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As One Together

moon and stars above
warm summer night breeze blowing
arms wrapped around me
closeness makes my body weak
your breath, the warm breeze, I melt
our hearts together
beat now as one forever
till death do us part
A Mesh Of Forms Contest of Russell Sivey Written by Carol Brown 03/22/2012 Using the forms Tanka & Senryu 1st Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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A Pink Rose

My best friend and I
Ran barefoot through the garden
Stirring the petals
Her hair tied back in two braids
Her skirt trailed out behind her

We sat by the stream
With our feet in the water
Talking and laughing
Until a pink rose I plucked
And wove it into her dark braids

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Summer Butterflies

blue winged canopy
of a thousand butterflies
can not compare to
the fluttering of my heart
when your eyes and mine are one

deborah burch©

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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Claw foot Sanctuary

Refuge lies in ripples
Her head rests
on white porcelain
Fragrant lavender recalls childhood
Memory rises with the mist

For Chris's contest ~

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2013

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- What Do You Know About Angels -

Angels everywhere
All that was upside down, turned
They watch over us
Gods small miracle workers
From encounter with Angels

19.07.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
Tanka  5-7-5-7-7

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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Worlds and Lovers

A Hollow moon sleeps Atop the calm sea water under a blanket of clouds Earth and moon rest as one soul awaiting grace from sunrise
beauty of the soul in uniting the two worlds is in shades of blue For all lovers to observe hearts will beat as one spirit

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2011

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Improv On Pennies.

Acorn hats of wood
balanced on each fingertip
while giggles spill rich.
Felt tip markers draw the eyes
in this poor man's puppet show.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2006

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The Spirit Prevails

It is a new day
Something wonderful happened
You are now at peace
Like a phoenix rising up
From the ashes you prevail

We shall not mourn you
For you are not gone at all
We may not see you
Your presence lives on in us
Enduring the test of time

Radiant light shines
Upon us all forever
Glorious rays gleam
Emitting from your spirit
Keeping your memory strong

The lives you have touched
Will never forget you now
Though we may shed tears
These are tears of happiness 
Your spirit forever reigns

In the days to come
When we are all together
Celebrating life
Your spirit will consume us
Your peace will be our strength

Joy and happiness
Will be felt every moment
You gave us reason
To have faith in the future
Your legacy will live on…………..

Copyright © MaryLouise Goguen | Year Posted 2005

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Photographic Memory

All points meet at you~
the sky, the sun, the water.
A still photograph
holds my happiness in ink.
I pretend that you still smile.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

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The Old Lady

eyes that smile at me
bustling along same path
rehearsed many years
every cup and saucer
exactly placed as before
tea is ready now
her favorite brew on time
remembering smiles

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2009

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Rejoice (Tanka)

Rejoicing in life
soul’s jubilation singing
raising of voices

Praises of joy unto Him
uplifting mortal spirit

Comments:    The Japanese tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of 
five lines:  the first has five syllables. The second has seven syllables. The third 
has five syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The 
pattern is 5/7/5/7/7 for a total of thirty-one syllables.  This one is about rejoicing.

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2007

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Small Things

I live for small things:
water clear, to dive down deep,
sun to pierce my bones,
and for sleep, your hand on mine,
our dreams sewn tight together.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

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Wonder of Sunshine

Warms to the very bones
Brightens life in early morn
Making dew glister
Rainbow prisms of color
This the wonder of sunshine
Written: 10/24/2012 Tanka Crazy-Sunshine Contest 2nd Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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Early Morning

flocks of birds fly in...
newly mown lawn wet with dew
ducklings waddle by
poor birds take flight frightfully...
then return to look for worms
03/22/2012 3rd Place Winner Black Eyed Susan "Tanka" Contest

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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he touches her face
looking into her green  eyes
seeing  fear within
smiles and holding her cold hand
he leads her to Paradise

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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A Reflection


    two moons shining bright

        a reflection on the lake

            so quiet and still

                a fish leaps and in leaping

                      the secret is revealed...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2013

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even on cloudy days

chatter of bird song

   fills the morning air

        my alarm clock

I awaken to sunshine

     even on cloudy days

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Tokens that Last

red roses are fine
to give me sweet valentine
but this year I want
tokens that lasts a lifetime
honesty, trust, commitment

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2013

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Valentine's Magic

Valentine’s Magic

Love is eternal—
Expression of love so pure!
Valentine’s Day is . . . 
	That magic moment of love . . . 
Renewal of love always!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(February 8, 2015) (Tanka) 

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Helping Hand

                                        the more you help them
                                   the more you receive blessings
                                        kindness from the heart
                                         happiness overflowing 
                                    a lighted path from God’s love

                                             April 02, 2015

Copyright © MariaDiding SajSam | Year Posted 2015

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In my field of dreams colourful flowers still dance to the melody the wind discharge – no sadness exuberance fill my soul

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2012

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Live life to fullest—
Master your own destiny!
Determine your goals . . . 
	 Seek happiness everywhere . . . 
Live life with distinct purpose!                                

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
May 8, 2015 (Tanka)

*Originally released on February 17, 2015 for my new book.

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness

                                        Embrace, mere token
                                       Relinquish comfortably
                                         With endearingness 
                                  Selflessness, and tender heart
                                     Spirit of Truth Impression

By Eve Roper  
Contest: Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness
Sponsorby: Brian Johnston

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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Blossom {Haiku / Tanka / Haiku }

<                                      red ~ gold ~ brown ~ and .... green
                                        rustic ~ over - tures .... whistlers 
                                        harvest .......  happiness

                                        the ~ winds ~ mighty ..... gale
                                        speaks ~ to ~ enchanted .... forest
                                        time ~ to ~ turn ~ new ...... leaf
                                        for ~ autumn ~ has ~ once .... returned
                                        and ~ you ~ must ~ all ~ come ~ on ..... down

                                       braided ~ and ..... despaired
                                       yet ~ forges ~ on ~ right ..... ahead
                                       fall ~ colours .....  blossom

Entry For Linda Marie's
Harvest Of Happiness
Haiku/Tanka/Haiku - Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Purim -Kintaishi

Fröhliches Kinderlanchen
Bunte Kostüme, Masken
Leckere Hamantaschen
Frohes Purim im Kibbutz

Happy childdren's laughter
Colourful costumes and masks
Tasty Hamantashen
Happy Purim in the Kibbutz

Felices  risas de  niños
Trajes  y  máscaras  de colores
Deliciosos Hamantachen
Feliz Purim en el kibbutz

Anmerkung: Das jüdische Purimfest am 14. Adar erinnert an die Rettung des jüdischen Volkes
vor Haman, dem höchsten Regierungsbeamten des persischen Königs Xeres I. Alle sollten vor
Haman niederknien, doch Königin Esters Cousin Mordechai weigerte sich. Aus Rache soll
Haman die Vernichtung aller Juden befohlen haben. Ester habe sich aber bei Xeres I. für
die Rettung der Juden eingesetzt. Haman wurde zusammen mit 75 000 weiteren Persern getötet.

Note: The Jewish Purimfest on 14.th of Adar reminds of the rescue of the Jewish people
from Haman, the highest government official of Persian king Xeres I. Everybody should
kneel down before Haman, but queen Ester's cousin Mordechai refused to do so. For revenge
Haman should have ordered the murder of all Jews. But Ester used her influence on Xeres I.
for the rescue of the Jews. Haman was killed together with 75,000 other Persians.

Copyright © Gert W. Knop | Year Posted 2011

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Petals In The Wind

Petals in the wind
Wish to be with you today
Dancing in the sky
It’s like raining of magic
Feels my spirit soar up high

On a starry night
Surrendering our lost souls
Cleanse by your beauty
My contented heart rejoiced 
Color of happiness you bring

Life is really good
Floating to the world of dreams
Take us anywhere
Balancing our own with faith
And let God works in ourselves 

January 25, 2013

Copyright © MariaDiding SajSam | Year Posted 2013

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What A Beauty

<                                    beneath swollen ..... moon
                                      in pasture of...... rolling hills
                                      standing  ....hind quarters
                                      a beautiful black ...... stallion
                                      simply took my breath ........ away

Entry For
Rick Parise's 
A Memory Of Beauty
Tanka Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Sweet Sanctuary

Come asylum's breath,
gossamer wings touch mine brow ~
Grant me refuge please;
then may my soul find comfort.
In your peace, my heart shall rest...

Copyright © Adell Foster | Year Posted 2010

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Feeling the Season

feeling like dancing on fluffy clouds of colorful petals inhaling the heaven scents as I imagine an autumn through my vicarious experience
Nov. 1,2012 This is gogyoka form of poem. Second Place Contest: Gogyoka Contest Judged: 11/7/2012 Sponsor: Poet Joann Grisetti

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2012