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Sun Pain Poems | Sun Poems About Pain

These Sun Pain poems are examples of Sun poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Sun Pain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? |

Freedom from the Wall

Clouds unite
they end all fight
darkness prevails
the bride with no veil
to see with no eyes
why do we despise
as the world does turn
our minds they do churn
thinking too much
my mind loses clutch
and the wall does grow
so high i cannot throw
my words at your mind
they fall short then behind
frustration sets in
as the sun goes to fin
the darkness will win
not i as this is my sin
i will glance with no stare
find the pain that is there
and the wind will be fair
as it carries my prayer
one day you will feel
what i meant to steal
as the darkness will peel
my pain from this real
communicate i cant
i try but its faint
i turn on my pain
i turn on my pain
i turn on my pain
i cannot regain
i want to show the day
that the sun will remain
as the clouds unite
they don't end all fight
it is i that must cite
it is i that must fight
for only i can prevail
only minds can grow stale
if not used you will trail
if not used you will fail
if not seen its your grail
if not noticed your in hell
i will try to tell all
i must try to not fall
only you will be seen
in my eyes of ever clean
that the tears will one day fall
down my cheek in all glory
as they will be of not pain
but rejoice as i gain
and rejoice we shall reign
to the water of no shame
as i finally can blame
no one else for my rain
and all the world will see
it was i that was freed
it was i with no creed
that was released to bleed

Copyright © Penn Kname | Year Posted 2006

Details | Concrete |

The Rising Red sun

                       Inspirational poem.. Rising Golden red sun all its way..dedicated to all 
                               of you  guys..wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                          The Rising Red sun

As like the charming moon and  luminous star fades away.
It promises to send the dynamite sun shining in the sky.
Due to which oceano pearl glitters all the day.
Praying god for the happiness in all our way.

The morning sagas made me understand, Me and my vivacious life.
But When I look back and pick up the souvenir of my childhood. Its just nostalgic. Feel like to go back to the teenage. The sustained pain is the only option left that I can’t get those days of my innocence back.
All I could make up my mind and just say, move on. Just move on.

Ray of hope chimed my heart.
Because god gifted me Something and added in my cart.
Provided me and my sincerity towards work can’t depart.
From the very day uplifted to give a quick start.

The moment I realized the magnetising power of the sun.
Felt trust on it and renovated my life again by attenuating my pains.
Rest all I expect peace my thee.
Left with the ray of hope. Bless us  MY god, My lord !!!!!

Wrote by:

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Fight and How It Felt

She threw me the hurtful look, that bleeding-inside feeling
Fell upon me and the whip lashed well
Across those deep soft parts
That quiver within and dare not show themselves.

I nearly snarled, the need to cool pain its transfer was great,
But then the blackness of the moment
Blinded my soul and filled it with Sad,
And whatever inward strength I had deserted me.

Love, replete with sins of omission,
Keeps count of the subtle slights
And stores them in its pantry of poisons
Ready to pour into one another's wounds whenever wretchedness
Brings the bonding close and sharp together.

All the love in the sun is good
Where we want to always be, though we cannot,
For life will not permit this.
The sun casts shadows that follow behind us and threaten;
Better to stand in pairs and face them
To suffer together and learn
Learn to take it all as it comes at us, feel through all the abuse
And grope beyond 
To where control depends on us alone
To where no games are played
To where the truth is told plainly, face to face,
To where we love and afflict one another because it is so empty and fearsome
To be alone.
Together we are more than one, less than two, stronger than all.

Lash went the whip and the pain burnt clear
Why such a ritual must be followed is not for reason to sort out
For the Fates have tied our lives together and we must walk as one
With the heart of each in the other's hand,
Knowing love to be a thing of fear and anger and confusion
Quite thoroughly mixed with joy.
So strike out and savor the hurt that flows in the bad times,
That it may teach us what we need to know about the good times,
And those good times tell us what we need to know about ourselves.

My love for you is too great to be put off by pain.
Come along my dear, let's step back into our private world,
Ready to go at it all again.

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |


I try to ignore the squirming Hyde within 
And, with effort still,
I raise myself for the last traces 
of sunshine and fun.
What was left of the day, I savor for me. 
As the withering leaves of silence
have perfected the petals of stillness,
A quietude.
Such absence of sound
Never a serenity to the mind.
Disturbing solitude haunts.
Loneliness seems vivid as reality speaks 
Even the poignant sadness never parts
Solitary confinement paints an art.

Like the spectator in a thousand theatre plays,
 I achingly wait for the final curtains to part.
Then, as always expected -  
Left were the 
    dancing curtains 
       together with the late sunset wind. 
Tiny golden flecks 
   imprinting on the soft white 
        laces and trims.
Catching shadow images 
    of the last rays of brilliance, 
         blending slowly in yellow embers,
              forming orange coals, 
                   turning into sunkissed glow 
                         of a sad goodbye. 
    ever so softly fading
           into dullness and cloudless cold. 

And as the night falls, 
its shadowy self dances 
against the moonlit music of silence.
I listen and search still 
   for what is left. 
No traces of the sun 
whose magnificence and radiance 
had touched the leaves of laughter 
during my daytime slumbering; children frolicking, 
    early had the mind sensing. 
And, gone astray were the seeds of kindness 
    the day had grown.
It seemed they were sown 
    by someone I wish I had known. 

If only I could frolic 
    where little lads had been early today - 
        in the meadows, 
           by the pond, 
              along the shores, 
                  around friendly trees and smiling flowers, 
                       with the meadowlarks and chirpy games, 
                               I’d give away anything.
Basking in the sun on such a lemony day, 
someone sulks to find it's an emotional burn. 

If only I could catch the loveliness of the sun, 
I'd give away anything. 
Just for something this grand. 

The mind wills but the heart groans. 
A moment of joy and laughter, so fleeting.
Forgot me, gave away the troubles. 
Today could be A DAY,
If only, ever so softly,  I could catch the sun.

Copyright © Wendy Meyer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


	A Bluto is not that Disney dog
	It was when a mewling 
	that I would scream 
	Should they wet my body
	And then apply cream
	Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning
	Achluo the demon that lurks
	In darkened corners
	The long toothed life suckers realm
	I am scared as the sun dims
	It seems to bare my soul
	Achluophobia – fear of darkness
	Acro what did they do 
	They called me acrobat 
	This will not do
	I get giddy standing on a matchbox
	Please get a net to see me through
	Acrophobia – fear of heights

	Agora just shut that door 
	I am staying here forever more
	Bring me food put it on the floor
	The letter box is just for you
	Don’t, Don’t,  try to get through
	Agoraphobia,  Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear of leaving a                    safe place
	Agrap stole my feelings 
	He caught me unaware
	I am now afraid of sex 
	don’t ask me anymore
	It frightens me that’s for sure
	Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse

	Agrizoo an angry gorilla I knew
	Wild as hell was kept in a cell
	As all his kind, even a timid Hind
	They scare the crap out of me
	Please let them run free

	Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals

	A gyro is just what I need
	I will fit it to my trusty stead
	He will fly straight across that band
	A tarmac nasty throughout the land
	I cannot face the walk you see
	Agyrophobia –fear of crossing the road

	Aichmohe got in a hell of a fight
	They killed him with a pointed knife
	It will come for me just you see
	I cannot even mend his cloth
	Won’t  touch a needle at any cost
	Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or knife)

	Ailuro he lived next door 
	The bastard sits on the fence
	To me he snarls not a purr
	A Persian he is supposed to be
	Frightens the *****out of me
	Ailurophobia – fear of cats
	Algo, Away, I am pain free
	This morphine is the best
	First day of pain free rest
	Been told that it will return
	Got some gas, peace I yearn
	Algophobia - fear of pain

	Andro I’d rather be               (android)
	I am metal and plastic you see
	Electric person not man or woman
	That would be so sad
	If just a man I would go mad

	Androphobia – fear of men

	Antho the pologist got the plan
	He put concrete throughout the land.
	Not one shrub or flower seen
	Not one blade of grass green
	A flower would make me scream

	Anthophobia – fear of flowers

	Anthropo was a lonely man
	Wouldn’t mix with others so
	He lived in a cave, well just a hole
	You would see his eyes peeping out
	A shaking frame if people were about
	Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia.

	Aqua marine or even the wet stuff
	Is enough to drive me mad
	I stay in when there is rain
	Just wait for the sun to shine again
	A damp tissue that’s quite enough

	Aquaphobia – fear of water. Distinct from Hydrophobia, a scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with water, as well as an archaic name for rabies

	Arach no, and know the score
	Those creepy creatures on the wall
	Send shivers up and down my spine
	Six legs and venom to drive you mad
	I am running already it is sad.

	Arachnophobia – fear of spiders

	Astra my name you would think of the stars
	My gaze goes up but not that far
	To the first cloud there in the sky
	If it’s the shape of an anvil I will fly 
	Fear grips me and I don’t know why
	Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
	Atychi that was about the size of me
	The others would just make fun
	I was no good to anyone
	A failure of the first degree
	Nothing my goal, was all I could see
	Atychiphobia – fear of failure

	Auto matic I will seek people out
	To touch to play as long as they are near
	Don’t leave me in this place alone 
        A singularity is my biggest fear
	I will hold anyone you see I care

	Autophobia – fear of being alone or isolated
	Automat o no it’s not true how could you
	An advert that’s telling just lies
	Don’t all the others realize
	What you say is not true, put it right 
	It will drive me crazy I’ll keep out of sight
	Automatonophobia – fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being

	Aviat o if you think I am going in that
	No I am not a scared ***** cat
	If we were meant to go fly
	Wings we would have from him on high
	Fold your machine and put it just so.
	Aviophobia, Aviatophobia – fear of flying
	Chaeto he was a Greek of old
	Bald as a badger so the story is told
	But why you say is there no cure 
	For him to grow some lovely hair
	For him it would give such a scare

	Chaetophobia – fear of hair

	Chemo therapy keep away from me
	Chemicals scare me I know they are free
	But to have them coursing through my veins
	No matter how good they are, and that jar
	The fear of everything for what they are 

	Chemophobia – fear of chemicals

	Chirop to or not too so I am told
	They stick in your hair best to be bald
	Now I find that my nails are made of hair
	Chirop is what I fear not chiropodist is that clear!!
	Just shave my head and cut my nails dear

	Chiroptophobia – fear of bats

	Chromo shines bright in my eyes
	The fear of all colours  I realise
	Now I am safe from a troubled day
	Into my dark room, I have found my way
	Knock when that sun has met its demise

	Chromophobia - fear of bright colors

Copyright © Ian Howard | Year Posted 2012

Details | List |

Give Me Shelter From The Storm

With faces in the window having storms in the night

You gave me promises they gave me pain
When will we ever live to understand this game
Give me shelter from the storm within cause we may never live again
In shattered dreams brought through its timely theme

Many are still wandering alone in the darkness of night

A plate of desire poured out with a creme sauce of desolation

At the mountain top the unique summit has a keen sense of view
Through ardent Spring lingers through a papal elect few
It's sought after portal of death as glue
Shutters through the spark at morn,

Some would even bother to curse the very day they were actually born;

A sought after portal which breathed in death
Yet still marked on its blotted page very much fully intact,

Working too hard can give anyone an instant heart attack
Smoke filled rooms filled up in fetters cry of full forced desolation;
In combersome threats the chief negotiator left,
A fields of dreams coming apart at the seams

A port in storm through emmense pain where through,

Give me shelter from the storm,
Amidst total sadness with stillness we soon learn to reflect
Just as in some twilight sun that has tainted my inner vision
Perhaps its in some one track mind that was fully set on some mission

The certain timely strain on the heart can light its inner spark;

Give me shelter from the storm amidst the sequence of outer pain,
In pain to harm the weary soul in which one can helplessly lose all control

Amidst viable dreams proned in an onslaught filled preminition
The sought after portal to death,
Yet still again marked on a blotted page fully intact
In timeless combersome threats toward their negotiable left

A field of dreams coming apart at its seams

Give me shelter from the storms of life amidst its inner strife
Amidst sadness within stillness will learn to reflect;
Just as in a twilight sun that has tainted my inner vision
Perhaps its in a one track mind that's head out on a mission

That certain spark within a strain on a heart can light a timely spark

Give me shelter from its storm
Very much haunted by an eclipse of the sun
Through a quaint rehearsal in its timeless cue
In distinguishing truth dismissed from its ultimate error

Many will escape into a quadratic motif through that of choice

A world filled still fixed in telling lies within its tormented souls
Broken skulls with fragmentation of vile demise
That quick fix challenge just not to have to deal with reality.

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

The River Of Life

They walked together side by side -
the old man and the boy
on the bridge across the river
They could have walked thus 
across the river of life
with its eternal flow
I watched them
and thoughts filled my mind
of the un-bridged gap
between their lives

The old man -
with faltering step
he moves slowly on
His life has  been lived
and his house is in order
as he patiently awaits
the call of his maker
What are his thoughts 
at this moment 
as he moves on?

Are they thoughts of pain and sorrow
over some incident in the past
so difficult to bear
that after all these years
the wound is not yet healed?

Are they of someone he loved as a youth
but lost through folly?
Was she beautiful?
Did her eyes sparkle 
like the sunlight 
on the water below?
He looks at the water
sighing deeply
and nods his head

Or is he thinking of the young one at his side
so innocent
so pure
soon to be plunged into a world 
where life rushes madly on?
How shall he fare?
Who will warn him of the pitfalls?

These thoughts plague the old man's mind
and hurt his noble heart
But then he smiles as he remembers
that in his younger days
his eager spirit wanted to taste and feel
the sting of life's joys and sorrows 
by itself

There is no substitute for experience
for though we know we may be hurt
in love or life
yet we walk on toward the very thing
that may hurt us so

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

Details | Concrete |

Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

Copyright © Drew Rutherford | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |

Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |

Scarlet Moons and Indian Suns

Written August 29, 2013

She could have had my son
As we'd spell our names as one
On scattered ocean shores
Beneath that Indian sun

I loved my ma
And I loved her well
I loved my pa
And that musty smell

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

I love my family
How I miss this feeling
Of constant embrace
Awaiting at my feet

So come and pray for rain
To wash away our pain
Before the winter stains
What autumn left to drain

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |



Sitting at my dining table, fingers tapping computer keys
Talking to my love, of days unlike these
Some memories brings back so much pain
From these pains there is much to gain.

“It is raining here my love“, I said
“It is sunny here”, he says.  I thought, red
Yes!  Red!  Sun and rain feeds the ground
Red roses bloom so lovers found

Loves gain from memories mingled with pain
Maturity.  Not going backward, but forward for what remain
Pitter patter of the rain, sun shines bright
Wrapped in your arms will be my delight

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2010

Details | Haiku |


Icarus mimicked; epidermis cremated; sympathy withheld.

Copyright © John Michaels | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Revolution around the Sun


     All your doubts christened
     By a blade pulled from a sheath
     Held by dirty fingers
     Clinched beneath your teeth

    Stripped your hallowed confidence
    Struck and splintered whole
    Dropped and splashed, broken pieces
    Crashed upon the floor.

    All the pain and loneliness
    Replacing all your fun
    All these wounds and bloody scars
    Won't be healed by one
    Revolution around the sun.

Copyright © Mark Malcolm | Year Posted 2013

Details | Senryu |


pain breaks loose 
business as usual

(a bottle called Aleve)

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Where is the sun

Attempts to walk, but every step leads into a sinkhole 
Narrow escapes from the sinkhole, but can't move, one leg always chained
Sometimes the chains come off, and I walk dragging the chains with me
In and out of institutions, a frequent flyer, a nuisance 

The audience watch from far, and my "dear" friends only give quick hugs
And leave, running as fast, and those family visits are tainted with fear

So I walk in my shackles, my mind with its many mountains 
Some I wish I could climb, and just jump, just to be forgotten 
Some I wish I could create, maybe build some stairs on them and water ways to slide on
I wish I could feel the depth of happiness 
I wish I could hold on to a flying kite, and come close to the colors of the rainbow 

The audience whispers a lot, and some "dear" friends sympathize 
But they always leave, and the family members only come close when i am medicated

August 5th 2015
Sponsor	Nathan D.
Contest Name	Mental Illness

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |

Night Thoughts

    The golden touch of the end- of- Summer-leaves
 along with the coolness of the Summer's rays as they fade into the past
         Together bring as saddness as if an old friendship is once again lost
 As all my Autumns have been painful as the Summer sun does pass
         And friendships die along with the heat of the sun and perhaps
 they never were real or would last
         My heart dreads another year of cold, ice=like pain and the winds
 blowing heavy as my pain begins
         Again, as only a reminder of how alone I am ..in my thoughts and my in my life
 So, perhaps it is near the end.
         A hopelessness surrounds me as each day I wake withj fear
how will i get anyplace or where i want to go
         And only the quiet of my sleep , where dreams lead me to places i still know
 BGut even then, i wake in pain,my body burns with pain
         i try to think of happier days but they too have faded with the sun
 to be or not to be is not the question here
         but do i want to be a part of another year...
 i find no joy in singing or talking on the phone
         but find i am playing a part of a person that i don't even know
 where have i gone and what have i to show in this dust- coated room?

Copyright © Catherinee DiBuono | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |

Even If the Sun Refuses to Shine

Verse 1:
What’s the point of promises if they end up broken?
My heart is racing over the fact that you’re gone away
Can someone show me how to shake away the tension?
I don’t want to keep on walking away from this dismay
This dismay that grows endlessly like weeds
Even if the sun refuses to shine,
There’s always a light of delight to discover…I know the darkness feeds
Can’t you see the midnight stars are all align?

These signs are telling me that there’s a chance to recover
Recover from the wounds of the past – don’t worry, I understand
We are stronger than a hundred soldiers in the battlefield of greed and power
These mind games that you and I play are getting out of hand…

Don’t fret or get upset…stay strong!
I understand what you have gone through
I have fallen in love with grief for so long
I can tell something is bothering you
Even if the sun refuses to shine our direction,
We will protect each other from the dark forces of iniquity 
You build me up with your everlasting affection 
Heal our disgraceful scars that expose our weakness, our misery 

Verse 2: 
Ignite our inspired imagination
Illuminate us with the insight of moving forward
I gave it my best shot to gain anticipation 
Let us take wing in sunlit glee like a happy-go-lucky bird
I adore this once-in-a-lifetime sensation
Even if the sun refuses to shine,
I’m content with you finally being mine
Deep down, you and I have the strength to bite the bullet
So that we don’t feel this ridiculous regret

These signs are telling me that there’s a chance to recover
Recover from the wounds of the past – don’t worry, I understand
We are stronger than a hundred soldiers in the battlefield of greed and power
These mind games that you and I play are getting out of hand…

Don’t fret or get upset…stay strong!
I understand what you have gone through
I have fallen in love with grief for so long
I can tell something is bothering you
Even if the sun refuses to shine our direction,
We will protect each other from the dark forces of iniquity 
You build me up with your everlasting affection 
Heal our disgraceful scars that expose our weakness, our misery 

Verse 3:
I’m scared because I’m unprepared for what lies ahead
I try to put all doubts and worries to bed
But, the words you said to me thoughtlessly are left unsaid
I shouldn’t have taken offense of it
I shouldn’t be so sensitive or throw a childish fit
This jealousy I’ve been holding against you is taboo
Day by day, I learn to accept our differences and I learn to love you too
 Why do I pretend to have someone by my side? 
Look at all the tears I’ve cried
I made an effort to swallow my pride
Why do I waste my time, trying to find a place to hide?

These signs are telling me that there’s a chance to recover
Recover from the wounds of the past – don’t worry, I understand
We are stronger than a hundred soldiers in the battlefield of greed and power
These mind games that you and I play are getting out of hand…
These signs are telling me that there’s a chance to grow together
Together, we will not bend or break, but mend – we’ll make a stand
We are stronger than a hundred soldiers when we are elevating one another
These mind games that you and I play are getting out of hand…

Don’t fret or get upset…stay strong!
I understand what you have gone through
I have fallen in love with grief for so long
I can tell something is bothering you
Even if the sun refuses to shine our direction,
We will protect each other from the dark forces of iniquity 
You build me up with your everlasting affection 
Heal our disgraceful scars that expose our weakness, our misery

We are treading the rocky road of recovery
We are winners in heart, for we’ve ran the extra mile
What doesn’t kill you makes you invincible and that is the ticket to liberty
It’s not just me, myself and I…it’s you and I for a while
Or…for eternity…
If that’s a possibility!
Even if the sun refuses to shine,
We’ll be safe and sound
Hopefully, everything will be just fine
We were lost, but now we’re found
We were once buried in the ground
Now, we’re rising above the surface
Embracing vast grace, making so much progress
There is no need to second guess

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Unspoken love

Under layers of sheets against the biting coldness of early mist
in between soft, cuddly comfort of my pillows
and an unseen blanket of warmth all over me

An unnamed waves suddenly washed me
and swept me to the unknown abyss of darkness
unknown abyss of lost hopes, dreams and wishes.

My hands are flailing, searching for something to hold on to
hoping for never-ending hope that I will be swept back ashore
for I'm losing, drowning and on the verge of giving up soon.. anytime!

Like any other dreams that I dream't before
Is it worth dreaming for? Or should I wait a little more?
Would it be a dream come true someday? anytime?

I heard a thumping, so loud it brought me back to where I ended up last night
cushioned in the familiar scent of my bed, I'm awake now;
deaf in my own heartbeat, waiting for the sun to cast his light, soon, anytime!

Mind racing in a speed of light, in a morning Sunday rush!
whilst heart is taking it's pace in a leisure Sunday morning walk
distance covered, places conquered, end of the line will be reached anytime soon.

And from where the sun rises, a secret wish was blown into a kiss
all the way up, up against the course of hands of time
may the faith favor the odds and let that wish be granted... anytime soon! 

Copyright © Ma. Fatima Ferrer | Year Posted 2012

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The Prison of Night

At night i weep,
in silence i grieve,
how can i sleep?
when it is hard to breath,

During the day i laugh,
with friends i converse,
but the day wont last with the turning of earth,

with dark skies comes heartache,
as the stars flicker and blaze,
there only so much i can take,
of these suffocating days,

when the day starts anew,
and the sun brings the morning light,
i momentarily forget about you,
until the return of night,

when i see the midnight moon,
and feel the stars in the sky,
i close my eyes in this room,
and pray i make it by,

for when the sun is shinning high,
and the heat consumes my fright,
i cant help but wonder why
i must suffer the prison of night

Copyright © raymond hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

Copyright © Gareth Smith | Year Posted 2013

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The gray sky was crying, 
My tears mixed with the rain
I waited for the sunshine, 
But the sunshine never came

The rain poured down endlessly, 
Clouds would not disappear
The sun fades from memory,
The rain is all I hear

Suddenly I twinkle 
Catches my sad hopeless eyes
Now rain is only a sprinkle,
Clouds clear from the sky

I wrote this a long time ago about substance dependence


The twinkle became my sunshine,
But a mimic of the real
I said goodbye to sad times,
Only joy now I can feel

But my artificial sunshine
Changed as time went past
It's warmth not a soothing,
It's shine would no longer last

A long time had passed
Since I felt the rain
Terrified I was
To feel the pain again

So now every day I need it,
The twinkle, the Suns maim
For now if I am without it,
I'll drown in all the rain

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

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Yesterday's Life Was All Roses And Sun

If sorrow and grief were replaced by glitz
and gladness would invite us to a waltz,
there would be lasting joy; nobody will
think of tears, of fear, of pain only of thrill; 
honor peace and there won't be any blitz!

Such harmony was present in a garden
when our ancestors were without sin,
they never feared the lion and the tiger:
yesterday's life was all roses and sun!  

The final threat is death, the plague that kills;
it comes at any age, at unexpected moments,
many try to defy it, but can they really trick it?
Its longevity depends mainly on self-taught 
wisdom learned by living untroubled days:
yesterday's life was all roses and sun!

Written on 7/13/2016

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Some Sun Drunk Day He Said

Emotions war against sense,
And his mind remains
A pot pourri,
And thoughts in his head
When he lies in his bed
Would make Dorian Gray
Appear pristine.
He wishes to moralize
On a corrupt example,
Yet from the wicked cup
He hath supped a sample.
He appears to think in extremes;
He is beau-laid and realist,
Whose inspiration stems from his dreams.
"Life is a beautiful strain for me,"
One sun-drunk day he said,
"But I pray I say what my soul needs to
Before the heavens decide me dead."
But his mind is a disorderly drawer
Full of confused categorizations;
He has that Scott Fitzgerald illness
For dates, times, rhymes and quotations.
"I have a clear flowing mind, 
But I cannot foretell
When the clogging black clouds will arrive,
For they will arrive.
Live with the love, then bear the pain
Recurrent like the monsoon rain."
He is afraid of happiness 
For the inevitable despair that must follow it;
Afraid of happiness
For its cruel impermanence.
Like Zola, the seasons in life, for him,
Are inevitable.
"All artists," he says, "are at once alike and unique
One day, it's clear,
The next, hazy, like a beery vision,
The fulfilment that they seek."
Misty dreams of sweet-smelling roses
And swaying streams
Bring him chills and pains in his soul and being;
He lives his life through a melancholy tragedy,
And has an ever-yearning mind.

("Some Sun Drunk Day He Said" has the dubious honour of being a near-unadulterated slice of juvenilia, having been conceived as some kind of poem when I was about 20 years old.)

Copyright © Carl Halling | Year Posted 2015

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Small Seed

One and only, great sweet dream
Lullaby, my sun beam
Moonlight’s music, sky’s first kiss
Stars and magic, my one bliss
You’re just a little seed; you’ll grow into your skin
And be filled with love from both hearts within
You’re just a tiny seed deep within the soil
I only hope that you didn’t spoil
I dreamt that you grew as tall as a tree
I dreamt that you were always there with me
But dreams don’t always become true
And I have never got to be with you
You’re just a seed; you’ll grow up very strong
I only wish that I wasn’t wrong
You’re just a small lovely seed 
In four months you started to bleed
My one and only, hold me very tight
I only wish that everything was right
Lovely infant, dear young dream
Golden daylight, my sun beam
You are the reason that I will always cry
Why did you ever have to say goodbye?

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do I mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

Copyright © Julie Alcin | Year Posted 2013

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Every colour of the rainbow

Every Colour of the Rainbow.

Yellow is your hair, like the sun that shines upon me,
Orange is the taste, of your juicy lips.

Red is the radiance, of your lipstick,
Green are the fields, in which we sit.

Blue is how I feel, when I am without you.
Purple was the colour, of the dress you wore the day.

You walked out of my world, now the Navy I must run to,
To make me try, to forget about my pain.

The Rainbow Girl, in my head will always be with me,
Whenever this Son and the dark rain shall meet.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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my sun

..........Smile forged with tears and sorrow
          was all I could feel
          i felt the pain on my rips
          as my breath start to break
          the say its a heart break
          I think is a death call
          like a gun short on the four head
          as I stood on the four front
          cautioned with flame of fire
          that burns directly the heart
          Slowly I break down
          as the pain speeds up
          all I could see is yonder
          yonder stranding forth s it's hand
          calling me down to under world
          fighting it was the next option
          Strength far away from me
          water run down the bridges
          I don't want the call,not now
          the sun sets up fear to the skin
          now dishing out death to the soul
          she is the light to my life
..........Could she be my doom?....................

Copyright © Anthony Onyeka | Year Posted 2012

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Sun Bathe

From beaming yellow,
To violent red,
Skin peels like the pages of a book of some unloved fate,
Groaning under the flow of the mistimed shower,
Both optimistic and naive,
Grass blades pierce like shards of shimmering glass,
As i lay.

The humm of a hidden chorus in the green soothes my wounds,
Performers flee,
Twisting and darting away from nothing it seems,
Only to find the red over and over,
Feet like a drum-line..
A wry little smile cracks in the irony,
For here i shall stay.

Copyright © Rohan Moran | Year Posted 2016

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How To Gain From Our Pain

The sun rises and the sun sets 
a new day comes, yesterday forgets 
a loving kiss and warm embrace 
two souls joined, face to face 

Time passes, feelings change 
no longer exits, this warm exchange 
further on, and still growing more apart 
forgetting all that love, they had from the start 

Now although they consider to divorce 
thoughts of their children cause them remorse 
so they make decisions attempting to find a way 
to limit any pain, that their children will be okay 

Despite their good intentions, they think they know 
but only their children feel the pain that will flow 
that day finally arrives, the one you were told 
it could never happen, it would never unfold 

The stark and painful reality, some adults never see 
they give up too easily, and for what, just to let egos be 
if they only had the wisdom to open their hearts and be free 
to learn this meaning called compromise, and make their love agree 

Yes, my friend, you're thinking how you relate to the words of this poem 
deep down your know you too are a survivor, and that time has shown 
you grew up with that pain, asking yourself what purpose was it all for 
the answer is clear, do not let it happen to your own as it did to you before 

Copyright © Joshua Adam | Year Posted 2010

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the hills

Cresent moon consorts 
Met on a hillside, dew-soaked and overgrown
Seducing the sun from sleep.

Before infomercials succumbed to scheduled shows
You were my cartoons and cereal.
Sugary, sitting so close to your screen.

Our skin blowing steam,
Fattening the fog until it fell from the sky.
Delicious and dark the dawn
Anticipating light

The day stretched and yawned,
Bluebirds cleared their throats,
Street-cats rubbing  eyes,
I held you as you cried.

While responsible citizens were stuck in traffic
You were a full tank of gas and an open road
Dreamy, with your pedal pushed to your floor.

Barren and yellow became our hills
The sun never stops shining.
Not a shadow exists to take solace in
sipping each heaven-sent breeze.

Directionless pursuits
no stars to find my way by
Lost like the moon in the blinding blue heavens

Sunburnt flesh
died on a hillside, windswept and thirsty.
Begging the sun to sleep.

Copyright © Julian Joseph | Year Posted 2013

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The rain makes me insane 
when it hits my window pain
my face makes a frown
when the sun comes around
my brothers aren't here
"where are you"? i can not see.
i thought that my race was free to believe
why aren't we free
why aren't you here
why do i frown when the sun comes around

as the rain starts to stop 
my pain starts to drop
my frown starts to smile 
then my sun come around
our pain is over 
now were free!!!
my race can see new times and believe.....

Copyright © tevin wilson16yahoo.com | Year Posted 2009