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Sun Winter Poems | Sun Poems About Winter

These Sun Winter poems are examples of Sun poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Sun Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Crystalline |

Frozen In Crystalline - Number 6

                 Two bridges tease a cold solstice sun; 
                   trees masked in ice, join in the fun.

                  Frozen In Crystalline - Poetry Contest
                                 22 Nov 2014

Copyright © david mohn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

December Sun .

December sun that hangs so low
To crawl across dim Winter cloud .
You were our friend six months ago
And wrapped me in your Summer shroud
Of coloured gardens , full of bloom 
That scented life
In my living room .

The long cold shadows that you cast ,
Like the frosted breaths of early morn 
That linger ..., yet , but never last ,
Like some dark and dreary love forlorn .
Memories of your crisp, clear cold
Long Winters past
Wrapped , but still unsold .

December sun of blinding light
No takers for your offer , here .
Your short day and your long cold night
The dying throes of one more year .
Your only pal , the Winter snow
Is children's friend
And farmer's foe .

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2008

Details | Couplet |

Sun of Life

the sounds of wilderness
life never makes a mess

the shadows of the trees
be moving with the breeze

in the winter cold
it won't be as bold

but now the sun is here
life goes on without fear

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Sun Shine

Oh, the sun shines and the wind blows
the crisp, apple-wind, blows,
laughing through the half shorn tresses
of the sugar maple trees.

Oh, the sun shines and the shadows fall
like long gray mufflers, foreshadowing,
the wraps of winter winds
and frost on dawn's green grasses

Oh, the sun shines and the heart sings
full and ripe as the pie pumpkins
waiting to be picked 
and the comforters calling from the beds
of cuddling children.

Oh, let the sun shine for it fills my soul
for when the dark of winter persists
I will remember this.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |

- There Will Be A New One -

                            Having wonderful summer memory
                                it warms our hearts long
                      Summer memories that we can bring back
                           on the cold windy autumn evenings
                      Summer memories we can dream of when
                              snow falls during the winter 
                   It will warm our hearts in front of the fireplace
                                  on a cold winter night
                           Summer memories is a new journey 
                                 when one thinks back
                    Yes, we can almost feel the sun warm and the
                                 smell of beautiful flowers
                          Close your eyes......running barefoot in
                                  a meadow of timothy
                       Watch the sunset..... sun bathing in the sea
                                         Ah yes.....
                                 Yes, it was quite a summer
                   After the fall, winter and spring comes summer 
                        again and we can create new memories
                               that we will take good care of

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

Details | Verse |



     At a particular time of each bright, cloudless day,
          Throughout bitter winter's daylight savings time;
Close to three in the afternoon or very near to that,
               My bedroom is transformed into a magical place.

     Penetrating the quiet dim bright sunshine pours,
          Light streams in from many stained glass windows;
In hues and tones of colour that dance on my walls,
               Sunbeams swirl and twirl touching everything.

     I love to lie upon my bed as the light embraces me,
          So sweet and soothing to this girl's very soul;
Oh the joy of being caressed in dazzling, spinning light,
                And I stay until the last ray has fallen away.

      "Such bliss found in winter daylight saving time"

February 6, 2015


Entered in the contest, Saving Daylight, sponsor, John Lawless, placement N/A


My poetry is not measured by the contests I win,
but by poems I create that take my breath away . . .

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Here Comes The Sun

It's been dull and dreary for months on end.
The chill of winter is lingering long,
Invading my bones and disturbing my mind.
How I wish this season would hurry along.

Waking this morning I glanced out my window,
Expecting more snow, more clouds, more gray.
But to my surprise and immense delight,
Golden sunlight is in full display!

Here comes the sun in all of its glory,
To warm up the earth and begin its rebirth.
The ice will soon melt and nature awaken,
With colorful flora sprouting up from the earth.

Here comes the sun, see it rise in the east,
Feel its warmth on your face at midday.
Winter's sojourn is coming to an end.
Hallelujah! Spring is on the way.

Kim Merryman
For Heather Ober's Beatlemania contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |


fall, the trickiest of them all, 
is pretending
to have fallen in love with summer

taking her to dinner each evening,
giving her the room 
to play during the day

summer, the purest of them all,  
has fallen for all that
surrendering slowly her joyful soul

little does she know 
perhaps sooner than before
she'll fall out of favor
once winter, the eternal lover of fall,
makes that call.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

Details | Haiku |

Winter tree and sun

Father's poor 
To succor son gloves 
Bleak days!

Copyright © Sudesh Thapa | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Winter sonnet

The trees stretch silver branches
In the late December sun ,
The robin perched there watches
As we offer him our crumbs.
The elegance of shapes laid bare
Forgives the winter cold.
And side cast sun rays clearly
Touch the embers of my soul.
Too soon the quarter moon will rise
To send the sun away.
So let us all wipe clean our eyes
To see what Winter says.
 For all the while the world rotates,
Regardless of our fate.

Copyright © Katherine Bee | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rondeau |

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming, of course this is known.
Dark skies draw near and the birds have flown.
The nights grow shiverous, dark, and wet
While Sol (Saw-L) nestles in Horizon’s net.
Baratheon suffers the pass of a King

but perhaps his fall was less than a sting
and a new ruler takes place, whom you wish not rein.
Lannisters do not fret from most threats
They know Winter is Coming  .

High and Honor is the Falcon’s Wing.
Forces of Vale to defend Robin.
Mysterious sights appear upset.
White walkers return, not many have met.
Bloody Snow soon soils the spring.
Winter is coming death it will ring.

Copyright © Kyle Casker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |


Who could believe what we have seen
It is a sun in winter what a rare thing

In the open we run to with our camp bed
You have relieved us for we were cold dead

How glorious and beautifully this day you rule
For you have finally set in Olympus

How often shall we see you O! Fairy ring
Before your full show at summer and spring


Copyright © OJOBO EMMANUEL | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

This Shade of Silence (trijan refrain)

This shade of silence withers me
and prunes me back to white,
a near dead branch upon a tree
cast into long-bright nights.
The sun deceives, His face aglow
abreast the earth entombed with snow
the sun deceives
the sun deceives
the earth and everything below.

This shade of silence withers me,
a wound upon my soul
while Winter reigns o'er all that be
abandoned in the cold.
Such quiet seems the sound of death
as if no life were spared and left.
Such quiet seems
such quiet seems
to suckle at my lips, on breath.

This shade of silence withers me,
a haunting Winter hymn, 
a saturating melody
that paints emotions dim.
It curls me up at every tip
and leaves icicles on my lips
it curls me up
it curls me up
until my heart feels like a crypt.

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2010

Details | Iambic Pentameter |


so far the days of singing rays
have come to meet their sullen end
twixt nights of joy with hidden ploy
a sweetly tone, they do offend

O gasp! the serpent true must strike
O gasp! the lustful raging psych
whose cares are lost forever long
roaring out, O hear my song!

now mute...peace...whist...still
ideas soon drain, decisions fill
a mind at pace with thoughts that spill
float soundlessly thy solstice chill

the misty seep, foreboding reap
emotions run amok like thieves
for darkly cast, a favored past
along is lain misguided leaves

-Sam Robinson

 Iambic Tetrameter

Copyright © Samuel Robinson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Iambic Pentameter |

Winter Solstice

Come, let us celebrate the shortest day
And longest night: midwinter, even though
The coldest times are still to come. We pause
For a brief moment, like the sun, before
He turns his path. From deepest raven dark,
From lowest ebb, the tide now turns to rise
Towards the light. The solstice fires burn.
Let flames devour what burdens you and weighs
Your spirit down, then lighter and with joy
We shall prepare for new beginnings and
The ancient promise of unconquered sun,
As we ascend to a new fruitful year.

December 3, 2016
10th place in contest Shooting blank verse
sponsored by John lawless

Copyright © Agnes Krampe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Kyrielle |

Winter Solstice

Have you ever wondered where it all began
The rituals marked among the Celtic clans?
Look into the past and they are found
This day is when the sun would turn around

For when darkest days of winter fell upon
The Pagans found a way to carry on
And through the years traditions tumbled down
For this is when the world now turns around

There are fables told and many customs formed
Of the apples pressed and wassail spices warmed
With toasts regaled when snow skimmed off the ground
This day was when light would turn around

There are moments keen with memory as bright as fire
And woven wreaths would halt all spirits dire
While Pagan songs across the land resounded
For this was when the sun would turn around

A Yule log fire would burn for twelve dark winter days
And ashes kept to bless the next year on its way
Reverse 'o time, as ebbing days were found
This is where the sun would turn around

They would meditate and dance among the trees
And hide their faces,  chant with chivalry
The radiant light would stretch the day with crowns
This is where the sun would turn around

This is where the past now comes undone
Reverse earth's darkness with the golden sun
This is where old legends come unwound
This is when the light would turn around

For Cyndi's Contest: Seasons of Light

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sijo |

Sun to the Rescue

Whomp…another clump of ice cycles, lands on the patio. It’s good to see brother sun; he is tired of the cold. His fiery temper quickly melts away, old Jack Frosts icy rage.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Rainy Days

~Rainy Days~ (Haiku Suit) The rain keeps falling Pitter-patter on the roof It makes so much noise Outside all is wet Frogs jump all over the lawn Rain makes them happy Been raining for days It's very cloudy and dark Storm is really bad Rain is falling hard Not a good day to be out Trees and flowers thirst This storm will soon stop And no more the rain will fall When the sun comes out. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

Rise, Die, Shine

Build me a temple high…high…high up where the sun can rise
Where good can shine and the evil die as a plant in winter time.
Let it rise
Let it die 
Let it shine
Build it high up the moon
But under the sky
And let the sun shine
Through the skin that dims inner light
Let the light unfold the eyes
And see the beauty inside of this small world that wants to shine
Let the war be the plant that could die in winter time
Let it rise
Let peace in the world rise
High…high up like a bird flying up to the sky
Let it die
Let hate die
As a phoenix and be reborn as a flower
Full of scents and beauty instead.
Let it shine
Let our inner light shine
Let it shine through our skin and show us that we can light up the way without hate and 
without pain
Let it rise
Let it die
Let it shine
Let the battle field turn into a garden
Let the soldiers be the flowers
And the ammunition be the fertilizing soil
Build me a temple high…high up the sky
To symbolize world peace.
Don’t rush take your time 
until we find out that we can shine
Let our soul rise
Let our evil die
Let our ability to find world peace shine.

Copyright © yesica lantigua | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |

Winter morning

Wind goes touching my face.
Slowing my walking pace.

It is gentle but eager.
My temperature to gather.

Trees seem freezing.
My town is still sleeping.

The sun will wake up soon,
And will say good-bye to the moon.

Walking along the street alone.
I feel refreshed with growing dawn.

This is winter morning
I'm on the way to working


Copyright © Makoto Ogino | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

January blue

January blue

I awaken to a sky- of slate blue
The drizzle falls down, in a stone grey hue
Another dreary, January day
Must make my getaway, without delay

I fly the skies, on a plane called Jet Blue
With indigo shades, and an azure view
To a southern land, with hot Aztec sand
With nothing planned, and a drink in my hand

Next day I arise, to new sapphire skies
Can't believe my eyes, I'm in paradise!
Look! There's a peacock, and, a Macaw too!
So much to see, and nothing else to do

A local band sings Margaritaville
I've gotta go now, I can't stand still!

John Derek Hamilton
January 24,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |

Early winter sun

Early winter sun; low in the sky

Warm light burnishing the yellow leaves that stubbornly cling to the birches
Silver trunks contrast with their own dark shadows
Russet browns of the larches beyond add a touch of fire
And the lattice of twigs and branches from the oaks and ashes
In harmonious concert, complete the sylvan scene

Texture is added by the gritstone crags here and there
And by the heather and grasses of the moorland foreground
A babbling brook tumbles over rocks and falls
Separating the open bleakness of the moor
From the closed impenetrability of the woodland beyond

The trees cloak the hillside, giving rise
To an amazing palette of colour
As layer upon layer of species and pattern
Weave an intricate canvas painted in unbelievable hues
Of ochre, burnt sienna, and umber

An ancient stone path
Worn deep by two centuries of feet and their untold histories
Winds its way down to the packhorse bridge
And into the woods, airy now in winter, but dense in summer
A dipper walks impossibly under the water before hopping out onto a rock

The pungent smell of mushrooms, making me hungry
Affords the excuse to dally a little longer
I rest against a dry stone wall with my lunch and flask
And bask in the human solitude
As I commune with the abundance of life that surrounds me

Shortly I will have to leave this place
For I have a few miles yet to go
The days are short now and the light will fade fast
But, although I will have to leave this place
This place will never leave me

Copyright © Nigel Fawcett | Year Posted 2008

Details | Haiku |

A faraway lantern

wickery shadows                                                                                                            palish yellow light reflects                                                                                          nest lonesome mistletoe                         *                                                                            - An evening view of sunset through the wood line

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Whim to Sunshine

                       Snow drops cascading at my window
                       Wintry chill ‘n echo ‘f snow did follow

                       Whirled as I sensed winter wind blow

                       Weighing breeze dim, grim, ‘f sorrow
                       Wondering I dwelled ‘f a sun ray glow 

                       Swaddled ‘n sun beam’s warmth flow

                       Silence stole whispers ‘f some sparrow 
                       Streets stillness slay whims to morrow
                       Winter wrath left spring glee no place
                       Storm set for days ‘n nights to chase

                       Strike ‘f thunder sprang their nuisance 

                       Wrack sun’s chances to glare ‘n grace  

                       Wilderness rules this scary solemn solace
                       Swept nature’s treasured blissful wonders 

Celia Basma 

Contest: Create Your Own Form, Maybe                      

Copyright © Celia Basma | Year Posted 2010

Details | Haiku |

Winter Trees

Stained glass sunset glides
Through winter's leaded branches
Cathedral of trees

Copyright © Janet Boebert | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Crystal Winter

Crystal lines with their
sparkling sides glistening in
early morning light.

Evergreen, dripping with heavy white blankets.

Rabbits hiding in their snug little
boroughs, safe from the chill.

Snow rising high, into drifts and mounds that dwarf the trees.

The sun glitters off everything,
magnified by the icy prisms.

A red cardinal perched upon a silvery-green bough.
Ever watchful, welcoming winter with his cranberry plumage.

A crystal winter in the tranquil forest land.

Copyright © Jae Airgead | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Winter Has left, Spring Has arrived

Winter has left, spring has arrived;
day has the same duration of night,
this astronomical event is too unique:
earth orbiting sun is utterly mystique.
a change of season is announced;
swallows engage in acrobatic flight!

Winter was only a bale of unhappy memories, 
melting snow creates brooks that quickly flow;
look up, shrilling eagles and pretels fly so low...
how glad they are to return to their old nests!

Winter has left, spring has arrived; the lovebird's
happy song has been reawaken, and heard again
in the rustling trees and in the frantic, warm winds 
that scatter white clouds across the brilliant Heaven!

Spring has lovely sunsets, the ones that thrill the senses;   
sit down and contemplate them a while with true revere.
This vernal season has beauty and is a delight to the eyes;
watch the Equinox slowly illuminate the above Hemisphere! 

Written on 3/29/2016

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |


I recall the cool light of the shortest days,
and the darkness of the longest nights;
I shivered under a blanket and that made dreams freeze,
even snowflakes hid stars to block their fading gleams!
I'll be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
smelling flowers that are all mine!

March is warmer than February as days get longer;
I shouldn't wait any longer, but be that dancer:
leaping on scented meadows strewn with poppies, bluebells and daisies...
while my cheeks feel the warmth of the September sun mixing with breeze!
I'll be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
dreaming of sunrises to opine!

I will invite the blue jays, the mockingbirds and the lively butterflies
to watch me dance...where's that blonde-haired boy who plays the flute?
I like to feel those golden sun rays as I felt them in the prime of my happy youth,
and isn't spring the pure essence of happiness that glows on a serene face?
Ill be thinking of the warmest sunshine,
observing lilies that climb and entwine!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

Good Things Come

The bones of an animal
Who died in the cold
Have dried in the sun
Only a month or two old

Copyright © Bruce Coates | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Sun Shines -Haiku-

Sun comes out to play tomorrow it will be back but, snow for Monday. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.10/2015

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015