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Acrylic Poems

Acrylic Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acrylic poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acrylic.

New Poems

On the canvas of my life the surface 
Started out blank the moment 
I was born and came into existence
Just as everyone does then, overtime
As I went through different experiences
The acrylic and watercolors of emotions
Thoughts and beliefs began to slowly
Mix...Read More
Categories: acrylic, appreciation, art, encouraging, freedom, word play, writing,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Bookshop

The ‘classics’ section is not small.
Ranks of tightly printed editions
squeeze a concertina of time.
The glossy acrylic smell of new books
is cordite to my nose,
I dodge a graphic array of explosive masterpieces.

Movies have usurped many of these books
Wikipedia factoids précis lengthy...Read More
Categories: acrylic, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Quotidian Fever
I dream of magic lines but they  elude me.
Well, sometimes.
Chapbook on acrylic tube  palette, janus-faced cave in at the crack of dawn,
crescent moonlight awnings turn to  circus of the  soul, 
images that colour dullard pages ...Read More
Categories: acrylic, change, creation, dedication, deep, devotion, future, giving,
Form: Prose Poetry
Weaving Native Life
Trees' jagged branches
catch the sun sinking a moist
hummus color spread

and coating the edges.
Pointed, thrust into seeping
ink of violet cotton,

is the mountain, chalk
colored. It is a beautiful ogre,
deceptively majestic.

It eyes a village
weaving native life.
Spines of which are wild

burnt-colored trees, 
the bones...Read More
Categories: acrylic, beauty, color, creation, dark, deep, god, sky,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Stuck In A Christmas Snow Globe
The lines of the glass blur,
the scenery blends 
except for that
semi-translucent  curvature.
What lay between me
and my living room,
clear yet an acrylic
boundary to freedom;
as I survey
my post nap situation,
with mortal eyes
I realize...
I’m stuck in a snow globe.
My snow globe,
with the...Read More
Categories: acrylic, christmas, fun, holiday, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Gladiator Of G-O-E

With oil through veins and acrylic faces,
Gender neutrals lathe metallic domains,
Acquired specimen a challenge cases,
A depleted prior to what remains.

Well, so be it, he makes the claim, to be,
One of many quickens to martyrdom,
Legions fall prey, prays echoed, heard their...Read More
Categories: acrylic, analogy, imagery, inspiration, life, meaningful, visionary, war,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Paintbrush
Over the ocean in a far away land,
My lover sits with a steady hand.
Splashing lashings of acrylic paint;
Upon a surface with no restraint.
He smudges, swirls and smears it in,
Traditional art with a brand new spin.
To share his culture to the...Read More
Categories: acrylic, art, culture, love, relationship, world,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Diamonds

We all have so many diamonds that we own,
but we think of them as glass or bits of stone.
We often sell them as worthless piece of junk,
but yet always...Read More
Categories: acrylic, age, allusion,
Form: Rubaiyat
Brush on canvas
Share my life,
Take me for what I am,
'cause I'll never change,
All my colours for you.

My canvas is now vibrant with red, pink, yellow, and green. 
Of course there's a few shades of black and purple, but all of them complement...Read More
Categories: acrylic, art, color, life, passion,
Form: Narrative
Not Perfect made Perfect
I have this pebble in my hand
I always loved those stone
and wish I'd collect millions of them
Keep them in my house
and bring them to life with beauty, acrylic and pattern

But lets imagine for a minute
A pebble in my hand
A 'not...Read More
Categories: acrylic, creation, cute love, gospel, jesus,
Form: Free verse

what is life
What is life...

I told my Father I don't want fellowship
He brought the fellowship to me

I sat there and watched all these humans in our house
Watched my father narrate his version of family and love
I wish I was like him
I wish...Read More
Categories: acrylic, future, gospel, self, write,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The life is
The Life Is …
When I was young there was no pain,
The only pain was to complain.
When I was young I did not care,
Just as long as my love was there.
When I was young the life was great,
But always I was...Read More
Categories: acrylic, allusion, angst, life, old, poetry,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Salvation

The nightingale was singing to the moonlight. 
The moonlight was showing off all of its bright.
He was singing as though he knows the right path,
Showing everybody how to do it right.
Suddenly, heard a sound like his, but so sad.
So much...Read More
Categories: acrylic, allusion, destiny, solitude,
Form: Qasida
Premium Member The Mask of Tourmaline
Twice the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Yet again awoken by winter when the third was three in number.

I sense that a silence doth sneak ‘tween cracks of weathered wood,
Conniving with that which shadows show to those whose senses...Read More
Categories: acrylic, anxiety, horror, imagination, mystery, myth, night, psychological,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Painter Me
Green on my fingers, 
pink and purple too.
Acrylic paint lingers,
Ah! There is red and blue.

When I paint I’m such a mess,
Ruin my clothes every time.
Outer beauty must confess.
Truly hidden under grime.

Magical canvas,
Interrupts in ups and downs.
Makes me so happy,
In yellows,...Read More
Categories: acrylic, art,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Playground

I am making decisions every morning,
None of them comes along with any warning.
To go right or to go left which one is right?
Living in darkness or hoping to see light.
I made million decisions most of them fine,
Few I made that...Read More
Categories: acrylic, age, allusion, anger,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member CARAVAN OF LIFE

I will always be a gypsy- woman filled with curiosity
Running wild beneath a moonglow grasping fireflies;
Then to quickly scribble impressions on  leaves,  my poetry:
How zest ignites visual arts — charcoal, acrylic, oil—streaks upon
Drawing boards until night’s rhythm forgets...Read More
Categories: acrylic, adventure, life, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Garden-Loving, Ink-stained Hands
I have garden loving hands.
Painters hands.
A poet's hands.
Ink-stained, acrylic paint splotches,
dirt under my broken and split 

Here I sit, observing today's
experiences on my hands.
They tell the story as well
as anything else could.
I have smudges of ink,
and the entire side next
to...Read More
Categories: acrylic, garden,
Form: Free verse
Splashed In Infatuation
She covered me in paint.
Filling me with her outlook.
Standing there drenched we both laughed.
Her hands covered in acrylic.
She fed me apple sauce browns and pepperoni reds.
Banana cream tans as well as blueberry blues.
Her thoughts covered me in taste.
Hands warm to...Read More
Categories: acrylic, art, black african american, black love, color,
Form: Free verse
Outside the Lines

Color me outside the lines,
highlight the parts of me not easily defined

Take a crayon interest in my heart,
give a little more coloration to this innervision numbering chart

Pick a hue of your own choosing,
and princess veil the passion mystery of me...Read More
Categories: acrylic, allusion, feelings, love, romantic,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Inside The Mirror
                       Inside The Mirror 

Mirrors are the biggest liars in our world,
   You don’t want...Read More
Categories: acrylic, age, journey, mirror, pain,
Form: Ghazal
Making Love
all night we're grinding,
you're like a roller coaster i'm constantly riding,
my feelings for you i'm no longer hiding,
cause you make me feel like i'm flying,

ever since i felt your gentle touch,
i now long for it so much,

you have the most...Read More
Categories: acrylic, 10th grade, for her, i love you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Original Mask of Alabaster
A wince doth lurk wearing which wicked gaze,
Of conniving cast shadows ‘tween my windowpanes.

Gazing through the window’s diaphanous gelid glass, 
I see a flushing fluorescent misty haze of frothy brass.

It floats aloft the frost of the frigid Winter floor, 
Stirring...Read More
Categories: acrylic, addiction, allusion, confusion, dream, evil, horror, night,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Butcher's Knife
        Butcher’s knife….

There is a nasty butcher who kills all his life.
All of us will be dead by that butcher’s knife.
He loves blood and demands worship day and night,
He promises that good will...Read More
Categories: acrylic, anger, metaphor,
Form: Rubaiyat
Premium Member The Watch Maker
                  The Watch Maker…

Let me be, leave me alone, I'm Him, leave me alone.
I'm in pain; let me be, let me be, on...Read More
Categories: acrylic, creation, fantasy, love,
Form: Masnavi