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Details | Rhyme |
She writes her songs and her poems,
not one person know 'em.
She listens to the sound of her music,
she's stuck to it like a tick.

If someone took the time to listen,
her true colors would glisten.
She's put on a mask,
and hid everything when someone asked.

She was the type of girl who would always laugh,
making you wish it would last.
She was the type of girl who would smile the day away,
too bad it is no longer that way.

She is now the girl who is depressed,
I bet you're impressed.
Since no one could tell
that she was going through hell.

Everyone thought she was happy, 
when really, she felt crappy.
Everyone thought she was having the time of her life,
who would have guess her best friend was a knife?

She spent her days alone,
she seemed to do everything on her own.
Never once wanted help.
Thought she could do everything herself.

Then the day came,
when she lost the game.
She fell apart,
and everyone saw her broken heart.

They saw the way she overreacted.
Oh, if only you saw the way she acted.
She bruised herself, scratched herself, and made herself bleed,
no one knew what it was that she needed.

They saw her tears,
and that was what she feared.
They found out she wasn't okay,
oh, she hated that day.

Everyone found out about her secret,
and she wish they'd just forget,
but she knew they couldn't,
and that they wouldn't.

She left that town and started over,
no one knew she went undercover.
She said she got better,
when really... something else occurred. 

She secretly hurt herself,
and walked away from help.
Everyone thought she recovered,
when really, she was undercover.

She secretly wanted to get worse,
no one knew of course.
No one cared to ask,
if she was wearing her mask.

Now it's too late,
she locked the gate.
Killed herself,
everyone had forgotten she needed help.

Goodbye cold world,
this was a story of a girl
who once loved everyone
then feared who it was who won.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Whoops, I forgot to comment
Upon that nice poem you wrote
Please don't take it personally
My reasons are many, take note

It's too long, I'm easily bored
It's not really what I expected
I though it might have rhymed a bit
So now I'm a little dejected

I've nothing special to say
When clearly others do
Perhaps I've missed the meaning
Or have a different point of view

Occasionally I'm just stuck for words
Stop laughing it's often true!
I've just run out of pleasantries
To pass on what is due

Your poem I'm sure is wonderful
I'm sorry I failed to say
How beautiful are, the visions you give
I'll tell you another day

Contest entry for “Comments Verses View”

Copyright © Nick Bagnall | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
A soul weeps in flesh for the pain I left behind.
 I am sorry for the pain,the tears, I left for you to bear. 
These healing words I send with a bumble bee to heal a bleeding rose. 
These napkin like words I pray can wipe your tears and snotty nose.
 I was young and naive,I cherished my pride instead of your heart . 
There the coldest winter did start. 
If it makes you happy I disposed of the mistress. 
Who faded in long lost memory of shadowed kisses.
 No,no,no I am sorry for writing that,
its a poets bold habit of honesty,
but in writing this I thought i should be honest and honest I shall be.I apologize for leaving your emotions suppressed,unknown and ostracized. 
Yes, I know the ocean swollen with your tears,the angels descended on a bloody battle field to  hear your cry.I hope you can summons them again and reconsider the report to the almighty farther. 
If I could write this apology in the eye of the sky I would,for my remorse to be seen , a once foolish human being .Your heart I didn't mean to decay. I apologize for the lies, cries,for making you eat sadly all those ice creams and soggy apple pies,from absorbing tears fallen from yours eyes. Left to wonder in the vastness of the universe alone. I am sorry also sorry for the smudged ink and some of the lines. I cried along with them, imaging your painful times.

Yours truly Elliott Bowe 
To:Simone Descartes

Copyright © Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT | Year Posted 2012

Details | Salaam |

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Copyright © shadab shaikh | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |
Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Copyright © Green Trees | Year Posted 2012

Details | Romanticism |
A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Narrative |
The rain slides off my hair,

soaking me wet.

The sky seems to be crying over me,

I don't care.

In the middle of nowhere,

without no soul to speak with.

Should I embrace my fear?

Tears are coming,

though not mine.

But I await my fate,

inpatient for all to end,

not worried for ones deathly drop.

I never had my laughing days on this smiling planet,

nor smiled at gracing sunsets.

No need for me to be where I have my wrongly self being,

in a world that doesn't want me in it!

Can't I be free?

escape, without it not labelled a sin?

My words doesn't breach a sound!

Am I bound to disappear with just one argument?

I now don't feel the need to fear,

useless waste from above.

But I do regret for what soon my breathless body didn't become,

maybe in the end it'll turn out to be all I was.

They will finally see,

a lost poet.

Instead you'll be seeing tears in my lifeless eyes,

like fallen old crusty papers,

with no expressions,

nor emotions of any kind that suits your almighty mind,

for ever no sense.

Throw away my heart and mind into dark flames of hell!

Feel my fury from the heat of not understanding!

All vanished within my last dying breath.

Don't cry for me,

cry for yourself.

Dead writing,

like me forever,

I was........


Copyright © Ryan Jackson | Year Posted 2011

Details | Dramatic Verse |

I wake up with another tear for I have again, relived the nightmare will it ever leave me with any way to see when will I again be able to see my family the past is forgiven so why is it still living my heart was so broken but soon after it was frozen let it lie and the past die for I have a life to live with but the past is still being relived how do I stop this past of torture so I can find my new future

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Alliteration |
Through troubled times of struggle, hearts were muddled, I'd dissemble,
I'd drop your hand, chest buckles, you withstand and reassemble,
you've restored so many times what I've tore down, disassembled...
you understand my loss, first hand, "I love you", your lips trembled.

Though record shows my deeds forgo your love, you're more than gentle,
refused the bounds of apprehension, tension disassembled,
unleashed affection, your devotion, yet emotions tremble,
there's something uncontrolled, it has a hold within, it's mental.

Your intuition, my acts of indecision, temperamental,
propriety, on my behalf, falls way short of monumental.
Your heart permits my love, undeserving, unconditional,
though reservations pull back elation, unpredictable.

I promise you my heart, my spirit, it's unequivocal,
you complete the parts of me I thought were integral.
Burdens, troubles, tension, dissension, all now invisible,
all replaced by exuberance I once thought was mythical.

Trepidation, dread, fixation on perceived forged fictionals,
bring forth false truths expected to be unpredictable.
Look forward, opened heart and eyes, keep close what's fundamental,
I understand your fear, first hand, "I love you", my lips tremble.

Copyright © Kylie Routley | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
In such a happiness
You resemble one in a stress
You have everyone to yourself now to say yes

You have in your accommodation the right foreign man
And you have his entire plan written
He?s at present recognized prosperous in all this clan
And you differ not effectively beaten

What is kept in that thunderous silence
That looks nevertheless a rainbow
You have a bias in speaking and letting us know
Or is it what they say in doubt you have the heat?s shyness

In such a happiness
Being given all the choices
When all said is as well an omen
And you think love is everything
You put shame on brains of the youth
To send your letter while open

Copyright © Masereka Amos | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
A one eyed drunken pen stares at blank paper with blury vision It begins to stuble and trip as it walks on the lines, It vomits words unsettled in its abdomen the master of this drunken pen is drunk to they vomit together from the summit of golden mountain tip They refill and sip taking the paper for a trip to the bar then off to the rum oceans were they wet the paper with tranquil words contaminating marine life fishes swin in circles inebriated swimming into reef ascending beyond the sun writing with skill and thrill until the end has come and fingers are numb babbling,babbling all around safe and sound writing on air and ground,words profound placing gems on paper vomited from inner abdomens ground many jewels discovered and found from inner drunken thoughts what am I saying displaying playing in drunken circles like a bike in your mind, like circles of confusion  sorry its my drunken pen,sunken in drunken ink did I just make you think crossing and tossing papers while flossing words teeth dose it shine like a nickle or dime damn I need some more wine to rhyme and climb poetic mountains soaked by a fountain of drunken inc ok the poem is over I am vomiting down the sink my pen is sober it can no longer think,some more I must drink,did I just say the poem was over sorry its my drunkens pens fault dancing with whirl pool singing with eagles I stole a bone shaped pen from a beagle hiding in clouds drifting above in the brain of the sky oh my rapid heart beats connecting to a world beyond and beyond,beyound sober Ok it's enough liquor for you old pen sorry its my drunken pen hang over hang over poetic hang over POETRY SOUP PLEASE gulp gulp gulp AHHHH much better

BEHOLD my poet friends I created a new kind of poem it is called drunkenpen. There is no need for correct spelling or grammar,you don't need to stick to one theme,any thing goes.The only requirment is the following you must blame every thing on you drunkenpen. Take a (SHOT) at it. Have fun LOL.

WithIn this eccentric format their is two different styles. The wine drunken pen and the rum drunken pen. The wine drunken pen does not have any periods and not as much misspelled words. However it still has a drunken flow and its still drink and stumbling. The rum drunken pen is the most articulate pen,it has many misspelled words and grammar errors. Along with a crazy unpredictable read. Any and every thing can happen.

What i have written is wine drunken.

By:Elliott Bowe

Copyright © Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
You see her?
Why don't go be like her?
No one likes you,
so this is what you must do.

You must stop being yourself,
get off of you shelf.
You must please everyone,
to do that, you must be number one.

She's the perfect girl,
you're the no one in the world.
So go ahead, and give yourself away,
since you're going the wrong way.

You are no longer you,
see what you can do.
You are now her,
that's better than what you ever were.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |
i don't wanna sit here 
in the garden, without you 
i don't want to be here 
falling apart, waiting for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of existing here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

i'm not gonna stand here 
all evening, without a clue 
i'm not gonna be here 
sweetheart, bleeding just for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of burning here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

you're not adam, 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
that haunts me 
you can't be adam 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
ripping my heart away 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be

Copyright © William Boyd | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
It’s so late that 
I can see the daybreak peeking through the blinds
And I’m awake and I don’t know why
I’m feeling worried
I’ve seen how much you love me 
& I can see you’re doing your best to hide it
I can feel how bad you want to forget my existence 
& I’m sorry
But I know you, and I know you’ll be alright
But right now it’s sunrise
And I’m awake and I don’t know why
I feel so sad
I miss your arms around me
And I miss the security, and I miss your love
& I know this might hurt so bad that you’ll stop
And I know you won’t forget about me, but some day you will stop
And that makes me so sad, and I’m so sorry
The sun’s getting brighter and I’m still writing and I don’t know why
I’m just feeling a little worthless
You’re doubting how much I love you
And I can’t let myself come back, so I can’t tell you 
That I love you 
Because it will hurt you
So I’m writing it down, because I have to
I know I’ll never forget you but someday I will stop
& I’m sorry but I’ve been up all night
I haven’t slept and I don’t know why
I’m feeling so anxious
I know there’s so much I want to do with my life
So much I’ve felt I had to keep inside
& I’m ready to live my life right 
I’m ready to love myself without another
I know sometimes I’ll miss you and sometimes I’ll wonder
But my heart doesn’t tell me we’re right for each other
And I think it’s right, and I’m sorry
Please don’t hate me, I’m sorry

Copyright © Jenna Leigh | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
It’s been years and I did nothing but watch the walls crack
I look everywhere and see a glimpse of things I missed
I try to go back to do things that was undone
But what’s in the past can never be undone
I’m so littler now
Stuck in the jail of my heart 
Broking to pieces 
Barely breathing
weeping bitterly for my savior 

I’m sorry for I left you for so long
I’m ashamed of holding you
You were the only one who gets me
You’ve always been here through my ups and downs
And I simply walked away from you
I always exploded all my feelings to you
You did nothing but listen 
Never judge me with a glance
I’ve hit you
Threw you
Broke you
You’ve always forgave me 
And came back 

You always knew what was really there
I didn’t need to show you for you to see
I spilled my heart to you 
Without even saying a word
You just simply knew
You helped me find my words 
To show the world 
As it is from my heart
For they need lots of words to understand 

With just a movement of my hand
You helped me draw my dreams my thoughts my unspoken words 
On these wet forgotten papers	
Gave it a new life 
A new story to share

I promise ill never leave you again 
Forgive me, My Pen My savior

Copyright © Nesma Alnsour | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |
The Eyes

The eyes so shattered and so blue,
You sit there and you knew
The pain of losing someone close to you,
And you beg for their return,
But a wish so great, can never be granted.

The eyes shattered and blue,
Watch you,
Take the bottle and drowned yourself,
They watch you destroy yourself,
And they know what they do,
Yet they show no remorse, no pain in heart.

You fall asleep
On a dirty mattress,
Held up by broken dreams
And nightmares,
No pillow, no blanket
Just air you float on.
And your blind eyes close in the night,
The dreams come back to haunt you
And the eyes, they watch you,
So shattered and so blue.

Till three o’clock hits again
Wake in cold sweat,
Spiders on webs weaving a nest
In your head,
A cry out for the Madhouse,
Where the eyes so shattered and so blue
Stare at you, through a window with no reflection.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue |
Every day, my life has been filled with regret. I should've found true love somewhere in
America when I had that first chance. I regret being diagnosed with autism, mild MR
(mental retardation), and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) at the age of three. I also
regret not having a real-life girlfriend from another state, especially the State of
California. It seemed that I had an unfair advantage or whatever. Of course, I had a
somewhat good childhood, but it was almost as messed up as someone else's. The only reason
why my life is filled with plenty of regret is because I was supposed to have a perfect
life. I was also supposed to get everything right, that would've included my childhood.
Now, instead of being rich beyond my dreams and being a college graduate, I'm stuck with a
boring life. And even though I have no girlfriend or no job as of right now, the ones from
my past, it's them that I really feel sorry for. And those girls from my middle school
years and my high school years, it's them that I feel so sorry for, too. It makes me sick,
just thinking about a lot of regrets. But what I really regret most of all is that I
should've done something a long time ago, but there's nothing I can do about my past; it's
already done. Right now, I wish that my life wasn't filled with regret and that I knew
what my life would be like if I was born perfect and that I were to walk in someone
else's shoes.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |

I know I've been tardy
Let my mom know, I'm sorry
Like 6 dogs said in "flossing"

I know I've been tardy
Let my mom know, I'm sorry
Like 6 dogs said in "flossing"

I know I've been tardy 
Let my mom know I'm sorry

Haven't always been thinking smartly
But rather bizarrely and darkly
I've been on a wild goose chase, not a safari
Always getting faded, as if I love to party
And burning through it like Bob Marley
While looking up during nights that are starry
Near and far from the sea

Been feeling like a one man army
Doesn't mean that nothing can harm me

I'd still jump off the top rope like Matt and Jeff Hardy
If another tried to make the ones I love suffer harshly
Then they're the ones that will really be sorry
I'll do much more than karate and making their arm bleed
By causing mental and physical scarring

Vaguely familiar with Atari
And way too old for Barnie

I don't care about the hierarchy

I'll cook you up something hearty
Made with or without some parsley

I know I've been tardy
Let my mom know I'm sorry
Like 6 dogs said in "flossing"

I know I've been tardy 
Let my mom know I'm sorry
Like 6 dogs said in "flossing"

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
I was looking over my stuff here, and itseems I've lost the talents I once knew here.
I write ancedotes for my column. I do journalism- always some deadline or project that I work well under the pressure of it all.

Writing is what I truly love!

There is just so many varied types I do, my poetry is suffering.

I enjoy reading the great writers here.
Sometimes I do not comment or remark because it is art and I'm at a loss of words.

It's just been enlightening to live such a full life, and to be right here, right now amazes me. I'm searching for some old therapeutic writes. I was on alot of medications at one time.
A victim of spousal abuse.

I came back up North severly medicated, drolling and my family would whisper, she'll never be right again.

Post Tramatic Stress Disorder aint no joke.
To be me, knowing what I do, and how very long it took me to recover...

When some never do.

Many men were nice to me along the way, poetrysoup has the best men in the world, they will embrace your differences, and encourage you to keep your chin up, and keep your pen flowing.
Vince I love you! Frank, you are the best friend that a girl to ever have! You've sent me so many books of stamps to write you back and also send you the latest edition of the magazine I am featured in monthly. Everyone has those times in their life, when nothing goes right. How you knew without me saying a thing.
Are you alright? a concerned letter in the mail when I was having it rough- and the presents that made me cry. It may have been a framed poem, but it meant the world to me, and still does.

And lastly John,
Why oh why did I pick the most just man to give the hardest time to?
He has put up with so much from me over the years. I love him with everything in me. If not for being a true servant of God where would I be without him.
I remember 5 or six years ago, and his lady, whats your problem?!
Well John, you are the very sweetest man I've ever known in my life... without you I would still be cold to the Lord. So many years and mile stones along the way. I can leave here, but just like the sands of Florida, you'll always see me back.
Thank You All, for reading me, but more - to support the struggling writers that fall between the cracks in society.
I love you Frank. I love you John. Don't ask which one more, because John is single and Frank is not hehehehe

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Kill me now,
no one needs to know how.
They don't care anyways,
let me waste away.

I'm so alone,
I'm always on my own.
I was happy one minute,
now I want to cut.

I'm trying to stay strong,
but it's been too long.
I'm giving up,
since no one is helping me up.

I'm falling down,
and there's no one around 
to keep me sane,
so all I want is pain.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
Squatters acquire the land
And no questions are asked.

Hovers litter the place
And open drains greet the eyes.

Stench queezes the life
But sellers defy the odour;
Frequent epidemic and death,
But the population continues to grow.

Nobody to care;
No questions are asked;
Sheer naked life,
Ever ready for the end.

Copyright © NWANDO OBIANYOR | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
I start to initiate a conversation,
written with myself, in the dark
late November clouds,
and it's quiet and still
judgemental, just as always
in the solitude of being
socially obliged-

Yet, this is a boring poem,
or conversation, because 
no drama rears its ugly head
and the decapitated head
has already long fallen
rolling, rolling, rolling-
But it'll be back!
don't you worry
your pretty little head off,

this path must meet
with physics and science
and the obscene geometry
that dictates
the virile trajectory
of relapse, 
I just wanted to talk or write,
or whatever.

Copyright © Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |
The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

Copyright © Candice Vega | Year Posted 2009

Details | I do not know? |
Sitting after I finished my studies
Started thinking 
Looking at the closed window facing me
I wanted to write
Do I write about Life or Politics?
The drops started hitting the window
The echo made me think

I decided to write about my studies
A way of thinking
But the darkness outside that I see,
And the drops fight 
Do I write anyway or fear politics?
I looked at my pens, maybe they know
I sipped some of my drink

I see the light and thunder and light dies
I ceased drinking
Maybe after all, the problem is me
People out there fight
But is fighting and killing, politics?
A feel something moving, wants to grow
How do I think?

Why my neighbour does shout? He cries.
I started thinking
"If I respected him, he would have respected me"
This savage wants to fight
I shouted, shut up I don't fight lunatics.
He saw the picture in fact I know
The picture, I think.

I draw his daughter. You bastard, he cries
I started winking
The picture offended him, I know. See
I draw what I please, my right
My freedom. Why do my hand panics?
You Stink

He entered furious pulled my shirt
Told me he will show my real sex by pulling my skirt
My hands were alert
But damn the one who is wrong is the one hurt

I am writing now my hands trembling
Why did I start it since I can't end it?

Copyright © Ahmad Magdy | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |
I shattered my own heart,
Wrecking balls, tumbling decisions,
It fell upon me too late,
Forever and now I will lose what I held so dear,

But I held it out at arms length,
I let it fall, the uncurling my fingers,
Sinking into an emotional seat that engulfs me,
I so desperately buried the threat,

Happy once, I have not forgotten,
The taste of joy upon my lips still,
How could one ever forget the ecstasy that is happiness,
For we all seek it within the nil,

Berserk and rampant in my head,
A beast set loose upon my mental state,
So silent am I, my comfort so walks away,
So silent I can hear the screams echo within the blank,

Damp and dark are my thoughts of late,
Cramped tight inside, no prison break,
Hoping to find my way,
Before fear swallows me in regret,
And I become lost in my own wake.

Copyright © Joshua Brown | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
I interpret what I see
hoping that it's on target
you hope it's what is accepted
or is it?
I read you and then you disappear
no answer
oh dear...did I cross the line?
quickly I try to amend my words with more words
have to be heard...when reading was the culprit
or was it?
oh the written word...(sigh)
IMs become obselete since there's no one 
to answer to...
so I write to plead my case
hoping to propitiate the soul
that may have been hurt.
But then again...
did I misinterpret the no answer?

Copyright © Karena Brown | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |
Hi everyone, i'm having a bit of writers block.  and i can honestly say, i do not care. 
inspiration can strike at odd times.  so if you like my poems and are sad that i have not
made one in a couple of days, i am sorry but please don't be sad.  i felt i was pushing
myself to make at least one poem a day, but i found that my earlier poems were much better
than my later poems, if i keep pushing myself like this, my creativity and natural
inspiration will start to fade.  I'm sorry for the delay, i will more than likely be back
on track in a couple days! Farewell for now,


Copyright © Zelda Cane | Year Posted 2011

Details | Triolet |
Only John Wayne officianados will recognize that is is based
on a line used in his film, "Rio Bravo".

"I'm sorry."  "Sorry don't get it done, Dude."

 Far be it for me to tell anyone what to say,
 But, there comes a time when the line has to play.

"I'm sorry."  "Sorry don't get it done, Dude."

 Yes, they are words we use along the way
 Sometimes they are difficult, aren't they?

"I'm sorry."  "Sorry don't get it done, Dude."

 Far be it for Me...to tell ANYONE what to say!

 To all of those to whom I have hurt over the years
 knowingly or not I can only say, "I'm truly Sorry."

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010