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Whence diplomacy fails mankind.
Soldiers amassed with patriotic duties to fulfill.
Some willing, some underaged, some desperate.
Weaponry and vehicular production overdriven.
Military strategies drafted that await execution.
Prayers flood the heavens, farewell letters penned vigorously.
None prepared for what’s to come, sweet talk is all they have.
Come dawn, they depart for the frontlines.

Unto the battlefield where the enemy lies.
One step forward and all hell breaks loose.
Gunshots pierce, artillery’s shrapnel far-reaching.
Mangled corpses sprawled for families to mourn.
Commands roared but not followed for fear fuels the men.
Chaos ensues ruthlessly with no end in sight.
Death and blood saturates the gruesome battlefield.
Oh dear God, do you hear the cries of sorrow?
Oh dear God, do you see your land blood-brimmed?
Who will you aid when good and evil are indiscernible?

Countries conquered, engulfed by terror and atrocities.
Air raids never ending, bomb shelters becoming the second home.
Civilians contemned, slaughtered like pigs, experimented on like rats.
Prisoners of War starving to the bones as they labor restlessly.
Anguish ever present but naught can be done to rid it.
Oh dear God, do you witness the atrocious brutality?
Oh dear God, will you show them mercy and end their misery?

Homeward, anxiety ravages mercilessly like a plague.
Will my beloved return for college?
Will my darling return to love?
Will my dearest return to tuck me in?
Answers undetermined for life preaches uncertainty.
Politicians stand unscathed whilst comrades lay crippled.
In the perpetual bid for peace, the world drowns in blood.

Copyright © Shawn Tan | Year Posted 2016

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Too Much to Lose, Now I'm Behind Bars Blues

Let me tell you my story about my behind bars blues
For doing something I shouldn't, now too much to lose

It all happened quite a few years ago when I was a boy sixteen
Living on the Dublin estates, where you had to be part of the scene

Gangs became part of the culture, live here you'll see what I mean
Generation after generation, it appears to be in our genes

I close my eyes to recall, whilst a shiver runs down my spine
As I follow my steps that night, still scared of what I'll find

We, me and my gang, readily terrorised our streets
Frightened of no one we were, no matter whom we'd meet

Then came that Friday night down at the local bar and grill
A Rock Band played in the corner, Thin Lizzy, their guitars spill

Next thing all hell breaks loose, a rival gang enters en masse
No prisoners were taken, no creed, colour or class

Amidst the chaotic scenes you could hear the flick of a blade
Into flesh that was previously perfect, a member makes his grade

Scattered echoes resonate, shouting and cursing extends
Screams of fading life bellows, as another knife internally bends

Broken glass now glistens in pools of crimson red
Dishevelled clothed creatures, lie punctured close to dead

Sirens out of nowwhere wail, flashing blues descend
Another Friday night downtown, societies current trend

I stand in frenzied stare, a redded steel gripped in my hand
Me becoming one of many, that a parent had never planned

At sixteen years old I have been taken, but I see another day
There were three on that fateful night, who never came back to play

Liberty was never a word, that ever entered our thoughts
Or even the others we inflicked, whom we brought to nought

The day I stood in the dock, knowing behind bars blues were near
At sixteen years old going inside, it's now my turn to fear

* For Miranda's "Behind Bars Blues" contest *

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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An Unwanted Guest Mother in Law

What can I say about my mother-in-law? She’s loud and crabby and four feet tall. She comes in my house and wrecks my dinner, then has the nerve to ask me when I’ll get thinner! When she enters a room all hell breaks loose, she makes me pick sides, which in-law do I choose? She brings over dinner I end up on the couch catatonic, every year the Thanksgiving turkey makes me vomit! Unexpected visits and I welcome her in my house, but her voice so squeaky like an annoying little mouse. So I give her tea and offer her a vanilla cupcake, but chocolate is her favorite, how much more can I take! She comes over to see her granddaughter Ella Rose, acting so very sweet as she tickles her nose, but I know she desperately needs something from me, so I wait for a minute… “Can I borrow some money?” She owes me a thousand dollars from my retirement fund, when I ask her to pay me back she looks angry and stunned. Oh…so much to say, but now I’m stressed and must rest, from writing about my MOTHER-IN-LAW... the UNWANTED GUEST! An Unwanted Guest March 1, 2017

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Female Parts

Female parts can be so appealing The mere sight of 'em tends to send me reeling I pant and I drool As I enter her vestibule All hell breaks loose and I start cartwheeling

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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The Inner Struggle Within

A tender heart with words displayed

A soft word of praise for one to say
A sudden glance at sweet fancy & wine
Created from the elegance out of his grand design
A voice so very soft & tenderly;

To crush the fatal blow in disbelief

From shadows proned in some tearful disgust
The inner struggle within 
Within its torn silence there lies its most beckoning call
A rose was once plucked with a word of promise by which to care

A true love desire without the slightest word of care

The inner struggle within

A plot of land amidst a heart that was troubled
Never relent even if all Hell breaks loose & your torn to that of rubble

Now which pathway in life will you be willing to choose?

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2012

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The Wildfire

Miles and miles of dry brush, a tender box  for fire
Just a spark and the inferno is burning
Smoke clouds and ashes billow high, in Hell's exhaust
The wind is the fuel for the wildfire
Firefighters fight with all they have, in hopes of turning

All wildlife are on the run, they hurry and scurry
Trying to escape the monster that throws flames
Their homeland, now a to a smoking ember
If they could talk, in their eyes you can see the worry
Yesterday it was fun and games
But not this hot September

Thunder rolls, lighting crashes down from the sky
A pine tree explodes, and all Hell breaks loose
Flames stampede, like a crazy herd of Texas Longhorn mavericks  
And the animals wonder why?
Choking like they are in a hangman's noose
The old Devil smiling at all his old tricks

Burning for day and weeks, until it can burn no more
Leaves a scorched path, of a lot of timber
A scar, branded deep by the fire
There are no winners, just the final score
Memories, that they will always remember
That damn old wild fire

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2009

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And man will fight with murder and destruction
When peace and negotiation can go no further
Heaven shed many tears; to see that man
Does not even try to find peace if he can

For man has turned against each other
Heaven is full of sadness; and brother against brother
Humanity await his greatest fall
While heaven pray for us all

In the midst of this madness and pain
Everyone should remember Abel and Cain
Save six thousand;one man, General De Lare
Risk his life, has love to share

As Belgium rules Rwanda, the child
The sibling rebels, revolts and runs wild
The Rwandan president is dead; his plane is shot
All hell breaks loose and the temperature gets hot

The Hutus,supporters of the foreign government
Decide to bring genocide on the peaceful Tutsis without armament
Men women and children,are mowed down with machete and guns
And so instead of helping, the Belgian army runs

France, Italy, Belgium and the Vatican see the massacre of a peaceful people 
The catholic church loses its steeple
They turn their backs,  turn up their noses
The people die and their families are forced to smell the roses

To take their ex patriots, the French, Italian and Belgian appear
And after they leave, hardly a Tutsi is found standing there
The United Nations Pull out, no diplomacy, no oil, no solution
Things turn seriously grave, the Tutsis are swallowed up in this revolution

When eight hundred thousand Africans dead
All across the world, not a tear is shed
In every nation, love leaves, and enters hate
Atlantis  revisit, as man does not see his terrible fate

.William Morrissey 1/28/07

Copyright © William Morrissey | Year Posted 2012

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Love is beautiful , till the illusion remains. 
It's sweet and welcoming, 
And calms all your pain.

It sends butterflies that flutter by,
And slowly, it sinks deeper
Leaving you dazed and renewed, never once thinking.

Company, is what makes you stronger.
Untill the company is bored,
And wants you no longer.

That's when it begins. 
A downward spiral,
That's when the illusion starts to end.

Suddenly, that exquisite fire,
Withers and dies.
It isnt exquisite anymore,  it's just another pyre.

It burns, smoke rises. 
Another illusion destroyed, 
It falls as ashes,  another army deployed.

The fighting, the screaming,
The bloodless bloodshed.
The crying, the weeping, make you lose your head.

Once it's gone , all hell breaks loose . 
The saint becomes a sinner,
And the sinner has no fuel.

All promises , forgotten.
All false truth, revealed. 
Suddenly , just like that, one becomes two.

LOVE,  exists to rise and fall. 
Real till it lasts,
Then it's an illusion thats all. 


Amanda Miller 

Copyright © Amanda Miller | Year Posted 2014

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You make me want to 
crawl out of my skin.
A minute later, I want
to jump on you.
You tell me that you love me
and then all hell breaks loose.
I want to hold you and yell at 
the same time.
Scream at the top of my lungs;
"Are you even listening?"
Then you reassure me that
you won't give up.
A minute later, we're
at it again.
Trust is not the issue,
we are. Distance is.
For this to stop, we
need to be together.
But what if this happens
in person?
Will we argue until we lose 
our breath?
Or will we hold onto each other, 
until it is over?
Just yell,
but make sure you hold me after.

Copyright © Jessica D'Agostino | Year Posted 2010

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When A Brother Moves

Black motion, rhythm of his 
heart pounds through his
feet, the never ending thoughts flooding
all blood streams...clogs formed deep 
within his body. Pulse beyond faint 
as the sweat drowns it all under.

When a brother moves, he moves 
with chains, dragging a thousand ton 
rock pulling him down, yet still, he carries on.
When a brother move, he floats lightly on his feet, 
avoiding any eye contact for with a single
glance...automatically he becomes criminal.
When a brother moves it's as though he
moves with a big red X marked on his forehead,
he is the target of death, death lingers not
far from where he strides.

Black elegance, intelligence, his brain ever flowing
with ideas yet seems shackles further imprison
him, halting him from success, his love, his pride.
His pure heart stained, tainted, poisoned with
hate each and everytime he seems to open his heart
to black women.

When a brother moves you need not look 
back to notice, for mother earth surely shall
bring attention to him for all to envy at a single
When he speaks the wind carries his voice to your soul
The sun, a reflection of his smile...the moon, his
eyes they carry.
When a brother moves all hell breaks loose.
The heavy pounding of his heart eases as the
thumping of his feet escalates 
for when a brother moves...even with a thousand
years of hardship upon his shoulders, he still 
stands tall and strong for the strength of him
runs from the earths roots directly into his veins.
That is when a brother moves!!

Copyright © Mbalenhle Lyca Khumalo | Year Posted 2015

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You know that feeling

When it is a dark time in your life
and every song on FM radio reminds you of her
and you try to smile, but only frowns come to shine
and you try to dance,
but you fall to your knees and can't breathe,
and when you look at her from a distance
and she is smiling and holding hands with another man,
you feel like dying!
You know that feeling?
It hurts you,
and that lump in your throat that wants to scream,
but if you do all hell breaks loose.
The noose looks good today,
or the bridge with the one hundred foot drop to pure concrete,
it hurts!
Life goes on, you must know that for sure,
but when everything around you hurts
and all the smiles seem to you as mockery,
it is hard to live everyday knowing that what you once had,
can never come again,

That feeling it tears me apart,
limb from limb,
like a dying tree I lose all my leaves
and I cannot bear to see myself fall, yelling TIMBER!!!!
I can't handle that,
my heart is glass and glass is fragile
and I can't take that, for another stone to be thrown through my glass heart.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2014

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Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil

As I sit enjoying the penumbra of the crepuscular sky,
Suddenly all hell breaks loose, as I hear a sonorous cry.
“I have no room for jealousy or a cynical upheaval!”
With exuberant energy, my quick response, yet, I Speak No Evil! 
Matters not the visceral thought behind this desultory exchange,
All minds clear, with visual halcyon recall, of an opulent coastal range.

Written By: Sarita A Milliner © 2/2/16

Copyright © Sarita Milliner | Year Posted 2016

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For in a Doorway Lies

On an Iraqi street
Its all quiet and calm
The way it should be
Without the tyrants palm

Kids are playing
American marines patrol
They don't want to be there
But peace is their goal

A sudden silence
Greets the street
Then all hell breaks loose
Every one falls to their feet

An explosion so powerful
In neighbourhood shake
An all mighty blast
Delivered by mans earthquake

Shrapnel zips
And pings through the air
Voices in scream
Faces in blood run stare

The dust and debris
Drifts all around
As the marines rise
One hears, a crying sound

He follows the cries
For in a doorway lies
A boy of two
In bloodied apply

His small frame
Sodden of red
Lacerations aplenty
On the road to dead

The blanket he clutched
In crimson soak
This soldier, marine
In tear filled choke

He gently lifts
This fragile child
Another innocent casualty
As another war smiles

Sadly, there will be others
Through the months and years
When war will still smile
And ignore all the tears

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Christmas Night

All is calm, it is Christmas night
Time almost still in reverence
Shutters pulled, streets empty, bare
A Holy silence reigning
Holding it's presence to celebrate a birth.

Panic over, presents exchanged
Fairy lights peep through drapes
Little ones tucked in - depleted
Weary Mums sleep in easy chairs
Dad's still playing with toy trains.

Children come home from abroad
To rekindle after years of parting
They tell safe tales of life and travels
Mothers weep, joy and sadness
They look back, they look forward.

Fridges bulge with turkeys and ham
Free range this and free range that.
Fruit cakes iced with winter whiteness
Decked with ribbons on festive tables.
Empty port bottles awaiting recycle.

Newly weds share their first Christmas
Some couples share their last.
Thousands of red candles flicker.
Youths play board games and charades
In some homes all hell breaks loose.

The Queen of England is on television
She speaks of God and of the economy.
The homeless man is sleeping
Somewhere in the Kerry mountains.
A friend took him his Christmas dinner.

Adeste Fideles plays out the night
A leaf blows down the sleepy street
The festive lights sway in the breeze
Christmas night is closing in.

Copyright © Deirdre Omaidin | Year Posted 2009

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A Four Way Stop

Always great fun at an intersection With only a four way stop You start, he starts, it's him no it's me Nose to nose, where's a cop You glare, he glares, nothing's solved It boils down to a battle of wits Like kids arguing over a colourful pull toy “That's mine! No, it's mine!” and you sit Even the ear shattering sound of horns Has no effects on this yahoo! All hell breaks loose, 8 guys get out And a bloody fist fight ensues! Standing back I watch the proceedings Grown men acting like jerks Get back in my car, I drive around it all It's not worth being late for work Four way stops are becoming quite rare In this fast paced world we live in The days of civility have all been replaced When nobody's willing to give in © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Fear Runs Rampant

All hell breaks loose on Halloween Things sure get bent all out of shape It is strange how things truly seem It’s real dark no light can escape Ghosts and ghouls to make their debut All hell breaks loose on Halloween Wizards, witches put spells on you They’re all more wicked than you’ve been Mummies, the scariest you’ve seen Black cats bring superstitions out All hell breaks loose on Halloween Pumpkins’ faces all seem to pout Brilliant minds all work together They live in a world that’s a scream Where fear runs rampant here and there All hell breaks loose on Halloween
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

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Not a day goes by without it
It stresses the takers
But it relaxes the givers
Pressure is a sign of hypocrisy
We pressure people and laugh
But when we GET pressured
All hell breaks loose
All we want is a calm peaceful life
But pressure terrorizes me every day

Copyright © Tyrone Johnston | Year Posted 2010

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Falling for a guy can be bittersweet. You meet, you talk, you laugh. Then you doubt, you cry, you get distant. But there is no reason that you know of as to why you feel this way. It all seems good, you guys seem like you're in a good place, but there is a sprinkle of doubt. You don't know what to do so you just ignore it. The more you ignore it, the more you fall for him. The more you enjoy hearing him just rambling on about his passions. It's cute to you. It's the first guy that you feel that you like him not for his looks, but for his personality. One day you realize that it's not as good as when you first started talking to him. You don't laugh as much anymore. You don't have late night phone calls anymore but you crave them more and more every day. You feel like your day can't end without talking to him on the phone at least once every day. You cry because you don't know what to do. The worst part is that he warned you from the beginning that he doesn't want anything serious. But you think he'll change his mind. That's when it gets bad. That's when you become dependent. That's when all hell breaks loose. At least in your mind. You begin to overthink about everything. Every little thing that honestly doesn't even matter but matters because you think you did something that ruined it all. Even something so little like wanting to hang out with him. You feel like you're trying too hard, which causes you to become distant when really there is no reason to be. It's just your mind playing games with you... Or maybe it's you falling for him, hard and fast. You're scared you'll be rejected, and you know you already are since the day you met him because he told you he doesn't want a relationship. But will he at one point? That's the question you ask yourself every moment of the day. It's all you think about. You try to get your mind off of him but everything you see reminds you of him. You want him, but you know you can't have him. You're jealous when he says he's going to hang out with some girls, but you're not allowed to be because he's not yours. No, the worst part is, it's only been three weeks since you met him. And maybe you've already fallen for him, and it all goes downhill from here.

Copyright © Tattooed Heart | Year Posted 2016

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I Survived The Fourth Of July

Thankfully, another Fourth of July has come and went,
   Providing a day for folks to celebrate to their hearts content!

Its good that a day is set aside to honor the birth of our nation,

   To enjoy parades, hot dogs, hamburgers and a tad of libation.

All of this is well and good yet I have a genuine complaint!

   Why can't obnoxious neighbors use a modicum of restraint,

When setting off their fireworks all up and down the street?

   It sounds as if world war three has begun as each of them compete!

Adding to the din is the howling of dozens of neighborhood curs.

   Even my cat gets upset and starts to yowl when this occurs!

Fireworks vendors swarmed into town by the legion;

   Mercifully, they've folded their tents and left the region!

Now, maybe I can get some much needed sleep 'til next July,

   When all hell breaks loose again and on that you can rely!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2017

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Fire and Ice

1 Fire and Ice. A mixture? No,
2 For they cannot collide,
3 And when they do,
4 All Hell breaks loose,
5 They are on different sides.

6 Whether it’s anger, jealousy, or hate,
7 They will always go their own way,
8 And when they do,
9 They believe to be Zeus,
10 And go after the same pay.

11 Fire can be many things,
12 But only to a degree,
13 As the hotness burns its foe
14 Ego gets in the way of certainty.
15 The arrogance, selfishness, and Pride,
16 Cut away at the skin underneath
17 Only to reveal its ignorance
18 Of the eternity lying at its feet.

19 Ice can be many things,
20 Though some say it’s not as callous, 
21 As the coldness tries to find what’s beneath,
22 Tries to find the source of this malice.
23 The humbleness, selflessness, and self-control,
24 Create a sudden aura,
25 Only to have its politeness bewildered 
26 The seeking of Aurora

27 However, their similarities are what stand out,
28 They both are stubborn,
29 They both have secrets,
30 Nothing anybody is ready to learn
31 Yet neither hold any regrets.

Copyright © Megan Green | Year Posted 2008

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Terrible Day

I missed work once again 
Sick as a dog is what I am
So at 8 in the morning 
I was on the phone 
with my doctors office 

By 11 I was visiting my doctor 
Found out what I thought 
was a slight case of the flu
Was really a bad case of bronchitis 
My doctor still wanted me
to get a chest X-ray 

Why a chest X-ray I ask
The doctors replied 
to make sure it is bronchitis 
and not a case of
walking pneumonia 

So after I leave the doctors office 
I head on over to the imaging center
Thankfully I didn't have a 
very long wait
Now I just have to wait for the results 

This is when all hell breaks loose 
My doctors office faxed 
3 prescriptions to Walgreens
But Walgreens says they 
never received it

So I call the doctors office back
Tell them the situation 
and they fax the prescriptions again
After about two hours I call
Walgreens once again 

Same as before 
They say they never received the fax
By this time, I am getting frustrated 
and I already feel like crap
All I want is the medication 
so I can start feeling better 

My Dad, seeing my plight
Calls the doctors office for me
and gives them the what for
Lets just say, my prescriptions 
finally made it to Walgreens 

This is the end of my rant
on my very terrible day
Now I can say
I am on the road to recovery 

Copyright © Julie Leigh Rodeheaver | Year Posted 2017

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Fade to grey

Fade to grey

Take my hand and let me set fire to your mind.
I want to see, what you are hiding inside.
I’m blinded by the light of your eyes
And I just called to say, I never lied.

Wishing upon a shooting star.
I would shoot it down to give it to you;
If that is your wish,
Then let me, become your Prince.
For I am the one who has travelled far,
To prove I deserve a chance at a kiss.

I followed a rainbow and it led me to you.
You are sun, I am rain;
We are evenly matched and love is in bloom.

The world is our theatre;
Our script is unwritten.
With you I have become totally smitten;
You are a kitten.

Beauty pours out of you;
You are my poetry soup.
I drink you in to taste you.
You give meaning to my view.

This is what I see;
A Queen, I must kneel.
My love I shall worship you,
For I am humble and you are unbelievable!

Give me your hand in marriage
And you shall soothe the damaged,
Voice inside my heart,
That only knows of the lies I hear, in yet another adage.

Embrace me once again;
Be the moth to my flame
And I shall be grateful, 
To be no longer hateful…
Goodbye to yesterday.

Cure my disease with a simple kiss.
You are my nurse,
You are my anesthetic;
My medicine and my A and E.

Sound the alarm!
Ring the chapel bells,
Before all Hell breaks loose;
Let us wed so I can heal myself.

Paranoia over cheating;
Banish this memory,
Let me be who I used to be…

Fade to grey with me.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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Just a little pressure

So damned hot just sitting still,
In a slit on the side of the hill.
Smell food cooking in the pot,
A high energy bar is all I got.
Nightfall comes fast, chilly too,
Can't cover my ears, need to be alert too,
Watching and listening for when he comes into view.
In the blackness I see tents lit, my time is soon, I sense it.
Mind drifts off yet I stay sharp,
Feel her soft hands against my heart.
My hands, slowly now, run down her spine,
she arches at my touch,she will soon be mine.
Been a long time coming since my last tour,
Now I enjoy what I missed , more and more.
Breathing now short, both getting heady.
The tent flap opens I am instantly ready.
Just a little pressure, that's all it took.
To cross his name off my little book.
Lie still and quiet as all hell breaks loose,
Angrier than bees, I took their golden goose.
So damned hot just lying still,
In a slit on the side of the hill.
No cooking now, they have moved on,
Another bar and a sip as I lay there.
Night coming fast to this lonely place,
Extraction arrives and home we race.
Last shot fired, my time has expired.
No more tours to do. Now I am retired.

©  Dave Timperley December 10 2016

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2016

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Where nothing ever happens

Except for when I want it to,

Then all hell breaks loose,

Or all heaven,

Depending upon my frame of thought,

Or yours,

Twisting things into straight visions,

Walking divided lines so very carefully,

Brain's eye a little out of focus,

Dreams for tomorrow in a foggy haze,

Wishes dropped dead in an illusion,

Trespassing on borrowed property,

Still room at the top of nothing,

Dragging me laughing to nowhere.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

Copyright © Robert Gruhn | Year Posted 2014

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Copyright © Arcene Janvier | Year Posted 2010