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For This Is The Story, An Old Poet Sought Not To Miss

For This Is The Story, An Old Poet Sought Not To Miss
 (Part One)

I've ate Eden's last apple, coveted Jason's* golden fleece
chained myself in caverns of darkness, begging no release
refused mighty crowns of power, fed myself painful feasts
crushed my beating heart, as if it were a ravenous beast.

I've tamed the lions of Serengeti, sailed around the Horn*
trekked unarmed, darkest jungles, where fiercest beasts are born
slain dragons with Sequoias, tossed Rock of Gibraltar*
walked in realms of Hades, spat upon its first altar.

I've outran Hermes*, sank my teeth deep into granite walls 
sat beside Odin*, gave Thor's* first crown in Valhalla's* halls
wrestled mighty Minotaur*, its armored hide I ripped
stole the Nectar of the Gods*, laughed at them as I sipped.

I've shot Eurytus' bow*, killed Titans* with Heracles sword*
defeated dark Elf* armies, massacred Atilla's* first horde
swung Hammer of Hephaestus*, slept in Forest of Burzee*
trained Arminius army, taught them to show no mercy.

I've quenched Vesuvius fires, held lightning in my hand
flew bright skies over Asgard*, defended its precious homelands
swam with Undines*, feasted with beautiful Amphitrite*
fished with my friend Ao Qin*, dragon king of the Southern Sea.

I've seen this world of fantasy, inked its splendor in words
sailed in its oceans of love and flown with magical birds
dreamed in its word-paradise and found true love's deepest kiss
for this is the story, an old poet sought not to miss.

Robert J. Lindley
original version written , March 9th, 1977
edited/updated today- August 9th , forty-one years later

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2018

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Life is oh so Short

                        Life is oh so Short
                                              (a short story of my life)
In the beginning, when I was just a boy and the buffalo ran wild I remember when adults would say I remember back ten years and I would think, heck I’m not even ten years old yet. I would ask my mother what were some of the inventions you remembered growing up that changed the world. She told me about the telephone and a number of other inventions she experienced. Today I have lived through hundreds of inventions that changed the world far beyond what any reasonable person could have ever considered possible in my 76 years since I was born.  A lot of living I have done so many things I have seen and experienced since I stood at the end of the side walk and thought about my life’s future when I was just a little boy. Now I am a great-grandpa of four beautiful great grandchildren, the grandpa of six grandchildren and the father of two beautiful, wonderful daughters.
As I look back and say to myself how in the hell has time passed away so quickly.  It only feels like a year or so since I began living my life upon this earth for what it’s worth. So much time has passed away so quickly beneath my feet as I have walked the road of life through all my troubles and joys in my life. A number of friends of mine have passed away so sad for me to say and sad to even think about it I scream and shout. But we all know and realize death waits for us all, sooner or later.
I thank God each and every day for my health I know I am blessed to be so healthy, no problems what so ever as I also workout around 11 hours each week. How fortunate I was when the music of rock and roll was first heard in 1956.  I was 16 years old, perfect timing. I have sung and danced to so many great and wonderful songs what a perfect time to be alive, right in the beginning of it all, it truly was happy days. A hamburger only cost 25 cents, fries were only 15 cents, and a malted milk was 25 cents a movie only cost 75 cents. I served my time in the Navy had a great time, no wars were taking place. I saw the world going around the Horn of South America I also stood at the feet of Jesus the Redeemer statue on a mountain top in Rio, Brazil.  
          (if you like check out the last few verses at Life is oh so Short 2)

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2016

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How some students grew up on the Computor? 
and can't function in the real world right click the bus mommy and place it at the 
stop it is taking much too long to come around the horn. form method="post" 
This paragraphic is free to be a space bar for mee and ewe. 
option>Sometimes in my fables there is parts and pieces of mye poems this is 
not yellow journalism or nepotism or even bad form eye can copy and paste and 
then add text eye can translate pictures into banners and banners into love eye 
can relate a page to GOD and find a way to enter clouds formed and someday 
eye will make it rain inside this idiot Computor box and it will fry all the electronic 
components of every Computor in the world then we will all go outside again and 
inhale the fresher air. 
Just now eye went to a Bravenet website to make me a new website and its free 
but of course the upgrades would cost me but the free sights is challenging and 
it gave me a code for a welcome type box and it did NOT work as it is in the form 
of a a href not a url. The idea is the webpage would bring me people they would 
sign my little guestbook too bad it does not even relate to the page it won't 
translate at all the code is wrong its backwards to a forum type webpage the url 
is too long. The HEY REF only works on websites the URL IMG thing only works 
on FORUMS how many people have followed links to there destruction. When 
eye got the thing on my FIRST PAGE of HOME the thing took off with me when eye 
clicked it open we went for an internet ride and eye lost the page eye was on NO 
fun. Eye would not want a HOME Computor user to become lost in navigation 
when he was just trying to let me knoe that he had viewed my poems. The thing 
is done the web page that they gave me is very green and nice looking but does 
not do a real function oh well in this Brave New World does anything rally have to 
have a function and so mye gentle reader ewe it seems to mee the eye the poet 
fable maker fabulist like Aesop that eye am just the new proud owner of another 
big white elephant so they will always benefit from instruction of this knowledge 
from someone please open windows as many as yew want and let them learn 
yew some. 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2008

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In the fall of 1803

In the fall of 1803,
The good ship, “The Queen Ann’s Knees”
Sailed out on the bounding seas.
Out of sight of the land
The captain looked grand
As with little ado
He spoke to his crew:
“Men, I’ve nothing to hide!
You all may have noticed how wide
Is that big blue thing outside,
Just over the railing.
So keep this in mind while we’re sailing;
The ocean is deep and mysterious
And can be at times quite serious.
‘Though I’ve sailed on the water
From Crete and Gibraltar
To the Lesser Antilles,
It still always gives me the willies.”

“But to our duty we shall always adhere.
What that is is however not clear.
I had all of our orders, 
I thought, in my quarters
That in words quite precise
(In fact really nice!)
Told what to do while afloat;
But I left them at home in my coat.”

“But never mind that, we’ll just play it by ear,
And pretend that there’s nothing to fear.”
And so the ship sailed on
Through storm and through calm
Till the month of December
When he said he remembered, 
Using logic deductive,
What the admiral instructed: 
Go to the Sandwich Islands
And bring back two Hawaiians.

So they sailed one morn
Around the Horn
And on into Pacific waters
Where thoughts of their daughters
And wives
Helped to keep most of the men alive.

And many and many a year had passed
When the ship returned, broken, demasted,
And its harbor came into view.
What remained of the crew
Went ashore and disported
While to the Admiral the Captain reported.

“My Admiral, as per your instructions,
Through distress and wanton destructions,
Through monsoons and lagoons
And fearsome typhoons,
We sailed Isles of Sandwich
And in sorrow and anguish
We brought back two Hawaiians
From those far distant islands."

“Jolly good!” the Admiral responded,
“But as I recall, before you absconded
Those many long years ago,
I just asked that you go
To the pub down below
And pick up my lunch
(Or was it my brunch?):
A ham sandwich and a Blue Hawaiian.
So, now that you’ve paid your visit,
My bloody lunch, where the hell is it?” 

Copyright © Jerome Malenfant | Year Posted 2016

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I was chosen before my time.
Listen very close this is not just a rhyme.
My life was known before I was born yet,
Time had to come around the horn.
Now I am here with a job to do,
Part of my job is to watch over you.
Yes I am a keeper and I must be kept,
For another brother’s died while I have slept.
The poison metal pipes are going around,
Flowing in, flowing out and all around town.
Earning a day’s wages and still in need,
Then the poison metal pipes help kill a seed.
We’ve been accused for doing most of the wrong,
And if we’re not careful, we’ll believe all the long.
In the midst of it all, others round about me fall,
STILL, I am destined to answer my call.
My call is from above to both young and old,
So what I am telling you, I am only being told.
By  one most know of, and they may know OF Him well,
But its not enough to know of,
You see I owe you as a brother, and I owe Him as a Father
So I am here for Him, and there’s really no bother.
I will do what I’ve been destined to, this I know is right.
During the morning, during the evening, and into the night.
I’ve been called, picked out, with a mission ahead.

And if you don’t take heed, you may wind up dead.
You see, dead is being more than without a beat,
It is also being held under another’s feet.
Not thinking for yourself, influenced by the WRONG others,
Persuaded by some BOYS, and then, becoming mothers.
Not following the wisdom of our parents from old,
Not wanting to take heed to what we are told.
We are leaders by nature and 
We can’t help this,
Still the way some of us are leading,
Others will never reach this bliss.
You can not be a leader less you have someone to follow,
But whom can you lead, the strong or the hollow.
We do not have long in this earthly place,
Yet its not about the color, the gender or the race.
Its about being a soldier and the chain of command,
The torch has now been put into my own hands.
You see they’re many torches, all in the hands of the same,
Strong minds, strong willed with the backup of 
The end is soon to come so I must go now,
But you have already been chosen for right here and now.
You are the next leaders, I would give it some thought,
Because you have not only been “CHOSEN”, but;
You’ve also been 

BOUGHT !!!  

Copyright © Dwayne Moore | Year Posted 2010

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Bad Weather

Since Brig Copenhagen was only four 
days out of Liverpool, there remained some
distance to cover. Because it was more
nearer winter bad weather had to come.
Ship needed to reef sails before they tore.          
The menace of icebergs was always strong,       
This consignment of tea to Halifax                    
by its English owners must not go wrong.         
Then carrying passengers out of Boston,           
such trade was good reaping much after tax.     
Provided this battle could now be won              
Around the Horn to California where                
gold had been discovered now  by the ton.       
passengers hoping to get their fair share,          

Copyright © Alfred Berggren | Year Posted 2018