in 1940-          Ian Foley

Copyright © Ian Foley | Year Posted 2012

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War Bride

She waits for him with baited breath.
May a messenger not bring any news.
She hopes for the best, can’t wait to see.
He’s her life, she has everything to lose.

May a messenger not bring any news
from the front lines, telling of his demise.
She knows in her heart, he shall return.
A telegram would surely tell lies.

She hopes for the best, can’t wait to see
her gentleman walk through her door.
Now, she waits for him to return one day,
the soldier, the man she adores

He’s her life, she has everything to lose.
She’d be done, if he was not to return.
But, down deep inside, she knows he’s alive
For his presence, she’ll wait, and yet yearn.

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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Bear and Salmon


stone clad shores
welt beneath your warmth
fir lined trees
stand silent in your presence
misted waters raise to greet a vibrant sky in jubilation

as salmon fight ferocious rapids
listen and watch
baited breath

your cumbersome claw hovers as a wieghtless mosquito
dancing hithertoo
for that oh so perfect

avoids your touch
end the salmon's day

Copyright © Karen Deeks | Year Posted 2012

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Into The Godly Realm - Let Us Go

(Rev. 21: 1-7 /  Rev. 21: 10-27  /  Rev. 22: 1-6  /  Rev. 4: 1-6  /  Dan. 7: 9, 10, 13, 14, 18 & 27)

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
Into The Splendiferous, Shining Sector!
To The Spiritual Site Where Ultra-Love Glows
by the Vibrant, Blindingly-Brilliant Light-Vector

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
GOD Has Invited Us Into HIS Kingdom!
The Resplendent, Royal City of Emerald Rainbows
& Radiant Pearl & Gold & Glass-Sheen-Domes

… Where Thunders, Horns & Harp String Tones
Join With Angels & Kings In Hallelujahs’ Choir-Songs!
and Residents Greet Citizens In True Fashion ‘Shalom’
and Are Welcomed Like Beloved Children Come Home

& Share The Fruit of Trees –  Sweetest Ever Known
A Righteous Reaping & Keeping Paradise Beautifully Grown
as Crystal Fountains & Rivers, Bubble Forth & Shone
… in The Sparkling Waters of Life’ Gleaming Zone!

… O’ Let Us Gaze In Awe – In Meek Gratitude
At The Greatness & Grandeur of GOD’s Estate!
Let Us Whisper In Respect-Muted Admiration
with Wiped Feet As We Walk A Street Called Faith

Let Us Gather ‘Round Devotedly – As A Great Crowd
Read Inscriptions On The Precious-Gem Cornerstone
of The City’s Foundation, As Opened Fortress Beckons
To Jeweled Temple & Ancient of Days, Treasure-Throne!

Walk With Baited Breath & Bowed Hearts & Heads
As Joyful Tears Pool In Our Beaming Eyes!
As Into The Godly Realm … We Have Ventured
& Entered ‘The Archway’ Supports For All  Skies

O’ My Brothers, My Sisters, My Family & My Friends
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
Where We Have Been Invited To HIS Garden Party
Where Each One of Us Will Get To Speak … with HIM!

All You HIS Faithful Ones – Who Awaited Kingdom Come
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
To The Place Where The Holy of Holies Is Situated
O’ Get A Glimpse of  Heavenly, New Jerusalem!

Into The Glorious Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go!
Up To Clouds & Zion’s Mountain-Top Location
As Earth Becomes – The Global Promised Land
Yes, Humans’ Own Homefront, Habitat Space-Station

(Yes, This World’s First Honorable United Human Nations)

… and Into The  Godly Realm … GOD Will Let Us Go
… into The Splendiferous, Spectacular Sector!
Into The Spiritual Area – Where Eternity Roams
Close To The Vibrant & Blindingly-Brilliant, Light-Vector

                           Written & ©:  7/13/2013

                           By:  The MoonBee

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2013

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Flowers from the Blind

A Rose by Another Name

In prose, I suppose and even rhymes 
words, mere words can cut at times.
Still I suppose, every word is a rose. 

At times in rhymes and sometimes prose,
though torn by thorns, I still suppose,
every word can be a rose.

Flowers For the Dead

I felt the change within my heart
when changes ripped the world apart.

The times are strange, some say deranged.
Some say every rule has changed.
Some make a stage of hate and rage
and smash against their self-made cage.
Some lose or win by selling sin
and some without are trapped within.
Some creep in cracks and hide their tracks.
Some die in suicide attacks.
If there's a hell it's just as well
the dead might know but never tell.

Aww the changes a death can bring.
Perspective changes everything.

A Flower From The Blind 

Beyond the curtains of this world,
beyond the final page;
do actors wait with baited breath?
Is all this world a stage?

Some say we all come back again
until we get it right.
I wish there was real proof for this
sweet comfort in the night.

Beyond the curtains would we see
an empty nothingness?
Or is it full of love and light?
All I can do is guess.

I'm finding now that mere words fail
in thinking of this night.
I'll try to let good cheer prevail
while walking in the light.

For one fleeting moment
I begin to understand.
The moment catches hold and leaves
a crumpled flower in my hand.

Copyright © Dory Chrest | Year Posted 2010

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Dreams in the Dark

A dream within a dream that calls my name,
And echoes through the night while sleeping still,
That voice that never seems to sound the same,
Yet comes from deep within against my will,
And in that dream, my senses know no shame.

O darker side of love within me dwell,
Possession, obsession familiar traits,
The darkness I have come to know so well,
The baited breath that now investigates,
Unnerving words my dreams cannot repel.

Form: Sicilian Quintains

Copyright © Jemmy Farmer | Year Posted 2012

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Last Days

Last Days

Trembling with trepidation, 
  You count days lived and enjoyed
Hamstrung with anxiety, stock take 
  Time your future has destroyed;
You seem to wait with baited breath
  To evaluate what you achieved
And, find with a lot of chagrin
  That forever you’ll be aggrieved.

Aggrieved for not giving Love
  To Friends, Family and to Self
Aggrieved for not using the chance-
  Now a dusty relic on the shelf!

Adopt elation of a consummate
  Who does Last Days approach
Content with trials and triumphs	
  Brooking no regret or reproach:
Who harboured the right gear	
  To face adverse clime to come
Like a Hunter from the Wild Cold
  Happy to head off for Home!     	


17th Oct’ 2013

Copyright © Joseph Matose | Year Posted 2013

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When the Heart Bleeds

When the heart bleeds
The body is silent
The mind is mute
Unable to send healing agents
Coursing through the veins
To bring healing
The body waits…with baited breath
For an outer force to come to the rescue
To bind up the wound
And bring healing

When the body bleeds
The mind is quick to sends signals
That activate the life giving elements in the blood
To start the clotting process
To stop the vital flow
From ebbing away
And endangering life

Ah…ah….but when the heart bleeds
It beats a requiem without music or words
And the body mourns…
Helpless and torn
There is unearthly silence
Accompanied by tears
For the heart no one can rescue
No one can heal
Except the very one
Who made the heart bleed.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013