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Featuring: Leonora Galinta
Take My Hands
I Offer Them To You
Hold Them Tight
Never Let Them Go!!!


With all the time on my hands
I gave my hands one job.
 My Hands   -The Artist-

My hands paint everything in my life
they paint my weakness, my strength 
they paint the fire in my eyes
they hold me when I'm cold
When I need them the most,

Like an architect, my hands colored my childhood,
In one touch they drew the plans and layouts of my life.
My hands *very articulate, are they?* 
They continue to sew and show the way  
Sometimes, my hands paint the truth
Sometimes, my hands paint lies
---  Painting hurtful images on drywall
My palms, my fingers embedded calluses from every fall
Creating images, healing my heart
Sometimes my hands are the only friend I see. 

With no words to say
I caress the sky like a mime
My hands ride the wind, 
My hands paint the world, 

Young and pretty fingerprints 
They feel, they hold, they grip
Don't let go!

Clever and cute
It's time for motherhood
My hands painted your first hold
Traced your first smile
A painting I treasure in my heart
Yes! A Rembrandt they became during birth 
Now you're all grown up...:-(  
Embarrassed to embrace the hold
One day when I'm old,
 you will hold my hands and remember the gold.

My hands paint designs when it comes to love
sometimes a masterpiece 
sometimes a mistake
sometimes my hands feel images I can't describe
Handicap moments when lost
--- My hands perfect when in love
They write songs when complete
So many interlock moment with you
Firm, the perfect match, my fingers spoke.

My hands  -The Artist-  they've been told!!!
Held so many times,
always meeting, greeting,  
waving hello's and goodbyes... 
((you see my hands, they smile too))

Painful, arthritis, cuts, bruises
pinching my way through reality. 
Reaching holding on to dreams
clapping, snapping fingers, we are a team.

My hands age in every turning page
Shriveled and old
Still you embrace and love the hold
My hands touch and made a difference,
my hands employed by me!
My hands give and pray
Right and Left, they know their duty!
When they are bored, they tap-tap
and draw THAT annoying noise.

My hands know secrets, a fortune teller can't reveal
they hold the past, present, and  future in every line.

I extend my hands, without flipping the bird
Thank you, Hands, I enjoy a good sign language show!

In my next life, or so, I will praise my hands
Yes so beautiful, tender, they love to feel.......

My Hands   -The Artist-
I can't believe with all the time on my hands,
I forgot to mention I'm left-handed.

by: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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A friend who is kind, wise 
      thoughtful, and generous,
A poet who speaks to the heart 
      and soul of the masses
Through her experiences of 
      this life and many others.
Her strong will encourages and 
      uplifts those around her.
A love for her family shines 
      like a beacon in the dark
Bringing joy and happiness 
      with her unconditional love.
The depth of her verse expresses 
      so eloquently her divine
Inner thoughts and desires 
      and shares how she cares.
A kindred spirit I have come 
      to know and hope our 
Friendship will continue to grow 
      and blossom over years
Of sharing sorrows and joys 
      through understanding ears.
She is a breath of fresh air 
      whose exuberance for life
Is contagious, leaving me with 
      thoughts of silver and gold.

Blessings on your birthday my friend!
Love, Connie Marcum Wong

For CayCay's special milestone birthday October 3rd
The photo is of a pink Magnolia.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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The Paper Clip

They were such a lovely couple
From a very very rich family
I was invited to
The birthday party

She was all of three
Adorable and soon ever more sweet
Once the candles were blown
That huge cake would be such a treat

Now the presents were a plenty
Clothes, jewelry, toys
Dolls, doll houses and bikes and more joys
I was somewhat shy, mine was not so grandiose

I had wrapped in an old cigar box
Another box much smaller
Inside a third box even smaller
Inside that me gift

A small piece of paper
Folded with a bright red paper clip
A wee little poem
That said these simple words

You are a treasure
Hidden inside these many boxes
So beautiful and worth the discovery
You are the jewels of life, you so lovely

I had drawn a pretty princess
On the paper fine in pink redress
I read her the words
From the bottom of my heart

Her eyes lit up so bright
I got the hugest biggest hug in sight
She ran away with a paper clip and
Three old cigar boxes

In a child’s happiness and 
Pure delight
I sighed
The gift was so just right!

An afterthought from ancient times

The Poetry of Wine

Gifts that come from the heart
Light up the soul
When you gaze into a starlit sky
Count the millions of gifts from the heart
Their goodness shall shine
Upon us mortals

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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-In-between Worlds-

Letting go of all the space in between
the reality
the cloud
A theme, that use to be 
---Now dead
Long gone before I woke

Sadly Today's my birthday 
So here I am singing a song
All ALone
Happy Birthday to myself

Love PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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.                 *ANDREA  D.*
.                 Happy Birthday 
.                      9/5/??

To the  most wonderful poet on poetry soup
Enjoying everyone, no matter their age group
I bring to you September 5th Birthday scoop
Andrea D, you're classic like Miss Betty Boop
Unstoppable poetry hula hoop 
I desire to take this time to dish out a cute birthday rhyme
Relax, enjoy the glitter & streamers - as if sipping fine wine 
All candles points to you, like Uncle Sam
Don't mind me expressing myself like Sam I am!
Would you!" Could you!" Have yourself a Birth Day Jam!

This is the part where my mini spam-in gets cute
I wish you the best birthday sending you a salute
Birthday cake made made out of forbidden fruit
Straw-burst candy and smiles for everyone 
Celebrate the day you were born wearing your birthday suit

Enjoy your day, as if you won a shopping spree
Enjoy your day, full of birthday potpourri
Enjoy your day, with your friends and family
Enjoy your day, with sweetness like honey from a bee
Better yet Andrea D
HAPPY! Happy Birth Day To You, ANDREA D!

Wishing you the best, a birthday can bring
Rising to the birthday song, our beautiful Birthday Queen 

By: P.D.

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
Diamonds are a dangerous commodity.
Topaz brickettes pave lost roads 
for the unfortunate paths 
of bewildered Dorothy's
(and misguided second-removed cousins).
The birthday cards
I send myself,
are never returned to sender;
they're forwarded to you.

Rubies are ominous and a crucial burden.
Red. A vibrant statement.
Look at me! I'm red! 
Quite a pathetic gemstone.
(Dorothy - you need to re-dye your slippers).
The birthday cards you've sent me
are now forwarded back to you.
Diamonds and rubies 
are dangerous commodities.

Quartz tickles my fancy.
Limestone abandons my will.
Emeralds? I visted that city; once.
The PO Box for my re-routed
birthday cards are registered there.
My second-removed cousin
tiles his palacial floors with them.
Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are
dangerous commodities.

Sapphires are worthless crackerjacks.
Amethyst is a word that
(half the population of Idaho can't spell).
A Rock of Gibraltar. The man you needed.
The dupe you wanted.
The patsy who refrains from  
visiting your morosed petting zoos.
The gemstone you suckle?
Who is it?


I'm not your diamond;
Hardly, am I your ruby;
Perchance, an emerald? 
Quartz, limestone...a sapphire?
You orchestrate personal deaths 
upon the metallic
bands around your rhenoid fingers.
A gemstone I'm not a part of.

Being there - 
I was the part of your life
that was accidentally flung over 
rusty-coat hangers
stuffed in moth-ridden closets.
I was the gemstone 
that never glossed
your fancy fingers.


my love.
Understand, pumice doesn't sink!
I'll pop back into mischievious
blackened-hearts anytime I please -
and you will welcome me for
a sincerity that warrrants no appraisals.

my utmost truisms sparkle 
decadent- bright
like diamonds -

a dangerous and rare


Copyright © John Heck | Year Posted 2011

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The first meeting is like sweetness ....

words just melt with magic

It's like enchanting winds

blowing among the trees in the forest

singing in the bay one song

music of ocean waves dance with joy

in the sun's last blush

blowing a trumpet happy birthday

may happiness warmly hold your heart

on this your special day

Poem from Liam McDaid and Anne-Lise Andresen

October 14, 2015

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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You were born the day your mother stopped being pregnant
With an amazing balance of sun and stars
Life's arrival there is what you are destined for

Today is a perfect day to tell you that you are a wonderful friend
You know what I like about you? Your smile, hugs, love and care
You always come with encouragement, not all angels have wings visible

You grow up strong with the wind and the bird's song
Except that now you examine landscapes the longed for tidal wave
When the sun had slipped behind the hills you're thinking what's next

                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR LEONORA !!!!!!!!

04.10.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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I wish it was
a short distance between us
No mil to travel
Sharing a cup of coffee and an ice cream
Fill our days with smiles and laughter
Travel on an adventure in the world of poetry

Today on your birthday,
I wanted to tell you again
how much you mean
to me, dear Leonora
It pleases me
that we are friends

Wishing you happiness
on your birthday
and bright days in the future

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR LEONORA !
                                         (Galeo DS)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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The fire brigade are on standby With their hoses in their hand For today it is my birthday My birthday cake is on a stand There are so many candles It is a health and safety risk So be ready with the hoses guys And make sure you get here quick! Any poem written on your birthday contest Sponsored by Laura loo 25th January 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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I've written the lyrics to two lullabies for my daughter, Shereen. I even made 
up the tunes, and I'd sing to her when she was a baby to put her to sleep. She 
still remembers those songs at 19 years of age. For my birthday last May, she 
wrote this poem as a gift....just like last year. The quoted parts are words taken from the lullabies. I adore my daughter, my greatest and most precious gift.

“When she smiles, I feel like a bird in the sky.”
The words softly sung to the weary child-
This bundle of whimpers
This armful of distress-
Hoping they’d ease her restlessness
Hoping they’d calm her disquieted heart…
And they did. 
Like nothing else ever could.
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother.

“She is the apple of my eye.”
Rocking gently in time with the tune, she swiftly fell 
Fell into a peaceful slumber 
Nuzzled in the warmth of her consoler 
Whimpers softened, distress vanished 
Quiet. Serene.
Floating in the promise 
That those words would be there
To welcome her in the morning. 
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother. 

“With laughter and joy she fills my heart”
Nestled in that kind embrace
The child, now almost grown
With tear-stained face and heavy heart
Couldn't fight the world alone
But whenever she was breaking, too tired to go on
She’d search for those same words-
To ease her restlessness
To calm her disquieted heart…
She’d search for those same words
To find them in those same arms.
And she’d fall. Like she always did.
Fall into that peaceful slumber
Quiet. Serene.
Floating in the promise 
That those words would be there
To welcome her in the morning. 
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother.

Written by Shereen Nathalie Ghali (May 18, 2014)

Please read The Month of May...which is Shereen's first birthday poem written for me and posted here. You will find it if you type the title in PS's search engine. It is a beauty and is in rhyme. 

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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I'll try to tell you without my usual cant
that all I wanted was to go sailing with
Sherry Saturday morning but I can't!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

The watchman phoned when I was lying  
in bed to notify me of this.
I was shocked to find he wasn't lying!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My good-will has been weakened
because of this horrid event
which completely ruined my weekend.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

These morbid creatures are serious
party-poopers. Remember!: Their
electricity is deleterious.
My hovercraft is full of eels!

My beloved Birthday present invaded by
these heinous monsters! I will have to buy  
a new one 'cause to this one I must say bye!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

Ghastly! You don't know how this feels!
My hovercraft is full of eels!

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

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Là breith sona dhuit

My best kilt I wear so very proud
Me pipes are flowing of music loud
The glens and thistle I bring them to you
For tiss a special day, and lassie they few

W’ll turn ya foe into festive haggis
Burning witches with Scottish matches
W’ll sing and dance as us Scots do
A cèilidh to toast this special day for you

Càit a bheil an taigh beag?
Is there we shall praise your poetic flair
Cake and candles on the loo
As we all wish you a happy birthday too!

Now the Irish will tell a fairy tale to imbue
Us Scots will celebrate every birthday true
So hoist ya glass and may your knickers be pink
For on this birthday gal, we shall drink, clink clink

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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A shades poet, writing in blacks quailed ink,
Expressing emotions by a poetic pallet of diversity,
On a canvas rainbow bursting forth across the
Horizon at dawns first light.
Imaginations dream seeker, walking amongst 
The clouds, in heaven's meadows above.
Inspiration's muse, she'll never realize what
A simple comments pleasure, can give to
Lighten up someones day.
I've read eloquence's words placed upon the
Lab top screen before me, and felt tears sorrow,
Exhilaration’s heights of elevation.
Through her words of poetic thoughts placed 
Within lines.
Getting to know another person, and so now
Calling her a friend.
We the bards are becoming a rare breed, 
Unique each one of us, in our own ways,
But in retrospective similarities sharing the 
Same traits and needs.
To write, to express, and use our intense
Imaginations, to take others along with us,
In a journey beyond physical limitations,
Beyond body and mind.
She calls herself Poet Destroyer, but in 
Reality's truth, she is not destruction’s poetic
Slayer, but instead an angel of 
Compassion helping those whom need guidance.
What is the meaning of life, I've heard this
Asked many times before?
My personal opinion to this question is
To make some kind of difference in this 
To touch another's persons life in some way,
Poet Destroyer you've touched mine,
And this is my way of saying thank you.
Happy Birthday to come my friend.
Always Cheri.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013

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Happy birthday, Mom
I wonder how many years have passed by
Since I gave you my first tenuous smile 
Since you steadied my first faltering step
Since the first time I called you "Mommy"
You are the place I came from
You are my first home
You are an angel in human form
Who lives inside my laughter
And crystallized in my every tear drop

I want to thank you 
For your heart, faith and hope
For teaching me right from wrong
For your tender care and warm hugs
For all your steadfast love
For filling my days with rainbow lights
For all the times we have shared
For always being there in my time of need
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
For everything you have done
For you made me a woman I am

One birthday after another
They seem faster each year
I just want you to know that
The years you devoted to me, 
You can trust, were worthwhile.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
You are the best Mom a daughter could have.

~For my Mom's B'day @July 12

Copyright © Shirley Candy | Year Posted 2013

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Finding this roll of yellow paper
Twas just a tiny child seven years old
Gathering all his colour crayons bits as whole
Setting aside the somber tides in silence an attempt
To rise above these swirling waves a distant world but where...
Surreal it seemed less than dreams and all the tear stained, shores.

Copyright © Rachel St.Cross | Year Posted 2013

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Happy Birthday, Chiquita Bonita, you’re so rare , with your arms up high and a clap, striking the castanets, dancing in tempo striking the floor with flair. You still have your true youth, with a few gray hairs and not a care, but still have the kids. So a bouquet of Yellow Roses for this girl that lives in Texas… and a Happy Birthday before she’s making her getaway…… 10/7/2016

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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In a riot of colours using brushes with valour,
Many movements he started devoid of pallor.
From a town called Malaga,far off in spain,
Pouring his heart out,unloading his pain.
What a journey he started from conformity parted,
To paint till the last,until he departed.
Many have aspired and wanted to be,
Including your's truly,I say why not me?
From erotic nudism to new found cubism,
His loss to the world left a wide open chasm.
How God made him great,I never could fathom?
But thats the way I guess God wanted to make him.
Although the years rolled and went passing by,
Another painters yet to reach for the sky.
I'm telling the truth and not telling a lie,
I'll love only Pablo until that day when I die.
I know he had friends,some straight and some gay,
But all I want to say today is....Happy Birthday.

PS.It was Pablo Picasso's B'day on 25/10/09 and I dedicate this poem to this 
mentor and inspiration of mine.

                                                           (Artist and Poet)

Copyright © Prince Freakasso | Year Posted 2009

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My Birthday is coming soon. Everybody is getting ready to celebrate. Last year they had a party too. They said it was in my honor, but they forgot to send me an invitation. I went anyway. I went in very quietly, so as not to disturb anyone. They had beautiful decorations and lots of food to eat. They also had lots of liquor to drink. I stood silent in a corner. I saw everybody eating, drinking and having fun. I thought that they would offer me some, but they didn't even notice me at all. Soon a fat man dressed in red came in, yelling - HO, HO, HO. All the children ran to him. They all carried on, like if he was the most important of all. Midnight came and everybody kissed and hug eachother. I too opened my arms to see if they would hug me too, but no one did. They all exchanged gifts. I left, I felt like they had shut the door in my face. This year I'm going to have a party. The biggest party of all. I am inviting all of you. I hope that you will come. If you decide to come - I will write your name with Gold Letters in my guest book. You have been invited. It is now up to you if you want to come. I will be waiting with Opened arms. Your friend JESUS...
12/08/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2012

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Maybe you raised those glasses
and thought about me for a minute,
smiled and wished my dreams came true.

Maybe there were times when you believed,
like I do now,
that stars hear our broken whispers.

Maybe our souls are not that much different
and once we all shared the same dream,
that somewhere over the glass,
over the curtain is the world where we belong.

Maybe our hearts beat in the same rhythm
and one day we will raise those glasses together,
talk the whole night through and I will fear no more.

Copyright © Danka Sikorska | Year Posted 2014

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25 and single
is not Desperate
25 and single
is not less beautiful
25 and single
can't define the kind of woman you are

For me
25 and single
Marks the beginning of my life
the time of my life
my change
my freedom
my choice
my future
and 25 and single
is me being 

So, 25 and single
is not bad 
it's Good, Great even
where i can 
Just enjoy the ride
Life gives
Care nothing
Be nothing 
except what I want to be

Copyright © Lisa Asmeralda | Year Posted 2015

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The Deamon Faire
The Deamon Faire
a paroday of a novel
the awful ugly was moving slightly impaired in the fire was slowing it down
it was the deamon faire come to the home
the little child asleep in the hay
the pussy willow cat came to catch the deamon faire
she crept near the crypt
the deamon faire lumbered near the mill
the mill was turning wheel almost captured pussy willows tale
she sounded like a deamon cat all wound upp and upp too bat
indeed the deamon faire looked like a hairy bat in a suit with the tie
the cat pounced at the deamon faire and missed the splash was a wet pussy 
willow cat
she hissed the deamon faire sounded just like this
a long burning howl pulled over a wool scarf then turned into a screech
the outreach tried to reach the scene of the crime was an old pond milling and 
lumbering and long
overgrown ivy trailing
meandering overblown moss
the author was right up to this point and then she lost her train of thought the 
end of the book never tells us exactly what happened to the
The Deamon Faire
did you read Faire as FAIR  or FAIRY oh what a Happy Birthday Paroday
a real live dead poet charlax poetry poem

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2014

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She didn't remember who I was
But it didn't really matter
Her eyes lit up like sunshine
Each time I entered the room
as if we were long lost friends

She'd say, "Oh! Please, sit a spell",... and I would grab a chair...
I would hand her the bag, and she would peek inside.
She wore her smile like a happy child.
Cookies !...."Oh my! My favorite kind!"

One would think it were a pot of gold.

As we chatted, she told me her about her birthday.
"December 19th!", she would remind me..
Forgetting that just the day before
we had celebrated,  and even more.

She said...."Oh,..let's have a party!"
Everyone knew that this lady loved a party.
And I replied, "Of course!"

"I must be going!", she suddenly said 
Said again, with a worried brow...just as she fretted the day before..  
"The girls will be home from school!"
She looked around for her purse.
"I have three girls, you know,.....they will be coming home from school."
She repeated once more...."I have three daughters, you know."

I told her the girls will be fine...and that I'd like to visit a little longer.
That seemed to calm her.  "Have you seen my ring?"..
She held her blue veined, withered hand high in the air for me to see.
A flash of glitter graced her finger, sparkling just like the stars in the sky.
"My husband gave it to me.  It was a Valentine surprise!" she said. 
"He was a rascal, you know!"

"Oh,'s beautiful, Irene"...I responded. 
"Did you know", she smiled again...."this was a Valentine surprise!"...?
"My husband gave it to me"

Finally,  it was time for me to leave.  I got up to say goodbye.
"Would you mind giving me a ride?" she said.
...."The girls will be coming home from school!"
I told her I would check on her girls...not to worry.
And then I told her I would be back again tomorrow..

"I have a birthday coming", she said....December l9th!! Did you know?"
Once more...I said..."Yes...we will have a party"....
"Did you see my ring?"..."My husband gave it to me on Valentines, it was a surprise!"

And I said..."It's lovely lovely as the stars in the sky"
As lovely as Irene....
Goodnight Irene goodnight....the stars will shine brighter tonight,...
Stars always shine brighter in December........

Goodnight Irene, goodnight....


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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                    To The Girl Who Doesn't Love Me (by: Josner Saintil)
     Forget you!
     You think I'm not good enough
    You think i ain't worth it.
    Since you rejected my love,
    You got me feeling worthless...

    So you went ahead dealing with the better guys
    On to the next one it's no surprise
   You switch teams like Lebron James
    But this ain't Cleveland style.

   Never wanting to be with the lonely weird kid, 
   And to be clear, I'm not alone
   And I accept this
   Life that I'm livin'
   And my heart is my home!
   I'll be the best you never had,
   Livin' on Malibu beaches 
   You'll be working for that paper,
   I'll be where it all is.

   And when i recollect,
   I see that you're just a mess,
   And yes i'll be the greatest, 
   You'll be filled with your regrets!

   SO R.I.P...

Copyright © josner saintil | Year Posted 2016

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Satan is destroying your graveyards
And defacing your Synagogues
Now you remember that
You are black too

Copyright © edward johnson | Year Posted 2017

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Candles in the wind

Time blows within our hearts
when young ones leave our nest
we love the memories, but feel a little less
life is not a dream, it's a test

Waking, to the calls of morn
alone, a coffee and with buttered scone
on the windowsill I sit
observing the empty nest
they've flown away, is natures way
my heart yearns for time to never stray

I wish the phone would ring, does anyone care
if only there would be someone calling
whose caress would say "I'm there"

When love is all you ever knew
being alone tears and burns all through

My candle flickers, it's wick softly glows
while i watch them fly to where the current blows
be safe little mourning doves, I wait for you at home

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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The time nears, be it days or years,
when my soul must fly and my feet 
shall trod the dusty earth no more,
and God says yes or God says no,
but go, my soul must go.....

Copyright © L. J. Carber | Year Posted 2017

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Her life begins at forty, 
Shining as the sun so bright; 
The beautiful bride years ago
Remains the same day and night.

Her young and pretty face
Is always an inspiration; 
She brings hope and strength, 
As well as joy and elation.

Everytime I hold her hand, 
So soft, warm and tender; 
She makes me feel real safe
During the rugged weather.

The sweet sound of her voice
Is refreshing to my ears; 
She takes away the sorrow, 
Saving me from falling tears.

Her heart, mind and soul
Say that she feels my care; 
Even the billion stars above
Witness that love fills the air.

Her name Mai Leen is unique
But sounds in familiarity; 
She was born to be my love, 
Her life begins at forty.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Few words with large meanings that meant so much
Birthday blessings from above quoted by all I love
Friends and families far away
Gathered on this very day to wish me all the best on my birthday
Words cannot repay these kind gestures and warm thoughts 
Each birthday verse filled with love and sealed with a kiss
Contained in a package tied with a string 
Forty three birthday wishes
Forty three birthday blessings
Forty three treasures wrapped with a smile, covered with joy sent with peace
To all I love, thank you for the cards
Thank you for the thought
But most of all thank you for just being you.

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2010

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Copyright © Seymore Butts | Year Posted 2013