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Emo Ballad Poems

These Emo Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Emo. These are the best examples of Ballad Emo poems written by international poets.

So I'm her now huh
We barely talk anymore guess the honeymoons over, this would be the time I relapsed if I was sober, but I'm not upset with you...

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Categories: black love, break up,

Lost One
You are my magnum opus I see you & lose focus, my past present & future rest in your eyes, every day without you a...

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Categories: black love, boyfriend, break

Too much
love was just another drug to you and I would hide it n my veins, you can hear it calling CAN'T you cause I can...

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Categories: black african american, black

The Mark Twain Forest
He made his money solving mysteries
Where he would find out the histories
Then painstakingly put together the clues
Knowing that the mystery would be solved too

So we...

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Categories: emo, missing, spanish,

Prey In A Cage
I behold the rose in bloom, and I cry,
I weep and I wail, then I sigh.
As the night draws in, my painful thoughts begin to...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, body, dark,

Great love
"Was it a great love?" she asked, 
with a cool facial expression, 
and a raging storm in her heart. 
"The kind that keeps you awake...

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Categories: anxiety, emo, february, feelings,

Within Her Eyes
she was my friend
she was my family
but she needed to mend
she had trust issues, you see

everyone she trusted
everyone she confided
it washed away like a flood

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Categories: anxiety, deep, depression, emo,

I Had To Do It
I revisited the old place,
I had to do it
Now, just an empty space
But I had to do it
They called me crazy, being prepared
But I had...

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Categories: dark, death, emo, horror,

The Book of Sadie Lynn
****Self Harm Trigger Warning****
Not for children-

The Book of Sadie Lynn

Sadie Lynn, her wrists are canvas. 
Her razor-blade: her pen.
She’ll write a scarring story.
I’ll tell you...

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Categories: cry, dark, depression, emo,

The vapor that flew away

One auspicious morning warned me of nakedness

I felt, what actually is ‘bareness’!

Our bodies are all covered

But mind? It is blocked, corrupted ever,

Nude, selfish, artificial, ruler!


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Categories: emo, feelings, how i


There are times some mat be some what miserable

To me my life isn't bad enough to say it is terrible,

I am happy and blessed with...

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Categories: change, emo, gothic, heart,

The Girl
The Girl
I know a girl,
With a smile that could
Melt stone into silk.
She sits in the front, ahead of me,
In my class, making me wonder what...

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Categories: anxiety, death, depression, emo,

im drowning
I'm drowning
in the deep blue sea
the water is
swallowing me up
making me go deeper
and deeper.

I cant breathe
the water is in my
my throat.

I'm trying to scream
for help

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Categories: betrayal, death, emo,

heart break
My mind always run and hide so i crawl into a a bottle and wait  for tomorrow my  brain want’s to borrow some...

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Categories: dark, death, emo, emotions,

The Boy Who Wasnt Ready To Grow
Amidst of all the sorrow,
stood still a boy who wasnt ready to be the man he supposed to grow,
In the decaying dime for  bitter...

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Categories: child, childhood, children, depression,

The Ballad of the Poet
*The Dead Poet*

Many blocks along the road, 
Kicking down walls of heavy stones, 
Yet no one could draw through the walls of her lonely bones.

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Categories: beauty, death, deep, emo,

empty home
 want to tell my life story in so many words 
I ma speak in my rhymes even if I have too slur
 my life...

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Categories: love, recovery from..., social,