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Abscond Poems

Abscond Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abscond poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abscond.

New Poems

How perfect life is
Yet so tasteless
How ravishing the queen of night is
But the Marias right on her face
How incredible moonlight is
But she's bride
Only the of few luckiest nights

Flowers are alluring
But they sag
Even the sky turns white
On a hot summer day

Every...Read More
Categories: abscond, life,
Form: Free verse

Horn Superfluous Haiku
Horn Superfluous Haiku

Really always knew
Horn superfluous Haiku
Love each and still do

when you want to lead
will have to step up the speed
and all have agreed

there are those in need
to food stamp line did stampede
In car or on steed

quite a selection
of people...Read More
Categories: abscond, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Read The Book
Glory-Be on a bun, and a tube of lifesavers,
What have they done to Barbara Havers?
Where is good old sloppy Barb,
Dressed in some outlandish garb?
Where's the slogan on a T-shirt,
Something like "Bare Bums Alert",
A bit of execrable Havers taste,
Boldly displayed above...Read More
Categories: abscond, art, books, cancer, creation, food, hair,
Form: Light Verse
Trump Seems to be Showing Off and More
This is story which people will tell; 
They sat on shore for a short spell, 
And clamored; 
Were enamored, 
While they had counted each shell.

Jim Horn

Trump Appears To Be Showing Off

Trump appears again to show off,
When he will play a...Read More
Categories: abscond, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Glad Eye In Versailles
Holidaying in romantic Versailles,
I caught a gallant young gigolo's eye,
Though inclined to respond
To this hint to abscond,
Somebody else had his hand on my thigh.

November 21 2019
"Holiday" Limerick
Sponsor: Tania Kitchen....Read More
Categories: abscond, holiday, men, romantic,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Walk with me tonight
Will Thee walk with me tonight ?
Amongst the spirits of Twilight
Gothic verse we wilt recite
I wilt gage not to bite

Wilt thee with me slowly dance ? 
As we descend into lover’s trance
With thy charm thee doth enchant
Speak thy wishes
For thee...Read More
Categories: abscond, black love, dance, dark, gothic, longing, magic,
Form: Rhyme
Whistle Blower Who Had Been Slower
While on tree became a grower;
Seemed to be slower and slower,
And a big pain;
Constant strain;
In middle found a whistle blower.

Do remember when on me dawned,
Trump appeared to be far beyond,
We believe;
Pity receive;
All our thoughts he did abscond.

So all of my...Read More
Categories: abscond, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Houdini - Pet
Once we had this awful cat -
"Houdini" - grubby white,
Hissing, claws out as he spat,
Forever in a fight.
Of him we were not too fond,
And wanted to be rid,
We would have loved him to abscond -
The rotter never did.
We tried to...Read More
Categories: abscond, animal, cat, friend, hope, song,
Form: Rhyme
The Longing Await

The Longing Await

Across the expanse, just beyond the great beyond,
the longing awaits the long awaiting of old.

It is here, and only here, that death cannot abscond 
that which was and which can no longer unfold.

Watching and waiting on wings that...Read More
Categories: abscond, dark, death,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE LABYRINTH
a passageway assembled in perfection
hues claim blue for reflection
conjured depth’s ensue 
a violet isolation
the design of oblivion
no fleeting moment can abscond
all must fall or fly the horizon
these obscurities hold my untold 
blinded in hidden tradition 
secrets folded over delicate
clouds of...Read More
Categories: abscond, death, god, imagination, life, loss, prison, sky,
Form: Free verse

Mueller is finally going to talk
Down the garden path this walk

If he could have said it was a crime
He is a republican they don't drop dimes

He had all of the information in his hand
And let Attorney General abscond the plan

He...Read More
Categories: abscond, political,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member In Rebuke of the Grinning Harlot
She strumpets all into the nights until 
around her head the build-up's like fetid, gross cheese; 
her lewdness makes the earth and sun stand still: 
Lord! What miracle it'd be were she just a tease! 
Her grinning face I loathe...Read More
Categories: abscond, betrayal, lust, miracle, sin, tribute, woman, youth,
Form: Sonnet
One life
Who am I to stop you if you resolve to kill yourself?
But before you quit the game, roll the dice one last time.

What have you seen in your life till now?

Did you perceive the sweetness of first love?
Have you kissed...Read More
Categories: abscond, suicide,
Form: Free verse
The Mirror Never Lies
Science would like
  to abscond with Philosophy

Claiming propriety
  over truth falsely shown

Measures and numbers
  its weapons of choice

Never looking beyond
  —what its theories bestow

(Wayne Pennsylvania: May, 2019) 
...Read More
Categories: abscond, science,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Nasty Panda
China charges 1 million annually
For each panda in our zoos
If we won't pay in full
Then the pandas we will lose
Nasty Panda's the exception
No one wants him here or there
He was paid 1 million dollars
To abscond and disappear!

Here comes the Nasty...Read More
Categories: abscond, animal, corruption, dark, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Time To Adjust

Man lives with a thirst for reality
He quenches with an imagination.
Intrigued by the flight of a bumblebee,
He’s a leaky vessel of frustration.

His conscious mind extends itself beyond
conflicts of morality and blind faith.
But should His morals suddenly abscond,
the human spirit morphs...Read More
Categories: abscond, 12th grade, anxiety, character, emotions, feelings, imagery,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Goeth, Ye Patriots

No jovial banter? No easy give-and-take of rivalry? Naught there be a good-natur'd ribbing between courteous competitors? Nay a rusty-edg'd petulance on propriety's behalf? No acrimonious innuendo f'r the sake of the game? Nay there a parry and thrusteth of...Read More
Categories: abscond, analogy, football, fun, humorous, sports,
Form: Free verse

This drought and curse
Of hand to mouth;
An unrepentant encroachment of pauperism
Impregnating our back country
Our bigwigs in back country
Stand aloof
Season after season
Millions of Pickneys
Flourish with kwashiokor
A son of the soil,
A citizen of the world
Peruse no light
At the end...Read More
Categories: abscond, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Underdog
Facing the demon of giants flat-chested
cracked confidence gets stuck and badly crested.

In this battle, there’s no time to be wiser
luck loosen up to be less of a miser.

This contest terrorizes confidence to abscond
pushing the will of a fighter to respond.

Midway...Read More
Categories: abscond, anti bullying, character, confidence, courage, desire, life,
Form: Couplet
Gods moral obligation
I may question your beliefs 
but my standard is not my own 

I can not trust my thoughts 
because my thoughts are not yet grown 

My moral compass points to me 
and I realise this truth 

but you fail to...Read More
Categories: abscond, 2nd grade,
Form: Rhyme
Invisible Mansion Dedicated to Mr Edgar Allan Poe
Banished for years

I found myself wandering around on a sacred land

away from my normal life 

I found sanctuary and peace in a unknown place

the stiff pacification allowed me to hear the

second hand stroke on the clock

everyday as the calignosity approached...Read More
Categories: abscond, house,
Form: Verse
Tempestuous, turbulent, terrifying trouble,
A mere existence, trapped in a bubble.
She can’t break free, she can’t abscond, 
She can’t escape or see beyond.

The demonic man inside her head, 
The malevolent villain who wants her dead;
Who causes anguish, peril and pain,
And makes...Read More
Categories: abscond, anger, depression,
Form: Ballad
A World Without Illiterates
Oh imagine what a world without illiterate be?
  Go deep into thinking and see what a disastrous word,
  Where no one is below another,
  What a world it would be!

A world where the saddle saddler awaits saddling,
...Read More
Categories: abscond, care, change, corruption, deep, earth day, emotions,
Form: Free verse
White Page
Staring at the blinding void
Words abscond the page
A requiem for artistry
A blank thematic stage

Ordered letters trickle down
Grown in shapeless haze
Jumbled verses laughing back
That form a static maze

Lines of wisdom break the mess
Something special strums
In rhymes of pretty metaphors
Together they become

Tunes...Read More
Categories: abscond, anxiety, beauty, confusion, deep, metaphor, music, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Jettison Indecision and Imprecision
The fusion of indecision and imprecision robs lives of vitality
Freezing minds in a state of petrified fear
That slays sagacity, perspicacity and versatility
In circumstances where room for a tear

Lives and survives in dreams and screams
Born from excess procrastination
Wrapped, strapped and capped...Read More
Categories: abscond, poems,
Form: Free verse