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Burst the Bubble

I got nothing but love for you,
baby boy, you're my best friend
We been through a whole lot together,
best buds forever, thick and thin

Now I wouldn't be looking out for you,
if I let you keep getting dumped on this way
You can't see it with those lovey-dovey eyes,
but you been getting treated like a doggone stray

You got put out of your own house,
what, are you a man or a mouse
You're taking the bus, while she's driving your car
You took a shine to being henpecked way too far

I hate to be a homeboy hater,
but that's how the situation be
I hope you listen, 'cause good advice is hard to come by,
especially when it's given free

You say you love her,
I feel you, cool ... that's fine
You say sharing is good
but you always pay the bill
when you and her wine and dine

You say she loves you too
I hear you, cool ... that's sweet
She says equality is good,
but every place you both go,
she never pulls out the purse and treat

I hate to be a Fred Flintstone,
but you're looking like a Barney Rubble
Hate to have to break it to you this way,
boy, I hate to have to burst your bubble

I hate to be a Wilma Flintstone,
but you're acting like a Betty Rubble
Hate I had to break it to you this way,
I really hate I had to burst your bubble

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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"Poetry And Adultry" (Adult Nature)

        I used to watch sunsets in your eyes. But something changed, I began to catch you in 
lies.  Don't act like it's strange, and seem surprised.  Your tears can't heal my pain.  So stop 
the theatrics and tell me his name!  It's a shame, that a grown successful woman succombs 
to playing games.
       You think you can destroy me emotionally by your infidelity?  What goes around comes 
around. You just inherited a new enemy!  It's hard to imagine I was sharing my lady with 
another man.  How could this happen?  But life goes on and my heart is strong like Conan!
       Love is something I've tried believing, and looks can be deceiving.  See, I thought I 
settled with you in a comfortable place, but I discovered a devil behind a beautiful face!  I 
suffered from your deadly embrace, and your lies have left a bitter taste.  Once upon a time 
I would have sworn you were magnificent!  It just blows my mind, that inside you're just 
       You must be sick in the head, and completely out of your mind.  To return from his bed 
with palm prints on your behind!  I am appalled you don't even try and hide it.  The situation 
must make you sexually excitied!  Do you get pleasure from hurting those in your life?  I'm 
willing to materialistically sacrifice, to close the curtain on you as my wife!  
       People ask are you a man or a mouse?  Okay - I'll take the TV and you can have the 
house.  So no more fussin, cussin on who gets what.  You can have it all and stick it up your 
butt!  I will find someone else, that's not an issue; and hell no I won't miss you!  I'm out the 
door with these nikes on my feet.  Call me an athlete, because you're left in the dust!  I hope 
without me it's misery for you to adjust!
       Congratulations, for a short time you caused me pain and misery.  And all those people 
who told you to S#$t on me, no doubt you'll need them when I get out, so you can wipe your 
a$$!  You nasty Jezebel with no class!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010