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I'm So Jealous

~The One That Got Away~

Here I lay weeping

I sing a sad song to sleep 

Fire cracking bones

kicking, screaming, pulling hair

The moment, gone forever


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Lost Inside His Eyes

Lost inside his eyes so close I breathe his essence his gaze mirrors mine Tracing his beautiful smile I realize I am found

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Where Reveries Reside

Tears subside,
hushed breaths draw ebbing tide,
soft virgin sands, un-walked and damp, shine.

A delicate filigree of silvery brine
brings an interlude where grief and beauty entwine,
gently swaying between now and then.

Thoughts of ‘remember when’
stir again.

Scattered far and wide,
bygones shimmer in rock pools,
scents on breezes ride...
elusive remnants of love
under bitter-sweet moonlight.

There is a place where reveries reside,
ensconced in time between the lows and highs,
where troubles disappear in ocean’s sighs
and hopes return with happiness inside.

Where shades of blue, and rose hues coincide
to nurture promises of sweet reprise,
there is a place where reveries reside,
ensconced in time between the lows and highs.

A haven to reflect on love’s divide,
recall that smile, the twinkle of those eyes
with fondness, then let woven dreams arise
with threads of gilded memories to guide...
this is the place where reveries reside.

**For Jared Pickett's Trois Par Huit /Tanka/Rondel contest

Copyright © Sharon Tideswell | Year Posted 2010

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lost at sea - new tanka

wind carries the cries
of lost souls departed hence.
Claimed in the white foam
of a turbulent spring tide....
St Nicholas* comforts them

* St Nicholas patron saint of sailors

penned 31 March 2015

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Lost in Japan

Origami soul
Pressed in rice paper tightly
A tomb of beauty
Memory of Geisha's heart
Tsunami tears in albums...


Copyright © iolanda Scripca | Year Posted 2010

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Western Skies


in bare hands you tilt 
my earth to seek western skies
spirits set the sun
bare feet chase red jasper realms
from black-onyx sky

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Inner Struggle

Inner Struggle 

is it the stars
on a cloak of midnight blue
or the moon beams
dancing through the canopy
that eases reality’s view?

the reflection
in the window pane
begs answer
for it’s tears, not rain,
that stream on the glass

silent cascades
bare the resistance
of approval
prayerfully awaiting 
the dawning acceptance

All Rights Reserved @ 4/11/ 2013

Copyright © Debra Squyres | Year Posted 2013

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A Trio of Whiteness

The One Lilies were lifting white faces up to the sun. I gazed up at him as he leaned down to kiss me. . . He - a white knight - was the one. White - A Love Story White was the blanket on which we lay under the clouds of that warm April day. White were the lilies perfuming the air. How happy was I - my white knight was there. Summer arrived; on sand gleaming white we lay in the sun and kissed until night. White was the gold of the ring that I wore and bright like the love of the one I adored. White was the dress I carefully chose for our special day, and white was the rose he placed on our bed, its sheets - white as milk - were smooth like his skin and woven in silk. White was the snow our first Christmas day before all the whiteness got swept away! In the dark casket, his face seemed so pale as I bent to kiss my true love farewell. At My White Knight’s Grave into stone cold ground his black casket was lowered. . . snow fell all around tanka/rhyme/senryu Inspired by Anthony Slauson's Whiteness Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Now You've Left (Beyond Bereft)

For Jared Pickett's Trois Par Huit.....Tanka.....Rondel Contest:

It is fall
and now I’ve tasted gall -
prefaced by a final kiss from you.

The moon, huge ball above that shines a golden hue,
seems a sign auspicious - but oh, that is not true!
Trenchant words you spilled; my heart is cleft.

I’ve wept (beyond bereft)
now you’ve left.

Dear, can’t you recall
how we’d thought our love would grow?
Your touch would enthrall
me through long days; moon’s warm glow -
Where did summer’s solstice go?

How will I ever find the wherewithal
to hold on through each coming lonely night?
My heart is hollow now, but holds no light,
and autumn’s sky too soon will cast its pall.

Abounding love and sun are gone. How small
will be the days to come. How much less bright!
How will I ever find the wherewithal
to hold on through each coming lonely night?

In fragrant blush of June, to garden wall
I’d run, your sunflower smile in my sight.
How can I stop my mind from taking flight - 
so lost in thought of when we had it all;
how will I ever find the wherewithal?

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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without a sound

without a warning
my tears wore your lapel... 
rain turned into snow                        -            
night was clothed in ice...
the chill of goodbye was in
the rear view mirror...
a sad reflection looked back
as tires broke the silence                   -  

snowfall erases
all warm thoughts of yesterday...      -
winter came too soon
-      -      -      -      -     -     -    -    -
For Russell Sivey's Contest: Relationship Break-Ups
By Carrie Richards

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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----------- --------- sunset vanishes etching traces of his face my breath cold as dew quivers with pained requiem... through autumn’s first interlude ------------- Lament A Tanka Contest for Rick Parise 9/29/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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Lost Do not look for me while I'm writing poetry I will not be here Lost in other realms I'll be beyond this land, sky and sea Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: Lost Sponsor: Broken Wings Judged: 02/02/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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Where now a Butterfly Sits

In innocent lie
Amidst the lightening dew
Poppies in mourning
She unknown, taken at will
Where now a butterfly sits


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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Another Love Poem

I drown in your smile

It tastes like golden honey

Your  scent on the wind

Pictures written on a wish

The essence of my life.. gone

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2010

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My Fondest Memory

the sweetest brown eyes and his lips so close to mine A N T I C I P A T I O N lingers with sublimity as my fondest memory Written Dec. 11, 2016

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Beautiful Liar

Water fell from eyes
which held a face staring; me
Hiding will not pass
the sight of your wanting need
So I'll beautifully lie...

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2010

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Aventuras Borradas

Cierra mi pensar.
Perdido, silencioso,
Azares anulados,
Hazañas suprimidas...

Copyright © Ruben Alejandro Hernandez Diaz | Year Posted 2015

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Photographic Memory

All points meet at you~
the sky, the sun, the water.
A still photograph
holds my happiness in ink.
I pretend that you still smile.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

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Your Absence

hear me call your name a hushed love song on the breeze spring becomes summer sun beams cause blistering pain and shine light on your absence

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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It's Over

Petals on the floor
Two stems in a broken vase
In desperation
Drink the tears that come too late
For a rose that’s lost its bloom

Placed 3rd in Brian Strand's Tanka acontest

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2008

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spring rain falling hard
down old cemetery road
lie a dying rose

scattered deep within my mind
I walk alone lost in time


Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2017

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The Obligation

Hastily he comes
kneels before the statue
offering rote prayers.
God up in heaven heartsick 
with this plastic petition.

It's a mere duty
he has performed since childhood;
so deeply engrained.
 A real relationship is
what the Father longs for.

A few more moments
he'll be released from this chore;
the day moving on.
" Will he ever get hungry?", 
a weeping Savior wonders.


Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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Stay away from me
Our good times have gone away
Cheaters never win
Come on sing me a sad song
So I can laugh, while you cry
Written for: "Tanka"me" a sad song Contest Sponsored by: ~P.D.~ Written by: Carol Brown 6th Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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Lost In Your Desire

~Lost In Your Desire~ (Tanka) Know you're in my heart and in my head and my blood Forever love you that in this will never stop feeling way I do for you Since you came to me I just fell in love with you Thrilled with all this true love that grows in me and stays strong and nothing for me the same Now I'm lost in you You're voice is so seductive Feel fire of your love your hands are all over me and now in your Love I'm lost Burning in your fire is your love that keeps me warm one that keeps me sane In the night my name you whisper and just quench in your desire. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,14,2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Loves refrain

The tree bears our names

Deep are the initials carved

A heart and arrow

Forever it will remain

So long after loves refrain...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2011

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old leaves are falling
sailing, reluctant, kiss death
the fragile air breaks 
healing hearts are letting go
love letters, clutched until now

? 2010

Copyright © Grace EunSong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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I Miss You

I love you so much
Our passion is so strong
This love can last long
Your presence is of essence
A short missing you love poem

Copyright © CeAsia White | Year Posted 2012

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brown eyes

I fell mindlessly

into the depths of brown eyes

eyes that said one thing

while actions said another

I long to be fooled again

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Still - Again - I See

Haunted by my haunts 

so long ago, I look deep...

before the morning

to let it go forever

the pain of remembering 


Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2013

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Nature's Loneliness

                              Cherry blossom tree
                       swaying by an ice glazed pond 
                               lonely skylark perched
                       singing a song for it's flock
                       a chill wind blows alone he waits.

3/30/15    contest sponsored by: Rick Parise  'One New Tanka'
                           T Reams       4th Place

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015