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Back From The Dead Poems

Back From The Dead Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of back from the dead poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for back from the dead.

New Poems

there are many reasons...
solve the puzzle
R.I.P  "Marty"
temper tantrum
he is caught off guard
Venus Beach frisbee way out of reach;
my heart as to remove the proper skill
we need each friend to find the robot;
reaching into dream relax,
an attempt to be brought...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Back from the dead
Back from the Dead.
I viewed others lives through a telescope
For far too many lost years
For I, lived in limbo
Gave up hope
Tried to climb a slippery slope
I know what darkness is
It's a place in hell
I know
Only too well.

I felt the pain...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, anxiety, depression, heartbreak,
Form: Verse
Premium Member BILL CLINTON
Never hid in Jefferson Airplane
Never beat his wife
Never wept on the floor of jail
Never drank his life away
Never ranted on soldiers grave
Never changed his name
Never came back from the dead
...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, art, death, drink, evil, funeral, scary,
Form: Free verse
A Very Bad Man
We hung the baddest man in Kileen
As dangerous as we'd ever seen
"I will haunt you," he had said
"I will come back from the dead."
So we buried him in Abilene.

Contest: Let's Have Fun Limerick
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Dreams Beyond Dreams
There are places out in space
that beg the question of why,
abiding where dreams embrace
our infinite inner sky.

Stargazers pay attention
to sidereal pathways,
tracing every dimension,
some using astral math ways.

Scientists study each fact
and what their instruments find
of astronomic impact
in terms of matter and...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, birth, creation, death, dream, light, space, star,
Form: Verse

Ask love a question
Ask love a question

Love doesn’t ask what the age difference is,
What job they do and how much money they make.
All love asks is do you love them?

Love doesn’t ask if they already have kids.
Are your feelings the truth?
Are you ready...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, confusion, friendship, how i feel, love, love
Form: I do not know?
the biggest obstacle you face today, is not what's outside your door, but what's inside your mind......can you challenge yourself to challenge yourself?  You've fought with life and everyone else all your life......this will be the biggest and greatest...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, birth, graduate, humanity, love, science, strength, trust,
Form: Free verse
All in a Days Work
God created the heavens and Earth,
Presided at a child’s birth,
Made man from a pile of clay,
Welcomes saints to glory everyday.

God smote the Philistines and Egyptians in a fight,
Put the stars and Moon in place for light,
Provided manna for his people...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, religious,
Form: Rhyme
Andersonville Prison, 1864
“Is this place Hell” a prisoner asked his first day there; 
No, just a stop along the way. 
Andersonville Prison, 1864. Hell Upon Earth.

The hounds of hell waited for those stranded in battle by 
canon shot, hunted down by the...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, america, history, prison, war,
Form: Narrative
Sex poetry
I make love to the pad so call this sex poetry 
I'll explain why I'm better off alone and why you shouldn't try to get close to me
Depression took advantage of me when I was at my most sensitive 
But...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, deep, depression, missing you, moving on, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beloved Femme Fatale
“Beloved Femme Fatale”

Musk and Neroli satin skin spoons
Naked feet ‘neath The Pillars of Petra
She towers majestic above you, colours your grey skies
You are worshipping her on your knees
What does it matter, anymore? Before your eyes, the story unfolds . ....Read More
Categories: back from the dead, love, romance, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Wrote my way out
I was kicked while I was on the floor and told I was supposed to stay down
They smiled while I cried
I found a way to get up, even when I was bleeding on the inside
I picked up a pen and...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, courage, deep, inspiration, inspirational, poetry, strength, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Wishful thinking
I wish I never self-harmed because  now all people do is stare
Imagine if my parents cared and never put me in foster care
I often wish that they never started drinking
This is just some of my wishful thinking

If I had...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, deep, depression, encouraging, truth, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Dark Thoughts
Frustrated, dissatisfied, you've tried and tried,
The meaning of life has you completely mystified.
Another negative vibe that's too hard to describe,
Depressed, anxious and feeling dead inside.
Dark thoughts dominate your mind, you can't unwind,
Searching for answers that you might never find.
Questioning reality...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, depression, emotions, hurt, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Jason mask on
I've got my Jason mask on I'm ready to start wars
Picked up a pen and dropped the machete to the floor
Only cowards use weapons, real men use their words to make a statement
Blood leaks from my pen to the page...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, adventure, anger, art, dark, halloween,
Form: Free verse
I killed a spider today. I didn't mean too. I knew it was there. I'd been minding it all day. It was hiding. I squashed it by accident. I am ashamed. A spider can carry a soul, back from the...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, death, devotion, halloween, life,
Form: Prose
All we have
Right now is all we have
Make sure you say what you mean, because you may not get a chance to take it back
Tomorrow isn't promised, we can die at any moment
Right now is all we have

Pride gets in the way...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, deep, devotion, emotions, encouraging, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
One Out of Six
Who among you is brave enough
(or dumb enough)
to take the challenge
Bet your life to beat the odds ...
One out of six
Load the chamber with one bullet,
spin the cylinder, 
spin it good
Place the wager with a reputable bookie
Everybody’s dying to see...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, change, dark, imagery, perspective,
Form: Epic
Dumb it down
You want me to dumb it down and write something simple
If I did that, I'd expect Shakespeare to come back from the dead and stab me with a pencil
This world is too sensitive you need to harden up
I won't dumb...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, conflict, courage, culture, inspiration, inspirational, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE NAG
Your conversation centers 'round,
Complaints of one kind or another.
I swear sometimes I think for sure,
You're someone's sainted mother.;

Or someone's maiden aunt, per chance,
Come back from the dead,
To punish me for all my sins,
And fill my life with dread.

You need me...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, family,
Form: Quatrain
Prodigal Son
He was born Joseph
Became better known as Box
He was a cool and clever guy,
he was crafty and cunning as a fox

Fell in love with the bouncing basketball,
and with the sound of the sneakers on the court
He had the talent to...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, brother, faith, lost, relationship, religious, spiritual, truth,
Form: Rhyme royal
Welcome Back From the Dead
Well and you left me way too soon just
like that one sad day out of the blue
I cried every minute of everyday and
every night for about a week or two 'til
I casted that forbidden spell in the
shadow of a harvest...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, death, love, miracle,
Form: Free verse
During the last days, 144,000 people will be taken to Heaven and everybody else will be left behind.
Everybody else will either be destroyed or live in paradise, that's what will happen to the rest of mankind.
The 144,000 who serve God...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, god, heaven, paradise, religion, truth, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Recoiling, I'm Beyond Useless
Put a sail to me, I'll cross the seven seas
I'll just sink with the ship
that hasn't carried me that far
it's battered and dilapidated
but I'm too lackadaisical to try and fix it
who do I appear to be
do I appear to be...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, depression,
Form: Free verse
The Payback
I'm coming back
faster than a heart attack.
This is your only warning
I'll be there in the morning.
Your about to bear
the word,
Don't be slow
or I'll make shore,
all of your babies don't grow,
catching my flow.
I will make it rain
the definition of the word,...Read More
Categories: back from the dead, anger, bullying, depression, evil, god, how i
Form: Rhyme