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Fish Flirting

A yellow-tailed angelfish

flashed his tail at me.

His shimmering skin was all aglow,

as he wiggled his fins and waved hello.

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2014

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Life In An Aquarium

Yellow Butterflyfish and Snakeskin Discus
swim freely in this life I call an aquarium-
I see a Purple Regal Tang as the Pufferfish 
sang with a melody like a sweet guitar strum.
Blue and pink coral, like a make-believe floral
stand strong and tall in the salt-watered tank-
The lemon green Laurel streams along so eternal
as the Orange Angelfish swim along the bank.
A Red-Tailed Crab and a slimy Snail like to grab
food sprinkled from the main aquarium caretaker-
Instead of eating scraps they find a lily pad
to rest and continue being nosey spectators.

Is this just a dream? Is my life not as it seems?
Cuz’ when I look around along the ground 
my human reflection is all I unbelievably see-
This life that I have found, I just sit here profound
gazing at the amazing life of salt water beauty.

Oh no! I see a Reef Shark and I start to embark
on my way towards the side of the glass-
I find relief in the belief that he may depart
since he comes from a breed of a docile class.
Rainbow Sea Stars you can see from afar
with hues like a pink and yellow sunset-
What a lovely sight! I can’t forget the spark
of her glowing romantic shaded silhouette. 
A Painted Turtle guy who caught my fascination
wandering in front of me slower than a snail-
A super fertile Ray lays her eggs with illumination
as the Foxface Rabbitfish flips her yellow tail.

Living in a tank of salt is obviously my true calling,
even though I always wanted to be a veterinarian-
My true wish is to live with fish,
for in water there is no falling-
Floating, swimming, kicking with a swish,
I love my life in a beautiful aquarium.

Theme: Life In An Aquarium
February 15, 2017

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Which Fish Lures You

It’s said there are many fish in the sea So which type of fish would you choose to be The sharks and jellyfish I would avoid Swimming with dolphins I’ve always enjoyed Tropical river queens are angelfish To mate with one of them, male species wish All fish seem to evade barracuda Even powerful, albacore tuna But of all fish swimming in lakes and seas There’s just one with humor that seeks to please Clownfish perform an amusing sea dance With host fish before they take residence If given my choice, a clownfish I’d be There’s no greater gift than laughter to me
*Written June 30, 2014 man_Coral_Reef.jpg

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2014

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Surgery Waiting Room Clocks

Surgery waiting room clocks move very slowly.

Pages in the books people brought with them are read over and over again without the reader ever knowing what it is they read.  Magazines are picked up and put down again without being opened.  Windows are looked out of without the view outside ever being seen.

And, the clock hardly moves.

If fish could be described as pacing back and forth, that is what the angelfish in the oversized aquarium appear to be doing.  People sit in one chair, get up, walk around and sit in another chair, as if that one will bring them better results.  Bathrooms are entered and exited and the faces reflected in the mirrors within look more worried than the person looking at the reflection had hoped to see.

And, the clock has barely moved.

Hands that are seldom held are being held by friends and family.  Hugs that are seldom shared are being freely distributed.  Vending machines are being stared at for minutes at a time, but items are seldom purchased.

And, the clock remains the same.

Each new person that enters the room attracts every eyeball wondering if that person’s loved one is in better or worse shape than the one they are waiting on.  Then, the eyes return to the page that has been read fifty times; the magazine that remains unopened; or the window that looks out to an unseen scene.  Cell phones ring.  Strangers learn the story of other strangers through one sided phone conversations.

And, the clock appears to have stalled.

As surgeons enter the room, everyone listens for their name to be called.  You watch other families converse with the doctor, gather their belongings and relocate to other rooms with slow moving clocks.

Once you hear your name, your anxiety heightens and you learn the status of your loved one.  You gather your belongings to sit vigil by your patient’s side to be there when they awake.  Upon leaving the room, you glance one last time at the waiting room clock and notice it has skipped ahead seven hours.

You leave the few remaining anxious strangers behind and hope to never have to see that surgery waiting room clock ever again.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2013

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Frozen Heart

warmth he once offered had vanished only twisted words from his deceptive mouth his eyes were empty trying for years to restore his passion where was the tenderness he once gave freely apathy now abounded instead he blamed me at first, so I bought new lingerie got a manicure, pedicure and special hairdo still, he said he felt nothing after I left, I hired a sculptor he chiseled a heart out of ice metaphor for what he was missing the heart was delivered to his door he placed it in an ice bucket went out to seek angelfish many fish he caught that day, but no angels when he brought them home all had been spoiled the frozen heart had melted, just as intended but he never felt warmth inside again sometimes what’s missing cannot be restored
*Entry For Susan Burch’s “Missing” contest Written March 2, 2012

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2012

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Our Honeymoon in Hawaii

We saved up all our money and finally said, “I do”, looking forward to our marital bliss and honeymoon in Hawaii. I wondered what it would be like to walk hand and hand along the shore with my new husband. We would be on an island oasis sleeping in a tiny hut with palm trees floating above us like drifting clouds. We arrived and all we could see was blue waters and sandy beaches. We knew we would have the trip of a lifetime from the moment we stepped off the plane. Lays were gently placed around our necks and I could smell the florals of hibiscus plants. Nothing could stop our love from blooming into moments of romance and joy. perfect honeymoon Hawaii destination- island oasis The first day we shared passion along pebbled beach. Alone in our own haven sleeping under the clear twilit stars. True love was ahead of us and we knew the life we had started would become our greatest gift indeed. How could God create such a beautiful sanctuary on earth? The second day we swam with the dolphins along Waikiki shores. My dolphin’s name was Jenny and man, was she gorgeous! She had the most beautiful hazel eyes and longest tipped nose. She blew water through her hole and it splashed in my face. I felt refreshed and calm at the same time. passion on the shore God’s beautiful creation- Waikiki heaven The next few days we went to a luau and drank Mai-tais with another couple we met on their honeymoon also. We laughed so hard we cried and enjoyed each other’s company. We ate meals under the moon as the clear night sky shined above us. We went out on a yacht and went scuba diving for fun. I enjoyed it much better than I ever thought I would. The angel fish swept up against my legs and I took pictures with a waterproof camera of the rainbow-colored coral. When we were about to leave a sadness flowed over me. I didn’t want to leave such a stunning location where we shared our once and a lifetime trip. Our honeymoon was perfect and I can only hope one day we can travel back to Hawaii and enjoy that romance we shared back in 2002. God bless our vacation and God bless our love. so much laughter shared Angelfish and coral hope- trip of a lifetime August 1, 2017

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Unshackled Cycle of Sensual Songs

The Seasons heaven inspired Summer
Jousting  feasting + dancing diversions
Love  exquisite  reflection  in  the  mirror 
Tinned soup shelves in the village store
wicked chocolate sauce nutty ice-cream
Crimson berries golden mountains blue
shadows  unhinged white double doors
wide stairs tall fellow with a strong chin.
She came up to him and cleverly kissed
Fifties beatnik style polo necks corduroy
Feline  supermodels prowl  the catwalk
where  fun  and happiness are the rule.
Colorful passion ,friendship + intimacy.
Sharing wonderfully warm magical elixir
See roomfuls of  naked women bathing.
A tribute to your beauty  be immortalized
feel  fantastically  alive  Queen Goddess.
Permission to kiss every inch of the body
Girlfriends dancing , whirling + stomping.
Plush velvet sofas lead light lampshades
Playing  pieces of  music body of  a cello.
Tea-pots  doilies  darling babies parties
Fix the favorite feeling fabulous pleasure 
Keep  the  juice  alive  flavour  rhapsody.
Remember  your  gloriousness  leisure.
Angelfish pillows, enjoy  the nice things.

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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Human Aquarium

A silo water casket ...
scintillates glow 
Green sea-weed blanket. ..
bright red and yellow.
Pebbles and gravel.. .
in a crystalline show.
Fizzing of bubbles. .
the aquatic-air combo.

A vista of motion...
flashes a rainbow. 
A bunch of humans thrown. ..
in the confined gizmo. 
Dull green eyes.....
swim an ocean pseudo.
The drift of life. ..
it's all real although. 

The wriggle of fins.. . .
of the snooty goldfish. 
The ripple of gills....
of the elite angelfish. 
The humble jellyfish. .
and the snail all sluggish.  
The crabs and corals. .
the intricate gimmicks. 
Each and every home 
marvels marine mimics.

Our penthouse aquarium..
of ornamental beauty 
We all are sealed in our filial duty.
Unbreakable and shatterproof.. 
cocktail glass of captivity...
the glamour of mundane activity.
glows in endless sanguinity. 
Then one day....
Motionless fish in sea... 
will  be flushed out..
quarantined to liberty 
will swim across free ..
the ocean of eternity.    



Copyright © Debjani Mitra | Year Posted 2018