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A poet after my own heart

Words formed into such beauty
Can so easily take my breath away
Can so easily sweep me off my feet
Can take this heart, break or make it, and bewitch this mind
I'm falling apart to synthetic verse across a digital screen
A poet after my own heart
What I search, what I crave, what I may have found
Knees buckling, teeth chattering
Heart melting like a waxed candel
So easily swept away with the tide of rythmic word
I pour my heart out
To this poet after my own heart
Hiding my real self from everyone else
Decrypting my form for no one else
For this poet after my own heart to understand- maybe see
Decrypting him I find myself reflected in him.
Leaving myself out in the open
For him to take or leave
Still showing this heart in my wrist to no one, only informing the poet of it
Amazed, and lulled to serenity by this poet
I'm quite infactuated and he does not even know it
I'm a simple stalker with her eye on a target
Aiming to hit, shooting to miss
Bone crushing lust for a poet after my own heart
Lust, love
Love, lust
What's the difference at this age?
Dependant on the poet, quiet around him
Lulled into silence by his presceence, put to shyness
Fighting down rolling waves of insecurity in the ocean of my gut
Watching him, stalking him playfully
Gives me the zest
Hiding and trying to avoid from being seen- to avoid his dissapointment
At such a homley form- nothing special, nothing beautiful, nothing divine
Just simply sam, standing before him, before you
Simpley Sam, the simple stalker
I've found you, you've seen me.
Which direction now?
I would sew my lips shut before I ever uttered a word
Of this poem, of my heart, of my feelings
Because I simply cannot take one more let down

Copyright © Samantha Komornik | Year Posted 2014

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Lawyer Envy

(The writing exercise was to choose three poetry cliches and make them fresh)
(back stabber, after my own heart; and a soul of discretion; maybe more...)

He was a back stabber
After my own heart
Meek and sleek and sneaky
He wormed his way in
And 'innocently' uncovered
State secrets
Private tales
Skeletons in closets
They were all fair game

He was a back stabber
Not to be trusted
But had 
Such a sweet smile
That promised a soul of discretion
It was too easy to believe him
It felt good to trust him

He pulled his victims in
And it wasn’t until the court case
Was over
And the jury voted for him
That you realized he was a back stabber

He pulled it off with such panache
And charm
You had to admire the guy
Even while you staunched your blood

I wish – oh I wish
I had his skills
He was a back stabber
After my own heart

Copyright © KJ Hooten | Year Posted 2011

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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I see you
Resolute as ever;
After my own heart


Face well-sculptured
Time tells tales;
Poignant story


Dry June humidity
Sunscreen helps;
Hot as Hell


Durian season
Pungent gastronomy;
Aromatic digest


Words on rice paper
Delicate strokes;
Ancient soliloquy


Finesse styles
Picture calligraphy;
Foreign nuance


Coming home baby
To familiar notes;
What's new pussycat?


Love unfurls
Passionate blueprints;
Vacation thoughts


Myriad movements match
Stormy stirrings surge;
Timely troubles treat


In fond glances
Love steals sensations;
Haiku glimpses


This old man
Never played one;
Now he's gone


Leon Enriquez
25 June 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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What's His Name

There once lived a man in a land far away
Who couldn't remember  his name
It wasn't amnesia or a bump on his head
And he wasn't seeking fortune or fame

He'd look in the mirror and recongnize his face
But that was as far as he could get
Every morning, he'd get out of bed
And remember that he would only forget

It was a curse, some would cry out
For the man was a stranger to all
But no one would ever speak to him
Without a name who would you call?

He lived alone just outside of town
Where no one would ever stop by
But he wouldn't know if anyone did
I'm sure you remember why

Then one day, from out of the blue
A woman shows up and said,
"This man's my husband, his name is Joe
And I honestly thought he was dead"

Joe said, "Madam, I'm sorry, I know you not
You must be mistaken my dear"
Her face turned red, now she was mad
As she grabbed him by his ear

"This ain't the first time you've pulled this stunt"
They all heard the woman say,
"For everytime my mother drops in
You end up running away"

You see, Joe was faking all this time
He could remember right from the start
But I understand his mother-in-law pain
He's a man after my own heart

So. that's the story of what's his name
You know, that dude named Joe
I'll write you another story now
And when it's ready, I'll let you know

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Time After Time

Time after time
Will cure me
After my own heart killing me
Turning by the time
You won’t still beside me

Maybe it’s not possible
But neither impossible
If you’re really my perfect card
You won’t separate our hearts

Eventhough in your heart
You will fight me
I still believe we won’t be apart
But again, you’ve left me

Time after time
Will cure me
After my own heart killing me
Turning by the time
I still hope you were here with me

Time after time
Curing in the perfect time
Loving you, is like running out of time
Time after time, please cure me…

Copyright © Dinda Minardi | Year Posted 2011

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In his family being last 
A teenager was considered outcast
But he spent time in fields so vast
Thoughts of his Creator left him aghast

All his siblings were employed 
While he to shepherding was deployed
He yearned to see military operation
Yet got reproved on any expedition

On an auspicious day
Their house looked very gay
“Papa, can I see our guest today?”
He pleaded with dismay.

“Just this day alone leave me free
I’ll talk to the visitor with some glee”
“Attend to work you inquisitive brat
Who’ll take care of sheep-those unruly gnats?”

Kicked by his father he did weep 
Slowly spoke to his mother about the sheep
“Mama, allow me to join the feast today
Please speak to papa about my stay”

His mom turned a deaf ear to his plea
“To the meadows you please flee
I ought to do a lot of work over here 
Besides cleaning dishes piled up there.”

Fresh wheat bread from flour so fine
Tasty juice from the fruit of vine
Minced mutton roast, with delicious meat 
Aroma arouse beckoning everyone to eat

He looked after his sheep yet thought 
Perhaps something the guest had brought
All his agonies he sent upward
Anticipated help from heavenward

Expected guest visited his house
An important question he did arouse
He never sat to eat over there
But questioned, “Is everyone here?”

To control a rebellious lot
 That rejected God and sought
A man over them to rule
To appear on a horsse or mule

Almighty’s thoughts you never can have
It’s ‘Always the best’ in your heart engrave
By outward appearance never framed
Nor by man can they be rephrased

His elders brothers although mighty
Were turned down by the Almighty
Unlike man, everyday God looks at you
Therefore, enrich your faith with this clue

Prophet proclaimed: “Send word for the youngest one
Until he comes I cannot taste any beef or bun”
Rejected son was remembered by God
Almighty lifts those despised from sod

Thus David, a shepherd crowned as king
Always loved to play harp and sing
In God’s presenced he did bring
Praises of the everlasting king

All through life’s up and downs 
They hailed him king in all the towns
In God’s presence he found harmony
About him this was God’s testimony

Diligently sought and never in part.
 ‘A man after My own heart’

Copyright © esther robinson | Year Posted 2007

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True Love

How do I love thee let me count the ways
Well you're not fat and that's always a plus
You don't lie, steal or pick your nose
And I've never heard you cuss

You can cook, clean and wash my clothes
You can even build a fire
And everytime I've had a  flat
You even changed my tire

You still have all your teeth
And you don't keep them in a glass
When summertime comes you fire up the grill
And of course you cut the grass

When your mother comes you lock the door
A woman after my own heart
If I'm taking a nap when the game comes on
You tell me when it starts

You never complain about the toilet lid
No matter if it's up or down
You never wake me to say, "You're snoring"
You simply put up with the sound

Women like you are hard to find
They're straight from Heaven above
I wouldn't trade you for anything
For I know I've found True Love

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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Three Wishes

He's a Genie after my own heart 
he gives out wishes of great value 
love was the first choice of my start
there is no greater hark then I love you,  

then I wished for health for me and mine 
he smiled rubbed the lamp and said go on 
then my eyes picked up a glowing shine
I could not believe the way he shone *

Lastly, I did wish for family peace 
for all the world to be as one and well  
he smiled and said "my name is Maurice"
then we hugged until the sun slowly fell.  

October 16, 2018

Copyright © Pixie Dust | Year Posted 2018