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Jordanian Itinerancy by chamma, farah
A Jordanian Night by chamma, farah

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No, my Lord,

Mercy, for their wretched souls, I could

Never ask

Let them burn into eternity for their atrocious crimes,

Committed against humanity 


Against the law of Thy infinite love !*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  07 FEBRUARY 2015

*After burning a Jordanian pilot alive, decapitating two Japanese 
journalists and killing a woman for not wearing shoes, yesterday the 
fanatics decapitated a father and a son in Iraq. When all this end?

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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Paradox of Civilization

In Jordan’s desert, a building façade 
has been carved into the face of a vertical cliff.
Stairs leading to the structure are lined with lanterns.
Looking up, a view standing right of center, 
stone appears orange near the base fading to black at its top.
Where cliff’s edge meets the night sky, 
darkness brightens into starlight.

While appearing more ancient, 
this façade has features of Roman architecture: 
columns, shallow gables atop flat roofs, carved figures decorating idle spaces.
It has two stories.
It’s first has six columns.
Two are set back from the entrance that is supported by four beneath a gable.
Two horses are carved on wall between first and second column, 
two more are carved between fourth and sixth column.
Inside a portico behind the center four columns, 
steps lead up to a tall entrance, black, 
an opening to a large chamber inside the rock.

The second story, as wide as first, has a block cut from its center. 
At each side are half gables, supported by two columns.
Statues are carved beneath each gable.
Between these gables is a turret supported with columns.
A statue of a human figure stands within the turret.

The grand scale of the western façade should be alien in the Jordanian desert.
It should be, but is not.
If taken from the rock and perfectly constructed in Washington D.C., 
with a coat of white paint, it would not look out of place.
A fusion of West and East, this place begs questions about the people who carved it,
political and religious beliefs of their civilization, 
its purpose in a desert, 
and how it could be ahead of its time.

Copyright © Graphite Drug | Year Posted 2015

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The Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth

Who is the Salt of the Earth?
Is it Pakistani musicians making music with pyramids and suffering?
Is it Pakistani musicians finding suffering in heart problems and untimely 
hospital stays?
Is it Jordanian warriors tied to their culture, but yearning for the love of the world?
Is it soft hearted geniuses doubting their own efficacy but yet affirming my soul?

Who is the Salt of the Earth?
Is it Divinity Students weighted down by the complexities of a God who would 
forsake the downtrodden?
Or good hearted economists calling them commies?
Is it bow tie wearing conservatives who feed my mind yet bring a wry smile?
Is it Lesbian ethics professors who wage war on injustice?

Who is the Salt of the Earth?
Is it Jewish prophets of industry who volunteer to fight on the front lines and 
receive stress and conflict in return?
Is it Jewish prophets of industry who write with courage and integrity to 
publishers who shun the very idea of the Divine?
Is it cross wearing angels of administration who work behind close doors of 
schedules and student suffering?

Who is the Salt of the Earth?
Is it Buddhist clinicians who start health care programs and help the unfeeling to 
Is it loving pastors who pray with sincerity and conviction?
Is it a woman on the street teaching the rest of us to be grateful?
Or is it some wonderful euphony?
Or is it some wonderful euphony of people in conflict, yet all serving the same 
Or is it some wonderful sound, as a sweet incense that though we refuse to 
understand each other or consider the others vantage, together because our 
hearts are good,
Together because our hearts are good.
Together because our hearts are good, we become a sound.
We become the sound of rushing water, and preserve the earth as one.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

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Jordanian Itinerancy

Across lands of streets, stone and desert
A breeze in a waltz for trees to avert,

I flow with the freedom of a river in a bay
Across mountains and winds with passion I sway

From the historical Petra, upon the purity of its sands
To the salty waters of the Dead Sea, prosperity in hands

At height upon its mountains, O’ Allah I pray
Embellished with the sunset of Wadi Rum, nature sleeps to allay

I mosey upon its Rabyeh streets, accompanied by its tender gust
I inhale the freshness of its varying cuisine, filled with utter lust

Gazing at its marvel in a background of family mirth
Across my Grand Ma’s balcony, Jordan fills the earth

Copyright © farah chamma | Year Posted 2008

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A Jordanian Night

Oblivion gone away
Into a shimmering night sky,
Fires of fury doused
By a sparkle of the moon's eye,
Ambiance rinsed by effervescence
As souls lie,
Amidst a milieu of rejoicing time,

          Living a Jordanian Night...

Copyright © farah chamma | Year Posted 2007

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Iraqi girl

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
And she’s from a Jordanian world
And she lives in a Malaysian town
With her heart of gold

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
And I need her in my arms to hold
Cause its snowing in New York
And only she can warm my soul

And she’s got black hair of curls
And she’s so fearless and bold
And she’s like an Arabian princess
Of which legends are told

And when she wave her hands
The magic carpet takes to flight
And when she blinks her eyes
The stars all shines so bright

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
Who my heart in her control
And she keeps it next to hers
With all the love in the world

And she goes to the candy shop
She runs around like a little child
And when the circus comes to town
Her face lights up with a smile

I’m in love with this Iraqi girl
God made her and destroy the mold
True love can’t be bought
And true love can’t be sold

One day we will be together
And leave the loneliness behind
And when the wedding bells will chime
And our hearts will become entwined

Yeah I’m in love with this Iraqi girl
I love her with my heart and soul
And one day when have our children
And our love story will be told

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2013

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(The following poem I've written as a special tribute to the Jordanian pilot who was so savagely murdered while in a cage. RIP.)


I stand alone in my cage  
I cannot show emotion -  
or any rage.  
I stand to receive my  
These evil people - I'll  
always hate. 

I look on down to the  
floor in peace,  
I don't want to look at  
the flames I crease.  
I pray to my god to  
accept me in heaven,  
And hope one day -  
all will be forgiven. 
I stand here all alone,  
And I eyeball these  
fanatics - they are all  
I am prepared to meet  
my maker,  
I shall feel no pain -  
as my soul is a saviour. 

I go now and meet my  
The cage is empty - my  
soul is on board.  
I go now up to heaven -  
and to freedom,  
My ordeal is over - I'm  
now in a new kingdom. 
Weep for me not - as  
these people know no  
They will all soon perish -  
the lord is the wiser.  
Fear thy soul - but fear  
no evil -  
They are the work - of  
the horrendous devil. 
I shed no tears in the  
room, like a cage,  
I love my God - and  
that's not a rage.  
For some strange  
reason - I felt no pain,  
The love of my god,  
shone on me - and  
peace I did gain.  


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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news time

News Time
Upon waking I checked the online news. And was shocked to see a plane crashing. The photo showed it clipping a motorway bridge. It looked like a whale about to die. The cart wheeling crash ended in the sea. Survivors struggled from the wreckage but most died. Caught by stormy weather from the nearby typhoon. It doomed their plane, stealing lives.

If that wasn't enough, seeing the Jordanian F-16 pilot captured by ISIS was utter hell. If being shot down and held prisoner wasn't enough, the Muslim extremist terrorists burnt him live in a cage. All caught on video. Was this because he was an enemy pilot who bombed them? What will his widow think? Jordan's revenge was immediate. Several terrorists were hung.

What will I see next? Something even worse to shock me? What happens if I become desensitised? And aren't affected by the evil reported events? I must keep my humanity close.

Copyright © nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex | Year Posted 2015

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A Recipe for Roots

Take a bit of Canadian family Add a pinch of American descent Sprinkle in a bit of Jordanian roots And mix in a bit of Judaism With a hint of Christianity Mix in a bit of pure genes With some nice features just to make a hint Add a bit of love and care to the mix And pop it into the oven Bake at the perfect temperature Until perfectly done Take out of the oven and add the secret ingredient FAMILY There you have it A recipe for roots!

Copyright © Belle Greenberg | Year Posted 2017