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Playing Enthusiastically

                                              Playmates illusion
                                       Feline stretches on its back
                                              Pup engages play
                                       Leaps into air with surprise
                                    Scratched nose, engages again

                                         By Eve Roper 11/20/2014

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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everyone said he was too small for a good watch dog.... why did he leave such a big hole in our hearts?
.................................... 3/24/15 For Andrea's Contest: Tanka 3 Return To Top Ten

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Dog days

Dog days pass slowly
air is thick but there ain't no
miracle waitin
funnel cloud on horizon
and we’re still in Kansas, friend.

Copyright © D.W. Rodgers | Year Posted 2014

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Strange Love

Why do I love you?
When I look into your face
Your teeth are too big,
That nose is extremely long.
Yet all I want in a dog.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Molly A Dachshunds The Center of Attention


                                  Small little Molly
                          Waddles around in the yard
                                  Center attention
                     Birth of two children changed things
                         We forgot,  Molly!!! Outside!!!

                             Contest: Dachshunds 
                            Sponsor: Rob Carmack 

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Safe Spot

                              go spot no spot stop
                      light is red now green I scream
                              dashing in and out
                      a clean sweep he lifts and bounce
                      tail wagging his ball retrieved 

       T Reams

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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Tanka This, that, those and them

 cat, dog, food, humor, mom, pain, summer,

I tripped over  feet
My shoe laces both came undone
Slid in my 'spilled' milk
Cut my finger on broke glass
My blood now was mixed in milk!

I sat on a chair
It was much too low for me 
Table top held my chin
Knees folded I knelt down  below
My neck got cramped looking up!

Taking a 'soap' soak  
I washed my hair in 'suds' water
Forgot to rinse 'wash'
Let the bath drain of cold water
Had to take a shower too!

I bit my finger 
A huge delicious apple
Choked on pieces bitten
And swallowed a broken tooth
It left an empty hole then!

Pits are wicked  on teeth
Cherry pits the worse for wear
Three cherries at once
Eaten you  choke on a pit
If swallowed you then will die!

Pepper makes a sneeze
Then coughing  up of chewed food
Follows up the throat 
Adding 'more' to the food plate
Appetite all lost!

Close your eyes and wish
Once upon a time like 'right' now
My mom told me so
Magic will make a wish come true
Then I learnt she fibs white lies!

Cats and dogs skip rope 
Jumping around up and down
When the double-dutch stops
Cat and dog hair flies about
 Then the fight is done double time!

Touring on my bike
I flipped ' head over heels' and rolled
 Down grassy culverts  below
Upon a stinking skunk hole 
Startling the homeowners there!

Belly laugh causes much gas 
That builds wind into a toot
Relieving  more pain
Reaching a higher stink bomb
That calls  more laughter!

My peaches are very ripe
 I squeezed one to check them out
Grab'n napkins and bowl
When bitten into juices pour
 Sliding stickily  down my chin!

Corn on the cob needs
Melted butter and wood toothpicks 
 Small bits catch in teeth
Cob takes two hands for chomping
All the kernels in a row!

Shaved cabbage ' coleslaw'
Sliced hamburger buns with meat
Chopped onions with sauces
Causes gall bladder  heartburn pain
 Trapped gasses giving 'piglet' shame!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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Cantankerous Pup

Tanka – Cantankerous Pup

Cantankerous pup;
This four legged calamity
Rejected kibble
Choosing to nibble Master’s
Brand new furniture instead.

Copyright © Valerie Staton | Year Posted 2015

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may I suggest
to all the dogs in the world
not enough food
in the known universe
(just ignore those wagging tails)

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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talking about art
there is a picture I love
pablo picasso
it is his three musicians
a study in cubism

the three dressed as clowns
clarinet    guitar    and voice
so it would appear
a dog under the table
its paws    like shadows    protrude

varied    colorful
the feeling is happy    warm
a staff of black notes
one with a mask    carnival!
why the dog in attendance?

Readers!   If you know this painting, please enlighten me. Even if you haven’t seen it, take a 
shot.  D.R.A.

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2010

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Splashing Dog

(This is a Tanka:  Japanese poem of five lines, the first and third composed of five
syllables and the others seven. In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line,
but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic
units: 5-7-5-7-7.)

Splashing Dog
    by Amy Swanson

Great drops of water
     fly vigorously from him!
Black hair glistening
     he gallops through the river,
     stops only to shake himself!

Copyright © Amy Swanson | Year Posted 2009

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Chained Dog Song

Jack Russell sings sharp—
two barks for each passing bike
he would love to chase.
Droning wheels tease and roll on
from chained dog’s staccato song.

May 24, 2016
Traditional Tanka Contest

Copyright © Rita A. Simmonds | Year Posted 2016

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Staunch Dog

Wagging furry tail
After coming home from work 
Makes me smile with joy 
Seeing in her button eyes 
The loyalty that pets give


Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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Dog Waiting Tanka

His dog lies waiting
for his master to come homefFrom the battle field
No matter how long he's gone
Lies down head on paws waiting

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2012

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Puppy Wisdom: Syllables Of Wisdom 3 Contest

Puppy Wisdom: Syllables Of Wisdom 3 Contest Sponsor: Silent One An average dog sweeter-average human loyal to a fault puppy's lives are way too short loves more than you love yourself Date Written: January 17, 2016 Poetry Form: Tanka Syllable Count: 5-7-5-7-7

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Golden In The Shade - Tanka

This is the old grove
where I would unhook his leash
so he could run free-
Squirrels may be glad he is gone
but leaves have gilded his grave

Sitting in the shade
feathering grass with fingers
I feel soft, long ears---
I can almost feel the thump
of his tail hitting my legs

For Contest Sponsored By Amy Green

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Tentative sunlight Playing with turning wheelspokes Fast hands spur on rims Early morning race with dog Joyful barks mix with laughter *** February 1, 2017

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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To Some

To some, same is wrong;
If love could be such a crime, 
To some, same would be

No love should be under threat 
For one's fancy to be met

Copyright © Kurtis Collins | Year Posted 2016

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The street dog

I was drinking tea
Suddenly a street dog came
Wagging tail and head;
He wanted some food to eat
By his body language!

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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lazing beneath
a swaying buddlelia blue
a long tongued moth in my view
suckles its nectar brew-
nearby others hover impromptu

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007