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Best Abstractly Poems

Below are the all-time best Abstractly poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of abstractly poems written by PoetrySoup members

Abstractly Phenomenal Butterfly Thesis
She was an abstract woman in a clinical world
theoretically reasoning her notions were perfectly
discerning midst-chaotic sensibilities,
whilst her inane whimsicality kept semblances of
insanity eye-leveled twixt reconfigurable...

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abstractly, allegory, butterfly, confusion, environment,
Form: Alliteration

Who Am I
I am the ring around Saturn
spinning words as particles of ice and dust
with the power to transcend

I am the original chosen to be right here...

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© humble b  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abstractly, black african american, faith,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Bewildering Beauty

Initially, it appears
Jackson Pollock's preposterous painting
"Ocean - Tribute,"
overtly oversteps the boundaries of abstract.
And the eye struggles
to validate its bewildering beauty,
hidden amongst the dribbled droplets of...

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Categories: abstractly, 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Free verse
Old Chapel Of Berhampur
Beside the old chapel of Berhampur
A shadow of man 
Residual on the lonely roads,
Always walked in circles
After 3’o clock at night.
One crossing to another,
He moved...

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© Adri Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abstractly, life,
Form: Free verse
Explain to Me
Upon these half-empty seats
And coffee-warmed retreats 
Where morning birds chirp
And smaller ones tweet
Like the mere shadow floating
‘Neath my two own feet
I float in this inconceivable...

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Categories: abstractly, introspection, lifeme,
Form: Free verse

My Bright Orange Rugby Shirt
The bright orange rugby shirt I had, 
When I was fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen,  
Was my trophy and my pride and joy, 

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Categories: abstractly, fashion, hero, history, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Original Languages
Life explores integrity,
hoping to fulfill
all exploding polypathic 
curiosities polyphonic.

How might history rewrite humanity
if those who adventured out
and eagerly invaded
felt more reluctant to dominate?
More sure that...

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Categories: abstractly, community, culture, health, history,
Form: Political Verse
Fugitive From The Special School
A fugitive from society, 
A fugitive from the makers of the nook, 
A prisoner in my special school, 
A convict to the female OT department,...

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Categories: abstractly, culture, health, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Healthy Full-Time Investment
I was interviewing ecotherapeutic health workers
and ran into one from the Conceptualist School
of Positive Psychology.

While this sounded quite abstractly wonderful,
I asked her for the elevator...

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Categories: abstractly, analogy, earth, health, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kind Mind Blast
Our topic for this morning
said Professor Glory
to her sleepy class of bicameral scholars,
is "Attraction v. Addiction to Peak Experiences."

Addictions are wanting more than attraction therapeutically...

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Categories: abstractly, adventure, birth, change, community,
Form: Narrative
My Abuser Raves
It was a small school community, 
Close and cliquish, but a special one,
For physically disabled people, kids,
And so sometimes it was fun.

But we were paired...

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Categories: abstractly, bullying, child abuse, childhood,
Form: Rhyme
Michael Brown
Gigantic, Rebellious, Disobedient.

 According to the media this describes Michael Brown exactly,
 Abstractly I ponder on how these assumptions are imposed by the media vastly..


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Categories: abstractly, betrayal, black african american,
Form: Free verse
Thinking of you always
Every second interludes 
A past a future when always we
are interrupted by a bitter sweet mention
Of you my love...

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Categories: abstractly, forgiveness, loss, lost love,
Form: Free verse
It's a sixty four square board divided fight
Chessman rise, move among spaces out·right
It's high contrast, black and white
We sit over a table small
Making moves with...

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Categories: abstractly, games,
Form: Verse
The Fading of Salvador Dali When Wednesday Rose Too Late.
I regarded us on Tuesday, after finding Monet in the closet, and thought our lives
resembled institutions, I thought I'd tack that painting right above the...

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Categories: abstractly, love, nature, passion, seasons,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Lovely Little Daydream
Amidst the treasures of beauty that one can ever witness,
I was leisurely enjoying an exotic cuisine in evening's tranquillity.
A mystical forest it was, covered with...

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Categories: abstractly, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Paisley Embroidered Slumber
She blithely dreams of flitting butterflies,
 essence of lemon-drop poetry and
 lighter-than-vapor argent cotton candy castles
 upon empurpled cloud embellishes,
meanwhilst wistfully hot air balloons 

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abstractly, allegory, butterfly, color, dance,
Form: Imagism
Blatant Irony
She exists for a man only

He achieved what a man can

That of trying a trick abstractly

She easily got henned in hand!

Decisions are tough, exclaimed she...

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Categories: abstractly, funny, hate, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
The Gist of Predestination
Predestination is a fundamentalist Christian doctrine which says that god helps, or helped, you think when deciding whether or not to believe in him through...

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Categories: abstractly, angst, appreciation, character, friendship,
Form: Haibun
FREE CEE the fuc-ing force of fuc-ing fertilizer
so two deviant demented souls decided to fill a van with fertilizer and magically and tragically turn that mini-van into a mighty bomb, park it...

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Categories: abstractly, angst, woman, night, night,
Form: Free verse
Looking at my Fingers

In my room
I saw my fingers
That I have never thought of

It were all together
But it were different to each others 
I looked at and...

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Categories: abstractly, absence, feelings, friend, happiness,
Form: Classicism
Have you ever existed abstractly
Like in reality
You heart
Seeming lost?

Have you ever dreamt
And awakened and wished you hadn't
Fallen in love with your fantasy
As in reality?

Have you...

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Categories: abstractly, feelings, love,
Form: Quatern
Howl Revisted
Upon a TV snap,
Exquisite implosion, for
Crippled words,
In land of lords, and
Crimson shepherds.
My I, and 
Hands at play.
Now moments are
Me bitter.
To work then, 
This sharp,
A blade...

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Categories: abstractly, art
Form: I do not know?
The Newburghers
The Newburghers

(A Jazz Talk in Six Parts  -

   Dawn  -  Introduction
   Waking  -  Enter Von Newburgh...

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Categories: abstractly, change, cool, dream, future,
Form: Free verse
Who am i
Who am I

I am He who uses the pen more often than a spoon
And feeds on digested rhymes
Regorgitated from my mind's bowel
Sometimes it spills over 

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Categories: abstractly, analogy, appreciation, character, courage,
Form: Free verse