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In A Deep Forest

In A Deep Forest

In a deep forest I did find myself lost
Trying to cool temper with some frost
Then went to sleep off into oblivion
And now am a North Carolina Bolivian.

Is amazing how Bolivia got its name
On sacks was identical and the same
Being that all the people are so poor
Maybe we should be called Ecuador.

People on Carolina have became high
And sold souls to someone passing by
Republican campaigner happen to be
Wanted to change things dramatically.

What unbeknownst to me had been told
Go to Carolina when you want to grow old
And another thing may want to mention
In soup just threw last bone of contention.

So I started swallowing my Poetry Soup
Now just how low will I have to stoop
Before body aches and back does explode
Carried a heavy load down Tobacco road.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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The Devil Philosophy

The way, in which I lived, so shall I die? 

The sea salt washes up against rocks 
and bleach the stones white 
Like a genuine pearly stone. That when I knew 
Someone was mourning a death. 

The party was going strong 
The doorbell rang. In that moment 
Everything changes. 
Speak low, lean low 
Turn down the tempo 
A sudden death; another wealthy mortal man 
Took his last breathe. 
Did he pass the test? 
Bending over and sniffing the coke 
By the mountain load; 

 Cocaine scattered all over the desk. Money burnt 
How you lived, so shall you die? 
Why cry. That was your life. 
He became the cocaine and 
His mind became retarded 

The salty breeze massages my scalp 
As they soul jump into to the sea 
longing to be cleanses 
Speaking low, leaning low their noses 
Are on fire: another lost soul

Bolivian marching powder 
Drip, drip drops of blood 
Vanish out to sea. 
a different kind of philosophy
The Devil philosophy

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2012

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Boring Pot of Boiling Water

Boring Pot of Boiling Water

by James Thomas Horn 
(Bolivian, NC, USA) 

Boring Pot of Boiling Water

What would be the most boring thing to write a poem about? How about a boring pot of boiling water?

For breakfast, what would be neat to eat?
How about oatmeal or maybe cream of wheat?
For a long time don't have to try and toil
Just bring a bunch of water to a bubbly boil.

Mix all your appropriate ingredients in
Then start to stir up again and again
But if out of pot all water was to bubble
That is when you know you are in trouble.

To a boil water recently, barely had come
Being good old me who has never been dumb
Desiring to get my certain sugar high fix
All together in pot now would merrily mix.

Ended up being a delight which was dreamy
All of it seemed so smooth and very creamy
Handle was hot and soon hands became sore;
Dropped pot and ended up all over the floor.

Hunger for peace is still present and must be fed
So had a big bowl of Increase Peace instead
And that I had to do was pour cool milk on
Eat it at the table until war was all gone.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Soldier
My entry for Create Peace by Writing
Poetry Contest

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Would the new government continue from where CHAVEZ left,
 and even do better where necessary?
Is it possible that the new administration's governance is about
 uplifting the standards of VENEZUALAN PEOPLE through fostering
  sustainable development?

Can those to be elected into power,change the course of solving
 the VENEZUALZNS problems and needs or shall be worse than 
  the former?
Or they shall be ushered into office with no purpose behind the 
 VENEZUALANS,only eager to shut off their eyes and ears 
  by imperiarism from outsiders?
Will they do better than CHAVEZ,for the poor or for the rich
  elite __ bridging the gap between the rich and the poor?

chipepo lwele
*Tribute to HUGO CHAVEZ [1955-2013]

Copyright © chipepo lwele | Year Posted 2013

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Tall Trees We Were Under

Tall Trees We Were Under

Wanted to go some place but not sure
So then we did decide to take a detour
Going on great ride through countryside
Where farmers with all their fields abide.

What we saw was such a pretty scene
Calm, peaceful, quiet and quite serene
Which we willingly would approve of
And with it we both fell deeply in love.

River ran through area bright and clear
Such a true blessing for us to be near
From God, all of this had been a gift
Each of our souls and spirits did uplift.

A small church in valley soon would see
Where each Sunday people wanted to be
In God's presence knowing He was there
To remove all our sins and deep despair.

Church was result of God's great wonder
All among tall trees that we were under
Prepared place in heart for Him to live.
Out to everyone His word we did give.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivian, NC

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Opposed to an Oblivion

Opposed to an Oblivion

In Brunswick County, there lived a Bolivian
Who was opposed to having another oblivion
When both he and gorgeous wife here came
To find abundant amount of fortune and fame.

Their realtor who happened to be a loan shark
Tempted them with trying to live in a trailer park
And being there were only two mouths to feed
A tortuous trailer would be all that they need.

When like sheep they would creep off to sleep
Into debt, they never, ever had to go deep
And my husband who has been an old fart
Had dream about Wal-Mart and a shopping cart.

Both back wheels of cart had started to bang
In front was a fool with front tooth looking like a fang
Even though with much musical talent was gifted
He went to a smaller store and there shop-lifted.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014