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New Snow

      in cursive shadows
a sun mused elm composes
    on pristine parchment

      ~~11 Dec 2016~~
         Troika Contest

Copyright © david mohn | Year Posted 2016

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Spring Ritual

After months of white covering substance That’s dominated the ground’s existence Powers of the sky peer down upon me And lo and behold there are green blades freed Grass is coming in sight by the sun’s rays The white fluffy snow has seen better days There’s now formed in the middle of the yard Small pond of water just playing its card Seasons change, the melting walk has begun White mass on the Earth melts under the sun Finding green grass, pleasant sight to behold In the sunlight the color looks quite bold Spring has come to save all from the bleak scene This process to turn snow to grass of green Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014

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- Haiku X 57 - Summer -

A landscape of dreams
The canvas felt like curtain
June, sun and flowers 

Turning season on
Find that nothing stays the same
Snow pillows in June

A-L Andresen 30.05.2015 :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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And so the snow
Continues to blow
The wind
It's driving force

The hills, once brown with sand 
Took on a new face today
White until the barest rocks
Almost did not exhist

Then the sun did come out
The temp twenty at it's height
Nothing happened all was still
The mountain cold and white

Ten days went by, the Holidays passed
All was beautyful to behold
Ten inches of snow but it took help
Before I got to go

My readings done 
My groceries bought
I breathed a sigh
And went back home

That night on the TV
The weather man did grin
Ducked his head, cleared his throat
And then he did begin

"An arctic front is coming in
Lots of snow and dangerous wind"
And so I ordered more propane, gritted my teeth
 "Here we go again"

The build up of snow like last time
This time never came
The snow did come but before it built
The wind had then stepped in

The number of inches was hard to guess
But the drifts began to grow,
I watched the ghosts swirl and sway
And dance among the rocks all day

Day one, day two, the beginning of three
The sun does have a scheen
And as like the day before
It's the wind predicts the scene

As the sun begins to think of rest
It high lights the bare ridges
And the shadows of the drifts
Has not the ghosts hidden

I went to Church today
And had ease of mind
I no longer feared the ice and snow
I just sprinkled salt where I wanted to go

Cile Beer

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2010

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Wooden window , traditional 5-7-5

Wooden window creaks -
Tree branch swing hanging lowly 
Peeking sun thaws snow

Copyright © David Graham | Year Posted 2013

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Change Of Seasons

The earth slips into a deep sleep
all beneath its surface now dormant
sleepy animals curled up in their dens
soon to fall into the sleep of hibernation
all now slowed down awaiting the snows
trees now denude of their canopy of leaves

Jack Frost comes creeping with icy fingers
covering everything in stark bright white
hoar frost, branches sparkling with icicles
softly, come the first snows just a sprinkle
a promise of more, laden sullen skies above
in the morning, a world of brilliant white

Fresh and crisp unmarked by human tracks
just the odd three toed marks of birds
deer trails pass through so distinct
the flash of colour from Red Robin's beast
drifts of snow, some very deep lie in wait
for unwary travelers tempting with beauty 

Slowly, oh so slowly the thaw arrives
everywhere a-run with water trickling
now appears the odd patch of faded green
Winter releases her hold with reluctance
fighting to the end, then slips away
leaving Spring to awaken the land with warmth

Now the birds are busy, gathering the twigs
also moss and feathers with some sheep's wool
busily building nests all shapes and sizes
the males preening and showing off to hens
fighting for the rights of lady and territory
the winner, the one who's chicks will be born

Leaves unfurling on the trees reaching out 
sun bathed they quickly grow and bush up
to give shelter to birds and tender plants 
bulbs now pushing up snowdrops appearing
followed by gay crocus and waving daffodil
finally come the roses, tulips and lupines

All now a splash with colour gleaming in the sun
Summer has arrived with her hot sultry heat
languidly the breezes flow over the landscape
an earth that is now ablaze with vibrant greens
emerald vieing with turquoise, lime and pea green
scarlet beside pink and red, a vision of beauty
pure white of daisies and yellow petals of roses

Too soon, far too soon slowly the nights lengthen
a chill is felt in the air as daylight fades away
leaves start to turn to various shades of brown
then giving up their grip are carried by the wind
plump apples fill the orchards they taste so sweet
corn and other crops are now ready for the harvest

Bare trees now greet us as the days shorten quickly
Autumn drifts gently in, time to light the log fires
to tuck one's self up with a book and mug of cocoa
ponder on the year gone by, the highs and the lows
the cycle of seasons complete for yet another year 
life reaffirmed and ready to face whatever is ahead

written 11/26/2013 by Shadow Hamilton
contest Impress me sponsor Giorgio
I went with epic motif

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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- Bahamas And Bananas -

In wait for spring, snow is falling
Escape to the idyllic islands of Bahamas

Create your own adventure, the palette is ready
Framed by a gorgeous, mesmerizing blue sea

Eating a banana can lighten your mood
Soft and lovely coral sand, a pink sunset

Get away from the cold and explore new exotic locations
Many hidden gem to discover, just ask Christopher Columbus

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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Covered in Snow

Stuck like glue to the branches are snowflakes Vibrantly white, glowing, gives more than takes The sun comes down into a reflection Bright shining light from its destination Brilliantly the sun tries to melt the snow The freezing temperature makes it slow The sight so bright leaves a lasting image One that will sure bestow on this visage The tree's covered in white from head to toe Holding firm with all its might, that of snow Creating the perfect scene before me Matching joy in my heart by what I see Earth's become a heavenly place of rest Looking like beauty has produced the best
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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so far the days of singing rays
have come to meet their sullen end
twixt nights of joy with hidden ploy
a sweetly tone, they do offend

O gasp! the serpent true must strike
O gasp! the lustful raging psych
whose cares are lost forever long
roaring out, O hear my song!

now mute...peace...whist...still
ideas soon drain, decisions fill
a mind at pace with thoughts that spill
float soundlessly thy solstice chill

the misty seep, foreboding reap
emotions run amok like thieves
for darkly cast, a favored past
along is lain misguided leaves

-Sam Robinson

 Iambic Tetrameter

Copyright © Samuel Robinson | Year Posted 2013

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we've been travelling

we've been travelling
across the sky,
we've seen the clouds and felt the sun
we've flown in a plane and had lots fun.

we've been travelling
across the sea,
we've saild in a boat and looked for old caves
we've felt the wind and seen the waves.

We've been travelling 
across the hills,
we've seen the fields and touched the snow
we've ridden in trains, some fast some slow.

Copyright © shaikha alansari | Year Posted 2013

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Summer Snowman

Didja ever feel like a summer snowman?
Out of luck, living on borrowed time,
constructed from leftovers sentimentally 
stored, given birth because Mom decided 
to clean out the freezer.
And so, into existence, doomed from the start;
a pointless life lived for the amusement 
of others, spent wearing black after Memorial Day 
and wool in July, mouthing prayers to St Jude even
as the good saint's boss overrules and the
sun moves into position overhead.

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

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Haiku 12 - Nature's Diamonds: dewdrop, snowflake, water

on the rose petals sparkling with the morning sun bright dewdrop diamonds beneath the streetlight glistening on the snowflakes sparkling white diamonds on the ripples shimmering in the sunshine dancing water diamonds

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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Whim to Sunshine

                       Snow drops cascading at my window
                       Wintry chill ‘n echo ‘f snow did follow

                       Whirled as I sensed winter wind blow

                       Weighing breeze dim, grim, ‘f sorrow
                       Wondering I dwelled ‘f a sun ray glow 

                       Swaddled ‘n sun beam’s warmth flow

                       Silence stole whispers ‘f some sparrow 
                       Streets stillness slay whims to morrow
                       Winter wrath left spring glee no place
                       Storm set for days ‘n nights to chase

                       Strike ‘f thunder sprang their nuisance 

                       Wrack sun’s chances to glare ‘n grace  

                       Wilderness rules this scary solemn solace
                       Swept nature’s treasured blissful wonders 

Celia Basma 

Contest: Create Your Own Form, Maybe                      

Copyright © Celia Basma | Year Posted 2010

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Autumn in Vermont

There's a chill in the mornin' air as autumn in Vermont unfolds.
Splendor is revealed as trees assume their cloaks of reds and golds!
Fodder shocks gleam in the risin' sun and 'punkins' sport a tinge of rime.
Crimson and yellow apples are ready for pickin' havin' reached their prime!

In yon vale peekin' above the mornin' mists shines the steeple of a church,
Towerin' above the riot of color of its guardian trees and a grove of birch!
Skeins of snow geese wingin' southward grace the pristine sky.
The serenity of the autumn morn is shattered by their plaintive cry!

'Tis syrup renderin' time as maple trees surrender their free-flowin' sap.
Their hardy boles again withstand the trauma of an annual 'spinal' tap!
Apples are 'pressed into service' to make cider for sippin' by a cozy blaze,
As folks gather on winter eves to reminisce about the good ol' days!

Crusts of ice begin to form on streams flowin' 'neath covered bridges.
A dustin' of snow is tinted by the dawnin' sun on the yonder ridges!
Along country lanes the sun casts its mellow glow in the late afternoon.
On moonlit nights majestic stags are silhouetted against the harvest moon!

Families bundle up against the chill to enjoy hayrides and wiener roasts,
And toast marshmallows over a roarin' fire and tell of lurkin' ghosts!
An Indian summer is welcomed - the comin' winter gales it will delay.
Autumn in Vermont is more spectacular than even Mr. Rockwell could portray!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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Four Haikus in Nature

A quilt of snowfall
Interrupts my peaceful sleep
Rest comes into Spring

Blackened clouds looming
Determination of sun
A battle of wills

Rebellious bird
Early spreading of its wings
Mother close behind

Lone apple remains
Dangling a fragile branch
Protesting Winter

Copyright © Tina McKeon | Year Posted 2015

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Blue Skies - And how my poems sometimes evolve

I contemplate the deep blue sky
While lying in the sun baked grass
And wonder what it is about the summer
That makes me such a lazy ...

Let's start over ...

While lying here in the sun baked grass
I contemplate the deep blue sky
And wonder what it is about the summer
That makes me such a lazy guy


Where once were clouds in skies of gray
With rain and snow falling out of it
Bringing on fits of depression
And really making me feel like ...

Umm, scratch that...

Where once rain and snow did fall
From clouds in skies of gray
Bringing on fits of depression
And completely ruining my day

Okay, that will work.

Now resides the deepest blue
A gift to bring me luck ...

Maybe I better stop right there!

Now resides a sign of luck
A gift of the deepest blue
Made even better today
Cause I lay here next to you

For Francine's "Blue on Blue on Blue" Contest
Blue Skies
Written and posted on 6-28-2011

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2011

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Let out the light

May the snows stop
and the rain cease…
May the winds take shelter
and let the sun birds sing. 
Let out the spring!
Let out the spring!
I want the flowers to bloom
and the sun to shine
Let out the light!
I want tulips and roses 
lily’s and daisy’s
Let out the birds and the bee’s
the monarchs and the daisy’s 
I want the snows and the rains
the long winds and dark days
To finally end.
Let out the light!
Let out the spring!


Copyright © Jessica Kuilan | Year Posted 2013

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Life's Seasons

 Swirling leaves, the earth grows still awaiting its time of sleep. The skies turn grey. The time grows short. The birds take to the sky on retreat.
The snow falls from the heavens above. The wind becomes blustery and cold. The sun shines on the blankets of snow reflecting hues to gold.
The rain comes down and torrents. Little petals of green appear. The earth bursts forth in color
 a time that spring is near.
The sun shines gloriously above the earth. The grass is full and green. The fields are full of flowers as far as the eye can see.
Each season is a creation of a part of a continuous link. A time of birth and renewal, a time of reprieve and sleep.
God has given us this earth as a special gift. It is a promise from him above. That our lives should never become mundane and in God we should trust and love.
Make each day that you live a memorable one. Leave your signature behind. Reach out and touch the heart of a loved one. Visit a friend in need. Take the time.
For when you enter in to the heavenly gates and your time on earth is done. When your seasons have now passed away God will say enter my little one.
For when your life is over what will you have left behind? The memories of your patience and love passed on eternally throughout all mankind.
by Kim Paquin

Copyright © Kim Paquin | Year Posted 2012

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Snowed Sun

Wintry Siberia from east to west
White snow bedecks earth’s crest
When clouds go, the sun shines bright
Won’t melt the snow, given all its might.

Date: 24.8.2014

Copyright © Mohan Chutani | Year Posted 2014

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Your green skin

Weary thoughts floor to the river
With the fall of the chills I quiver
Nose red, chicks blue, eyes watery
Hands cold, lips brittle with memory

A flower bud in the smelting ice
A seed in your eye of something nice
I make out the faint reflection of a sunrise
There, where you once rubbed your freezing toes

There’s only white forgetfulness in December
But even when unforgiving, all things life do remember
Your green skin covered in fun and splendour
And the feel of the sun so warm and tender

It's too late now to hide all the colours you grin
The aroma of the flowers cuts the air too thin
So if you forget to sneeze, then I shall cease
Because I aim to please, so that we can all unfreeze

It's Spring . show me the green - Poetry Contest

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Everything in life is in a constant state of change A mountain may appear fixed for it is unlikely to change noticeably in our lifetime Yet from the perspective of infinite time that mountain is just as transient as the morning mist Even as one looks at the mountain it is changing The sun, wind, rain, snow and other forces of Nature are continually changing that mountain It may take millions perhaps billions of years for a noticeable change but Nature has infinite time for the change

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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One More Thanksgiving

The Snow Camelia hedge row is in full bloom. Lovely white as newly fallen snow against waxy dark emerald green.  The sun broke the horizon in a pastel pink but very swiftly turned to a clear horizon.  The area where the sun ball rises is a golden glow. Thank you God for a chance to live another day and another Thanksgiving.  Now surrounded by sounds_crows, roosters, and a bird sound that is just chir-rup really mimics a cricket but not.  The cold is penetrating saying go inside escape the cold go to a warm place. Once again God thanks for a warm place to go and its comfort.  The ambrosia needs to be made, getting breakfast, and four people need to get ready. The sun is touching the top of the trees and duty calls come..

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

Details | Kimo |

Winter Still

flakes sparkle, while golden sun emerges 
shadows play on drifts of snow
the groundhog has spoken
winter still in Punxsutawney, P.A.
cold will reign for six more weeks
snow plays its card – spades high

written February 11, 2013
kimo, with a bit of word play in the last line.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |

As Autumn's Breeze

Pleasant cool feet of
The autumn breeze caressing
Larks for the last time 
For nostrils are already
Itching to sneeze out moisture

Earth in Thimpu now
Looks back and pauses a while
Why good bye so soon
But the unrelenting sun
Moves off inviting Jack Frost

On the window pane
Snowflakes hug evening gross beak
Snow crystals look on
Adorning the bare tree branch
Snow skating park underneath 

Lovely small snow balls
Silver gossamer on trees                         
Snow sleet in the rain
Blizzard of dislike waiting
Fond suns are always fragile

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Focal points

niveous crystals                                                                                                        little daggers under eaves                                                                                         trickling points of light

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

No Sun, Please

The day the sun shone on the slopes
was not a happy day:
sure not a guest to welcome here.
Oh, would it go away?

The melting started, as it would,
of snow on lower hills.
Jayson, the skier, mopped his brow,
and popped some anger pills.

The snow was to be no more - it
struck Jayson in a jot.
He packed his skis and everything,
and cursed the sun... a lot!

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |


Autumn Morning Country
The Morning Sky Aquamarine.
The Morning Sun Canary.
The Morning Clouds Pearls of White.
The Morning Birds Ruby Light.
The Morning Grass Emerald Green.
The Morning Leaves Smoky Quartz and Peridot.
The Morning Tree Trunks Citrine Light.
The Morning Smears of Snow Opal White.
The Morning Wind Constantly Clear.

Autumn Afternoon Country
The Afternoon Sky Aquamarine.
The Afternoon Sun Bright Canary.
The Afternoon Clouds Pearls of White.
The Afternoon Birds Rainbow Bright.
The Afternoon Grass Emerald Green.
The Afternoon Leaves Garnet Free.
The Afternoon Tree Trunks Heightened Citrine.
The Afternoon Snow Vanishes Away.
The Afternoon Wind Warming Sways.

Autumn Night Country
The Night Sky a Limitless Blanket of Onyx.
The Night Stars Scatters of Clear Diamonds.
The Afternoon Sun Concealed.
The Night Moon Revealed, a Ball of White Pearl.
The Night Clouds Smears of Tahitian Pearls.
The Night Owls Hues of Jasper and Carnelian.
The Night Grass Darkest of Emerald Color.
The Night Leaves Twirling Free in Dark Shadows.
The Night Tree Trunks Pilars of Darkest Citrine.
The Night Snow Heaving Falling of Akoyian Pearls.
The Night Wind Cooling Blows.

Copyright © Dorna Hainds | Year Posted 2006

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The Darn Sun

When I was a child during the winter, I hated the sun because it melted the snow.
And when the snow was melted by the sun, school was where I had to go.
As a child, when it snowed, school was closed and it was sure to excite.
But when the snow was gone, it was back to school and that sure did bite.
When I got to stay home from school, I could play my Atari and it was fun.
But when the snow melted, I had to return to school because of the darn sun.
If other children are like I was, they become very happy every time it snows.
And when the snow melts, kids become like Homer Simpson, they yell "Doh!" 

(This is a true story.)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2016

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the masteries dream

“The masteries dream”
Every night i seem to have the,
The seem masteries dream.
It begins with snow and ends with rain,
And has sun in between.
I start in the snow by a house,
So big and grand.
It’s look like i have been crying,
But i still don’t under stand.
I see a guy in the distance,
And the snow begins to stop.
I begin to smile,
 As I can see a guy smiling back at me.
I can see his face but not for long,
As it begins to fade.
It doesn't matter what happens in this,
House but every thing seem to drain. 
But than the sun begins to shine,
As a new day has arrived.
But the house has gone,
And so have i,
And there are mourners by a my grave.
Aah then i wake up of fear,
To check if i am alive,
Before going back to sleep,
 to see the terrible dream inside.
As the weather has change again,
As now it begins to rain.
All i could see was a little girl,
swing on a chair with a cat between her feet.
Singing a song of loving treats, 
And about her mother never,
Giving up in defeat.
So that was my masteries dream,
As it always seems to fad at the end.
If it’s ever comes true, You will be the first to now, 
As i never give up in defeat.

Copyright © sarah-jane bromley | Year Posted 2006

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December Sun

The December sun sets among the gray skies
The snow falls down on the ground feeding my eyes
The ending of such a lazy day all alone with snow and sun
The waking of this cool day in the middle of nowhere has just begun
The sweater i wear is a resting place for the the snowflakes
The children laugh as they glide and smile over the frozen lakes
The day has once again ended on such a lonely note
The words i have written and the poem i have wrote
The hopes of it being read for those alone
The ones that spends their days at home
Watching the endless fun
and the setting of the December Sun

Copyright © Autumn Page | Year Posted 2009