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Black Beauty Poems

These Black Beauty poems are examples of Beauty poems about Black. These are the best examples of Beauty Black poems written by international poets.

Premium Member flint heels and black lips
grab the dark side by the waist
plant a kiss on its dead black lips
sow the light into the darkest soil
toss the halo and the horn

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Categories: beauty, dance,

The Witching Hour
Dissolving into tremulous birdsong, a pure-note hot chocolate heart

Remember how they gore bulls in Spain? 
The blood gets spilled, the earth is fed

Remember those who...

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Categories: beauty, change, heart, i

Premium Member Rhapsody in Black
Softly the night falls,
Shadowing vacant halls;
My recent morning glory, 
Now is nature's history.

Petals bob in warm air;
Tweets of a love affair!
Racy brook, moon gleam,
A time...

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Categories: beauty, joy, june, nature,

Great start
A black butterfly visits 
a morning display 
of dew wet flowers.
No concern about the mere mortal 
tending the garden.
It's soon joined by
a phalanx of small whites.
to a...

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Categories: beauty, butterfly,

I light a candle every morning and stare at its shifting colors, yellowish-orange, bluish purple and blissful black,
The hypnotizing, esoteric beauty in the flickering of...

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Categories: analogy, art, beauty, emotions,

Black Beauty
Black like a rare diamond.
Perfectly sculpted.
White as a snowy peek .
Reflecting off the glistening waves.
Your beauty and grace challenge us.
Mostly free, we morn for your...

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Categories: beauty, animal, blue, ocean, sea,

Premium Member Colors
Red is the color of passion and rage
It creates a sense of infuriating rampage

Yellow is the color of joy that enlightens
Expressions of sunrises that always...

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Categories: beauty, cheer up, color, happiness,

On Visiting St Sophia's Cathedral in Novgorod, 2019
A luminous heart on fire
And Ingegerd dead
Bones crystalline and precious
A portal open wide
Sophia Sophia Sophia
Triumphant and glorious
As Moloch trembles
And Baphomet sinks
At each sunset
A whirwind of...

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Categories: beauty, appreciation, blessing, christian, freedom,

Premium Member A Tribute to Black Women
People say she is built with rage and has a 
Heart that is solid as a concrete.
I say there is no fire within her, suffering...

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Categories: beauty, black african american,

Paradise flycatcher
A white flower with a long tail,
glides in the morning breeze;
Like an angel from the fairytales,
he eradicates venomous flies.

Black crown he dons, Angry face he...

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Categories: beauty, bird,

If this beauty shall be my final curtain, let it be dropped slowly - Repost

Parched and dry, this barren field stretches,
I wander, head hung low,
staring at the emptiness eclipsing my thoughts
Brittle blades of grass disappear beneath 
my worn out...

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Categories: beauty, love,

Premium Member October
As fall turns, chill leans in
gently pressing warmth away
aging leaves reach a riotous peak
punching pigments everywhere. 

Savory smells linger in comfort 
busy stoves and fireplaces...

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Categories: autumn, beauty,


Grateful to the skies
And the darkest nights,
To the moon and stars
That are my night’s lights.
Morning and the Mosques
That wake me...

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Categories: beauty, joy, life,

- Because I'm Worth It -
My image was dull drab and dreary 
(It hadn’t be changed for a while)
I thought that my hair had potential
... It was time I updated...

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Categories: beauty, color, hair, humor,

Premium Member Eyes That Learn To See Beauty And Nature's All
Eyes That Learn To See Beauty And Nature's All

Poetry, writing what heart truly speaks.
To record to gift, that which ones soul seeks.

Eyes that learn to...

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Categories: beauty, art, blessing, creation, devotion,

The Kiss Of Sting

Dreams of spring ignite spectral luminescence,
gossamer verdance glistens under the satin of azure,
the unfurled scent wafts alluringly to the hive
with the silent call of the...

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Categories: beauty, dream, kiss,

The sun never ceases to blossom here
Right where I stand 
On the lofty heights of Ladera
Like biblical Moses
Watching the promised land 
I love to observe...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, celebration,

Incomprehensible space time continuum intrigues
Incomprehensible space/time continuum intrigues...

One insignificant, infinitesimal
incomprehensibleness cosmic speck,
who doth readily confess
swallowed within

infinite cosmic wormhole, nonetheless,
he feels mind boggled, fascinated,
transfixed... helpless to express
following concept suddenly
gripping his...

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Categories: beauty, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Verdant
white dream in verdant green
bridal veil in great assail
rising from rainforest steam
as speckled owl wail

white steam in rocky stream
a train of roaring lace
penetrates the verdant...

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Categories: beauty, green, rainforest,

in the darker nights
we yearn for big lovely moon
yet glittering stars
when our black sky dome best sight
amazing and amazed life 

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, desire, love,