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Your Sweet Sexy Smell

An obsession with the ladies I'll surely admit And the sweet sexy smell these sweeties emit Love every one Totally come undone When you touch my parts, it flips my switch © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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WOMEN ARE EVIL, men ARE stupid

WOMEN ARE EVIL - men ARE stupid

Women are evil, men are stupid
when it comes to affairs of the heart, the arrow of cupid
It's sometimes a game that a broken love plays
so clever these women creating such disarray

Men go in like idiots, hook line and sinker 
not seeing clearly hidden by blinkers
whilst being ridden, women take men for a ride
there is almost always something sinister lurking inside

To manipulate, all they do is spread legs,for in truth men are just dumb ****s
all they think of is shooting their muck
so to summarize the last statement so easy to control
such a fixation men have on that sweet juicy hole

A nine month period a baby after this
a time when women can truly take the piss
i know men can be such bastards but in short women have the evil last laugh
they will hurt you so easily with there vengeful wrath

From restrictions on kids, to doing your best mate
as i said, just opening legs men just take the bait 
yes there are enlightened ones like myself, who recognize this 
still with my kid a women controls me and takes the piss

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
wouldn't it be funny if i was a women with a *****
 just to clarify so you understand 
 i could have an evil intention coupled with a stupid plan

If i had the mind, genetics and equipment equal from each sex
i could get ****ed,**** also cry from cruel texts
i could start a campaign to change how both parties can be
i'd be the one to set both men and women free  

Okay there would still in the future be a few underground freaks 
would have the evil, stupid thing going on, not taking in my speech 
but it's just my thoughts, this will obviously never be
one can only dream, loose oneself in a fantasy

For those who hear my words, take in all that i write
men will always be stupid they will never see the light
so women can continue being evil playing their evil game
today, tomorrow, the future will always be the same
For while women have a pussy, a sweet juicy hole
that will always be the ticket to gain easy control
its like dangling a carrot on a string in front of a donkey
they are the organ grinders we are the monkeys

Men are dominant and strong, women are subservient and weak
whosoever made this bold and silly statement, let the ****ers speak
men are stupid, women are evil and clever
to be honest i see no change, it will be this way forever

Poem by Paul Powell  20/06/08

Copyright © Paul Powell | Year Posted 2013

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George Dunlop Leslie : Potpourri

It takes planning, a graveled path, herb sets
to create a heavenly perfume

some time around bloom time
excess pruned down by a third and hung.

We see a bit of the hanging God then
in the silky down of lavender, thyme

offer homage of pressed violets, 
golden suns of marigold as tune of awe.

The mincing of the mints is heavenly
as candy, sharp peppermint, mellow lemon balm,

the bedding down of chamomile, poppy maw,
the spiral sweets and gingered leaves of geranium

shavings of orris root, too many iris anyway
so free them all and set the scent create a smelly sum.

Add carnation stars, sticky sweet hollows of fennel
to tell the men, here is where the women live

won’t you remember your marjoram, your rosemary
with the pots on to boil, or laying head on crisp sheets and sigh.

It all takes planning, to decorate, alleviate, scent
create the corners of a life. Let’s go set the herbs.

Then breathe in the heavenly scent of potpourri lent
as offering, homage to all the plenty wonder of our lives.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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River of Time

On the River of Time
I built a dam for my love
to capture the moment,
collect the future,
and set our pasts free.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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My Pussy


 What a pussy is my pussy cat
 soft, silky, shiny n delicate
 touching her makes me feel
 mouth-melting goody chocolate

  she would purr, turn and mew
  warming herself up and me
  she wags her tail up up and down
  like a waggling kite flying free
 she would push and rub my hand
  when i gently scratch  her back
  i would poke her erect ears
  her smooth contour i would track
  Her claws are hellish  razor sharp
  but she'd never swipe at me
  she and i share  innocent love
 together we play with joy and  glee.
when i hold  the pussy in my lap
I could clearly feel her heart beat
her throbbings are like a virgin bride
 her bloom would feel  like gossamer treat.

By mazhur

Copyright © mazhar butt | Year Posted 2014

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fall in love,
often and deeply

but don't even bother
to adore anyone other
than your mother.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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When a Man cries Himself to Sleep

When a man cries himself to sleep,
it is a sad sight to see,
tears roll off his cheek
and onto his bed sheets and pillow case.
When you hear his somber cries,
you can feel his pain
when he wimpers like a child who treds in fear.
No one knows what they do to a man
when they play with his emotions,
lead him on,
take advantage of him.
They don't know what they do to an innocent man
looking for love.
They break his heart that is full of love,
they stab him in the back
when he needs them at his most vulnerable moment
they laugh at him, and tease him,
Do they know what they do to a man?
They slowly kill a man, who just wants a simple kiss on the lips,
they kill a dreamer, a good man, with a big heart.
They drive a man to his bed,
with tears running down his face
and force him to dream of nightmares.
When a man cries himself to sleep, 
it is that saddest thing to see.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

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within nothing, 
there are memories 
other than your absence

on the other hand,
is entirely made of
your presence.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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Love Yourself

Looking in the mirror can be
Overwhelming at times.
Viewing yourself can make you 
Either love yourself or hate yourself.

You can
Observe others but that mirror will make you
Unhappy with yourself, until you
Realize how beautiful you really are.
Seeing yourself as a lovely woman will
Eventually make you
Love yourself. Being happy and
Friends with yourself will make your life complete. 

Copyright © Madeline R. | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Sweet Smell of Women

The Sweet Smell of Women

They walked past me in the cold outdoor café
with their silky eyes, smiles and perfume

and their scent dropped into my coffee and down
 my shirt collar but I didn't mind the  warm-rain feel  of it

and in my head I shouted to them ,”come back!
come back!,” and I thought I saw them smiling
one of those women’s’ smiles that they do

and they  looked here and  there with their soft 
eyes and waist length hair and  chattering  heels 
and the sweet smell of women went out into 
the street

and I sat there naked (so to speak) 
so to write, so to say…

Copyright © Peter Lewis Holmes | Year Posted 2015

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Sweet Thin, Swelling Lust

Sweet Thin, Swelling Lust

Honey tasting, Sweet thin, Swelling Lust, Never enough! The ever giving, Wanted and thrilling, Waves of overwhelming, heated need. This my intensity, wasted on nothing, memory will always heed.

Still the past, Make it the presence, Travel with me, Years be gone, We the future, Time stand by, Only the memory, Lasting forever more, Will show that we, The existing, Are, the truly freed.

Copyright © dennis faherty | Year Posted 2016

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Paradise Women

The one for whom literati’s at quiet, 
Mysterious, invisible could only imagine at sight, 
Enchant beauty captivate hundred hearts, 
Naïve glimpse can bewilder this world site, 
The best Eden abode where thee dwell, 
Essence with flipped pain might be well, 
Beginning to end, hoped this to befell, 
Cause intruder thoughts can’t be Quell, 
The worth of whom is pre-written, 
Won’t thou catch thee, with desultory walk in, 
Endow of her to follow Almighty Will, 
Synoptic praise of  her is not hidden, 
Will wed to a paradise women, 
Blue eyes, fluffy cheeks and intact human, 
Of which there be the distinct one, 
Assumed to be with her, not an omen, 
Ideate, if she put on silk attire, 
Cosmos world burn to fire, 
Enriched with pure affection and sublime beauty, 
Of before worthless the charm of Hawaii pier.

M. Shahid H. Chouhdry

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Life Without You

The life without you
is like a tree without flowers, 
the moon without the stars,
a kiss without lips,
long wandering love,
the weary heart may faint for rest,
and a body without soul...

The life without you
is like a drifting foam of a restless sea
when the waves show their teeth
in the flying breeze,
and wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

The life without you
is like village curs that bark when their fellows do, 
a shadow of a great hill, 
that reaches far out over the plain, 
and the setting of a tropical sun.

The life without you
is like a sea-worm, 
that perforates the shell of the mussel,
which straightway closes the wound with a pearl, 
and rainbow, thou didst fade.

The life without you
Is like a blossom blown before a breeze,
a white moon drifts before a shimmering sky,
and my memories burn like a living coal in my soul.

By Seth Yuhi Musinga

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2016

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I tell my friend yesterday
That I have a problem
I know a bunch of women
And I’m in love with all of them

He says boy you crazy
You will get in trouble
But when I see them
My love does double

See all women are different
No two are the same
Each add a different fuel
To keep alive a flame

Some are like eye candy
Such a sweet delight
And some like a star
Brightening up the night

So I tell me friend 
To have a clear conscience
 Trying to figure out a woman
A man don’t have a chance

A woman sees a burglar
She beat him up in side the house
Then she screaming 
When she see a little mouse

I love a woman in Trinidad
She sweet like a Pomerac
But if a dog try to bite her
She going to bite it back

I love a woman in America
She’s in the military
If she find out bout the others
I know she will beat up me

And I love one in England
I visit her every year
We go to the pub
And drink some warm beer

A woman is an amazing creature
So full of surprise
You could sweet talk her all day
But don’t tell her any lies

I love a girl in Mexico
She like she food real spicy
But she sweet like a ripe mango
So that’s alright with me

There are women all over the world
And each has their style
So you really can’t blame
Some men for going wild

I have to end this poem
Riad taking me to maracas beach
See women buying bake and shark
So I give my cell number to each

Women have to understand
They have so much beauty in them
So if a man tries to love only one
Them he will have a big problem

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2012

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Love have no limit III

Is it good to you? You like what it could be
Compliments to my politeness, your smile is what I see
And you love me I can tell
"How'd you know?"
You do me well
I'm priority #1, and you do numbers like your sales
Delicate to me like a new furniture piece
Cuff me up, as if you're police
So you want to be serious? I'm working on improvements
This isn't for short-term or a minor love amusement
I crown myself king of my own, the queen of my love I've lost
But if your crown shines of diamond, my love will have no cost

Copyright © Xavier Johnson | Year Posted 2016

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I've Made Love To (?) here @ The Soup

Amy Green, Poet Destroyer and Skitty S.K.A.T. Pooh.
Just a few of the Great Women I've made love to here at the soup.
Carolyn Devonshire and Sara Kendrick too
and Andrea Dietrich, you fire cracker you.
A Rambling Poet, Constance too
and Lena "Lolita" Townsend just to name a few.
There's also Linda "Sweetheart" Marie
and the ever so sweet Audrey Carey.
Colleen Bono, how great are you?
Carol Brown & Loopylu Loopylu,
Charmaine Chircop, Dane Ann Smith-Johnson and Doris Culverhouse too.
What a passionate love affair I have had with all of you.
Carrie Richards, Simone Segal, Deborah Guzzi,
Bathsheba Bathsheba, Ashley Rapanut, Brittany Larson and Faleshia Murphy.
Susan Palli, Jessica Arteaga, Diane Christian, Caroline Cecile Paczynski,
Ann Rich, Mercedes Jordan, Kimberly Hilliker and Catie Lindsey.
Audrey Rollins, Joanna Smith, Patricia Adams, Karen O'Leary,
Janette Fisher, Madeleine McLaughlin, Nicole Sharon Brown and Carey Sakolowski.
Amanda Governale, Nicole King, Rhoda Galgiani, Laura McKenzie,
Bernadette Ignaciuk, Amanda Governale, Izzy Gumbo and Judy Riley.
Sue Mason, Pamela Griffiths, Karen Dominick, Donna Golden, Iolanda Scripca & Royal Royally.
I've even made love to that vile Sylvia, aka Stephanie.
Am I forgetting anybody? I don't really know.
Oh yes, one more comes to mind. Nikko Palmario
So many Great women to make love to here at the soup
and so many many more that theKidster must get to.
I've had a sweet romanticism reading all your poetic words.
Some of the most beautiful verses I've ever read or heard.
BILLYTheKidster wants to thank all of you
for this passionate cerebral love affair with all of you.
There's more Great Woman here at the soup
that theKidster can't wait to make love also too.
This Soup Laundry List Will Just Have
...To Be Continued.
PS: Adeleke Adeite, since this contest is sponsored by you
I guess it wouldn't hurt to say that I've made love to you too
here @ the soup, and enjoyed it too.
(Hey, there isn't anything wrong with Poetic Male Affection, even Poetic Genderless Affection)
I better stop sucking up. I suck at it.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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Your love is Near

From the lyrics on the duet of loneliness
I hade seen the spark in your eyes and your smile
It is not what the past is saying to you,
It is not what the present is displaying to you,
Not even what the future is predicting to you
I know you and I have seen the sparkling love in you,
I know how lovable you are and what you deserve
You are crowned to be lover;
Now stand for love, because your love is near 

Now fall in love again, because love is loving you
Your love is in the roots of a perfumed linen of your soul
Your love is planted in the intersections of your sentiment and emotion
It is not what desperation is saying to you
Not even when financial struggles suffocate your hope
I know you as you are, breathing trough this lines,
I can feel your passion to help, care and sustain,
You had been prepared for this moment of follies
You are free to love, to be in love,
because your lover is near

I feel like declaring on the top of the mountain of chemistry,
That Your enzyme is ready to melt your lover down as butter,
Your lover will not imagine what is happing, while pulling in
The chemistry is translating the tension to attention
Increasing drops to the carnal sieve of your lovable spirit
It is not about tones and shapes as advertised around;
It mostly about the candle of your brilliances is screening
You are ready again for the game of passion and love living

Copyright © ISAAC KINZAMBI | Year Posted 2017

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Sweet Dreams

As I sort through the loss,
in the shadows of the clouds I am under.
Blinded by the lightning,
deafened by the thunder.

I miss your soft whispers,
which cause me to cry.
Into the pillows where I lie,
in my sweet dreams.

When I think of my sorrow,
at a world of despair.
A depression that keeps me yearning,
for you to even care.

That the radiance of your light,
reflects of the tears I cry.
I run to the lies,
of my sweet dreams.

Bewildered and afraid,
I can't stand the loss.
The pain that's pushing me,
towards a line I can't cross.

I know all heavens aware,
your loves not there.
So I run to lie.
closing my eyes to the lies of my sweet sweet dreams.


Copyright © Donald Holmes | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Sweet sky

We like to bud heads
Almost every night
She has a mind that won't quit
And I one with no soft spot
She yells and I yell 
She leaves and I leave
So I sit and I wait
For the end to reach
And she waits and she sits
For I to give in
Then she's off to bed
Where ill comfort her pain
I'll come in and whisper
Let me kiss those soft lips
Rub her stone feet
And I'll feel those warm breasts
When the cats start to meow
I'll get up and feed them
Clean up their shit
Take one of my own
Then I rest for a bit
I look out my window
Far past that balcony
And I notice the sky playing a symphony
The moon does it job
Conducting it well
She then turns my direction
And smiles down on me

Copyright © Jesse Valen | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Sweet Agnes


Sweet Agnes
In my sleep see I thee
Bronzed skin a deepened hue
Bleached hair cut short
Hands twisted by fate
Calluses treaded on thy feet
Simply clothed in threadbare blue
Shirt missin buttons few.

Standing tall carryin burden
Not revealed
Fisher woman 
Known not but to a few
Bringing to th' door
Briny harvest to share
Sweet pompano freshly caught n' cleaned
Ready for the pan it seemed.

Oysters pried from their secret spot
Sea's seasoning, a tasty lot
Where from she came or goes, matters - not
Today is today as God begot
For while th' sun beats down today
Tomorrow's rain will cast away
Grime, nature's cosmetics give
An elegance to one so dear.

Bed made from findings along the way
Or simply a spot, sand pushed away
Blanket, the stars that she can name
Head resting on a bundle, all to her name
God mother to the child
Who pray would say,
Agnes my friend
She passed this way.

(I know not her name, only Agnes
From whence she came or goeth since
Rosemary's friend who would share
From time to time
Bay's bounty, for clothes to wear
Living free and unadorned
She was of life -
Freedom born.)


Copyright © Joe Wortham | Year Posted 2017