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Love Is a Four Letter Word: A Collaboration with Unknown

Form: Acrostic
Look in your eyes unveils a smoldering ember that could make Gibraltar crumble.
One in a million heart that magically kindles fire without matches. Nothing...
Ventured, nothing gained in this rewarding game of love; a four letter word that
Emanates such sweet ecstasy. And no, I don't mean the drug
Saving souls
Unrepented to
Saviour is also here for you

Copyright © Steven Henderson | Year Posted 2016

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To The Unknown Source

To The Unknown Source To whom this may concern, I commit my soul, my worm. I live from day today, as some say… when I bite the Clover, it is over. Love Hallowed if it be thy name, I have heard of thy precept fame. May thy kingdom come among, in strives my hands I have wrung. Of my meanness reaping seeps, I’ve heard of Love, there be sheep. Goats of mighty ships afloat, descend into the abyss moat. If Love be true Love, the will, of which one’s life should spill, then my will has been, bitter pill, of bitterness has been my seal. Forgive me as I will forgive, of this Love I forever will live. Of my daily bread I will be fed, feeding my neighbors as I am lead. Of whom this may concern, commit I myself of Thee to learn. Of awesome Precept I am kept. Of beastly concepts I have wept. Loose the human concept yoke, of bitterness pill I am thus broke, by concepts of which I spoke. Humans in gross darkness grope. For Frank’s Compose a prayer No I am not as unfamiliar with God as this poem would suggest, But few know the Source fully as the Love that He actually is. “Because strait and narrow is the way, few there be that find it.”

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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Unknown Providences

Lust so cold, love stays warm
Advice given is words forgotten.
Gifts that are free have a catch.
Hidden destiny, life so scorned.
Living high, lost in the dark.
Spirit lost, not ever free.
Falsified love, eternally angry

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 5 Final)

This new born day I celebrate your souls release from guilt n’ captivity since that day you 
felt a carnal touch of sin within as your hands played poetically upon the curves of your dead 
lover’s silken skin…
I know now  you made your way to the top of the rocks to plant a tree to guard this sacred 
place where I fell from thee n’ you repeated the poetic chant of love’s abandoning to follow 
me into our karmic destiny…

On that fateful day your soul bled away at the top of this crest by a solitary juvenile tree, 
your body of words fell to the rocks at the base of this cliff, embroidered into the blood of 
The one who would hold a feather to her face on this crest by the sea n’ remember finally 
the days gone by of you n’ me, our deaths from love’s abandoning when you my love were 
lost to this world n’ me for ten centuries…

I now await destiny as we will love forever more with immortal hearts…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009

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I never knew my name, I always walk in shame.
I never knew my Father , nor my MOTHER.
Never knew a sister : Never knew a brother.
      Where should I set the BLAME ?

I never knew an uncle, I never knew an aunt.
GRANDPARENTS :  That give YOU anything YOU want!?!!?
I knew my wife ( LENORE ) for seven hours.
I don’t mean Biblically ; I mean rice laden showers.

Another POETESS came into my life, a short while ago.
Her POEMS inspired me, Her words built up my Ego.
Her EYES  , the most beautiful, beckoning: color GREEN.
Brighter than the stars on the silver screen.

I never thought I would fall deeply in LOVE with YOU.
I never thought : That YOU would have “ SOMEONE “ TOO.
                     I will Always LOVE YOU

Inspired by ; Written For ; and Dedicated to   TAMIVIOLET

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2007

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Promises for an unknown love

Promises for an unknown love

I’m dreaming of you tonight,
 though we  may never meet
 but if  we do,  you will know me
 by my hyacinth shoes.
You will remember me in the pale blooms
that float on  billabongs- or  ponds

I will take you along dusty streets
 an outback town, where currawongs
call at dusk from scraggly gums, 
 branches rocking in the wind

I will whisper secrets 
of morning glory vines along a back fence-
of the  surprise Spring's first snowdrop brings
it’s green dotted bell,
 the same delicate green
 lining the petal.  Your sorrow will never be
 the color of them; your joy only as high
 as the elation they bring

I will teach you to sing by slow caresses,
my hair on your skin
to dance  with soft words that waltz
over a carpets of leaves 
No-one will know the small cues - each tiny gesture
that guides us 
into life’s un-knowable  purpose.

Suzanne Delaney 

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2015

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

Copyright © Kristopher Higgs | Year Posted 2013

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Truth Unknown

Truth Unknown

I tell the world that I'm okay
I'm fine here all alone.
Silently I look away
and pray the truth's not known.

I pray that they don't hurt for me
that they don't know my pain.
And the way it hides my tears
is why I love the rain.

So I tell a joke or two
hoping they don't realize.
Hiding just behind my smile
are teardrops in my eyes.

Then I lie again and say
that I am doing alright.
And pray that they aren't listening
when I break down tonight.

It comes from out of nowhere
and each time it reminds me.
There's no place to run away
the truth still comes and finds me.

The truth that rips my heart in half
and tears my soul in two.
The truth that whispers every night
I'm still in love with you.

I'm happy for your happiness
and how your new love has grown.
My God here come those tears again
the truth that goes unknown.

Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

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Unknown Feelings

We have been friends,
  A long time now, 
I love you more each day,
  I know you have a woman 
Of your own,
So I dont let the words
  Get away.
When I see, what she does 
To you.
  It makes me want to cry,
After all the pain you've
  Been through.
I feel like I should try.

Let me just love you.
  Let me show you what 
Is right.
  Let me put my arms around you
And, give you love tonight.
  Let me show you what your 
Missing,  from the evening
  To days light.  
You are my hearts 
desire, ive waited for my entire

  A man as fine as you, 
Should not be treated, so unkind.
  My thoughts are so confused
If only you knew, what was on my mind.
  She could never feel for you,
What I harbour within, my soul,
  Your that special man to me, 
One I long to hold, 
Is it not that obvious,
  The ups & downs we've shared.
 The memories both, good & bad
Our hopes, dreams, and fears.
  The arguments & disagreements,
Sometimes, you see my view.
  Friendship, love & trust, 
I also see that, do you?
When we share a greeting, 
a laugh or just a smile.
  Do you ever see or feel, 
The emotions that I hide?

Let me just love you,
  Let me show you what
Is right.
  Let me put my arms around
You, and give you love tonight.
  Let me show you what your 
Missing, from the evening to
  You are my hearts desire, 
Ive waited for my entire

A lesson that ive learned in life
"Love does not wait"  
So here it goes,  I must convey
& spill my guts, with faith.
  Risking our friendship
Is such a scarey thought.
  But living with, the what ifs
Really truly hurts.
  Now my unknow feelings,
are, finally set free.
  Vulnerable yet honest, 
Hope you take a chance on me.

Posted 7/11/13
For anne currin contest.

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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''Mystery Unknown''

Yes!--for thee my love's unerring
     (and taut as stretched wire!).
In my chest, my love's constancy
     burneth for thee like fire:--

All seasons long, my thoughts o'er thee
     do emancipate me,--
they form--wing-like!--to my barred mind,
     which ye give liberty.

Like the vast, fathomless oceans, 
     my love for thee runs deep:--
in their depths swim the secret longings
     for thee that I most keep.

Like Helen of Troy, thy fair face
     (as well!) can launch a fleet
(of a thousand ships), all brimmed with
     Greeks who'd war at thy feet.

E'en Shakespeare's rich, lyrical verse
     cannot grant thee justice:--
his oft-sung poesy pales near
     thee, mine earthbound goddess!

Were ye deity in fair flesh
     ye'd be Aphrodite
of Greek myth and legend--of beauty
     and of love e'er so mighty,--

Or Athena, goddess of wisdom,
     justice, the arts, and war
(as scholar of law, thy counsel
     and sphere unshut justice's door).

On tempestuous seas of love
     thou bodeth good omens,--
a guarantee of good fortunes:
     the hope of all captains!

Thou incandescing my dark life
     moves me raptly along;--
the light of thy tender love-glow 
     compelleth me to song.

I wish to pen at last, my pet,
     love loveth for us alone;
howsoe'er it loveth (heaven knows),--
     'tis mystery unknown!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

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Magic Carpet ride - With Poet unknown

We fell onto the carpet
Deep into each other
Not realizing we started to sail
High above cloud fear and uncertainties
We gave in to our basic feelings
Naturally coming to the surface
The carpet sailed above the fireplace
But its heat seem to go sailing with us
The warmth spreads over my being 
Like a burst of sun through rain clouds
Driving me to heights of ecstasy sublime
On this magic carpet I feel the magic of your love
Our passions mingled intertwined fused
As the words from our fellow poets on PoetrySoup
Our magic carpet comes in for landing
Reluctantly we step off into the world of reality
Leaving me with the insatiable need 
To go magic carpet sailing again

Written By:  Joy Wellington
Aug 20 2012
For ~Skat~'s  Contest:  Magic Carpet Ride

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2012

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Contents Unknown

Packed up my suitcase
with the weight of emptiness
and left a note beside 
your whiskey glass
‘bout the things we would not give

Walked out the front door
that sheltered us inside
the climate of affection
and the frail things 
we kept alive

Copyright © Soulfire | Year Posted 2011

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A Place Unknown

I maybe young
a little foolish and naive
but I have come to understand myself
even if no one else does
I may not have all the answers
or even all the right questions
if I know nothing else
I know this
my love for you comes from somewhere unknown
someplace I believe most people never find
or even know exists
it's an abstract wilderness
being overrun by emotions 
our moral compass
it houses our deepest fears and insecurities
but also our courage, character,honesty, beauty
it is the dwelling wherein our purest love lies
this is where we find our greatest potential and power
the strength and ambition to progress
...to persevere...to survive
I credit this unknown place
for my faith and credence
in the revelations of life
its complexities
as well as its simplicities
I praise this unknown place
for bestowing upon me the dexterity needed
to possess a fire and an exuberant vitality
to be able to love you beyond words
once I fail to recognize this profound discovery
and stop revelling in its truth
I shall cease to exist

Copyright © VALERIE THE HEAVY HEARTED POET | Year Posted 2013

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An Unknown Journey

Share a thought, a look a touch.
Nerves on fire as fingers tingle,
two hearts beat in silent wonder.
Step beside me and match my pace,
breathe the fragrance of cool night air.
put your arm around me and hold me close.
Heat radiates a soothing warmth.
Look up at the moon so full, 
stars twinkling like little lights.
electricity so close to spark, 
grounded now with fingers laced.
Take a step, a leap, a jump.
Fear not the chasm of unknown.
Close your eyes and walk with me,
together we will find a way.
©K.Chun 6.29.14

Copyright © kristy chun | Year Posted 2014

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Love, Unknown Odyssey

Love burns deep in this ember where jewels are a mere reflection upon the stars
Mere mortals as we live but with this love we divide even the infinite

Options are of dull few words 
For who can will or wield such power that no being can comprehend

This deed is foreign to our analogy and inconspicuous to the logical
Defying even the strongest will of man such as that of survival

What is this that consumes me, 
Infuses in me the traits of a stranger
Who is this stranger deep within my members

How does one rid this atomical abomination to my design
If words fail me and logic desists within me how can i mold this clay into a pot

The days are still, peace is wraught
Certainty has becomne an illusion of permanance, a dimension not found but seen

These days to try and live wreaks hardship at the gate
Will i rid myself this burden, even in death?
Can this load be no more?

Copyright © Sizwe Hlabisa | Year Posted 2013

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Feelings Unknown

This feeling is unreal, I don't know how to take this in,
all i know is that i am in love with this girl, and i would do anything
to have her on my skin.
No matter how much i tell her i love her, she still doesn't understand,
she loves me back but i don't know how to take that hand.

I want to hold her and not ever let her go,
imagining her touch on my skin is like standing under a water flow.
Her long black dark hair when she gets out the shower is as dark as the night,
wrapping my heart with her darkness so that nothing else gets inside to fight. 

I cant fall asleep without seeing her angel face or hearing her soft and sweet voice,
i fell in love with this girl to the fullest, and that was my choice. 
I don't want to lose this feeling cause this is the only thing i ever felt,
she took my heart into her hands and she let it melt.

Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

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Farewell to the Unknown

As I lie still and wait my soul to rest
Unwelcome  darkness pulling down my eyelids
In double spaces, horizontal in my chest
A beating heart is melting sorrow's acids
Surrounded  by cocoons with handsome faces
As shadows on the walls paint tentacles of squids.

You tear the curtains quietly from spaces
I feel I've lost you when we have never met
The dance, the passion, lips and those caresses -
That Hurricane, that Heat, that Rain I won't forget..
A silent  movie and some shutters locked
Unwanted shelter  - I'll always regret...

As I must die a while and go to unknown places
Farewell Immortal Love, I bow to you with graces...


Copyright © iolanda Scripca | Year Posted 2010

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A Love Unknown

You can leave.
You can go.
But I'm in love with you,
You know.

I'll be here.
I can wait. 
Show you my love, 
'Cause is it not fate?

I think on our past,
The moments we've shared.
Is this love true?
Have you actually cared?

Can this be real?
There's no feelings read.
Sometimes I wonder,
Is it all in my head?

The days pass by,
Tears beginning to grow.
I'm in love with you, 
But I guess you'll never know.

- K.

Copyright © Kristina Ferrara | Year Posted 2015

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Love Yet Unknown

An infant's cry has an Elysian ring,
endearing the late-night hour.
A tiny, yet rattling, distinct sound, 

impinges a young mother's weary body.
Joyously awakened, she follows her heart,
as a newborn angel softly calls.
Rest will evade for a short while
as motherly instincts prevail;
endearing the late-night hour.

Tender emotions overwhelm her soul
as dream-like powers drift over,
impinges a young mother's weary body.

Angelic bells heard in air, abound.
Time is of no essence,
as motherly instincts prevail.

Waiting in a Lilliputian ruffled bassinet,
contentment, despite weariness,
a newborn angel softly calls.

Life now holds a most sacred trust,
a miracle of wonderment.
Time is of no essence.

Her total being, now complete,
dreamlike trends never felt before,
impinges a young mother's weary body.

Now aspiring to her most magnanimous role,
futurity holds only hopefulness &
a miracle of wonderment.

Nebular images, as far as she can see,
in tune with her dreams, now reality.
A newborn angel softly calls.

Halos, aspirations, is all that she sees.
An infant's cry has an Elysian ring.
Futurity holds only hopefulness, &
a tiny, yet rattling, distinct sound.

Drifting, in her thoughts,
tones of amazement, never felt before,
impinges a young mother's weary body,
a newborn angel softly calls.

Copyright © Virginia Muller | Year Posted 2009

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A Spark Unknown, Shown

"Now is the time of our comfort and plenty
These are the days we've been working for
Nothing can touch us and nothing can harm us
And nothing goes wrong anymore....

Take it back, don't let it die
Or rage against the falling night
'Cause I still do depend on you
Don't say those words, you wrung me through

It won't come again,
Cause love is the end"

-Love Is the End, by Keane <3

Enter thus the spark once unknown
Brought to light by your beauty ever shown
In exile this wounded mind must lie
I exhale to Everest skies by and by
A relief ever festooned by your cunning calm
Listening to your voice like a severed psalm
I could never arrest you for the palm of your qualm
For I am ever befallen to the sight of your song

Hearts misgiven,
A soul heavy-ridden,
To heights only humbled in diffidence
Starts disheveled
Endings unsettled, 
I crave the sweetness of your difference

For how had the stars been shining so bright,
To ever receive such a blistering light?
And why has my mind healed from the lies,
That used to curse these very skies?
In shame I smile and look into your eyes
Detesting the time that quickly flies,
Hating the ability to despise,
And waiting for love to cease the cries

Enter thus an Irresistible so warm
Releasing tingles, to trust—to form
I cry out to the never-ending scene
To cross the clouds of crystal gleam
Running my hands upon the nestled dream
Ever-laughing—hear them sing! 
You are a most undeniable, endearing thing 
So I impregnate the spark as our destiny’s wing

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

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Devotion To a Lady Unknown

A space inside
wounded, scarred, and growling
I invite her to this place unseen
touching all damage delicate
 knowingly heals with tenderness
   mending hands work over my flesh
      soothing with sensitivity
        All I've ever wanted
        A love I've never known
 Unconditional affection and understanding
   A translator reading this heart's hieroglyph
Teaching to trust with openness
  Made first never, made selfless, made cold
    She's thawed me 
      teaching me to love myself
        In that I love her more
For every emotion surging genuine
  She has brought out the best in me
    Accepts all that was the worst in me
I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin

In every way I'd loved before...there was inequality
  I to her, she to me...never a balance
Never reciprocation...always uneasy, unsettling strife
  Distrust, Jealousy, and Selfishness poisoned everything
Always chasing in vain, or running in earnest
   A series of mismatched souls meeting
     in different stages of life, bound to separate sour

So here you are...an angel I'd not known to pray for
  Capable of breaking me down with a smile
    Where I'd created an aloof persona...you saw through
 Conquering the facade with a quick and cutting perspective
Now I'm feeling this weight on my chest
  Quickening my pulse and shortening my breath
        Sighs made of what's left...you have me
             you hold me, I'm yours

Copyright © Steve Voorhees | Year Posted 2009

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Letters to an Unknown Woman by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T Wignesan

Letters to an Unknown Woman by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T. Wignesan

When years go by, when years 
go by and the air having excavated a ditch
between your soul and mine, when years hurry past
	and I be the only man to entertain feelings of love,
a being who hovered an instant in front of your lips,
a poor fella dejected from walking through gardens,
	where will you be? Where
	will you, O! child/daughter of my kisses!

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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I Chanced Upon An Unknown Flower

I chanced upon this unknown flower-- She blossomed upon a tree: We sat together and talked for days-- My blossom and me. She wandered in her happy mirth, And took me with her far; She wandered by this lake called Life-- Life took her away, afar. "Come with me not", last she spoke, As she took to a stream; Smiling now back and forth-- That look stifled my scream...: Those eyes, desolate as if to say, "Let me go--let me be free", While stabbing at my silencing heart-- Taking all life away from me. I'd chanced upon this unknown flower-- Free now, as the wind she flies; Sitting alone, by myself I can smell her when I close my eyes...

Copyright © Akash Yadav | Year Posted 2015

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Unknown Secrets

Do you ever feel alone? When that secret is unknown, but you only wish people could have known, when you wish you could talk to the one you love, but your parents who hold your throne are as hard on you as a stone, when you only wish you could live in a different home with all your rattling bones.

Copyright © Christine DiNardo | Year Posted 2012

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An Unknown Angel

A mushy voice had left me insensate…
My soul grinned & hallowed my fate…

That “Belle” rambled close to me with elegance…
As if she comprehended riddle of my deep Sense…

Words from her rose lips felt like paradise…
It made the fondness for her in my heart rise…

Like a minor she laughs and roves for all to sight…
Becomes an astounding moment like sun bright…

While portraying her stunning beauty, I have inadequate utterance…
Seeing that each imperfect expression for her beauty would be an offence...

Copyright © Mr Gautam | Year Posted 2015

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Tempered state alas to yield 
Unfettered by resemblances
To walls of cobblestone
Relentless to conscribe
Of all things heart and bone

That its presence may
reduce its absence 
to beginnings

that we may not 
forget that first light
that sparked a cinder bright
and life in creation 
took as step the stone
and awaken thus the sky 
tossing high the moon and sun

Unfettered by resemblances
To Walls of cobblestone,
And things of heart and bone....

Copyright © abel olivencia | Year Posted 2014

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Love Unknown

How do you love?
Tell me, ask me

True and deep, 
raw or unknown

Desperate haunted, 
on the edge

dark and broken

Stolen, caged, 
out of this world

Let me love you
Fierce and fearless

Let me go, 
don’t let me

Break me, save me
Leave me home

Copyright © Monica Sofia | Year Posted 2016

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Still Unknown

Twisted; you're a mystery
Unraveled; turned out a misery
Tangled; you're undefinable
Deciphered; near yet unreachable
Discovered; I love you
Ended; I watch you go

Copyright © Ma. Fatima Ferrer | Year Posted 2013

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Love Spell Unknown

This breath taking me out
Flutters upon your weight of lung
Lucid lingering, we dance each other's flux

Deeper still, your heart revealed
I know the secrets you fashion still
Pressed upon the centuries of days

My love settles in a place unknown
Alone building what I will see eventually
When you come back, we will be free

As we dance upon sheaths of sound
A lurid spell casts from frozen creeks
I know your heart will unearth ecstatic peaks

Copyright © Justin Debrosse | Year Posted 2012

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 4)

You regret your foolish disclosure, as you confessed to be a cold hearted lover for she was 
lost of hope n’ sacrificed herself from this crest for her love for you consumed her totally, 
though her broken heart, in the care of the angels choir, now sings reforged in the fires of  
You lived your life in the garments of a scar around your heart, covered in bark, thrombosed 
to the love of another, it now cries in virtue n’ chastity from the sentient tree that consumed 
your ashes n’ dust in the grave at the top of the crest by the sea…

I give to you Poet my blessing, so you can relinquish your guilt n’ pain of love’s abandoning 
from the bed of blame you made of your grave, for your quill is at peace till your 
homecoming into this world, my sweet poet come back to me…
For time was your crest from this day you have leapt, you are forgiven my love so rise, let 
go your purgatory n’ perhaps one day we will meet once again as your soul escapes the 
gravity of captivity, now owlish n’ wise let it fly to our destiny…

Though not a word is spoken in these moments of conjuration from a lover long gone in an 
age of castles n’ quests by the sea, it stormed all night n’ I remained by your grave side till 
sunrise n’ the flame in your eyes became the Immortal’s fire to reforge a tarnished heart, 
for your tortured soul now understands n’ through the flames your mind will follow…
Now I see the picture you have painted in the illusion of the rainbow n’ I sense the birth of 
humility n’ grace as the sun breaks through the storm clouds, for your poem of remorse 
finally rests n’ you my love are reborn with angel wings to ride mother earth’s breath…

Copyright © Lilt Of Orpheus | Year Posted 2009