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Anniversary Thoughts

Love becomes quiet
As the years accumulate
As its roots deepen
A tree becomes more stable
Capable of enduring

Copyright © Jim Wilson | Year Posted 2008

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Remembering them   
is deep sorrow piercing the  
heart that must weep to release 
what the flesh can't overcome. 

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2015

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Annual Celebration

his hair is grayer
and his skin more wrinkled, but
he's a better friend
than he was the day before --
my anniversary man.

Copyright © Effie Blake | Year Posted 2006

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Proud third wheel

See them hand in hand,
Together they shine brightly
Smiles on both faces
So sweet and caring to me,
Who could ever wish them apart?

Boy asks for gift help,
Girl  matches my craziness,
Perfect for eachother,
An adorable couple,
Hopes and expectations rise.

Gazing gleefully,
Into another's  bright eyes,
Example of love,
Now forever together,
May your paths stay bound as one.

Copyright © Elissa Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Swinging on a Star

God's hand reached through time
dropping brilliance in the night
love's eternal gift
one star named for "my best friend"
our anniversary light

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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what’s the difference
october from september –
is it simply time
to put on a warmer coat,
a condition of one’s mind?

what’s the difference?
is there a hazy region
a mystic soul’s eye,
retreat to inner being,
a sort of hidden season?

all i know is this –
i sense the whole world has changed -
sun less warm, less bright
colors are taken cover,
a sixth sense taken over 

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2013

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Class of 85

Excited bustle
What we were missing returns
Unexploded clan
Heart’s origins, simple times
Uncomplicated soul bonds

Cresting apogee
Highest point of our proud arcs
Yet farthest away
From yore’s endless sun-drenched days
When life besotted senses

Half our lives behind
Yet still yearn to reconnect
Fertile fundament
Simplest sense of our place
Roots gulp moisture from first soil

Time’s stern visage clear
Eternal shared history
Now awake within
As if only yesterday
Not ten thousand days ago

© Thomas W. Quigley

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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September rain

September rain
Cape chestnuts rule the veld
In the morning
The wife of kong-tsai
Asleep in my royal bed

Copyright © Pheko Motaung | Year Posted 2016

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Fiftieth Anniversary

jackolanturns grin atop rolls of dry fodder strains of music float all eyes watch the couple dance they see only each other ~//~ fine country setting whiffs of barbeque remain the chaffing dish warm old friends who now sipping wine reflect on their own journey ~//~ cake patiently waits two aged hands cut the first slice they sample with flare celebrating fifty years as each other’s only mate ~//~ quiet solitude the two gently reflecting when later alone yes, we have had a good life they exclaimed to each other ~//~ © Oct, 14 2010 For Amy's Tanka contest

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2010

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mild weather ahead
so says the news report
except for the wind
that frozen voice from the north
button up then till april

conjure now green vision
how happy those spring sounds
tulips thrusting up
refreshing smell of spring rain
just a winter’s nap away

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2012

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You are beautiful

You are beautiful
Brave and strong marikana
Capitalist bullets
Have not killed his spirit
The man in the green blanket

Copyright © Pheko Motaung | Year Posted 2016

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She Offered Flowers

"come fluttering words, come drifting words to me . . . "
A Rambling Poet

She offered flowers
To her dear spirit Juno,
Thanking her for life,
For yet another birthday,
And continued protection.

Jack Horne, 17th July, for Constance's 'What is she doing?' contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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My friends come first

After a pause 
They steal my wife 
And backstab my sons
My friends come first they scrub
Life with my face

Copyright © Pheko Motaung | Year Posted 2016

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One by one

One by one
The good die young
No problem billy joel 
I'll invite the guards of hell
To my celebrity funeral

Copyright © Pheko Motaung | Year Posted 2016