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Care Acrostic Poems

These Care Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Care. These are the best examples of Acrostic Care poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Mindfulness

Mindfulness stirs within our brain;

Ignites awareness to take heed.

New consciousness makes very plain

Direction and concern will lead

Forethought and grasping to advance,

Unite and form a watchful...

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Categories: inspirational,

Dealing With Discouragement

Do you feel downhearted at this time now in your life?
Is your heart all burdened from the trials and the strife?
Set your focus...

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Categories: depression,

I Love To Write The Truth
I've always been a writer
It's what I've always done
I've written things all through my life
I guess that I'm the one
Who's always been creative
This is a...

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Categories: anniversary,

A New Year Wish
N     Now the year has ended

E     Every day has made its mark.

W   What shall be...

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Categories: care, celebration, friendship love,

E ndless thoughts emanating Heart's bay
S eeking refuge from Evils' way
E ager for comfort at Heaven's gate 
K indling faith amidst prolonged wait 
E levating...

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Categories: analogy, care, christmas, joy,

Remain Inside The Fold
R-emain inside the fold, 
H-andle your faith with care; 
E-vade the false religions
A-nd wrong ways everywhere.

C-hrist has built His Church, 
A-iming to save mankind; 

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Categories: birthday,


Masking how we feel behind a false smile
Everyday hiding those negative thoughts
Not realising the strength that takes to do
Til we reach the point...

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Categories: anxiety, care, courage, depression,

Premium Member SLIP---
L---leaving lapse loess lurching

I---imprudence indiscretions

P---pulling out passage plunges


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2018 ©

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Categories: adventure, assonance, care,


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Categories: care, caregiving, confidence, emotions,

When You Vote
When you go to the polls to vote,
Have knowledge of your candidate choices.
Each voter must have education and hope;
Now people constitutionally, do have voices.

You will...

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Categories: community, courage, education, leadership,

Love rape
Love Rape

People define 'rape' as something bad,evil and painful;
I guess maybe it's the way we view things,
Love yet amazing, joyful, enjoyable...
The end at the beginning,...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, caregiving,

Fragile Hearts

Fragile Hearts 

Fashioned of hand whispered crystal endeavors
Resting the perch of my long distant tears
Affectionate longings of three flavored wishes
Glass blown by sunsets in marmalade...

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Categories: good night,

before i cry 
before i die 
before i fry
back to heaven 
why don't my profile awakens
in the mildest of your medulla oblangata
why cant i be...

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Categories: anxiety, best friend, betrayal,

Premium Member ACROSTIC
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Categories: poetry,

She is the principal thing
Sometimes, I'd like to believe I can't love her less.
Having her by my side is all I desire as the day goes by
Except death do...

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Categories: eulogy, nature, princess, sweet

True Love

I long for you;  True Love!
Arms open - Hope alive!

You will smile on me;
A little at a time;
Till your presence makes my eyes open...

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Categories: absence, appreciation, beautiful, care,

True Love

I long for you;  True Love!
Arms open - Hope alive!

You will smile on me;
A little at a time;
Till your presence makes my eyes open...

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Categories: absence, appreciation, beautiful, care,

Premium Member Loving Eve
Loving Eve

C Caressing the cusp of her calamitous clouds

A Atoning all angst of my alluvial angel

R Retrieving resolve for roaring rainbow’s recall

E Enlightening Eve’s essence...

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Categories: care, love,

Pure Heart Of A Mother
P-ure heart of a mother 
U-ses complete care and love; 
R-igorous attention to her child 
I-s inspired by God above. 
T-he pure heart of a...

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Categories: birthday,

S keep is fine like wine
E specially when jazz is low and
D has are here  when dreams are plentiful
A nd  when rain pours

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Categories: care, sleep,