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The Sun Shines On The Righteous

     The morality of justice 
     is the light of righteousness.
     Its virtue rises not 
     from concern or faith alone
     but is driven by the needs 
     and love for others
     and to act with compelling deeds.
     It is a God given attribute.  
     To do right is to be righteous.
     On that imperative,
     the sun will always rise 
     on that which is honorable
     to the heart of God.
     The righteous are bathed 
     in the brightness of its dawn
     and reside in the sanctity
     of that divine peace...

     The Sun Shines On The Righteous Contest
     By Serene Roberts  04/12/2016

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2016

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He Is God

He said, “Let there be light,”
And then it was done.
He turned on the sun,
And hung the moon and stars out to shine.

He gathered the waters together
To form the ever-changing sea.
He created the universe,
And He made you and me.

He is God…
None other is above Him.
I worship and adore Him,
For He is God.

He made all the flowers,
And He made every tree…
He created the birds and the animals,
And all the fish in the sea.

He formed man from the dust,
And the woman from His side.
On the seventh day he rested…
Earth was ready for man to abide.

He is God…
None other is above Him.
I worship and adore Him,
For He is God!

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

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Sun Shines on the Righteous

We live in an earthly garden
Some are weeds and some are vines
But each is promised pardon
If we follow the light that shines

The Word of God is light
A lamp unto our feet
Remove it from our sight
We are destined for defeat

A beacon for large and small
Food for thought and soul
We often stumble and fall
But the light forever glows

Each of us are flawed
Perfection is Divine
He shines his light for all
Including the spiritually blind

  an original poem by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Sunlight trickles through stained glass windows.
She kneels, a little apart from her fellows
who also seek salvation in water.
Her gray hair slips from her circumspect braid,
and her Sunday-best thrift-store garb
stands out because it doesn't.
Shaking fingers tap the rail
Nervous feet twitch as she waits.
The water flows down the line of supplicants
till it reaches her, and instantly,she is transformed,
beautiful from scraggly braid to thrift-store shoes.
Can mere water cause this transformation?
Is this a message for me---
Another arrow into the heart of my agnosticism?
I don't know, but for now, 
there is sunlight trickling through stained glass windows.

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

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A Place In the Sun

We do enjoy free air, water and the light Nature’s beauty is all around for delight. With his blue umbrella, He’s there to pour Is there anything we could ask for more?. Let us us keep our fair faces to wear The light of a pleasant spirit there. Let us make our fair hands that do Deeds those are noble, good and true. Let us keep our fair feet that may go Quickly to lighten another’s woes. These are the things worth, I prize Light, all around, of the sapphire skies. Peace around, comfort of the green grass And the clouds’ shadows that swiftly pass. One may talk of fame and its laurels bright, But he will miss his peace in the sun upright. +++ January 17, 2015 Form: Rhyme

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2015

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St Mary's Church

At the Angelus
beyond the stained glass window
noonday sun paints me

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2015

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The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

Copyright © Bill Kim | Year Posted 2013

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A Place In The Sun-

Its brilliant light, marking it as hallowed,
a star crossed the sky as wise men followed.
It lured kings and mystics to a loan spot,
to witness what God through Mary begot.

As its light shone, the world started to change,
and the heart of Man began feeling strange.
Our Savior came and Jesus was His name,
for after His birth nothing was the same.

A young Boy saw blood wrongly tainting God,
and knowing of God’s love, He found this odd.
When God was hailed warrior and called to kill,
Jesus knew the role He was born to fill.

Only through example, could He teach love,
so He gave His life so we’d rise above.
Yet His role as martyr brought His heart grief,
and He prayed beseeching God for relief.

Jesus's sacrificial love gave Man hope,
for though the world is wicked we can cope.
And praise be to God for His only Son,
whose death assured me my place in the sun.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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The Midnight Cry

As the sun smiled and fadeth behind the clouds
The yawning earth uncloak her beauty to the moon
Halfway through the night, a clock strikes ‘12’ too soon

Virgins carried a lamp and a vessel of oil
Eagerly waiting for the groom’s appearance
Abounding in devotion, patience and perseverance

Virgins grew weary and fell asleep, at midnight a cry was made
“Behold the Bridegroom cometh”
Here He comes and there the band of virgins goeth

Virgins begin to trim their lamp
But five neglected to watch and to pray
They never anticipated so long a delay

“Oh no! Our wasting lamps is dying out by day
Please give us of thy oil!
Please spare us a little of thy toil!”

“No! We have no oil to spare
Lest our lamps burn with dim flame
The groom is come already, lest He vent blame”

The unwise virgins were shut outside the banquet hall
They were left anguishing in gross darkness
In a night of eternal and unredeemed blackness

Both parties were taken unaware
But one was prepared for emergency
As their lamps continually glow with fervency

We have come to the last time
Let your lamps burn and not quenched
And be not a passive warmer on thy church-bench

The Poet Preacher © 2013
Command the Israelites to bring pure, pressed olive oil to you for the lamp, to keep a light burning constantly.-Leviticus 24:2

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

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The Devil is Beating His Wife

The Devil is beating his wife,
 I wonder what she did to get hell for eternal life…
There is simultaneous rain and shining sun,
So enjoy the view, it is second to none.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Rain Man

we got a lot of rain man's wearin ray bands tryin to shake hands
with baked fans it a staged plan to get carly rea pants in front of a video tape.
stumblin mumblin bumblin fools trying to get paid
To say f this chick and f that one
whatever absurd word that flows right off of this tongue
got a dirty mouth, here is some orbitz gum
im sweatin bullets and i cant even afford a gun
but its so free if i want to abort my son then take his lungs
so i can be one hundred and forty one
and be here to see the thwarting of the sun

mr. obama who've worn out your welcome
But what do I know? I'm this republicun
who thinks all  girls and boys should become
either a monk or nun and never cum
and pay for all of our condoms and pregnancy prescriptions
Or am I christian who cant have fun
because I know hun its wrong to drink coke and rums
till i am drunk and wait for the ring to get buns
then go condemn kids with weed and pokemon

And its sad to think this what our kids believe
cause this what they preach on the MTV
and  their  heart beat beats to each tweet and re-tweet
till a pick leaks online then they move on to vines
whatever better trend setter that stimulates the mind

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2013

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A Place In The Sun

     A Place In The Sun

In church at night by blue candles sway
Standing over them in prayer 
Each one represents a soul from yesterday
Held together there

Spiritual energy surrounds the tabernacle alter
God’s home away from home on Earth
He smiles, blessed by holy water
Gives us gentle peace and solid worth  

I stand together with Jesus over candle lights
Then step outside with Him to view the morning sun 
The warmth of nature that feels just right 
Knowing life has just begun

Created on 1/14/15 for- Gail Angel Doyle Poetry Contest “ A Place In The Sun”

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

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A Glittering Reflection In The Sun

I was a fool who made waste in this parsimonious world.
It was nonsensical of me to think that I could find comfort
outside the covenant of your love.
When I was famished you became my portion.

When my soul was distant from the truth and I was spiraling
down into darkness, you lit before mine eyes a flaming light of
I am redeemed.
You are my  redeemer.
I am the river.
You are the source.
I am born again.
You are my deliverer.
I am a  glittering reflection in the sun.

copyright Labyrinth of Life New Edition

Copyright © Mary E.W. Stephenson | Year Posted 2016

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New World

There was another planet out there
In a Galaxy far away
Where everything was dying
As its sun had gone astray

The Elder of the planet
Knew very well of their plight
That very soon no day would come
They would have only night

He picked the best out from his tribe
Placed them all in a craft
Shooting them off into Space
He hoped his race would last

And here is where it landed
All those light years ago
They formed the Human Race right here
On this planet Earth below

The Elders prayers were answered
Because Adam and Eve had found
A land that they could live on
With lots of food around

They prayed to their heavenly father
For having the insight
To send them from their planet
Where there was only night

Copyright © Robert Andrew Lyle | Year Posted 2014

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The Sun Shines On the Righteous

16th April, 2016

Have faith in the Almighty
He is looking after us all
Whether you've done good or bad
He's got justice for all

Whether you're a fiesty rebel
Or a benevolent saint
God has set up aims for you
You're name will not be taint

The sun shines on the righteous
And also on the wicked
But if you're true to yourself 
You'll rather not be crooked

Have faith in the Almighty
He is looking after us all
Whether you've done good or bad
He's got justice for all

Copyright © Sohini Mukherjee | Year Posted 2016

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The Sun

The sun is soon to go down,
Serenity will descend on the town,
A peace that is so special, like a bride,
My identity, is who I am with pride,
You can't discover when you don't look,
A person needs more reading than does a book,
Because in a book the words are black on white for all to see,
However with people you have to delve deeper than deep,
To discover that what you already know, 
Let the emotions and feelings grow,
How high will the sycamore tree grow?
Cut it down and you'll never know. 
The sun will continue to go down and rise,
and sees all with its yellow, smiling eyes.

Copyright © Fayra Nuff | Year Posted 2014

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How Mighty is the Lord Our God

The heavens declare His wonderful works…
The moon and stars testify of His omnipotent power.
The sun, that lights our days, in its race across the sky
Declares His glory every day and every hour.

The mountains and hills give honor to God
Majestically and silently, they speak of His great Love.
The trees, that clap their hands, as they’re swaying in the breeze,
Give praises to… Our God, in Heaven above.

The whole Earth speaks of the Lord…Our God…
What wondrous Love he had for man, when he created this place!
He formed man from the dust, and placed him in a garden.
A perfect world- created for our race.

How mighty is the Lord Our God, 
His wonderful works cannot be hid.
On the waves of the sea,
He is revealed to you and me.
How mighty is the Lord, Our God!

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2017

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Familiar, Yet New

Familiar, yet new
It’s all because of You 
A new day
A new mercy
A new song
A new story

Humbled, content
I try but fail
To capture the extent
Of how I feel 

Familiar, yet new
I hope not to forget
The potential and promise 
The event represents. 

Familiar, yet new
It’s happened again. 
The sun's come up. 
The world still spins. 

Copyright © Katrina Strickland | Year Posted 2017

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And Then The Sun Danced

When our human nature, in conflict, asks us to look beyond 
the visible, the believable ,the  impossible
I look to my soul for guidance, solace and reassurance 
To understand the Omnipotent , praise it and know it
…And then the  sun danced

Opening my mind to recognise without doubt where You exist.
Knowing that You inhabit even the smallest crevasse of the highest mountains
and the shell strewn ocean floor teeming with unseen beauty in the perpetual dusk.
The heavens alight above as well as  in splendid  darkness
….And then the sun danced

You are manifest  in every miracle of life You  ever called into existence and we the custodians.
In every unexpected smile from a child, that lights even the most hardened heart.
When we sing and see in the listeners eyes a connection to a deeper sentiment
and  acknowledge  Him for talents  bestowed, however great or small…
…..And then the sun danced 

I hear You….. in the  silence of every thought that wanders, yet always returns to you.
I feel You……. as you touch my soul filling it with appreciation  for those precious to me.
I sense the wisdom granted to know right from wrong.
I know You……. by  the value you place on me and gratitude overwhelms me
 allowing me to rejoice in  all of this.. 
………. And  then  the sun danced 

Copyright © Lodigiana Poetess | Year Posted 2017