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Success Alliteration Poems

These Success Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Success. These are the best examples of Alliteration Success poems written by international poets.

Gladness in 
God’s presence directs to 
good choices…

granting wise perspective
guiding mind from 
grievous influences…

girds up faith for
great trust against 
guile’s deceptive curses…

gripping heart to 

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member WINDFALL

Faith flavours forth
Nice nurtures north

Gain glimpses good
Move mindful mood

Work windfall well
Time truly tells

Wake wonder writes
Cast clever cites

Love laughing lays 
See success stay

Etch easy ease
Prize profound...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member LOVELY

Lovely love lifts
Glimpse gracious gift

Joy juggles jest
Feel feisty fest

Make moments meet
Sense something sweet

Laugh lavish loud
Prize pretty proud

Hurl happy hope
See success scope

Craft clever chance
Taste thrilling trance


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Categories: allusion,

my kitty
in life pain is invertible 
no matter how much we try 
or no matter how sad we cry
we cant run away from pain
someone once said...

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Categories: allusion, anger, blessing, boy,

Premium Member RIPPLES

Sensuous sweet sounds
Pretty poke pounds

Reap ripe ripples
Drench deep dimples

Sexy sure say
Private pure play

Laughter leaps loud
Plunder plots proud

Sure sizzle spreads
Doom drizzles dread

Apt ample airs
Frame freezing flairs


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Categories: allusion,

Victory of success
Say it loud if that is what thrills you
Say it twice if that is what you don’t want
Say it loud if that is what brings...

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Categories: books, business, change, dream,

Micro Menace

People pollute, killing all living life!
When will they understand recycling recovers?
Hopeful, helping some species survive.
Intervention inadvertently stops strife.
Success, still wishful...

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Categories: pollution,

Premium Member TREASURE

Heed hurting heart
Aid ample art

Walk winding way
Pace prudent pay

Faith favours fate
Dance dazzles date

Hope heaps huge highs
Sense serious sighs

Love leaps laughing
Soul stars speaking

Treasure tough times
Rich ripples...

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Categories: allusion,

Scumble The Meaning
Sweet smell of success
Small becomes sweet
Sweat drops and fall
Sink in to the basin
Smell stretched in the nose
Success determines life not
Somebody to scumble the meaning....

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Categories: life,

Premium Member PRELUDE

Prize profound peace
Live lavish lease

Rich rapture reap
Dazzle dream deep

Etch each embrace
Frame fancy face

Lift lovely lines
Fund feeling fine

Daze dreamy dance
Cheer curious chance

Exploit end etch
Sweet success sketch


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Soul Stew
Stop the stagnate stew of soul spoil with
sulking and sadness from past sorrows...
push yourself to success by giving your fantasies a face!...

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Categories: confidence, courage, inspiration, sad,

Humanity-love you
Humanity i love you
because you would rather black the boots of
success than enquire whose soul dangles from his
watch-chain which would be embarrassing for both

parties and...

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Categories: august, baby,

"Pack the chairs,no souls will be entertained here",
Politics is stealing the future of scholars,
The faith is rather picking blemishes from religious pillars,
Can't make it plain...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement,

Premium Member PARTY

Pretty poise plays
Prompt party pays

Frame feelings fine
Live lovely lines

Cast charming cheer
Nurture nice near

Style sensuous say
Dance dazzling day

Curl clever craft
Dream deeper draft

Wise words work wealth
Hurl happy...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SUBLIME

Prize poignant peace
Set succinct squeeze

Mellow mind meets
Glimpse gathers greet

Lavish love leaps
Sync secret sleep

Such sublime streams
Drape dazzling dream

Craft clever curls
Heap happy hurls

Keep knowing kind
Meet mindful mind


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member STYLE

Success streams sound
Glimpse glorious grounds

Style sexy smile
Wear wit worthwhile

Lift lovely looks
Bright blessings book

Spice something sweet
Make movement meet

Fashion frames form
Nurture nice norms

Pique puzzle piece
Entice end ease


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Categories: allusion,

Poets sports
We are poets,
We are happy,
We are magnets and sharpener,
We sharpens people,
We are poets,
We are happy,
We are great,
We are poets,
We cannot cover our faces,

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Categories: beautiful, inspiration,

Premium Member SUBLIME 1

Anchor apt art
Sweet sensuous start

Bright blessings brine
Lift limpid lines

Choice channels cheer
Niche naughty near

Dance deep delight
Stuff succinct sights

Enter each etch
Sign simple sketch

Feel frenzy flame
Brave better blame


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Categories: allegory,

An Excercise in Alliteration
The garrulous, Greek grape gatherers,
Joined joyously with jocund japes,
The olive pickers and Ostrich plucker’s,
Celebrating the seasons success in song.

The querulous quiver of musical quavers,
From a...

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Categories: allusion, humorous,

Premium Member WANDER

Wander works way
See success stay

Lift lovely looks
Bright blessings book

Sense secrets say
Prize profound play

Glimpse grandeur's grace
Feel fancy face

Deep dreamy dance
Trace touching trance

Stillness speaks sound
Gain gifted grounds


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Categories: allusion,