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The Nameless - for South Africans of all colours who fought for freedom

The Nameless

Slipping through the sieve of history,

the nameless rest.

Not for the nameless are roads renamed, nor monuments built.

Not for the nameless are songs sung, nor ink spilled.

The nameless rest.

Their silent sacrifice,

quiet ordeal,

muted trauma,

remain interred,

amongst their remains.

The nameless rest.

Not for the nameless are doctorates conferred, nor eulogies recited.

Not for the nameless are honours bestowed, nor homages directed.

The nameless rest.

They rest within us,

they walk with us,

in every step that we tread.

They rest within us,

they walk with us,

for their spirit is not dead.

“Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal”
- inscription at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier WWII in Moscow

Special thanks to my dearest elder sister Tasneem Nobandla Moolla, whose conversations with me about life as a non-white person growing up in pre and post-Apartheid South Africa prompted me to write this dedication to the countless, nameless South Africans of every colour, whose sacrifices and dedication in the struggle against Apartheid tyranny must never be forgotten.

My sister’s middle name ‘Nobandla’ which is an isiXhosa name and means “she who is of the people” was given by her godfather, Nelson Mandela, my father’s ‘best-man who could not be, as Nelson Mandela was unable to-make it to my parent’s wedding as he was in jail at the time in the old Johannesburg Fort. This was the 31st December 1961.

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Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Oft overlooked veterans,
of EVERY American war
The Medal of Honor, 
one woman only ever wore.*

Women in Military Service,
a concept slow to grow.
Unrecognized, under-compensated,  
yet, always there, always ready to go.

A Memorial to Women in Military Service,**
a concept slow to grow.
In every war, everywhere,***
they are always ready to go.

Please join me in well-deserved salute
to these mothers, sisters, lovers
and wives; usually unarmed, always brave.  
Many died alongside men — the traditional soldiers.

*Only one women has been awarded the United States of America's Medal of Honor: Mary Edwards Walker (Civil War).  How Many more deserved it? 
**Located in Arlington National Cemetery
***If you are not US Citizen, please recognize the women veterans of your country, I'm sure there are many.

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Forever Remember, Lest We Forget

In 1914 those aged between 18 and 55
Had no option or choice in life.
In 1939 those aged between 18 and 44
Had to defend home and fight a world war.

They dug holes in the mud and lived in underground huts,
They had no luxuries and would often see guts.
When it rained, there was no drain, so water filled up to their knees.
A regular sight of dead bodies with no escape from disease.

Unlike yours was their life, so remember thee,
It's a small thing to do for you and me.

Those who lived with machine guns taunting day and night,
In a hole in a field miles away from their life.
Vindication unknown and with no indication if the end was in sight,
Just carry on soldier and fight for your right.

Secure the right of freedom,
Allowed in your kingdom,
As that place is your home.
Home is where the heart is but the futures an unknown.

So we who are now alive and don't face that fate,
Should pay tribute to past generations for doing something that we would hate.

War creates heroes but wars are evil,
In the past people gave their life as a present for present day people.

Men and women of our island, our Empire and our Commonwealth,
As well as our allies that fought for a common want,
That want being the luxury of which we know no different, 
So pay your respects as the past is significant.

So thank you soldier, or the women of the factory 
Your story is unpleasant but is remembered as glory.

We that live now should know our existence is simple,
The lessons of history are what make our lifetime peaceful.

We owe unto you the most priceless of debts,
Those generations who achieved greatness we must not forget.

Our nation as one say "lest we forget".

Our species our planet "lest we forget".

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017