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Details | Quatrain |
Whispers of talent are carried on New England breezes
Dickinson, Hawthorne, and the Irvings’ son Washington
Though I sense a special connection to all of these
None inspired more than Edwin Arlington Robinson

Three Pulitzer Prizes were displayed on his mantle place
His childhood in Maine he described as “stark and unhappy”
Though he went to Harvard, academics he’d not embrace
Arlington’s style was unique and his cadence snappy

“Miniver Cheevy,” displaced soul, longed for Medieval years
To Miniver I could relate, felt I was born too late
Wishing I’d ridden West with America’s pioneers
But at least my dreams alcohol will never desecrate

For his depressed brother Herman, “Richard Cory” he wrote
A handsome man who appeared to enjoy the perfect life
But the turmoil in his heart, his exterior did not denote
Richard shot himself in the head to put an end to strife

Edwin, your character studies touched something deep inside
Struggles you described of common men gripped me, made me cry
People whose dreams and accomplishments did not coincide
I, too, watch life’s play from backstage, feeling like a standby

Though I seek to display wit, tragedies pour from my pen
And much like my muse, my life seems filled with loneliness
As poets we reach out to touch lives of men and women
Hoping to find comfort as troubled feelings we express

* Written for Jared's "Ode" contest

Edwin Arlington Robinson (December 22, 1869 – April 6, 1935) was an American poet 
born in Maine who won three Pulitzer Prizes for his work. His brother Dr. Dean 
Robinson died of a drug overdose, perhaps inspiring Robinson to write of the 
alcoholic dreamer “Miniver Cheevy.”. It has been speculated that his poem "Richard 
Cory" was penned for his other brother, Herman. E.A. Robinson’s poems have a dark 
pessimism stemming from dreams gone awry.  The style and themes of many of my 
poems seem to emulate Robinson, who often wrote in rhyming quatrains.  “Richard 
Cory” can be found at http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/richard-cory/.
To read “Miniver Cheevy,” go to 

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
Was it all that long ago
  when we drove thru the streets,
Singing those crazy drinking songs
  that you taught me?
Oh, how I wish for those days again
  when the boulevards came easily.
Our voices in the open air as we sped
  in that sports car of yours.
Your death gave me a voice that
  I did not know I had until you left me in that void.
Now, words fill the pages of a writer
  instead of the notes of a musician.
Sometimes the tempo rises 
  Other times it is staccato and slow.
How can I tell others my memories of those days
  as I watched your courageous battle.
Your voice still sings those songs in me
  from I know not where.
Was it all that long ago...

written: 8/11/2015

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |
Frantic searching for my sanity as the odor of explosives and burning flesh assault my soul.  Longing for the boredom of stuffy barracks my eyes my friends constantly search for your return I hide all but fear.

We know the death of friends but in our life embrace we conceal all that is deferred for recollection in our final days.  For now bravado, lots of scotch, and a Thai stick sets the pattern for our only security.

Lost are the joys of spirit we envisioned as children; gone is the clarity and respect for lives easily expended in the most secret of a nation’s honor, generalities served in a bitter beer.

I know you friend, your dreams your plans you say them softly in your sleep.  Our  prayers to will keep you safe.

We dare to plan in-country encouraged by being too short not to let our minds drift at the possibilities.  

We hope that God is truly on our side and confess only in our eyes the sins we speak to no one.

The blood of those we do not know anoints the heads of those we do and love for now, until our final taps brings us home.  

With this kiss of honor I embrace what remains of you my friend and your courage.  I curse your departure and salute the honor of our time together.

Copyright © Violetta Antonia Sorcini | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |
Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye

He tell me of places that no one has seen
Amidst the celestial dark amongst it's diamond screen
Where no one can sail against the luff
I still see you Billy, why has life been so tough

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother what would I see
Smiles on our faces once again when we are annealed
Still inside I cry and the reasons why
Billy your gone now, but your so nearby

Billy my brother drifts on a plain
In my mind I still feel his hurting pain
I still see you Billy, seeing me cry
Dad it looks like Billy, he's saying goodbye
Dad he's looking down, there's tears in his eyes

My entry for John Heck's 'Dear John' contest with 'Daniel'
               written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |
I had just awakened from a night before drunk.
I needed a tall, cold glass of refreshing water.
I tried to stand but I couldn't.
So I sat, and there it was.
A letter fom my daughter.
I reached across the table grasping for the letter.
I began to sway, my eyes were red and sore,
rubbing them lightly just to see better.
Here's what the letter had to say.
"Dear Daddy"
I am writing just to say goodbye.
So I'll say what I have to say before I begin to cry.
You ran away from us daddy,you didn't even say goodbye.
At the time when you left, I was to young,
to understand the reason why.
Mama used to sit and cry each time we'd speak your name.
She said you left because of us kids, we were the one's to blame.
She is gone you know, she died of a broken heart.
She just couldn't make it on her own,
since you two have been apart.
She'd work both day and night trying her very best,
to give us a decent home.She never really rested much,
she was much to busy working her fingers to the bone.
She used to pray evey night you would return to town.
You never did come back daddy, you went and let her down.
She told us not to hate you, no matter what we think.
She said your only problem was, you loved your precious drink.
Now we are alone daddy, my brother John and I.
Now I know how mommy felt, that is why I sit and cry.
But I don't cry for mommy or even my brother John.
I cry for you daddy, for you see, my love for you is gone.
And now after writing this letter, even my tears have run dry.
Now that you know just how I feel daddy, 
this letter is to say goodbye.
A P.S. is added. 
A toast in in order I think.
Now that you have ruined our live's,
enjoy your self along with your next drink.

Copyright © James Chenevert | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
*A assignment was due in class. *

Every time a gun shoots
A tree looses its roots
Every time there is bloodshed
Along with it millions of tears are shed
Every time a heart is stabbed
Someone else’s life gets barren
As violence grows
Many more mothers moan
The sounds of destruction
Overpowers the voice of those
Who are innocent
Who suffer with no reason
Who beg for life
Who have heart full of innocence

Why do so much violence?
That the child’s cry cannot be heard
When his father is killed
Why do so much violence?
That a mother moans
Over her child’s dead remains
Why do so much violence
For winning any stupid battle
Which is taking lives
Of people who have wives
And mothers and children

When you can keep calm
Talk things out
Do whatever you can
To keep violence out
Because there is no sin as big as

Copyright © donna lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
I'm writing now oh big bro
Oh! sorry I forgot, yes you said no
To say goodbye and to let you know
That you'll be on my mind wherever I 
Well you know I'll never be ur pussy 
cat nor teddy bear
Whatever you wanna call me now...I 
dnt care
You think you're the one who's hurt, 
well you're wrong dear
The truth is that I'm the one suffering 
No no plz dnt you ever apologize
I'm the one who's sorry for telling 
To you?! Yeah right that's what you 
have always thought
But I was lying to myself believe it or 
No more stories,no more pain
Gonna spread my wings, fly in the 
Now each one is going his own way
Well that is all I have to say
If you change your mind I'll be 
waiting for you
Ready do hear and forgive like I 
always do
The fact is you'll never know what 
you did to me
Though I'll never consider you as an 
Oh how I wish to hear from you 
these words
Saying, sister come close to me, 
together we will run the world.

Copyright © dreamersis poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
"My Big Brother" nach oben und unten auf der Straße
  Er konnte jeden treffen Sie sein
  Bespitzelung von Ihnen von der Straße
  Suchen in aus jedem Takt  "My Big Brother" ist das nicht süß?
  "My Big Brother" und ich weiß nicht, warum

  Gießen von oben in den Himmel
  "My Big Brother" der kommunistischen Spion
  Zuhören in Friss Vogel oder stirb
  Bringing sein Buch in  unterrichtet innerhalb
  My Big Brother, 1 - 800 - LET-US-IN
  Gefangen mit Papier und einen Stift Alles nur, weil, "My Big Brother" ließ sich in"My Big Brother" up and down the street
  He could be anyone you meet
  Spying on you from the street
  Looking in from every beat
"My Big Brother" isn't that sweet

"My Big Brother" and I don't know why
  Casting in from above the sky
"My Big Brother" the commie spy
  Listening in do or die
  Bringing his book in
  Taught within
My Big Brother,             1-800-LET-US IN      
  Caught with paper and a pen 
All because, "My Big Brother" let himself in

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

Details | Narrative |
A Dialect Poem
The Transaltor is here again Sahib he has something to say to thee. Jobor is 
Transaltor is speaking: Sahib eye must travel many moons to visit the aged yew 
it must be hard to understand the English of this madman he is typo mad he 
makes eye the I the pronoun and the ewe his wife she must be happy to have 
him oh wait no we cannot judge a poet it must be style to bring a smile to every 
poets faces
Sahib speaks now: just tell me he sent me message and disturbed my aged 
wisdom in my places that eye visit are we still friends
Jobor speaks again:
Yes Sahib he would not answer thus without a reason.
Narrator speaks to crowd: What devotion if his servant is thus happy with this 
poet than he must have a very good reason to speak so off the wall and seem so 
badly wronging them
Transaltor says YES it seems so he says he is very sorry he called yew the back 
end of a camel can we still be friends my friend
Sahib says YES

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
It’s rather odd
That I woke up pretty early this Saturday morning
It’s rather odd
That I awoke from my indescribable dream, filled with mysteries  

It’s somewhat peculiar
That I enjoy being a teenager—now I could do whatever I want and when I want!
But that’s selfish of me, huh? Ha-ha like I care…psh!
It’s rather alarming
That I awoke from a motivating dream without the alarm going off
But that was only a coincidence…I think!

It’s rather startling
That I aced a test in my Algebra 1 class and…
 Yet I failed the class miserably…so I have to take Algebra over again! GREEAT!
It’s rather startling
That I faced my past fears and… 
Now I don’t appear to look like a fool anymore…or do I?

My startling moment was
When I noticed that I had an acting talent!
My startling moment was
When I noticed I had a writing ability too…
My startling moment was
When I composed my own song—now that’s awesome!
My startling moment was
When I heard that my brother was going to be kicked out of the house! 
My startling moment was
When I did my piano practice on my own—now that’s tricky!
My startling moment was 
When I noticed that I had suicidal thoughts…
I had horrible experiences while facing this problem…DX 
My last startling moment was…
Uhh, I totally forgot…
What was my last startling moment if you know?
Oh!! I know! I know!
When I first created my main characters in my future trilogy! ? 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
I thought you were my friend,
one that I could tell anything to,
but I guess that had to end...
I don't know what to do.

I wish I could help you,
because you deserve more.
If only you knew,
you could soar.

You're a great person,
yet you've been through so much.
I feel like you've worsen,
but I hope it's none such.

You're my favorite person,
if only you could see,
you're like the sun,
brightest of all the stars in the sea.

I am staying strong,
if I have to, I want you to do the same.
Don't worry, it won't be long,
till I come back into the game.

I know things are hard for you,
seeing as you don't have anyone there,
but please. You know what I don't want you to do. 
You know I care.

I know things are different,
and I know you changed a bit,
but don't forget the letter I sent,
and with every hit

Think of me, think of Madison,
the people that make you happy.
Forget every other person
that helps make you feel crappy.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Dear self,

   The words that I have to say are not the nicest ones. I fear what my uncapped talent
might pour out. I only write truth and nothing else. So when my brother asks me to write
to my older brother in prison I resist. It's not that I don't love him I just can't
pretend that I have forgiven him. 

I cannot mask the hurt that I feel like he is some pen pal that I've just been introduced
to. When the events were all too real how do you pretend they didn't singe through you?
How do they expect me to become a pathological liar over night? If I were to sit down and
write a pretend letter I wouldn't get a complete though out or anything right. 

In a real letter I would yell and release and maybe write him off forever. If I really did
write to him It might reopen some wounds that are still fresh like just made french
vanilla ice cream. If I really did write I wouldn't be awaiting a reply. Some things I may
say would hurt like a dagger slowly slicing you to death. 

I won't be writing to exchange pleasantries because being real is all I've ever know how
to be. My brother doesn't understand how such a lover of writing can have not a thing to
say. It's not that I have writer's block it's just that I refuse to pretend everything is
okay. I also refuse to inflict that kind of pain even though he deserves it I'd rather
just leave these thoughts unsaid. I'll live with the heavy shoulders and the extra heavy
burden because I really do love him. 
                                        Love Shahana Jackson

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2009

Details | Bio |
M y brother turned his back to a flaming sky

said, "If ya seen one sunset you seen em all."

I was slowly losing my tiny empire

It was so upsetting to watch it fall

Every night before we'd go to bed

My brother would read from, "The Lord of the Rings"

"We only see shadows", my momma said

We'd light up a joint while she threw the I'Ching

And when she read it, we were all ears

"The superior man always perceivers

In the morning, we'd fire up Mother, and hit the road

I was " Two Toke Tito" back then

The toe headed stoner bandito back when..

Mom threw the TV out the window

when they pretended to land on the moon

I made up my very own language back then

Had my first magic mushroom sandwich back when

They killed those kids at Kent State

and Abbie tried to levitate the Pentagon

"Mother" was our psychedelic house on wheels

We headed south to land with a little more sun

Back then there were Gypsies in Mexico

the locals would gather and wait for the show

Momma told them that we were just hippies and there wouldn't be one

Our cat, "Hash" ran away down in Navidad

at least it was a place where he would never lack something to eat

The darnedest cat that we ever had

He loved to smoke dope and he was never bothered by the heat

We always wanted just one more year

in the tropical mountains where the air was so clear

and the mornings were cool enough to see our breath

We tried at the border for another year

when they turned us away it felt an awful lot like death

That was back then..

Back when Timmy O leary had something a lot cleaner than meth

Now thirty eight years have come and gone

My oldest brother's republican and momma passed on

My real dad did too, but I didn't know him anyway

Now I'm a blue collar stiff fighting to survive

I swore that the system wouldn't take me alive

It makes me feel like dying sometimes, That's all I've got to say

I still remember when

My brother turned his back on a flaming sky

and said, "If ya seen one sunset ya seen em all."

Copyright © Robbie Brusberg | Year Posted 2007

Details | Rhyme |
I close my eyes and begin to drift away to a place unlike any other The memories flash by one after another There's me and my little brother spending time with our mother The images so vivid and full of color Thoughts that were left under dust cover Like that day the man left we no longer call him our father All these feelings being rediscovered The happiness shared with my lover Along with the pain that has been suffered Until next time they will be left with lock and cover Reassuring these keepsakes will never be plundered

Copyright © Jeremy Smith | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
When they stopped making records in 1989, I thought it was the end.
But today my brother told me that they're going to make records again.
For years I've thought they should make both CDs and records and let the 
consumer choose.
After nineteen long years, records are finally making a comeback and that is 
really great news.
Thirty years ago when I was a child, I liked records a whole lot.
I'm going to play the new records on the phonographs I've got.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2008

Details | Rhyme |
My brother saved his bride's life.
He came close to losing his wife.
Her oxygen meter would normally have registered at 100 but it registered at 10 instead.
If my brother hadn't rushed out to get a doctor, Vernie would be dead.

When an oxygen level drops that low, it's supposed to set off an alarm.
Because of that incompetent hospital, people will probably be harmed.
Rick hurried to get a doctor when Vernie started having convulsions.
When I think about that stupid hospital, I feel nothing but revulsion.

The alarm didn't work and that's pure negligence.
Taking people to that hospital makes no sense.
If Rick hadn't acted fast, Vernie would be dead and that's a fact.
Those incompetent hospital employees better clean up their act!


Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
When Abel gave his baby lambs to God, they were accepted.
But when Cain gave God some vegetables, they were rejected.
Cain was jealous so he grabbed a rock and beat poor Abel to death.
He tried to hide it from God but God knew that Abel had taken his final breath.

God banished Cain from the land and he was cursed.
God put a mark on him that said if anybody harmed him, they'd get seven times 
Poor Abel must have been really scared as he was dying.
When a man kills his own brother, it's truly terrifying.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2008

Details | I do not know? |
(This is a fictional poem)

When I syphoned some gas out of my brother's car, part of it went on my shirt.
He set me on fire with his lighter and it really hurt.
The gas on my shirt made me light up like a Christmas tree.
If you look up the word pain in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of me.
My brother is losing patience and he keeps getting meaner.
I have third degree burns all over myself, even on my wiener.
I have some advice that will save your ___.
Never steal any of my brother's gas.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |
(This is a fictional poem)

I'm going to be in this hospital for awhile.
I spiked a watermelon like Sergeant Carter did on Gomer Pyle.
I filled the watermelon with vodka and gave it to my obnoxious friend.
He gave it to his seven feet five brother and my life nearly came to an end.
His brother was president of a corporation and he sure was admired.
But when he went to work drunk, he got fired.
He beat the crap out of me and he wouldn't stop.
My blood was gushing, it had to be wiped up by a mop.
I lost so much blood that I nearly died.
Instead of taking it like a man, I wet my pants and cried.
You have no idea what that pain felt like.
That will be the last watermelon that I'll spike.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Burlesque |
Oh Mighty King Heck,
What less could we expect?
Thine shining poetic armour,
For sure was just the charmer,
To set poetic fires a five alarmer,
Thus to beget the highest honor,
Words that flowed from Gods above,
Such talent one must love,
Dare I say on the next round,
I'll take off my gentleman's glove!!

Congrats, good buddy, and Merry Christmas!!

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
To my older sisters/brothers.

I sense tension something.
Very astounding!
Anyone up for a good old game of billiards?
"He's got a run going though...."
He's improved?

No, nobody's gonna stab a whiteman for a quater,

Now if you're playing for 50k
That changes the mindset right there!
Why would you kill your opponent for that much?
Why would you waste your time executing a man who has a family, great life, oh and someone who walked into.

My blood is gonna be all over the walls with me in the corner with a smile on my face.
I have no idea.
Oh yea I saw you.
No I didn't care.
Life's short,
Have you ever loved someone so much you would watch them seize and dial 911 to get help fast,
It's your first time dealing with this sorta stuff.
How did he stay calm and deliever all her info?
First he saved it(on the old phone at the time.)

Who's he?
Who is he?
Who is I?
Who is you?
Who is caring?
Who is reading?

Copyright © Evan no | Year Posted 2018