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Details | I do not know? |
Walking around in the store
down the cake isle I see the
cake mix I use to buy for you.
To bake your all time favorite,
cherry chip, white icing with
canned cherries on top of it.

It made me sad because your
not here for me to make it for you.
I almost bought it anyway to make
it and bring it to your grave and we
both could eat it together but it would
not be the same so I left it there.

I came home got out your baby book
flipping through the pages of photos.
You were once so small, so innocent
my baby boy how I miss you son.
So are you having cake in heaven?
along with your chocolate ice cream.

I cant believe it has only been 7 months
sense your passing it seems like a life time.
Are you and Maggie behaving and doing 
all the things God is asking you both to do?

'Happy Birthday' my Son never forget that
because God took you with him first does,
not mean you and maggie are not in my thoughts.
You are my heart both of you I will see you 
again some day but until then just know your
Mom is okay and wishing a great and happy day.

Copyright © Author Rhonda Kay Hero | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |
Twenty four Memories

Twilight hours so very dour
When the demons invade both dreams and sleep
Eternity is inviting even for a second
No one knows the depths of depression
To feel the desperation, the hopeless expression
Yesterdays dreams decay inside my dark confessions

My life so bountiful, yet filled with grief
At times I smiled, for this was my cameo
Life’s drama unfolded, unto the tableau
Failures resounded, I was always the outsider

Moments of fleeting and unforgiving pleasures
Ending with thoughts that no one would treasure
Massacred emotions and bloodthirsty dreams
Obscured by the hopelessness and childish screams
Rivers of tears, birthday candles of fear
Irony would eat the cake, love never revered
Escape seemed to be as hopeless as lovers whom disagree
Suicide won the day and now the pain as all but gone away

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Its no secret that I love to write
I love writing in the morning and at night.

for now the poetry that I am writing is about my life journey 
and the people that I knew.

Through doing nathan's 30 day journal challenge
I feel now that my journaling is in balance.

to write my poems so that they rhyme,
I feel that this is the right sign.

so roll up and read what I ahve to say
because in the end I am doing it my way.

Copyright © Carol Johnston | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dizain |

My birthday skin of 80 year old soul It wrinkles here and there but I’m pretty Who would’ve thought I used to be a fool Had chased abstract things, had left me dizzy My first hubby said I was a witty But I kept on searching for compliments Stupidities were wrapped in arguments For my second, I never loved him sweet He did do worst things inside our moments Had enough after, I’ve stood on my feet A perfect skin for 80 year old me Did I say I feel pretty? I did, right? Aged skin, cracked bones, grey hair; a beauty me Blurry sight never fails my inner light Of my self, I had put up selfish fight It did come when I was 60, oh my! I thought before 70 I would've died Never thought of this as a bless before I stopped offer myself to random guy Respect my weak body for a year more
Sits on 8th Place for Cyndi Macmillan Contes 'My Birthday Suit'

Copyright © Dinda Minardi | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
On a cold winters night Nature’s solitude brings dawns light Where we humans dared to go Shrines of mercy, in the winds, do glow Open arms to embrace the meek The beauty you feel now Is all god seeks Embrace

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
I finished clearing the mess
And walked towards the bed
Sleep on my mind was less
Thoughts were awake in my head

Putting sleep aside
To dream with open eyes
I reached my balcony wide
Hoping that the breeze can make me wise

It was terribly cold,
The wind made my mind sway
It brought back memories old
The party night and gloomy day

Great were those times
With the 'friends for life'
Those songs and those chimes
That angry neighbor's wife

Its all gone now
Leaving behind just tears
To get it back, how 
After so many years? 

A dog barked
Bringing me back in the present
'Twas late, I marked
Straight to bed I went

Letting go of the dream
Worried about tomorrow's work
I let the memories scream
And destiny on its face, had a smirk....

Copyright © Malvika Shanker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |
Today’s the day we celebrate
The birthday of the Bard.
His authorship has caused debate,
Which I just disregard.

For William Shakespeare’s poems and plays
Will never find an equal.
His way with words and turn of phrase
Leave no room for a sequel.

It’s centuries since Shakespeare died
Yet all his words are living.
His brilliance let him still provide
The pleasure he keeps giving.

So on this day I’ve penned this sonnet
Just so we could think upon it.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |
My sweet Ruby's birthday,
Naturally on Valentine's day,
In her honor, the NY city of Beacon
Will close their schools!
Ain't that a kick?
Though, sadly, 
She seems to be "missing in action" lately,
Many wonder why,
She is so loved on this site,
Many of us cry....
So come back home,
To the five and dime,
We'll even through in some 
Jimmy Dean sausages!!!

Or, as Kenny Roger's first song went,
"Ruby, don't take your poems to town!"

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2008

Details | Rhyme |
As I lie in bed to the pouring rain
And the words just stare on the page refrain.
Every year they speak - every year appease
But this year they seem to laugh and tease.

How can words absolve all the absent time
That we've spent apart with a simple rhyme?
How did distance win? How did time grow old?
How do friendships last in the winter cold?

There was so much love and support and cheer;
In our uni days it was goon or beer.
But the strength we had and the endless fun
Still remain in our hearts, forever young.

And although we are old - we are also wise
Which, in time, will reveal a new sunrise.
So enjoy this day and this year and this you;
It's the only time you'll EVER be thirty two.


Copyright © Kaelan Fox | Year Posted 2016

Details | Bio |
It is always my belief
to write is not either
to loss or wins
in a contest
but to convey
the message
of the unvoiced.

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
Tonight the stars are in my eyes
Tomorrow comes as no surprise
In the morning when I rise
Another years has slipped me by...
It marks the day of my first breath 
Don't know how many I have left
But each heartbeat in my chest
Has given me a chance at best...
So I thank the lord upon my knees
He speaks to me within a breeze
And before I start my day
It's him I want to hear me say...
I'm grateful for so many dawns
And any seed I may have spawned
Cuz after I am dead and gone
It's thru my children I live on...

Copyright © Terry Ledwell | Year Posted 2010

Details | I do not know? |
Happy Happy Birthday Medina (duo)

with the most
let me say 
Happy Happy Birthday to you
i lift up my glass with a
LYRICVIXEN Lyrical Toast
and VIP "Haffla music" HOT
as to say to you 
i hope you have a
Happy Happy Birthday
that only a
like you can do 
Happy Happy Birthday
THE Medina (duo) 
HOT-BOY fabulous YOU

By: verlecia fields
aka: lyricvixen

Copyright © verlecia fields | Year Posted 2017

Details | Acrostic |
R-ight here writing a rhyme
E-ven if I've penned one a while ago, 
B-ecause it's your birthday, 
E-ager I am to erase your woe.
C-an't help but compose, 
C-reating a rhyme for you; 
A-lthough it's time to take a nap, I will never make you blue.

H-ere I am writing a rhyme
O-r a memorable acrostic; 
N-ew style of greeting you
C-an make a sound of music.
U-sing keypad in writing a rhyme
L-ets me edit the piece easily; 
A-ll the words of wisdom used
D-on't disobey the God

V-oracious reading is necessary
I-n twentieth September; 
L-ooking at all the lines
L-ets one always remember.
A-llow me to finish the work, 
R-eleasing it just on time; 
I-'m right here all alone, 
N-ow writing a rhyme.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017