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My Alphabet

A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A
                       Alligator, Airplane, Apple
The alligator sneaked into the airplane to eat an apple.  Aa Aa Aa

B b 	big B little b
                   What words start with the letter B
                       Butterfly, Boy, Banana
A beautiful butterfly landed on the boy ’s nose while he ate a banana. Bb Bb Bb

C c	 big C little c
                    What words start with the letter C
                        Caterpillar, Candy, Car
I ate my sour caterpillar candy in the car. Cc Cc Cc

D d	 big D little d
                    What words start with the letter  D
                        Dog, Doll, Donkey
The dog took off with my doll with the donkey chasing him. Dd Dd Dd

E e	 big E little e
                    What words start with the letter E
                        Elephant, Ear, Eye
The elephant touched his ear and eye with his trunk. Ee Ee Ee

F f	 big F little f
                    What words start with the letter F
                        Fish, Flower, Frog
The frog sat on the lily flower while the fish swam around the pond. Ff  Ff  Ff

G g	 big G little g
                    What words start with the letter G
                        Goat, Giraffe, Grasshopper
Billy goat runs and jumps on the giraffe’s back to chase the grasshopper.  Gg Gg Gg

H h	 big H little h
                    What words start with the letter H
                        Hippopotamus, Heart, Hat
Harry the hippopotamus who has a big heart, wears his favorite hat. Hh Hh Hh

I i	 big  I little i
                     What words start with the letter I
                         Inchworm, Iron, Ice cream
The inchworm stayed away because the iron was hot and the ice cream was cold. Ii Ii Ii

J j 	big J  little j
                   What words start with the letter J
                       Jacket, Jeep, Jelly
I left my jacket in the jeep while I ate my jelly sandwich. Jj Jj Jj

K k	 big K  little k
                    What words start with the letter K
                         Kangaroo, Key, Kitten
Lulu the kangaroo wore a key on a chain around her neck while she carried the kitten in her pouch. Kk Kk Kk

L i	 big L little l
                    What words start with the letter L
                         Lizard, Ladybug, Lego
Charlie the lizard stops to see the ladybug climb up the Lego. Ll Ll Ll

M m 	big M little m
                   What words start with the letter M
                       Monkey, Mouse, Moon
The monkey and mouse sitting on a tree limb together looking at the man on the moon. Mm Mm Mm

N n	 big N little n
                    What words start with the letter N
                        Nose, Nest, Nut
Nancy the squirrel put her nose near the nest to smell the nut at the bottom. Nn Nn Nn

O o	 big O little o
                    What words start with the letter O
                        Ostrich, Orange, Owl
The ostrich saw the orange and ran over and swallow it so he didn’t have to share with the owl.  Oo Oo Oo

P p	 big P little p
                    What words start with the letter P
                         Pig, Pillow, Pumpkin
Piggy the pig lies on the pillow while he throws the pumpkin up in the air.  Pp Pp Pp

Q q	 big Q little q
                     What words start with the letter Q
                          Queen, Quarter, Quail
The Queen of hearts threw a quarter in the air and a quail flew by and caught it. Qq Qq Qq

R r	 big R little r
                    What words start with the letter R
                         Rabbit, Roster, Rocket
The rabbit and the rooster took a rocket ride to visit the moon. Rr Rr Rr

S s	 big S  little s
                    What words start with the letter S
                        Sun, Shovel, Snowman
The children played out in the sun using a shovel to make a snowman.  Ss Ss Ss

T t 	big T  little  t
                   What words start with the letter T
                        Ticket, Table, Train
I  left the ticket on the table for the train ride. Tt Tt Tt

U u	 big  U little  u
                     What words start with the letter U
                         Unicorn, Umbrella, Unicycle
The unicorn held an umbrella over his head so he wouldn’t get wet in the rain while riding his unicycle.  Uu Uu Uu

V             big V  little v
                    What words start with the letter V
                        Violin, Vegetables, Vase
The musician played his violin as he watched the vegetables grow in the vase. Vv Vv 

W w         big W little w
                    What words start with the letter  W
                        Watch, Watermelon, Wagon,
Watson looked at his watch to see if it was lunch time so he could eat his watermelon on the wagon. Ww Ww Ww

X x	 big X  little x
                    What words start with the letter X
                        Xebec, Xylophone, X-ray,
The sailors on the xebec played the ping, ping, ping music on the xylophone while on their way to deliver an x-ray to Xavier.   Xx Xx Xx

Y y 	 big Y little y
                    What words start with the letter Y
                         Yarn, Yo-Yo, Yogurt
The yarn broke loose on the yo-yo when Billy was doing a trick and it flew into the yogurt.  Yy Yy Yy

Z z	 big Z  little  z
                    What words start with the letter  Z
                         Zebra, Zipper, Zoo
The zebra zipped up the zipper on his jacket when it got cold at the zoo. Zz Zz Zz

By: Eve Roper 8/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Plastic Paradise

Time’s ticking for whooping cranes
wild buffalo and prairie dogs.
For their losses outweigh their gains,
displaced by cattle sheep and hogs.

The elephant and the blue whale
may share the fate of the dodo.
For their lives are now endangered
like the dragons of Komodo.

Alligator and crocodile
tread the fringes of extinction.
And the California condor’s 
future hangs on its distinction.

Baby seals are slaughtered for fur
and otters for the fish they eat.
Lions and tigers entertain us
and are routinely starved and beat.

In sanitized utopias
we plant the occasional tree.
Yet in our plastic paradise
there's few animals left to see.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Animal Crackers

A giraffe approached
We necked

An elephant met me on the jungle path
I stored many thoughts in his trunk

A monkey smiles at me
Now I have no more bananas

A zebra wants to discuss the issues of life
I replied, such things are never black and white

On a boat, an alligator swam by
He offered to sell me an old family briefcase 

I have, I confess a gold fish with blonde hair
I named her Donald as bizarre as it seems

I tried to hire a group of rabbits
I said it’s the carrot or the stick

They were hopping mad
Multiplying their demands

I gave in
My coyote lawyer was useless in such matters

Alas as I am older now
So I bought a turtle

He slows me down a little
I slow him down a lot

I now have a great admiration
For Dr Doolittle

Who after all
Did a little and a lot

Although there was that one case never solved
No one though, really gives a quack!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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Brother to a brother

Brother brother
My brother
Mi Hermano
Man of La Mancha
Fat cat donning
A  gray flannel suit
Slim shades
Fake alligator shoes
Brother brother
Mi Hermano
Sitting behind a desk
Making decisions
For erroneous reasons
 brother with Spike words
Forked tongue
Strapped for freedom
To write abstract words
Words of wonder
From a latter day poet
Creative brother
 for thy self
Mustering words of confusion
Into transformations
Detail lies and half truths
To abort friendship
Brother my brother 
Mi Hermano
There is room
 on this place 
We call mother earth
Let the past be 
The past
I extend my hand 
And in ending this
I say 
Alma con alma 
Soul to soul
Honor and truth
Among men 
Is here for 

Copyright © Tonytocaa Camacho | Year Posted 2015

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z is for Zaria , ABC of Disney Characters Contest

A is for Akela of Jungle Book fame
B is for Baloo from Jungle Book the same

C is for Cinderella what a pretty sight
D is for Donald Duck, hope he doesn’t bite

E is for Eyore the lovely donkey that brays 
F is for the Fairy Godmother your wishes she obeys

G is for the Gopher loves Honey from Winnie the Pooh
H is Hyacinth Hippo from Snow White fame that’s true

I is for Ian the Alligator who is always hungry
J is for Jiminy Cricket who starred in Pinocchio story

K is for Kiara means princess in Swahili from Lion King
L is for the lovely Lady not sure where Tramp is hiding

M Is for Mickey Mouse with the best fashion trend
N is for Nala was Simba’s childhood friend

O is for the Owl with eyes so big. Sees everything
P is for Peter Pan in his book he is king

Q is for the Queen of Hearts with a tray of lovely goodies
R is for Rafiki is a Mandrill meaning friend in Swahili 

S is for Simba who likes to live dangerously
T is for Tramp who is looking for his Lady

U is for Uncle Max the Meerkat another Disney star
V Is for Vitani the outsider lioness who looks from afar

W is for Wendy, she is waving to Peter Pan
X is for Xerxes  you will find him in Aladdin

Y is for Yzma from the Emperor’s new Groove
Z is for Ziggy the hungry vulture everyone hates to love

Hope you like my ABC of Disney
Stories for you Zaria to enjoy.


Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Kids Love For Animals

       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that are laughable
Like a camera pecking rooster and fun monkeys
To a mom and a baby miniature donkeys

Videos of wild turkeys and charming geese
Ducks in water and chicks learning to speak
Dazzling ostrich and many free birds
Some you would not want to move towards

A large unique animal is the alligator
The total opposite of the caterpillar
Camels and alpacas are tall and exquisite
But they spit at you when you try to visit

There are also hornpout and catfish videos
and a painted box turtle that is really slow
Beautiful miniature horses and elegant ponies
Border collies herding sheep to earn their trophies

Little kids pig scramble is stunning to see
and a little fawn as precious as can be
Cow’s hair that needs braiding is fascinating
With the most assortment you’ve ever seen

Come to my view with me youtube channel
If the kids are being hard to handle
Just start it up and walk away
To get your housework done for the day

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Swamp Life: Human Nature Contest

Swamps are like places where dinosaurs roam  
shadowed by ancient moss-draped trees.        
A prehistoric world in shades of green.            
I paddle my pirogue through algae foam.     
Around me it's taciturn and serene                     
as I collect for whittling, cypress knees.              
Fishermen, hunters, and I call it home.             

Nature's garden profuse with wildflowers;
cattails and swamp iris in brown and blue.
An alligator, inert near the banks.
I sit and gaze at the beauty for hours.
For my primitive domain, I give thanks -
for the bass I caught, simmering in stew,
and for herbs I use for healing powers.

In the swamp, it's as if time has stood still.
Under lily pads there lurks big bullfrogs
hiding from herons and the egret.
I can hear them calling out their trill.
Time in my cabin I never regret.
Life is peaceful in these foggy bogs.
I ready myself for night's misty chill.

Sinister snakes slither in shallow brine
and cling to low branches overhead,
trying to catch the last ray of sun.
I descry them while checking my line
then gather up moss, and when that's done,
I will stuff it inside my mattress bed.
Living in my swamp suits me just fine.

January 21st, 2016
Human Nature Contest
Sponsor: Marugu Mo

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Hobo Walking Past Our House

Hobo Walking Past Our House

He looked like man walking with rocks in his shoes,
a bit edgy, with shadows flitting about.
Dark clouds about him, sending the lonesome blues,
smiling alligator with a toothless snout.

Stopping to look back, time waving its hello's,
angry at not having what he left behind;
an old man, one of those ***** little fellows
with nothing about him speaking as refined.

A frown formed upon his dark, withering face,
as his ragged, torn hat hung on him quite low.
Started again, he walked at a limp pace,
leaving questions, answers nobody can know.

Disappearing from our sight, one of his goals.
Like an ancient furnace, with no burning coals.

R.J. Lindley
SEPT.22ND 1976

Note: Edited recently to meet the eleven syllable verse uniformly.

Syllables Per Line:	
11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11
Total # Syllables:	154
Total # Lines:	17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	
Total # Words:	111

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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The Dragline

THE DRAGLINE  for Pete Brett 

One hundred foot boom 
 7-½-yard bucket 
The tracks are like 
 Ones on the tracks of a tank
They go chunk clunk and clank  

Arm of the boom swings 
 Far to the left then to right  
Out casts the bucket 
 And drags the rock in 

 Papa pushes the pedals and 
 Pulls the leavers
 Lifts the cranes bucket and 
 Swings the arm in 
 Dumps the rock into
 A pile at quarry
Just old black Burt, Bootsie and me
We ride in the donkey a brawny little engine
Careful now Uncle Burt I ‘am heavy as can be
He’d chuckle and let me ring the dingy
 As the donkey pulled all those gondola cars
 to the rock crusher A ring ding-a-ling
 here comes the train ring ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling

Dinner would be with Uncle Red Papa and me
 by the railroad tracks a fire warm 
and perhaps we would see
 Alligator Willy who would stop by to share
 some pickled eggs, sausages and a beer
 I dance in the night by the light that comes
 from cranes rear window the light that
shines from the top of the boom
My stage is a beam of square light
and I dance and I swirl as the 
beam from the top boom does
swing. It’s better than the light from the moon
I spin and I dance in an out of
The shadows
I see my papa’s face
Through the crane’s side window’s panel

His arm is out stretched as he
Pushes and pulls
I wave I am tired now

He jumps from the tracks and
 Lifts me back in
His face has wide goofy grin
We share chocolate milk
From a thermos and take
 Orange marmalade Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper
 which were sticky and sweet
 from his Old battered Lunch Pail 

 when my feet were all wet He took off my shoes
 and placed them by Old Mr. Murphy as his engine was called 
 Dry and warm and cozy we’d be
Papa his dog Bootsie and me
 Northwest the crane that he ran At Seminole Rock
 he was considered the best Crane operator-man

He worked from dark tell the sand-man
I sleep in an empty dynamite crate
Filled with a string called waste
Used to spread thick grease
by the big diesel engine at the back
of the crane 
He shuts the doors as it’s starting to 

The crane growls and grumbles
and rocks me to and fro
 like in a large giant’s lap 
as I take a nap
in dreams I spin and I dance 
by the light from the boom 
it’s better than the light
 from the moon

Copyright © JoAnne Simms | Year Posted 2012

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Poet Destroyer vs JamesGareth

Poet Destroyer vs. James Gareth

Are you done taking your nap?
I read a few of your poems
You got it wrong, they are not crap
First I want to thank you, for the extra lap
Glad, I inspired another slam out of you
I'm not ready to toss in the cap
It takes a bigger plot to get me upset
Your ego fell into my poetic trap
While you came out of the closet,
wearing M.C. Hammer pants 
Your headstone now reads "You lost it!"
The vulture's on your body tap, tap, tap!
On your corpse, they pile up their  crap
"Sorry!" I zapped you with my taser gun, 
zap, zap, zap!
That's what you got for raising your pen.
You hit me with words, like a gypsy queen
Don't want to be enemies, nor friend.
You say I am sweet like a flower.
No magic cure, no poetic power.
I can be as sweet as they come.
If by any chance you are the jealous one.

I'll tell you what,
does it matter if I kiss the ladies butt?
It's not your fault you are not hot.
I'll wait for you to leave the kitchen,
The heat in here is what you don't get.
Hang up your gloves, put away your pen.
Your words of yesterday, slowly rot.

I will take your Hakius.
Release them like creatures.
They sound like insults to Mother Nature.

What if? I turned over a new leaf
Will you stop saying, I'm the crooked police!
I will no longer be an investigator.
I have no need to destroy you.
I have no force like Darth Vader.
I'm kind of getting bored of this
I will read you later alligator.
         "I'll be back!"
As The Terminator once said

(FUN) No feelings were hurt in the making.
If you are following
(read poem by JAMES GARETH--To the POET Destroyer)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Don't take Her For Granted

Easier Than Loving Me

You could steal a star out of the sky
make rain fall upside down.
Or sit yourself in a corner
in a building that's built round.

You can rope your own tornado
or walk across the sea.
You could dig a hole to China
easier than loving me.

Something strange about me
nobody wants to stay.
They're all gone tomorrow
that's standing here today.

Count grains of sand out by the shore
eat ice cream in the sun.
Stand alone against an army
live your life without someone.

Make your way to heaven
without taxes, without dying.
Or be the best in this whole world
when you weren't even trying.

Force your dreams to all come true
even those not meant to be.
Or tame an alligator
easier than loving me.

Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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The Hunt

After Legend got blown up along with
all of the city zombies,
I was now the sole survivor and sick and tired of 
hiding out at Hobby Lobby,
bored of making necklaces, soaps and candles
and doll houses every single day,
I decided hunting countryside zombies should make 
up a good part of my day,
deciding to lure all of them south to the Everglades,
that way the alligators down there could have a feeding frenzy day,
running down there as if I were a female Forrest Gump,
the zombies right behind me slowly catching up,
finally making it the edge of the great swamp,
I lured the zombies close by and heard my first chomp,
taking a risk with my ammonia and urine alligator repellant
sprayed all over me,
the alligators came out snatching and eating all the zombies 
except for me,
thank God because it gave me time to flee,
desperately searching for a bathroom around the glades,
from drinking on my run down there way too much Gatorade.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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Home Anywhere For The Holidays

The bright Christmas lights on my city house are so colorful and traditional,
hopefully when I get my high utility bill I won't become too irrational,
and watching everyone open up their gifts makes me want to sigh,
also hoping that when I get the credit card bills I won't start to cry,

And the Christmas room has edible fumes of the eating variety kind,
with the holiday weight I gain ending up in my butt and thighs,
while getting a white Christmas is something I always wished for,
but not slipping on the slippery steps when walking out the front door,

A different group of Christmas carolers singing out front in my yard,
all of them sounding very off key like a cat getting strangled,
and not having money to give them gave them some pie I baked,
most of them getting sick from it Betty Crocker I aint,

Going Christmas shopping and getting stuck in the holiday traffic,
and trying to find a parking spot at the mall was really quite baffling,
having to sit there and wait till I saw a shopper getting ready to leave,
another car beat me to the spot while I sat there and sneezed,

So I decided to move far away from the hustle and the bustle,
wheres all I have to worry about is what is that woodland noisy rustle,
could be a black bear, coyote, wolf or a moose,
and when I get my mail every day have to run so they don't bite my big caboose,

But thats ok I'm starting to feel at home for the holidays in the hills,
getting used to the 8 foot snow drifts and the night time animal shrills,
while getting into my vehicle can be quite an ordeal,
running like a fugitive till I get inside of it in my camouflage gear,

But I have a plan B just in case living in the hills doesn't all work out,
I'll just move to Florida where the humidity and big bugs will bother me no doubt,
where I'll buy my own little house hopefully sinkhole free and keep it fumigated,
and pretend to have a white Christmas even though its 85 degrees out while getting chased by an alligator.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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Santa in Florida

Santa in Florida

By Elton Camp

In Florida, Christmas ain’t so grand
Santa’s sleigh won’t slide on sand
And not many children there stay
Most of the folks are old and gray

Santa’s thick, red suit will be right
To keep away the mosquito bite
Children have to leave him a Coke
On its foul water, he would choke

In land that’s so flat and swampy
The old elf just has to feel grumpy
After Florida, Santa’s not seen later
He got swallowed by an alligator

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2010

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Mama Bear

Do not mess with Mama Bear; leave her cubs alone
Or the life you place in peril, could well be your own.
Papa Bear can be ferocious and attack, this is true,
But Mama Bear will do damage and deliver hell 'to' you.

Mama Bear's most treacherous when she is protecting;
Mess with her cubs and she'll definitely be collecting.
Payback is a ***** and know, it will surely be in spades.
You'll wish she was just an alligator in the Everglades!

By the time you realise she's hot upon your trail,
All your efforts to escape will be to no avail.
She'll never lose your scent nor stray from her mission,
Until 'her' satisfaction comes to its fruition.

This could take a looooong time and it likely will,
Since hurting a Mama's cub comes with an attached bill,
A debt that is unpayable according to Mama Bear.
Threaten her world, you will have agony to spare!

Her cubs are her life. Her apron strings aren't ever cut.
If you dare to harm her cubs, expect a new hole in your butt!
She'll accept no excuses; for life you'll be in debt.
On her hook you shall remain and she never will forget!

Hurt a cub of hers and she will surely hunt you down
And only verbs will follow; there's no action in a noun.
The dictionary has no word to describe Mama Bear's wrath
And her ways of retribution are incalculable by math.

Let this be a warning with an urgency to heed.
Dismiss and disregard and face a law decreed.
Mama Bears, when their cub's wellness is at stake,
Seek their own justice should you make this mistake!

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2018-04-14 00:23:00 (EDT) 
All rights reserved.

Copyright © Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly | Year Posted 2018

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Urban Legend-Gators in NYC

Two teens shoveling snow that February day,
wanting to hurry up so they could play,
quickly shoveling heaping piles of snow,
into an open 1935 NYC manhole,

Seeing something move down in the hole,
both teens thought "holy mole!"
yelling theres a gator down in there,
wanting to help it out they showed little fear,

Getting a clothesline they helped drag it out,
an 8 foot alligator with a toothy snout,
loosening the line the gator snapped,
while the teens were busy watching their backs,

But both boys were taken aback by the attack,
and decided to give the gator some whacks,
both killing it with their work snow shovels,
whereupon the gator didn't give them anymore trouble,

Now in NYC every February 10th,
the people are reminded of how that day was spent,
with a bronze gator pulling a man down in the manhole,
a quirky subway commemoration reminder for one and all.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes  ~

through overlapping branches
laser beams of sunlight pierce 
the dense canopy   ~

worlds largest rodent
like a giant guinea pig
capybara dives  ~

painful insect sting
as painful as a gunshot
the bullet ants bite  ~

rainforest rivers  ~
home to pods of pink mammals
fresh water dolphins  ~

jesus christ lizards ~
walking across the water
miracles happen  ~

hanging upside down ~
eating green vegetation
slow moving sloths  ~

native indians  ~
rub poison on arrow tips
from the green dart frog

a very short tail  ~
long shaggy coat and red face
bald vakari swings ~

face of a lion ~
now an endangered species
lion tamarin ~

pygmy tribes food source
monkeys, pigs and antelope
hunting to survive ~

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Christmas With Relatives

My happy Aunt Petootie
comes clomping over.
Your mother says you write poetry now.
Her eyebrows are angry.

Uh-huh. I admit.
She is in full glare mode now.
Because I like it?

Diabolical laugh.
Hey, Glitzy, get over here!
Guess what Miss Funny-Duddy just said?

I inch out of their circle of hilarity,
wondering why I had allowed
my mother to talk me
into staying an 
extra five minutes.
Here in the deep heart
of all this Christmas
love and cheer?

Poetry huh?
It is Uncle Malc-wood.
Aunt Petootie's husband.
I know I am not supposed to like him.
He is an out-law, after all, married in.

I glance down at my hands, barely nod.
My trust window is rapidly closing.
I wish I was an alligator being eaten by a cheetah.

My windows are boarding themselves
up, I am ready to go!
A gentle touch on my roof brings 
my house-eyes-self upwards.
Uncle Malc-wood says, "Good for you!"

I guess I could stay another ten minutes.
My TV shows are already recorded after all.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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To Be A Friend Pleaser

I heavily recall two times when I had made you cry,
Both of which bewildered and moved me
My response was that of disbelief, and regret
And never, upon recalling, 
Have I felt more of the need to address these moments

We were young, certainly, tied together by our imaginations, 
Our wit, and artful talents, 
You, an adept, musically inclined, 
And I musically aroused 
It seemed such a normal day that my guards were broken,
And I freely blabbered, 
As I would to a sibling, or my favorite play thing
We had known each other for a while,
And I deemed it right to show my all
You shared your favorite toys with me, 
And I made it my signature, in my goofy ways, 
To disperse each play session stirring your mind
So that you may laugh, and I may laugh too

I remember the living room, 
Sitting on the light brown carpet floor
And Grandma, for I considered her my grandma too,
Contented on the couch, enjoyed our giggles, and smiled,
While she read her weekly romance novel
I always wondered the reason for her reading,
And how she might receive pleasure in such a simple thing as
Attending to our nonsensical trifles

We played with our stuffed animals,
Hers was a white, fluffy bear with sophisticated clothes
And mine, an alligator, naked, and morose looking
I thought it would stir more laughter if,
In contrast to the kind, gentlemanly bear,
The alligator would respond in grumpy exclamations,
Even insult, if he were pushed too far to conform 
For as the gentlemanly bear insisted upon conversing with the alligator,
Having tea with him and discussing matters of interest, 
The alligator’s response, frank and cold was soon drawled to,
“No, no, no, I do not want to!”
Having repeated such a phrase a couple times,
I saw that it resulted in her laughing,
So, repeating the phrase, 
I meant to conjure more fits of joy,
However, after the third repeat, she suddenly stopped, 
The insistent gentleman was speechless
In a strange pause I stared at my friend,
Watching her pink cheeks pale,
And her eyes water with sudden tears
I squeezed the alligator, almost cursing it instead of myself,
Watching her and wondering what had caused this sadness and pain
She turned away from me, and cried, 
Getting up quickly, embarrassed, and darting into her room

Grandma seemed understanding, 
And this bewildered me even more
Surely, I had done something awful, 
Making my closest friend cry,
And surely, a lecture was soon to put in me in my place
Instead though, she apologized to me, 
And told me not to worry, that she would be just fine
Though never, being the friend pleaser that I was,
Did I feel more awful, and more worrisome
I thought of what I might do to make her feel better,
As Grandma walked down the hall and entered her room
I thought perhaps, she would want me to go home,
So I got up, stuffed my bag with my things,
And waited at the door,
Rehearsing in my mind a thousand apologies

She returned out of the room, 
Saying nothing, but motioning me to the floor with the toys
I obeyed her, never more guarded and thoughtful in my life,
And we resumed our play session
The alligator had took a turn to being quite the sweet chap
And realized that the gentlemanly bear was not as annoying
And bossy as he first thought,
That he only needed a friend to talk to
Someone kind and understanding

The second instance was in a later year
Dear Grandma was away in a separate apartment
Her father was frequently at the house, 
A quiet, but nice man, 
Always retreating to the back room
Whenever we entered the house for lunch or to retrieve a doll
Despite his kindness, his reserve slightly intimidated me,
And the few times he addressed me 
Were always awkward, and thankfully, short
We were more inclined to outside activities those days,
Roleplaying, sporting, and running about,
I the servant and she the princess
I did not much mind the role of the servant, 
As I had many quirks, 
And nothing too great was expected of me
We often, befriended despite our opposite positions,
Would sit at the swing set and converse together
As equals, almost,
The princess gaining from the servant wit and adventure,
And the servant, gaining from the princess,
Patience, poise and simplicity
But our session was long over as I heard the call from her father,
And we both sighed, and ran into the house
My mother had come to pick me up,
And her father, gently, led me to the front door,
With the usual, “See you later!”, 
And, “It was good to see you again!”
My friend, happy in countenance, bid me goodbye,
Smiling, though pale, once again
It did not occur to me at the time,
That she was on the brink of tears
And as I got into the car, 
As we pulled out of the driveway,
I saw the look of sadness and despair on her face
Her eyes… they splashed on me grief
She was staring at me, tears running down her face,
Her body quivering, standing at the curb
I could barely make out from the muffle of the car,
The sound of her crying out,
Just as her father stormed outside, dragging her away,
“Ashly, what the f*** is wrong with you!!!??”
And we drove away, my face plastered to the window,
Thinking to myself, 
“What have I done?”

I was so confused,
So sad, and so strangely angry
To see her father drag her in that way
Though I wondered, perhaps, I had faulted her once more
That in me leaving, she took it as a rejection,
And I felt it my duty to be near her again,
To assure her that I was always her servant
And she was always the princess
I could not, if I wanted to,
Revert to the mindless alligator again,
And, like her father, disregard her enigmatic feelings,
As well as her insistent need for affection and kindness
I vowed I would always provide her with my best
So that only smiles and laughter animated her delicate being

To be a friend pleaser—yes, that is what I am,
Requires more of self, to even enhance oneself, 
To build up the deprived,
To change perspective, 
And change character,
And in turn, serve selflessly,
For to gain the thrill of happiness
From a more than worthy companion,
Is, for me, to gain the world

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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Why I'm Confused

my pastor bought a plane with the church money
michelle flyin' first class to china like it’s her money
don't even go to church anymore, y’all are wastin’ my money, 
makin’ me live poor so you can buy that alligator clutch you adore
you claimin’ it’s a knock off, please, tell me more
i swear this type of **** makes me wanna blow my brains out all over the floor
get the **** out of office, and lock the mother****in’ door
take your lyin’ *** back to “honolulu”, we don’t want you anymore
1.3 million on booze, and it’s our tax dollars you use
and then you wonder why we all stand here lookin’ confused
your privileges were abused, our dollars misused
we asked for explanations, every time you refused
but everything is excused, ****in’ peoples’ lives up and you just sit back, amused
this is why i’m confused

Copyright © Erin Evans | Year Posted 2014

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One day I saw an alligator,
He said, "May I take a bite?
Your fingers look real juicy
And your legs will fill my appetite."

I said, "No way Al baby,
My fingers are so handy,
My legs I need for walking
In your swamp where it's so sandy."

I said, "What about you alligator,
Can you do without your skin?
You see I want an alligator bag
To put my school things in."

He said, "You must be joking
My skin's a very vital part,
It keeps the mossies and the snakes
From acting far too smart."

After that we were good friends,
Sometimes around the swamp I ride,
Although my seat is very knobbly
Al makes a great swamp guide.

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Copyright © john williams | Year Posted 2014

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We set out early when the air was cool to go fishing.

Deep within the forest at a river tributary lies

a remote stretch of water. A few hours later

our catch is impressive. I turn my back to eat my lunch

and I hear a scream. An alligator has snatched

my friend with its terrible death grip—

there’s nothing I can do but stare in horror

at the scene before me. Will I be next?

I wish I had my hunting rifle…

Copyright © nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex | Year Posted 2015

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Funny House Pets for Kids


First you got an alligator.

Next came a giraffe.

Lions ride your elevator,

bears hide in your bath.



       (a duck?),


             run amok through all your rooms!

Soon, if you don't set them free - there will be no room for me!


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

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First Love - How I Met My Hubby

How I Met My Hubby Summer 1955  (using 1950s slang)

I answered the horn—it was my friend, Bobby.
He told me he knows someone I might dig,
and he’d like me to cast an eyeball on him!
He said he is very earthbound and hep!
So, I told him, “Okay, see ‘ya later, alligator!”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was on cloud 9
and cranked, and so full of illuminations!
But then thought to myself, don’t have a cow!
He could be a fake out or a fream,
so I shouldn’t flip until I meet him!
I put on my best poodle skirt and saddle shoes,
and then brushed my hair up in a ponytail.

Bobby pulled up in his flip-top, and I go ape!
He gives me that made in the shade look.
Then he got out of the machine, and
Bobby introduced him to me as Bill.
Tall, with a flat top, classy chassis, and nice threads—
I was glad he wasn’t a greaser or grody.
As we talked, I’m thinking to myself—this,
this is like crazy! He’s the most! Boss!
We talked more and then went inside my pad
to hang and play my collection of sides.

Before long, time for Bill and Bobby to cut out.
We did have a blast, and Bill was so cool.
I whispered to Bobby that I really dig Bill,
and he said Bill thinks I’m a dolly.
Before they jumped back into Bobby’s chariot,
Bill asked me to go see a flick the next night.
I calmly said yes, but inside I began to flip!
Said he would call me on the horn in the morning.
“Okay, punch it,”  Bill said to Bobby,
so he popped the clutch and they split.

My brother said, “What’s you tale, nightingale?”
I said, “Cool it—and cut the gas!  Get with it,
and don’t be cruisin for a bruisin!”
Brother said he heard Bill ask me out to a flick,
and to make sure he doesn’t take me to that passion pit!
“Righto, and don’t bug me,” I said under my breath.
“I’m gonna cut out to listen to some sounds
upstairs and pile up some Z’s.”

I went to my room, definitely cranked and on cloud 9,
thinking about my blast tomorrow with Bill.
I couldn’t wait to make the scene—
A burger, fries, Coke and a flick…fat city!
And, maybe, I thought, a little back seat bingo too??
And then slowly, I nodded off to sleep…

*Never a thought we’d be circled in June 1958

Sandra M. Haight

~3rd Place~
Contest: First Love
Sponsor: Frank Herrera
Judged 10/07/2016

~1st Place~
Contest: Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk – 1950’s Slang
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Judged: 06/25/2015

Reference for 1950’s slang:

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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My Cousin's Wedding

My Cousin's Wedding

Weddings happen here by the dozen
All are fun, especially if a cousin

Get a new outfit, have to look good in the croud
Make the best of the time that is allowed

The bride and groom get set for the night
Alot of time and money go into making sure all goes right

The ceremony is over, the bride and groom set out
The pastor calls them back , marriage license not signed, he shouts  (hehe)

The right combination of people, music make a good reception
Where is the beer, head in that direction

Written on the cozie "I'm here for the free beer"
Laughing so much, has us in tears

So many relatives, which kid is for who
Can't remember names, faces will do

The dance floor is open, get out there and shake your booty
Go ahead, get a little fruity

Uncle Johnny does the alligator on the dance floor
Down on the floor, joined by more

It doesn't stop there, the bride leads the pirogue
Like a train behind her, a long line unfolds

Family, friends, togetherness like no other
Before nights end, you will know many others

Contest by:  Joann Grisetti
Poem written by: Debra Falgout
September 1, 2012

Copyright © DEBRA FALGOUT | Year Posted 2012