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Details | Free verse |
Poetry drips from cat paws
Out of drowsy sonorous sleep
Through the green slit
Of a blinking eye
That alone shows a profound
Of environment, and world
Creeping up in its fawn colored grass
To pounce from nowhere.

This cat that I cannot surprise
Takes me like play rag
Toy or rat
In its dripping mouth
And I going limp
I have heard the dog moaning too
While she walks above the roof
Looking down with a subtle smile.
The dog curls on the mat
Ignoring the majestic movements
I cannot shake the claws.

Cougar slinking through crevices
Of boulders forgotten by flood
Puma leaping through the fluid light
Panther crouching
At the edge of night
Tiger forever burning bright
Lion in the caterpillar stage
There is a story in every rage
Cats cuddly cute unwind
Into vivid sheets, poetry dripping
From their tender paws.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |

Coming in faster than speed racer
Heart colder than a glacier

Trying to duplicate the flavor
Another clout chaser
With or without a pace maker
And bracers
Soft as a wafer

Yet another copy cat
You're wrong for that
Going to one up you chumps, with or without a hockey mask

For ages I've been at the bottom, reaching for the top
More than a lot
Attempting to plot and stir up the pot
Whether the temperature cold or hot
Like it or not
They'll get caught
And put on the spot
Having to pay the cost
For such foolish talk

Regarding any parameters
Days and nights may or may have not been spectacular
I guess there's always been scavengers
And bandwagoners
As well as opposition and challengers
Whether or not their ambassadors
During any date on the calendar
It was either solved or obscure, by any medical examiner
Above and below any fields with or without lavender

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

Details | Limerick |
She’s out there chasing a cricket

Through bush, through shrub & through thicket

Together they hop

Fugitive, cop

But when she gets it, she just wants to lick it!

A cat whose vet took his eye

Just cannot quite understand why

His eye’s been enucleated,

3-D vision reduciated,

So now, he keeps an eye out for an eye

Ya gotta keep limericks loose

Think green eggs, or perhaps Dr. Seuss

They’re structured, it’s true,

But they’re also a zoo

Whose tenants are all on the loose!

I frolic in fountains of words

Overflowing with serious absurds

Each poem I write

Wakes up and takes flight

Joining angels and faeries and birds

You ask that we write a good limerick

How to do so, I haven’t a glimmerick

So I struggle and frown

Teaching  poems to clown

So a smile on your lips will be shimmerick

A cat with a mouth full of mouse

Brought her feast right into my house

She played with her food

Who was not in the mood

To be a banquet of mouse in the house

The nightmares that shadow my sleep

Stampede the proverbial sheep

Right out of my mind

When I try to unwind

I find my appointment with sleep hard to keep

In her search for original truth

She met people unsavory and couth

She knitted and purled

But only unfurled

Yarns told by new age and old youth

Cat, suddenly pink,

Drinks her water from out of the sink

She looks so absurd

Since she’s been de-furred

I really don’t know what to think!

If one and one is two and two is four,

And there’s only two ways to go through  a door,

Then, is earth up or down?

And, where is down town?

These are questions we need to explore!

A was that is an is

Tried to mind my biz

But I sent it packing,

Its presence was lacking

And I don’t have time for such shiz!

A couple who lived in Los Lunas

Loved the wide desert sky’s crystal blueness

They’d stare at the air,

Over here, over there

And rejoice at the feeling of newness

A cat with a very fat gut

Found it easier to walk on his butt

He’d drag it around

Across carpet and ground

And use it to slam the doors shut

Said the Missus to her dear Mr. Otter,

“There’s something I think that you oughta

Do before we get old

To protect us from cold –

You oughta make the hot water hotter!”

The ghosts who live up in my attic

Make noises that sound much like static

I’ve tried to send them away,

But they’re here to stay,

Those staticky ghosts in my attic

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Cinquain |
in frustration
Alice cannot conceive
the cat beyond the

Copyright © Nigel Fawcett | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
A potato once did fall
And no one could be called
For the time was over
And no one could hover
In the forest of eyes
And the forest of lies
One realizes
The real eyes
And the real lies
For how can the bee eat the tree
Without the help of the noble eagle
This is the reality of reality
And the frugality of one’s vitality
Forever Free
Forever Alone

Copyright © Idham Bihum | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
Let me steal your thoughts, cause they are so close to mine
Can I borrow a pen and paper? Tell me again, what was that line?
I was feeling so unbalanced, with no source of inspiration to tap
then I heard about you, and suddenly my inspiration is back!
Maybe I should just quit writing, let you speak my piece?
I mean, you might just as well, you are so much like me.
I can relate to your words, like our history was the same.
And the way you break it down, girl you got my kind of game.
Ok, maybe you are right, I need to be original to my audience
but I'm past a blank slate, your words are already in my inner-conscience.
So I'll keep on reading yours, cause I enjoy it when I do
I'll stay true to me, but might lend a phrase or 2.
So thanx for sharing your heart, I appreciate it more than you know,
I give credit to you and I really dig your flow.

Copyright © morvarid farjadi | Year Posted 2007

Details | Haiku |
stealth cat creeps closer gets in my lap disrupts thoughts... muse has left the scene

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |
(This fictional poem is based on the cartoon character.)

I called the police and reported a rape and they rushed to where I live at.
But they beat me with their sticks when I told them that the victim was a cat.
Somehow my cat got a long streak of paint on her fur.
When Pepe Le Pew finished, she sure as hell didn't pur.
I gave him a good kick and I got sprayed.
I cut off his balls, he has seen better days.
He treated my cat like a whore.
He won't rape cats anymore

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2008

Details | Narrative |

What does a black cat look like
In the light of an ancient moon,
Which can address his finest ways
While he catwalks the lands in gaze,
Paris is the place he craves to be
This any other cat's would see,
Why the old cat walks around? 
His eyes possessed the town
Until the light of the velvet moon
Helps him feel at easy where he could
Find a place to sleep,
This ancient cat knows what is best
While he lays his little head for rest
Where he could get up to do his best 
On gentle grass in a social life
grace is always on his side,
Oh, how he dreamed about alleys where 
food is in the cans of garbage bags
where kitties are play around 
doing what they know in a world that is 
evil and cold.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatrain |
I've tried fighting the doldrums
with my mind and ready wit.
Yet facing yawn after yawn
I've a real desire to quit.

I've finished scratching my ass
tending to that award itch.
And just stare at a blank page
swearing that writing's a bitch.

Maybe I'll try something new
and write about what I see.
Yet one look around this place
shows little to inspire me.

All I see are dust bunnies
and a cat that won't sit still.
Ah shoot there goes his food dish
shall I write about the spill?

Their once was a clumsy cat
that didn’t notice the wax.
For he slid into his dish
and was stopped dead in his tracks.

On second thought maybe not
it lacks general appeal.
For it's too silly and I’m
not sure how the cat would feel.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
This poem I write 
should had been writen where it is I stand
but this was and is a place to dark to write
but I had writen everything in my mind
I didn't see what the sky holds 
I didn't listen to the cries of the birds
where I sleep 
where I dream 
isn't aplace anyone would like to be
in my darken room is the chimney 
where the old logs burn 
aplce where I didn't sip on tea
but aplace where I do scream
Oh, I see the cat eyes staring back at me
like glass clear windows
trying to tell me something is coming my way
where more rage of storms anger
the wind is on high pitched
my shattered heart skipt a beat
I hold my silence 
I inhealed my words
this morning brought on more rain and pain
the cold drops reached deep into my soul
with a welcome hands
I know I will soon have to take my stand
to what it is that hides in darkness
I look for the light in those ancient cat eyes
but all I could see or hear are the swift spit words 
like secrets from an ancient time
that hold a rhyme that touched my tongue
the more I look I could see a black fire 
that burns deep into the eyes of the night
that makes me want to cry another time
where noble ghoste of long ago 
watch and wait to see my faith
Oh, what deep secrets the speak while I sleep.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
(This is a fictional poem)

I bought a black cat because I didn't believe that they bring bad luck.
I bought a black cat and then I got ran over by a truck.
The driver gave me the finger as he ran me over.
I need some good luck in a hurry, I need a four leaf clover.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
Poems by Jake Cosmos Aller For Poem a Thon 2017
April 1 Berkeley California

Growing up in the 60’s
In Berkeley almost 50 years ago
I think back
At those turbulent times
Those crazy wonderful times

Berkeley is a wonderful place
In many ways
Stuck forever in 1967
A true time travel experience

Every time I go back
And relive the memories
Of the 60’s

The 60’s never died
They continue
In college towns
Across the world

And Berkeley
Remains the mecca
Of the counter cultural revolution

Many things have changed
But the organic food revolution
Became mainstream

Marijuana spread out
The sexual revolution
Became mainstream

So much of the world
Is but a reflection
Of the revolution of the 60’s

And the conservative counter-revolution
That we are still fighting
So, I salute
My homeland

The center of my universe
April 2 Lithia Springs

Staying at Lithia Springs
Soaking in the healing waters

Soaking my pains away
Renewing my life

Renewing my love
As we both soak away

As the pain of life go away
And our love grows

With each soaking session
Life is good

At the hot springs water
Sooths us and smooth us

And we fall in love
Again and again

Copyright © jake aller | Year Posted 2017